Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 26th 2021

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Weekly Horoscopes April 26th 2021


Define what truly matters

What’s most precious is in focus

Renegotiate if necessary

This week delivers a value-added full supermoon in your 8th on the 27th. Plus, we have a Sun/Uranus conjunction on the 30th in your 2nd. Yes, this is your 2nd/8th house axis and its all about values this week.

Uranus has been working on a total realignment of your value system. Some things may remain your gold standard. Simply, they are priceless or you see them as total deal-makers/breakers. Especially with Ceres in your sign right now.

Set a new soul value system

What once mattered may not so much anymore. While other areas which did not concern you before, you now refuse to sell out over. That’s Uranus’s revolutionary take on things for you. This full supermoon will trigger all of this, asking you what you will or will not ‘sell out’ over. Especially as if will oppose Uranus and also Venus, which rules your 2nd.

It could be about money and negotiations, yes. But it could just as easily be around intangible yet precious ideals. Your time, love, talents and freedom, your self-esteem and self-respect; your beliefs around what is right. Look at the deal on the table under this supermoon. The T&C’s in business, work and your most intimate relationships. Are they in alignment with those values?

The 30th could bring a moment of truth around this. This is the day when the Sun conjuncts Uranus throwing those values into harsh relief. And also when Ceres in your 1st squares Pluto in your 10th. Sure, you are prepared to compromise. But only if you are met halfway. If not, no deal this week but you walk away with those values intact. Priceless, Aries.

In a nutshell: Deals, what you share and negotiations are highlighted by this week’s Supermoon. You need to know what you will and won’t compromise over, Aries. And you may be surprised to discover what truly matters.



See the truth around love

Be guided by your first impulse

Don’t give in to indecision

Freedom, truth, beauty, love. That’s your personal revolution happening in your sign due to Uranus’s long-term visit. You also have the Sun, Mercury and your ruler Venus in residence. Seeing yourself differently, reinvention and expressing yourself via what matters to you is all part of this soul evolution.

This week is all about remining emotionally true to you. And not being tempted to give away what you truly believe in or want – in other words, your core values, just to keep someone happy. If you and another are on the same page – well, you’ll see that too. Which is the upside of the full Supermoon in your 7th this week.

Bring those thoughts into alignment

It will oppose both Uranus and ruler Venus the day it appears. So, love is in alignment along with shared values. Or not in some cases. Hopefully yours is not in the latter category. Above all however, don’t give into insecurity under this full Moon. But do look at where things may be out of emotional balance between you and someone. The initial reaction or thought you have is most likely to be the right one.

If there is a disconnect or misalignment, the 30th could offer a reset or renegotiation between you. The Sun meeting Uranus in your sign says you won’t be afraid to speak your truth – or rock the boat to get it back on course. Full Moons in our 7th always have one person ‘opposite’ us reflecting what they think or feel, back at us. Take stock now and don’t be afraid to communicate how you feel. Above all, as Ceres in your 12th squares Pluto also on the 30th, don’t tell yourself it doesn’t matter or give in to indecision. Stick with your manifesto: Freedom, truth, beauty and love.

In a nutshell: When it comes to that emotional balancing act, you instinctively know when its out of alignment. The only mistake you can make this week is not going with your first impulse when it comes to setting it right, Taurus.



Shake up those habits

Agendas are revealed

Insight delivers the truth

You have Pluto retrograde in its ruling 8th and a full Supermoon in Pluto’s ruling sign and your 6th this week, Gemini. Time to take care of business. And to take revolutionary steps if needed to make changes. Especially around your day job, habits and wellbeing.

If the full Moon is in your 6th, then this means the Sun is in your 12th. Along right now with your ruler Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Full Moons light up a key area as they reflect their light back into the house opposite to the one they are in. In this instance, your incredibly intuitive and psychic 12th.

The searchlight of this supermoon will also hit Venus and Uranus handing you incredible healing insights. You’ll be able to make connections between how you feel and what you do in new ways. And the impact all this has on your overall wellness and energy levels. And make superb, body, mind and spirit enhancing changes if needed.

Get ready for exposure

This full Moon will also expose people’s true feelings and intentions. It tells you there is no place to hide now. Your soul energy is always at a peak at this time when we have a big line-up of planets in here. As is your ability to take the right action if you simply follow your gut. This can be anything from a re-negotiation of something to telling someone they need to respect your boundaries.

Don’t avoid this if needed on the 30th when the Sun and Uranus meet in your 12th and Ceres in your 11th tells Pluto just who is in charge now. That’s you, Gemini. Setting yourself up for more energy, enjoyment and satisfaction for the future. Work wellbeing like a boss.

In a nutshell: Time to initiate positive shifts around wellbeing, your work and those daily habits, Gemini. You’ll receive fresh inspiration around this. Radical shifts may follow. The result: a radically energised you!



Be fiercely fabulous

Time of some love manifestation

Come out of hiding!

Ruler the Moon just happens to be supersized this week in your fabulizing and fantastical 5th, Cancer. This is your house of romance – making it a superb full Moon for a moondance with someone. Either date night or to go looking for that new partner. It’s time for playfulness, indulgence and pleasure. And to look at what you might want from your future.

Prepare for surprises too this week. Which Uranus in its ruling 11th rules. The supermoon opposes it along with Venus. Focus on your fierceness. Ask yourself what it is you want now – and in the future? Use the energy of this full Moon to tap into those desires. And explore any thoughts or habits that may be stopping you from manifesting them. Your 11th is the house of goals, wishes and dreams. And also, your friends, networks, contacts etc. These are your resources. Your cheer squad and dream manifestation team. Are they being under-used?

Live Fierce!

This supermoon asks you to look at what you have to pursue, your passions and what you cannot and should not, live without. Going without denies who you are. It’s the meaning behind the whole ‘Pursuit of happiness’ promise. Sure, we may not catch up with it. But by not trying we never know if we can. The heart wants what the heart wants. As the Sun and Uranus meet on the 30th, answer that all, Cancer. Love yourself to be fiercely you, and trust yourself enough to go for it. In doing so, you’ll set the forces of attraction in motion. Say it with me: This or something better.

In a nutshell: No more hiding away in those lockdown shadows. This week’s supermoon asks you to show yourself in any way you can, Cancer. Time for some fierce and fabulizing moves. And the category is: Supersized realness!



Put your feet back on the right path

Discard what slows you down

Bring it on home, baby!

Look to those habits and see if they support you or are now getting in the way of where you need to go, Leo. This week also brings us a full Supermoon in the Moon’s ruling house – your 4th. This is about home, family, living arrangements, landlords, sharers, property matters – buying, selling, renting, leasing, Airbnb-ing and on a bigger scale your roots, homeland, where in the world you feel at home.

Tie all this in with your career (10th) which the Moon opposes. And which contains your ruler the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus. Plus, your 6th which is all about your habits and your soul’s home in this lifetime – yes, that body.

Under this full Moon you may feel more sensitive and vulnerable than usual. If you want to withdraw, unplug and spend time in reflection, that is the perfect use of this energy. Don’t fight that feeling. Show yourself some self-love and nurturing. Don’t be shy about telling others – especially those you live with or who are close to you, how you are feeling.

Refine and Realign

Because this full Moon opposes Uranus and Venus in your 10th, re-setting your career priorities may be part of your reflection process. As could be discarding what you no longer need. Now this can be ‘stuff’ and clutter in your space. It’s amazing how this can drag us down without us knowing. Clear out what you no longer need.

This also includes your habits and thoughts. Especially the things you may do to self-soothe when you feel vulnerable. Look to whether or not this is actually good for you. Sure, it may help in the short time but what about the long term one? Is there a better way to tackle this? How about not feeling you have to keep up the appearance of being radiant, glowing and invulenerbale all the time?

This full Moon says be strong enough to show your vulnerabilities. Let people see you are a multifaceted being. The result will be you being more comfortable at home in your own skin. And less chance of falling back into habits that simply no longer do you any good.

Ruler the Sun’s collision with Uranus on the 30th could bring sudden and exciting changes which free you from something that may have contributed to this. Watch how what no longer supports you, simply falls away now.

In a nutshell: What supports you and your path is highlighted by this week’s Supermoon. What doesn’t simply falls effortlessly away. Shed what weighs you down. And realign to your core truth this week, Leo.



Get ready for that soul-shifting idea

Break-out moves change your viewpoint

Look ahead – not back

Supersize that idea, message or news this week, Virgo! This week could hand you a break-free moment or opportunity. Are you ready?

If you’ve felt stuck or spinning your wheels – whether due to Covid or other factors, this week sees you rev it up and speed off in top gear again. Full Moons always hand us peak emotional experiences. When that full Moon is super-sized as the one in your 3rd is on the 27th, expect big changes.

Change your thoughts – change your world. This full Moon could deliver news that frees you, but could just as easily hand you that game-changing, freedom making idea that releases you into something larger. You’ll be openly curious and ready to explore alternatives now. Don’t forget, this full Moon falls in a Mercury ruled house.

Break away into freedom

It also opposes Uranus and Venus in your 9th. Think radically beautiful freedom. It’s asking you to act once you have that truly revolutionary idea of piece of news. Because Uranus is involved in our future, this Supermoon also tells you not to spend too much time looking back at the past. Simply put: You don’t live there anymore. Face forward. Not back.

The Sun and Uranus meet in your 9th just days after this full Moon. What this wants you to do is focus on one idea, alternative or path ahead for you and not scatter your energy. Harness dynamic change. And ask yourself if you do, what have you got to lose? Past patterns that keep you stuck. There’s your answer, Virgo!

In a nutshell: Whatever is keeping you stuck is highlighted for you this week, Virgo. If making changes appear scary ask yourself what do you have to lose? Only whatever is holding you back is the answer.



Some things simply cannot be sold

Shore up those boundaries

Define those deal-makers (and breakers!)

Both your money houses are highlighted this week by a value-defining Supermoon in your 2nd on the 27th. This is your ruler Venus’s ruling house in your chart. And this supermoon will oppose not only Venus in your 8th but Uranus too.

Your value system will be highlighted by this. And you need to hang on to what you know is right and priceless to you. As well as those areas where you are prepared to compromise on. Draw clear boundaries on what is negotiable – and what is the deal-breaker for you.

What’s your price?

Coming from that place of self-worth certainty and value is essential for you this week. Yes, this can be about the cash in your bank account and how you earn it. But it can just as easily be about something as subtle as how you are treated by someone or what you think you deserve. It can push some very sensitive buttons now as someone could appear whose behaviour triggers these themes.

Do you have to let them know they have crossed a line? If so, you should have no problems doing this. Not only do you have the Sun conjunct Uranus on the 30th highlighting what you stand for, you also have Ceres in your 7th squaring retrograde Pluto in your 4th.

Remember – in mythology Ceres was Pluto’s mother-in-law. And in a stand off between them, he did not win. What this tells you is that if you stand by you, you’ll get the outcome you want now in any kind of negotiation or deal. Come from a place of total self-assurance. This week simply shores that up, Libra.

In a nutshell: Self worthy moves are highlighted by this week’s Supermoon in your 2nd. What you will and won’t sell your soul over. Know when to say: The buck stops here this week. That sets your value system at Priceless.



Who is that opposite number?

Be in partnership with yourself

How you see you is all that matters

Ruler Pluto shifts in reverse this week. In your 3rd of communication, writing, getting around, business and the internet. That message you put out there could be subject to change. Or result in others seeing you very differently now.

Look to who supports or alternatively, undermines your path or purpose as the full Supermoon appears in your 1st on the 27th. Yes, that person whose name immediately jumps to mind upon reading this. Have they got your back, Scorpio? Do they love you just the way you are? Or are they critical and/or trying to change you? This supermoon can hand you the courage to be who you are – and be happy about that too.

Being You

But if someone else has problems with that, you will now see that is not your issue – but theirs. By all means look to beautiful and evolutionary changes to your appearance, image or just that internal view of how you see yourself. But do this for you – not for other people. The full Moon falls opposite both Venus and Uranus in here. Attracting someone who loves you just the way you are is one positive outcome of this Moon. Singles should show how they glow now.

The Sun and Uranus meet in your 7th just three days later. This can bring about surprise shifts in existing relationships or again, bring you a new and different potential one. Take it the person opposite you this week is a reflection on some level of how you feel about yourself. So, get glowing, gorge and glorious now. And if other people don’t see the same in you – shine that light in a different direction.

In a nutshell: Being authentically you is the soul call of this week’s Supermoon in your sign. Time to love every facet of yourself. And showcase that. You don’t need anyone’s approval to be true to yourself, Scorpio.



You are enough

Allow your feelings to surface but know they are not facts

Time to ditch whatever doesn’t do you good

Supermoons super-size stuff. They trigger powerful emotions. Especially in our 12th house. This week asks you to stay grounded and get real, Sag.

Trust your intuition and that you are safe. Stay connected to facts and understand that feelings no matter how strong, are not facts. Try not to make big decisions under this full Moon. Instead, take a step back and seek out that inner wisdom. If you are still unsure, then reach out to someone you trust for clarity.

This full Moon can stir up old fears around abandonment, not being ‘good’ enough or see you reliving a past hurt. Ask yourself are you reacting to what is going on right now or what has happened to you in the past? Strangely enough, what surfaces now can be finally dealt with and healed if you face it and keep it in proportion. See what it is in the here and now cuts anything down to size.

Cut down to size and shed!

This Moon falls in opposition to Uranus and Venus both in your 6th of the every day details, work and wellness. It can show you that holding on to stuff isn’t doing you any good. Or enable you to change your reaction to something or someone for good. And in doing so, it no longer has any power over you. Just don’t blow things out of proportion or resort to escapism.

A problem faced is one you cut down to size. And the Sun’s meeting with Uranus in here on the 30th does just that. Uranus always wants to free us. Often by getting us to look at something in a radically different way. Who knew it was actually small stuff? You’re meant for bigger things, Sag. Transforming mountains into molehills just may be your superpower under this week’s supermoon.

In a nutshell: Supermoons supersize emotions. And in your 12th can make you feel overwhelmed. Staying connected to the facts keeps everything in proportion this week. As does ditching what no longer serves you.



Be extra true to you

Adjust that frequency!

Clear the path to your goals

Time to be just that little bit extra this week, Cappy. Does the thought of that push a few buttons for you? Standing out? Being centre stage? We all need acknowledgement, the spotlight and to know we matter occasionally. And we also need to understand that being able to express our true selves is an essential part of wellbeing and the entire attraction process.

Pluto shifts to retroactive mode in your 1st this week. What adjustments do you need to make when it comes to your image, look, brand, message, appearance? Are you ready for a relaunch if necessary? Does the mirror accurately reflect how you feel inside or not? Adjust as necessary.

Make a extra bold transmission

To have something or to draw it to us, we have to be on the same ‘wavelength’. Like attracts like. So, see this as being the most important part of being able to reach your goals for the future. This week hands you a super-sized Supermoon in your 11th which rules your goals and also who you know. And it could just hand you the secret of the right ‘frequency’ to attract whatever it is you want.

What do you think is getting in the way of you being you or you and your goals? Your task under this full Moon may be to take some time to think about this. It could be that the only obstacle is your worries about what others may think! No matter whether it is your own thoughts or concerns around the approval of others, time to list them all and then the changes you need to make in order to transform them from barriers to freedom.

Uranus is the ruler of your 11th and this full Moon opposes it in your 5th along with Venus. The Sun also collides with Uranus on the 30th. Success comes to you – along with love and all the other good stuff, from simply being yourself. Your transformation this week could simply be claiming who you really are. With added extra.

In a nutshell: The courage to be who we truly are is the magic ingredient when it comes to attraction. And getting what we want. Your mission this week – be yourself with added extra, Capricorn.



Own your purpose

Break free of restrictions

Put your dreams first

A somewhat intense full Supermoon in your 10th this week asks that you keep your cool. Especially if everyone around you is losing theirs, Aquarius.

Hold tight to the foundations of your fortress of solitude, ivory tower or what you know on a soul level to be true and spiritually right for you. This full Supermoon is all about your purpose and path. And the good news is that if you have strayed from that, ruler Uranus is about to put your feet back on higher ground.

Be the boss of your future path

This full Moon will also ask you just who is in charge? It could be that it shows you that someone truly isn’t fit to be in charge or in the position they are in. Again, keep your cool. But use this revelation if there is one, to fuel any changes you now need to make because of it. It will oppose both Uranus and Venus in your 4th indicating that no matter what is going on around you, or who may be losing their own plot, you are very much the boss of yours.

This full Moon may result in you breaking free of something restrictive. Perhaps it has persisted for a while but the actions of those around you show you now have to act in your own best interests. Just a few days later, the Sun and ruler Uranus meet in your 10th. Grasp any unexpected opportunity that comes your way to head down a new pathway. This could appear as a new job opening for some of you. Or else a lifestyle shift.

Let go of anything that has been lived out – even if it is just on an emotional level for now. The actual physical shift will then follow. Take charge of your path this week. You’re the only one who is qualified to do so, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: If you’ve handed authority over any part of your life to someone else, this week could show you whether or not they are fit to be in charge, Aquarius. Time to be your own boss when it comes to directing your future.



Your true purpose gives rise to new ideas

Have a plan to realise that freedom

Ditch the excess baggage

This week promises the release into something bigger. Or an escape from limitations and restrictions, Pisces.

But you need to avoid throwing the baby out with the proverbial bathwater in your desire for freedom, Pisces. This week’s full Supermoon in your 9th highlights a solution or escape route for you. It shows you that you don’t have to stick with the mundane. But that escapism for its own sake won’t work either. You need a plan but more than that – you need a purpose.

The supermoon opposes both Uranus and Venus in your 3rd. Shining on those ideas for expansion, solutions, opportunities and lighting up a path towards freedom for you. News could bring the means to bring this about. Or else a shift in your own perspective. Test this however by measuring what you have already established which gives you support against what needs to be discarded or changed because it gets in the way of you experiencing life on a different wavelength.

Lighten the load

This Moon will also trine ruler Neptune as it begins to wane and then Mercury also in your 9th will sextile it on the same day as the Sun and Uranus meet. With Mercury in its ruling house you can perfectly balance fact and well through out ideas with what your heart and soul is telling you to go for. We all need a dream but to turn it into reality, we do need that strategy. And also to free ourselves from what is holding us back. You should know what to toss and what to take when it comes to moving ahead into the next important phase of your journey, Pisces.

In a nutshell: If you’re craving freedom, something bigger and more passionate, look to what prevents you from having that. You don’t just need a plan. You need to lighten the load to achieve your true purpose, Pisces!



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