Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs April 19th 2021


Weekly Astrology Forecast for all Signs April 19th 2021


Have a value audit

Relate to what you have differently

Step into abundant flow

If money talks then what is yours saying to you this week? Your value system will be in focus as the Sun and Mercury leave your sign on the 19th.

Everything is really about our relationship to it. And money isn’t simply numbers on that bank statement or pay slip. It’s energy. So, if you want to feel more in charge of where your money goes or how you earn it, you need to change up the energy around it.

Love what you value

Venus rules your 2nd and is already in residence in here along with Uranus which is asking you to radically overhaul your relationship to your self-worth. And where the buck stops for you. We all have those ‘Not for sale at any price’ areas. The things that are precious or priceless in fact. Very often these are intangibles and what money can’t or doesn’t buy us. Love for instance – well, the real kind. Our time. Our beliefs.

So, as the Sun and Mercury move through here and entangle with both Venus and Uranus, you will be facing up to whether the price is right over something. Or basically not worth selling your soul out over. This week could bring a new source of income for some of you. While others just feel richer for knowing their self-esteem and values cannot be bought. Remember, it’s all about relating NOT about how much you have now.

What money can and can’t buy you

Ruler Mars is on the move into your 4th from the 23rd – the same day as Venus and Uranus collide in your 2nd. So, don’t be surprised if part of this value-added audit includes your home, living arrangement and those you live with. Mars in this house is not the best Airbnb guest to entertain. This is a nurturing, relating house and Mars is concerned with action – not feelings. To harness this energy, channel it into home and lifestyle upgrades, moving, decorating etc.

Bear in mind that at the same time Juno, planet of marriage and partnerships, turns retrograde in your 9th. While mercury and Venus square Saturn in your 10th and Vesta powers up again in your 6th. If those values tell you that what you do is not being valued on the domestic front or you are being asked to do more than your fair share this week, you’ll act accordingly Aries.

In a nutshell: Get ready to relate a little differently to your money, assets, what you have and your self-worth, Aries. Bank on tapping into hidden resources and feeling more abundant and ready-to-receive. Selling out is so not your style now.



Time to open up to possibilities again

Set your intentions for the year ahead

Happy birthday, Taurus!

Happy birthday, Taurus! The Sun and Mercury arrive in your sign on the 19th kickstarting an exciting new cycle for you filled with fresh possibilities and yes – surprises!

The upcoming year may have a direction all its own so please – keep those plans flexible. It you become too fixated on one particular outcome then you may miss out on the real magic waiting for you. Practice saying ‘this or something better’ – when it comes to setting your goals. And let go of what ‘something better’ looks like!

You will have a big wish fulfilment cycle happening soon. So, this is a great time to begin to set yourself some new goals. Time to look at what you can and can’t live without for your future. Ruler Venus and Uranus already in your sign tangle with one another and Mercury this week. Along with what you want to attract or achieve, you’ll be looking at how to magically align your energy to this.

New you = new potential

Updating your look, style, appearance or brand may form part of your ‘Upgrade to be Ready’ strategy. Some of you make go for a major make-over, splurge on new and possibly different clothing that you would normally choose, try a new ‘do’ or even look further to cosmetic procedures or dentistry to show the world you’re not just ready for the new, but deserving of it too.

Mars is on the move this week. Out of your 2nd of money and on into your 3rd. Mars in here is very much ‘Talk is cheap and actions speak louder than words’. You’ll cut to the chase and tell it how it is now. You won’t have much patience with those who waffle.

But when it comes to taking action for those goals or follow-through, you’ll set it, say it and go for it now. And then be ready and open as to the response you receive. Candor is your superpower. Take a direct approach to anything you have to say and to your dreams for the year ahead.

In a nutshell: Time to update those ideas around what you want the coming year to bring you, Taurus. Your birthday gifts include an important goal-getting cycle just around the corner. Make that list and Happy Solar Return!



What you have taken for gospel is re-written

Know your Love T&C’s

Get ready for Collision Physics that puts you on the right path!

Mars leaves you sign this week, landing in your area of money and more importantly, self-worth. Look carefully now at all areas – not just your bank account and income, but to how you are valued and treated. Revelations are on their way. And while you may find yourself in credit in some areas, others may just not add up.

Ruler Mercury along with the Sun arrives in your 12th on the 19th. Joining Venus and Uranus in residence. This is your house of intuition and what’s hidden. With Uranus in here expect revelations and for your assumptions to be turned on their head. Seeing people and situations for what they are is intended to free you so you don’t take them on into your fresh cycle with you. Or being able to reframe the past brings healing or for you to use those experiences to get yourself a better result in the future.

Achey Breaky Deal Makey Love

Juno rules marriage and long-term commitments and turns backwards in your 7th from the 21st. Unlike a Venus retrograde which puts love on hold, a Juno retro gets us examining the promises we’ve made and looking at the kind we want to keep for the future. So, if you are embarking on the search for anything long term, know what those deal-markers (and breakers) are.

All the more important now as ruler Mercury makes some billiard ball type moves in your 12th. Ricocheting off Uranus and Venus on the 24th and 25th. Venus and Uranus also meet on the 23rd. The upshot of all this collision physics? What once mattered no longer does while other things that didn’t take on a fresh importance or become non-negotiable. Especially if you opted for something you knew wasn’t right out of FOMO in the past. Mars will allow you to express all of this in a way that states your new terms. Stand by those values.

In a nutshell: Intuition gives you a heads-up on up-coming change if you tune in. Even so, something may turn your expectations on their head, this week. The truth always set you free. Get a new deal on love, Gemini.



No more talking – just doing

Set goals in motion

Charge synchronicity with intention

Don’t dream it – do it now Mars lands in your 1st this week. Mars is about confidence, sexiness, heat, desire and action with a dash of bold intent. It’s not about sitting around just talking about what you plan to do.

Understanding this about Mars is essential now given that it arrives just after the Sun and Mercury land in your house of goals and the future. So, basically this isn’t about talking a good game but you have to bring it. Especially when it comes to what you want to achieve, experience or attain for your future. You are on the cusp of a real game changer here as next month for the first time in 12 years, Jupiter will enter its ruling 9th in your chart. This puts luck back on your side. So, think of this as the ability to super-charge those plans, goals and dreams – provided you take the first steps towards making them real!

Make a Wish!

Uranus is the natural ruler of your 11th and just happens to be in here. Along with Venus which rules Taurus. What we have this week are a series of meetings between Venus and Uranus (23rd), Mercury and Uranus (24th) and Mercury and Venus (25th). What you set in motion, who you know or connect to now, has a pivotal role to play in your future path. But only you can do this.

It’s no good making ‘someday’ plans. Yes, we are living in an era of restriction still. But there are still goals we can set in motion or even attain. So, determine yours, harness that fire that’s burning within – and take whatever steps you can this week, Cancer. You’ll engage the mysterious forces of synchronicity if you do.

In a nutshell: Wishing and talking won’t turn that goal into a reality, Cancer. This week harness the magic of synchronicity. Take whatever steps you can to make something happen. And open up opportunity as you do.



Harness peak energy and hone your purpose

Werk your smarts

Game face on this week, Leo!

Time for action, Leo. Mars’s arrival in your 12th is all about peak energy. And no more illusions. Seeing things as they are. Re-framing your past. Putting things into perspective – and once done, following through appropriately. A word of warning however: if you have been letting things slide, not speaking up in the moment when someone crosses that line, doubting your own inner wisdom – this will no longer work with Mars in residence.

Procrastination is out of the window. And career moves out of the box. Get ready for some blue-sky thinking as far as your path, ambitions and success story goes too this week. Don’t be afraid to be your own CEO, entrepreneur or innovator. Take charge of your direction or alternatively, strike out on a new one. Above all, don’t continue to bend yourself out of shape to be that square peg when you know you are multifaceted!

Be Fiercely Boss for All the Right Moves

Work what you have to offer like a boss now ruler the Sun and Mercury land in your 10th. Yes, you are ‘on show’ now Leo. But in a different way to when the Sun is in your sign or your 5th (both ‘showing out’ positions). This is all about reputation, path, authority and status. So, best game face on and make it one others take seriously.

Ground-breaking and status setting moves can follow. As could attracting the attention of someone on a personal level who has all the right credentials to win your heart. Surprises and breakthroughs may feature following the Venus/Uranus conjunction (23rd), Mercury/Uranus (24th) and Mercury/Venus (25th).

Be aware during this time that opportunity or even love may not look quite how you thought it would. That’s okay. Be open minded. Mercury and Venus’s square to Saturn in your partnership sector is all about what works and what doesn’t. And what works now it very different from what you are used to or have gone for in the past, Leo. So let go of fixed ideas and it could get seriously good from here on in.

In a nutshell: Know what you want, work what you have, Leo. Your two simple rules for success in any area this week. But when it comes to opportunity – let go of any fixed ideas about what it looks like. For a new success story – opt for the radically different choice.



Take a trip down an unexplored path

Play with chance

Opportunity frees you to explore something new

Freedom beckons on so many levels this week, Virgo. Under normal circumstances I would be saying get ready to pack your bags as travel is highlighted. By there is more than one kind of journey to be undertaken besides the passport waving-kind, as ruler Mercury lands in your 9th along with the Sun on the 19th. Both meet on this day.

Going down an empowered and personally-charged path may be the figurative or literal journey you choose to take now. Free of the rules or restrictions others may have imposed on you now Vesta heads direct in your 1st from the 21st. This especially applies to expectations placed on you due to the gender you identify with. How you are supposed to think, act, behave or even aspire to. Not your rules, not your playbook, not anymore.

Luck just may be the surprise this week!

Uranus is a planet concerned about evolving and freeing us. It’s the ultimate soul freedom ticket-to-ride. Be aware with Uranus that if we do not take the steps to initiate this, it will step in and do it for us. But remember the old school astro rules – especially when you have Mars in Uranus’s ruling house and that of your future from the 23rd – planets LOVE being in your 9th house.

So, unexpected luck, opportunities to break free of what holds you back and solutions could appear this week as Mercury and Venus interact with Uranus and each other in here between the 23rd – 25th. Be ready to go off in a totally new direction which sees you leaving your comfort zone -and those rules, far behind. Break free and off into the unknown on some level this week, Virgo. It will not only expand your experience, but take you to where the magic happens.

In a nutshell: Surprise opportunities could lift you out and away from restriction and routine, Virgo. This week marks the beginning of an important learning curve. Where luck has its own role to play.



Let go of control

Get ready for transformation

Feel the fear – and go where change takes you

What you resist, persists, Libra. So, make this week a deep let go. This requires trust and acknowledging you were never in control anyway. If you’ve ever listened to the Sugababes track ‘Change’ – this sums up what this week is all about for you.

Often, we resist because we are frightened of what change means. Funny as even if we know something doesn’t work, if it feels familiar, we hang on to it for dear life. Just because our fear of the unknown outweighs any unhappiness or dissatisfaction we feel in the present. This week overturns any resistance however.

If things do not change, they can’t improve. And also, if we do not engage proactively with the force of change, change happens anyway. However, no matter what change looks like at first, know that it is all for your ultimate benefits as the Sun and Mercury join ruler Venus and Uranus in your 8th.

Cash in on change

Big changes can occur around your money, income and assets bringing you freedom and a whole new income dynamic. Others can be suddenly propelled out of something that has confined you or is going nowhere by outside factors or someone changing their mind. Others may be given access to previously untapped resources.

Key dates for you this week are the 23rd – 25th. Venus meets Uranus on the 23rd and Mercury the next day. While Mercury and Venus align on the 25th. Sudden changes of mind or direction could feature – either yours or another’s. If something does transform now one way or another, take it that it is meant to now.

Mars lands in your status and career sector this week. This is one of those ‘go for it’ transits when it comes to do with anything to do with career matters or our public image and reputation. Confidence and determination fuel your every move. If you are looking to land that promotion, better paying position or win that pitch or client, hone your focus and your purpose. This too represents a change. Take it that’s your take-out this week. Resistance is futile.

In a nutshell: Changing times call for us to adapt. That’s what this week wants you to do. And also, to fix what you can – and let go of what you can’t. Discover the power of letting go of control and surrender, Libra.



You, me, us. Yes, you can be yourself and merge!

Commitment takes compromise

Love needs to be on the same page

This week brings you that whole love/freedom/commitment conundrum to play with, Scorpio. The urge to merge and be part of a duo or double act, vs. the need for freedom and doing your own thing. Compatibility and compromise will be weighed about against what you value the most.

If you want advice on how to reconcile this – well, you can always ask the advice of those friendly Sagittarians next door. They can spend a lifetime learning about this one. But what they will probably tell you is it rests with finding a fellow free spirit to run off with. That’s the compatibility part.

Now – for the compromise. Mercury and the Sun join Venus and Uranus in your 7th this week. Venus rules this house and the Sun and Mercury in here help with talk, flirtation and discussions around love or any partnership matter. Whether it’s that past present or future partner. (This goes for working relationships and close friendships too. As well as that opponent or rival).

Ancient ruler Mars lands in your 9th this week which is going to see you chafing against restrictions or feeling ‘tied down’. Bear in mind you will not deal well with needy or clingy. You have a need for something exhilarating and freedom inciting. If you’re settled then this is a good time to set joint goals or to look to rekindling that passion together.

Find the Perfect Combination

The compromise bit comes in as first Venus meets Uranus in your 7th on the 23rd, Mercury and Uranus meet on the 24th and then Mercury + Venus on the 25th. This may open up a new dynamic for settleds. Or for singles, the appearance of someone who offers that wild ride you may now be searching for. Remember – if its commitment you want now, compromise will be necessary. Nobody gets it all their own way if they want to be with someone.

But you and another could just get that perfect balancing act if your values are aligned. Opposites can and may attract. Different agendas can flow and fuse. You can be together yet still do your own thing. How you arrive at this – that depends on whether you both want the same thing now, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Unlock the secrets of being in balance in relationships. Yes, you can become two without losing who you are, Scorpio! Being your own best friend and loving yourself is your way forward to togetherness.



Keep your faith with yourself

Work with the here and now

Reboot that routine

Promises you have made to yourself need to be taken as seriously as those you make to others, Sag. Do you have a history of letting yourself down? I am not saying that promises between you and another may not feature now Juno turns retro in your sign this week. Just that if we let ourselves down, it tells us we can expect nothing less from others.

So, make good on your word to yourself now. Especially if this involves anything that touches on your health or wellbeing. Mercury and the Sun arrive in Mercury’s ruling 6th on the 19th. Bringing you a new focus on what you do everyday. This includes your work but more importantly, what you do to support and nurture that body.

Work with realness

Promising yourself you will eat better, exercise more, ditch those bad habits only to fall off the wagon again, leads to a feeling of ‘Why bother?’. Word up: Everyone falls of the wagon and nobody can go without the things they enjoy indefinitely.

Time to get real. It’s not about denial but about change. And the power of making different choices if not all the time, then the majority of it. If work has lost its lustre, this is an excellent week to apply for something new. The Sun and Mercury join Venus while rules your bank account and also Uranus which rules freedom in here.

Time to make a promise to future you and stick to it now, no matter what it is. You have help from Mars which enters your change and rebirth sector on the 23rd. The same day as Venus and Uranus meet in your 4th. Shake up those routines and yourself out of that rut. Time to ditch the lockdown self-soothing and weight if this has what has resulted. No deprivation needed. Just a whole new set of different choices as Mercury meets Uranus and then Venus. The effect will be a complete re-boot of your lifestyle – and a whole new you, Sag.

This week focusses on your routine, your job and all those habits good and not-so, Sag. Just understand supporting yourself doesn’t mean deprivation. Or failing off the wagon isn’t failure. Get a fresh attitude to being you.



Act from the heart

Think big, aim high

Head for the heat!

Fierceness, fabulousness and fire are what you’re about this week, Capricorn. The Sun enters its ruling 5th along with Mercury on the 19th. Joining Venus and Uranus in here. While Mars sets your partnership sector alight from the 23rd.

You need passion and to feel alive the same way you need air and water this week. Get ready for some heart-starting encounters or moments. And to be noticed on both a personal and professional level. There’s something about you that’s impossible to overlook now. And if you feel something is missing – no matter what that something is – you are in a position to attract it now.

Love on the lighter side of life

Time to work what makes you unique. Know that the universe only made one of you! So, ensure you show that to the world. A little self-belief goes a long way during major 5th house weather! Watch the period between the 23rd – 25th especially. This hands you a Venus/Uranus conjunction (23rd), a Mercury/Uranus conjunction (24th), and last but by no means least a Mercury/Venus meet-cute (25th).

Unexpected news, love or opportunities to shine and get yourself noticed could follow. It all rests with you knowing you were born to be as unique as you are diligent Capricorn. Above all, avoid taking things too seriously. Take time out to play now. Indulge your fun, creative side. Immerse yourself in what you love to do. Sure, it may not be practical. But it’s practical magic when it comes to attracting what you want.

In a nutshell: Be the fiercest most fabulous version of you that you can be this week, Cappy. Act with heart-centered passion. If you truly mean it – you’ll find what wants to love you back in return.



Be ready for a homecoming

Get your own grand design for living

Work with the here and now in new ways

You’ll have a new awareness of your needs – physical, material and emotional as the planetary focus is on your 4th. Yes, ruler Uranus has plans for you to be living better and in a way that supports evolution and your soul growth, Aquarius.

Some of you may be looking at alternative lifestyles or living arrangements with your ruler in here. Others may simply be looking at a radical change in that work/life balance or simply moving to accommodate long term changes now in motion.

Family, roots and a support system may also feature. Property dealings are favoured with the Sun and Mercury in here from the 19th. Whether you are buying, selling, renting, leasing, Airbnb-ing or sharing. Venus in the mix tells you its all about creating a pleasurable, grand design. While Uranus says that design is geared to freedom and your own path/individuality.

If you are faced with a surprise change or move – either around home or even work, please don’t panic. This is your ruler at work and while changes may put some of your on the back-foot temporarily, you of all signs should know they are ultimately designed for your benefit and to move you to somewhere or something, better.

Use the Power of Now

You also have what it takes to make changes to your everyday routine or habits if these have created a rut for you. All courtesy of Mars which lands in your 6th from the 23rd. This is one of those transits geared to giving you the energy to get the job done. Especially if this is something you have been putting off. It allows you to work with what you have in this moment. And make the most of it.

It’s important to tune in and be honest about your dreams and soul needs, your vulnerabilities and what you want. Be completely honest with yourself and also others as first Venus meets Uranus (23rd), then Mercury (24th) then finally Venus and Mercury (25th). If you follow your intuition now, you’ll put your feet on a firm footing towards living and getting exactly what you need, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: Ruler Uranus in your 4th is joined by the Sun and Mercury. Along with Venus, they bring you the opportunity to own your path. And live authentically better. Get a grand design on that lifestyle this week!



Charge up those dreams

Say it with love

News spins you up and out into new possibilities

News, contracts, messages, writing and above all, speaking or communicating your truth across all media and mediums – especially the internet, are your focus this week as Mercury lands in its ruling 3rd along with the Sun on the 19th.

Say what’s on your mind and say it with love with Venus also in here. The internet is your cosmic ordering system and a powerful tool via which to get what you want thanks also to the presence of Uranus in here too. Apps, applications, your Instagram profile, Twitter feed, Tinder, blog, YouTube channel, website – open up and explore the potential one, some or any combination of these have for drawing to you what you want. Or getting yourself noticed. Sell yourself in as many ways as you can think of.

Truth and beauty collide

The collision between Venus/Uranus in here on the 23rd asks you if you have been holding back on speaking your truth? This very same day we have Mars enter your fabulizing 5th. It’s all about passion, not faking it or worrying about pleasing others. And funny when we focus on simply expressing ourselves, we attract people who appreciate where we are coming from.

Two more strange, charmed encounters define the week. Mercury and Uranus on the 24th and Mercury and Venus on the 25th. News you have been waiting on could land, or an surprise ends up sending you in a fresh and potentially unexpected direction. Attracting an unusual lover could form part of the package. If so – they may be different but know your hearts and minds are very much on the same wavelength. The same goes for any surprises this week, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Speak your truth and whatever you do, don’t undersell yourself this week, Pisces. If love is what powers your message – then know you are going to be heard. By someone who truly ‘gets’ you.



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