Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 24 2020

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs August 24 2020


New solutions to old problems release you

Right where you are is where you need to be

Follow insight to enhanced wellbeing

All the outer planets are retrograde now. Plus, we have the Sun, Mercury and Venus making a series of door-opening angles with every one of them but Saturn this week. What is this all about for you, Aries? Solutions.

These aren’t somewhere ‘out there’ in the big wide world, but can be discovered right where you are right now. How you earn your money, manage your resources and define success is undergoing a power shift and change. What began as restrictions now results in a permanent change in your perspective. Your world shifts and as it does, opportunities you simply could not see before shift into focus.

Move up, up and away!

Venus in your 4th opposes first Jupiter (25th) and then Pluto (30th) in your 10th. It moves to trine Neptune in your 12th on the 27th providing more inspiration and possibly shifting your perspective for good. Mercury in ruling sign of Virgo and your 6th trines Uranus in your 2nd (25th), Jupiter (29th) and opposes Neptune on the 20th. While on the 28th, the Sun will oppose Ceres in your 12th. Simply put, this reveals a way to solve a long-standing issue and move on up, up, up and away from it. But comes about simply by your shift in priorities.

You could contemplate a move or sea change. Or a move away from old ideas around what you once considered success to be. We can’t talk about your 6th house without touching on your work and also on the current health of the planet. So, don’t be surprised if this shift includes more emphasis on your wellbeing. Jupiter rules travel of course but right now, most of us aren’t going anywhere. Opportunities and solutions can be found right where you are Aries.

What you can imagine, you can make real

Neptune takes us to higher realms where we can imagine what we previously would have thought impossible for ourselves. The past months have given you plenty of time to draw down inspiration from Neptune’s space.

This week also sees Vesta in your 5th trine Chiron, object of the impossible, in your 1st. Traditional gender roles may also go out the window for you now especially when it comes to childcare and domestic duties. Again, it’s all about a change in perspective. What worked in the past may no longer be right for the world you’re in today, Aries. And what opportunity looks like right now very different to what you thought it would. And that’s good.

In a nutshell: Opportunities are hidden in plain sight. Right where you are and possibly under your nose. Time to make use of all the untapped potential that’s been concealed from you – until now.



Get the attraction factor

Act on possibility

You know what you cannot live without

Ready to light up and also lighten up all at the same time, Taurus? How about aligning yourself with a higher cause or mission while you’re at it?

You’re feeling the need to expand, travel or learn this week. You want to reach for something bigger. Of course, actual physical travel is off the table for most of us right now. But how about traveling via your mind? Or your contacts where you co-create a new future together?

Potential gets real when you follow it

Potentials and possibilities swirl around you but it’s up to you to grasp them. Ruler Venus opposes Jupiter in its ruling 9th on the 25th. This could see news of an opportunity heading your way. It could also align you to a new group, cause or project that sees you dealing with larger groups of people and on a grand scale. Fancy a little world-changing right from the comfort of your home zone? You’ve the ability to do just that.

Decisions could revolve around your wants and needs. Your true north if you like. What you now know you cannot live without. Uranus in your 1st isn’t just re-working those soul values. But replacing them with new ones. When you come from this new position you attract back in kind thanks to the angle of magnetism also on the 25th between Uranus and Mercury in your 5th.

Friends make light work

Joining in with friends, aligning to that higher purpose and wanting to contribute something also go hand-in-hand with Venus’s trine to Neptune in your 11th. mercury and the Sun in your 5th is where the lightness of being really comes in. As part of that reimagined value system is not taking things too seriously. The more you let go of worries, the more you draw to you. Be in the moment now especially when it comes to love or just spending time with soul connections or doing what you love.

Certainly, if you have felt confined by too many responsibilities lately, Jupiter and your ruler are set to lighten the load and offer you a way out. The Venus/Pluto opposition on the 30th points to a transformation and you being able to transcend blocks to progress. You also have the Sun in your 5th opposing Ceres in your 11th putting a new spin on future progress. Don’t be afraid to suggest a radical re-shuffle of responsibilities on the domestic front as Vesta in your 4th trines Chiron in your 12th on the 30th.

Mercury’s opposition to Neptune on the 30th hands you fresh inspiration and ideas which send you exploring new possibilities. The adventure could begin right from the comfort of your couch. Or with the people you know this week, Taurus.

In a nutshell: One piece of news, a message or something you write, share or hear brings new possibilities into focus, Taurus. Let’s face it – the time for settling is over. Reach for the better option this week.


Find your perfect place

Go directly to what you want

Ask away!

Steven Spielberg (born under your opposite sign of Sagittarius) is currently re-making the classic musical West Side Story. Start humming ‘There’s a place for us’ this week. That’s your anthem, Gemini.

Ruler Mercury along with the Sun is in your 4th of home, family and all matters security and sustainability. It’s one of those times to look at your foundation and what contributes to both your emotional and material sense of home, safety and yes – place.

There’s a place – and a solution

Opportunities to establish that sense of place or yes, sense of purpose (so closely linked), and the means to do this are promised by Venus in its ruling 2nd. This week sees is oppose Jupiter (25th) and Pluto (30th) in your ‘other’ money house and Pluto’s ruling 8th. Know your outcome and what you want to achieve. And especially don’t shy away from asking or putting your cards on the table.

Requests can and will be taken seriously now if you are very clear about what you want to take-away from the table. Venus trines Neptune in your status sector while ruler Mercury with trine Uranus (25th) and Jupiter (29th). Jupiter opens doors and in this instance this could be a literal one as in a new home, apartment or the door to that office. The Sun opposing Ceres also in your 10th speaks of deal-making.

Let the head translate what the heart tells you

The 30th has your ruler oppose Neptune in your 10th. Both are in their ruling signs so we say they are having a conversation to your benefit. Mercury dissolves any unrealistic aspects which Neptune can create with facts, figures and logic. Sometimes we need that to get to the heart of what we want – or need. Let the head speak for the heart this week when it comes to security and home matters. It will hand you that all important sense of place and belonging.

In a nutshell: When head and heart work together, the results are powerful decisions that build a better future for you, Gemini. The outcome? You ending up in exactly the right place – or space.



Love transforms your world

Don’t dream it – live it

Go where imagination takes you

Let your love flow this week, Cancer. Venus remains in your 1st and makes some truly love enhancing aspects to Jupiter and Pluto in your 7th of partnerships. This is all about attraction and even with Pluto involved, this is an attraction or partnership which transforms you.

Jupiter always wants to big up everything. So, think big loves and this includes what you love to do or shine at. So, another way the love could make your world go round this week is via career opportunities too.

Dream on, Cancer!

Neptune can get a lot of bad press on occasion. This is due to its ability to lead us into escapism. But sometimes a little escapism is what we need. Exploring our inner world. Tapping into our imagination. These are necessary processes. The trick is not to merely dream but to take whatever steps are necessary to bring the dream into reality.

Venus trines Neptune in your 9th on the 27th. Sending you off on a journey into your imagination. Tap into inspiration, creativity and your capacity to dream. But to use this to best effect – don’t stay there. Bring your vision ‘down to earth’. You have help here thanks to the Sun and Mercury in your 3rd.

What do you need to do to make it real?

The Sun’s opposition to Ceres also in your 9th shows you what you have to compromise on to have the dream for real. Mercury in its ruling house, hands you the action or campaign plan. The steps you need to take or what you need to communicate, learn or do. Star-studded dates are the 25th when Mercury trines retro Uranus in its ruling 11th. Especially if you need to deal with large groups of people or tap into your social resources.

And also the 29th when Mercury trines Jupiter in your 7th which promises a great outcome from any kind of conversation involving you and another party. Daring to ask for something you would have shied away from before – that raise, order, contract, job or setting new rules around who does what in a relationship could just follow Vesta’s trine to Chiron in your 10th. That dream probably has you stepping into a bigger role all round. Don’t be afraid to ask for the part you know you are destined to play, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Love wants to expand your world. Or your understanding of it. It’s both alchemy and attraction at work this week. To active – start with a dream and then, act on it!



Go within to find the love you seek

Your dreams? Priceless

Values define your worth

Explore your inner worlds of creativity, beauty, imagination and dreaming this week, Leo. Think of your inner space as the art gallery of your imagination. What are you going to hang within it?

Prepare for love

Venus in your 12th wants you to imagine what you can be, have or do. Especially if this involves you and one other person. The end of this year will see you enter the Now Age of Aquarius. Which is of course your 7th house of long-term love and partnerships. So, call this preparation time.

Venus will oppose Jupiter (25th) and also Pluto (30th) in your 6th. So, we really can’t escape talking about your wellbeing here either. Especially with Mercury trineing Jupiter from your 2nd on the 29th. You have your dreams for a reason. Going after them boosts soul immunity. So, dream on, create and inoculate yourself on a wellbeing level as you go.

You’ll know what dreams you cannot give up on, and be realistic about this as Venus trines Neptune on the 27th and Mercury opposes it on the 30th. But if you see something needs to be released – you’ll do that too.

Changes around finances could put you in a better position and these may come about simply due to a shift in your value system. What really matters in other words. And the true cost or price of success. You won’t be willing to sell your soul or sacrifice those dreams as Mercury trines retro Uranus in your 10th also on the 25th.

Hold on to those dreams

You probably won’t have to either thanks to the opposition between your ruler the Sun also in your 2nd and Ceres in your ‘other’ money house on the 28th. Freedom may be your ultimate goal – and this includes freedom from worries or the freedom to pursue those dreams. Vesta in your sign opposes Chiron in your freedom blazing 9th also on the 30th. Don’t be afraid to strike out on a new, bold path to get to that dream now, Leo.

In a nutshell: Journey within to discover what your soul wants above all else, Leo. And once you realise its importance – don’t let go. It’s all part of preparing for a new kind of love this week.



Reset those love expectations

Explore the rivers of attraction

If love makes the world go round, time to go for a spin!

Know what you want from love now and for the upcoming year, Virgo. Venus in your 11th of social contacts, friends, groups and ‘joining in’ is making a serious of love enhancing angles to Jupiter and Pluto in your 5th (25th and 30th).

Plus, it will trine Neptune in Venus’s ruling 7th on the 27th. Ruler Mercury trines Uranus (which rules your 11th but is in your 9th) on the 25th and then trines Jupiter on the 25th. It opposes Neptune on the 30th while the Sun opposes Ceres in your 7th on the 28th. It’s about past, present and yes, potential relationship opportunities in all their many forms.

Want a new deal on love?

What this all adds up to is a new deal on love, Virgo. Or a new arrangement between you and someone else. Singles should be ‘out there’ in whatever socially-distanced way they can imagine – remembering that your 11th, Uranus and Mercury your ruler all are connected to the internet.

Settleds could set new goals or a new set of priorities for together time with their partner. Perhaps a joint vision, adventure or lifestyle you want to commit to and achieve? A family, move, relocation or that joint dream that got shunted aside due to other priorities perhaps? It’s time to reclaim the people you once were as Vesta in your 12th trines Chiron in your 8th on the 30th.

Make relating your priority

All Virgos this week could be looking at giving love that extra special priority in their lives it deserves. Whether it is seeking it in a new form (and this includes business, collaborations or even the love of friends), or even showing some self-love. Know what you want from love this week. And don’t be afraid to ask for it.

In a nutshell: This week shows you that love is a river with many tributaries. You can explore more than one. But first you need to take the plunge and enter the flow – but joining in and connecting, Virgo.



Move into expansion

Release what no longer works

Opportunity knocks!

Let’s face it, Libra – issues around home, your apartment, your mortgage, rent, landlords, living arrangements, tenants, flatmates – all have been ‘heavy’ going these past 2.5 years.

Some of you may have down-sized during this time. And honestly not out of choice. You may have had to adapt and make the best of things where you are. Moving may have been difficult or again, you may have had to make big compromises in order to bring this about.

Expand into a larger life cycle

Blame Saturn which has been moving slowly through your 4th. The good news is it will exit here at the end of the year and won’t be back again for almost 30 years. The even better news? Well, even though it is still in residence but in retro-active phase, this week brings door opening opportunities to move forward again thanks to ruler Venus.

Venus remains in your 10th seeking to enhance your public and professional profile and rep. The 25th sees it oppose generous Jupiter in your 4th. It will then move on and oppose Pluto – ruler of transformation, re-birth and power moves on the 30th. Venus will also trine Neptune in your 6th on the 27th. This could bring about a better, healthier lifestyle or way of working and/or living.

The way things worked vs. the way they were

Mercury and the Sun remain in your 12th. Linking you to the past and the way things were. Or should I say – the way things work. What has worked for you and what hasn’t. Looking back at these themes is a natural part of the run up to our birthday. So, probe the depths and do this realistically. Don’t get caught up in sentimentality or even regrets now. Just be practical and pragmatic. Let go of anything you now see keeps you stuck in place. And be realistic about the way things are – not how you would like them to be.

Days to release and know you are making the right decision are the 25th when Mercury trines Uranus in your 8th. If it doesn’t chime with your soul values it no longer has a place in your future. The 28th sees the Sun in your 12th oppose Ceres in your 6th. If it no longer supports your wellbeing you’re not willing to compromise further.

Mercury and Neptune are in one another’s ruling houses in your chart – so, mutual reception by house. The 30th brings them to opposite sides of the table and open discussions. The same day sees Vesta in your 11th trine Chiron in your 7th. Only love that allows you to shine and be who you are will do now, Libra. Don’t be afraid to ditch anything that doesn’t.

In a nutshell: Move into something bigger as solutions to what restricts you present themselves this week. Release anything which no longer works for you, Libra. The old way of loving included.



The law of attraction rules in your favour

Star quality is your superpower

Be careful what you wish for!

Venus makes some of the most powerful aspects of attraction and pure, personal magnetism of the year for you this week, Scorpio. Who or what is it you want to attract?

Be careful what you wish for – you may get it as Venus opposes Jupiter in your 3rd on the 25th and then your ruler Pluto in here on the 30th. News, something you say, hear, communicate, write or share, changes everything. Venus will also send signals of enchantment across to Neptune in your 5th on the 27th. You exude glamour and other-worldly allure now. Think golden era Hollywood star quality. How do you intend to use this, Scorpio?

Glamour is your weapon of choice

Don’t waste it but have a plan. Especially if this involves putting yourself out there – via social media, the internet, your CV even or at a social distance. Unexpected opportunities around love could occur or beneficial meetings and contacts be made or revived as Mercury trines Uranus in your 7th from Uranus’s ruling 11th also on the 25th.

Be a magnet for your desires

New worlds or roles to explore around creativity, love or even parenting or working with the younger generation are also on offer thanks to the Sun opposing Ceres also in your 5th on the 28th. Time to immerse yourself in a bigger vision – perhaps shared by a group, party, band, union, association, following as Mercury opposes Neptune on the 30th. This is the same day as Vesta in your 10th trines Chiron in your 6th. You can work what you have to your advantage this week, Scorpio. Especially when it comes to what you attract.

In a nutshell: The Law of Attraction is yours to play with. So, this week be careful what you wish for! It (or they) may turn up. In surprising ways and where or when you least expect, Scorpio.



Freedom begins from where you are

Make some much-needed home improvements

No more quick fixes – just lasting solutions

Despite ruler Jupiter’s legendary generosity and luck-generating influence, money matters have been hard work these past 2.5 years, Sag.

Get ready for open-handed solutions

The planet to blame is of course Saturn making you work harder for your cash. But also teaching you how to better use what you have. This week offers you the opportunity to make some much-needed financial improvements thanks to Venus which rules your bank account in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th.

It makes possibility one of the biggest and best cash-attracting angles to Jupiter on the 25th and another one to Pluto on the 30th. Venus wins here as it is in Pluto’s ruling house and Pluto is in Venus’s. So, think changes for the better. If you are looking at improvements now, understand these should not be frittered away but put towards feathering that nest Sag. Yes, I know under normal circumstances extra £££$$$ would be bank rolling your next trip or funding that adventure. But these aren’t normal times.

Where in the world do you want to call home?

How to have an adventure or experience the world differently right where you are – or want to hang your hat for the future, is where extra income needs to be channelled. Improving your home, living arrangements, perhaps thinking about upgrading will prove to be your best investments as Venus trines Neptune in your 4th and the Sun opposes Ceres also in your 4th on the 28th. Putting down roots equals freedom now.

Career matters and being very focussed on what you want or need to achieve are highlighted by Mercury and the Sun in your 10th. It’s time to do the work and in doing so, reap the rewards as Mercury trines Uranus on the 25th and Jupiter on the 29th.

Love always has to equal a certain amount of freedom for you. And you need a partner who embraces this philosophy. Expecting you to stay home and assume the role of domestic goddess or god, doesn’t sit right with you. So, understand all this focus on home doesn’t mean you give up those dreams of freedom. Negotiate if necessary or attract someone on the same page as Vesta in your 9th trines Chiron in your 5th.

This same day (30th) sees Mercury oppose Neptune. This is a ‘wherever you go, you author your own success story’ angle. And wherever you find yourself this week, is the right place from which to begin the journey, Sag.

In a nutshell: Freedom may look different to what you think it should this week, Sag. It begins with creating that base. It doesn’t mean giving up those dreams however. Create that launch pad.



Make passion your priority

Ensure love isn’t just talk but action too

Get a new outcome

Heady, exhilarating, freeing love – is there any other kind for you right now, Capricorn?

Yes, you are one of the hardest working and most pragmatic signs of the zodiac. And unfairly so many people see you as just that. But we all know you are also one of the most sensual and complex signs too. You want more from love now and what’s more – are in a position to attract or get it thanks to Venus in its ruling 7th opposing both Jupiter and Pluto in your 1st. Bringing about freedom and changes in how you relate to yourself – and one significant other.

Either they are now on this journey with you – or you have the ability to attract the one who wants to sign up. If single, they could look or appear radically different to lovers you have entertained in the past. Keep an open mind as Mercury trines retro Uranus in your 5th. Especially when it comes to not wanting to repeat past outcomes. In order to do that you have to choose different.

Love talk is cheap. Action is passion and intention

Ensure however that love isn’t just all talk but backs up what is said with action. We know that’s how you operate Capricorn. But you need to ensure the other party does the same. Venus will trine Neptune in your 3rd on the 27th. Love needs to live up to its promise.

Mercury’s trine to Jupiter in your 1st from Jupiter’s ruling 9th could bring you a big opportunity or stroke of luck. But you have to say ‘yes’ to it. Ensure others live up to their word too as Mercury opposes Neptune on the 30th. Vesta in your 8th and Chiron in your 4th tell you promises must come down to earth – and not to be afraid to insist on their delivery either.

And please, understand the difference between freedom and escapism. The Sun’s angle to Ceres also in your 3rd asks you keep it real and keep your word. And when it comes to love and its ability to free you, understand that another’s ability to follow through and keep theirs is the litmus test when it comes to it lasting.

In a nutshell: Love needs to be the motion that rocks your ocean – or your world. Don’t settle for the so-so variety. This also applies to doing what you love too, Capricorn. Take a passion centered approach this week.



Revisiting the past kick-starts the future

Choose your emotional investments wisely

Own your values

Take all the time you feel you need to explore, renovate and redecorate your inner space, Aquarius. I’m talking about deep soul work now. But doing this can literally re-boot your life and allow the flow of the new into it. In ways you may not yet be able to comprehend or imagine.

This week has Venus in your 6th of wellbeing, oppose both Jupiter and Pluto in your soul searching 12th. Venus will also trine Neptune which rules your 12th in Venus’s ruling 2nd. What is truly worth your love, focus, effort and soul investment – and what isn’t, will be highlighted as part of this.

Know you’re worth it

When you see which is which – you will know what to do. Mercury and the Sun remain in your power sector. Mercury will trine Uranus in your 4th and Jupiter in your 12th as well as oppose Neptune as the week unfolds. This is all about your own value system. Not your parent’s, families, partner’s. YOURS. Now, this could be one and the same. Or you could have seen you have inherited or taken on board a set of rules or values that simply don’t add up for you anymore.

Don’t be afraid to go by what seems right for you now. It could be time for a new way of operating or showing what is truly worth your time and love as the Sun opposes Ceres also in your money zone on the 28th. Vesta sits in your 7th and trines Chiron in your 3rd. Is it time to re-write the T&C’s around what you do or a key relationship?

All this adds up to you not being willing to undersell yourself either personally or professionally now. State your values this week. And spend all the time you need to determine just what these are now.

In a nutshell: The occasional deep dive into our own inner world sees us surface with pearls of wisdom. This week is no exception. You’ll see what has been worth your time and love. And what simply isn’t any longer.



Love illuminates your future

Shine and attract in kind

Right place, right time, right where you are

We can’t not talk about love this week, Pisces. And if you thought 2020 had put even Cupid into lockdown, this week may show you he’s alive, well and firing arrows off in all directions.

Turn on the love lights!

Time to believe in the power of love once more with both your love houses lit up like Las Vegas. In fact, we can’t talk about love and your 5th house without bringing luck into it too. I am not talking about high-stakes, high roller poker but taking a chance – even at a social distance. Especially if doing this involves a love which evolves your soul.

There’s so many ways for you to attract or experience this but primarily, it all begins with you saying ‘yes’ to life or whatever is on offer. Venus opposition Jupiter in your 11th on the 25th speaks of a ‘lucky’ break as in right place, right time, right vibe and the right amount of charism and chutzpah on your part. Venus also dusts you in glamour and essence of romance as it aligns to ruler Neptune in your 1st on the 27th. How will you work that, Pisces?

Click and cosmically collect

Hopefully by connecting and accepting who or what comes your way. Mercury in your 7th trines Uranus in Mercury’s 3rd pointing to once piece of news which opens an unexpected conduit between you and another. The Sun also in your 7th shines on ceres in your 1st on the 28th while the next day sees Mercury trine Jupiter in your 11th. Who you meet, contact or communicate with has a major role to play in your future. Friends with benefits of more than one kind or friends in high places, meeting powerful, influential or a potential lover who is successful or well-to-do is the other possibility generated by Venus’s opposition to Pluto on the 30th.

Just ensure you don’t drag any feelings of not being ‘worthy’ into the equation now. Whether this revolves around worries of punching above your weight or imposter syndrome. Vesta’s trine to Chiron in your 2nd also on the 30th says time to ditch that as it does you no good. This day also has Mercury oppose Neptune your ruler. It tells you that what you believed to be unrealistic around love is in fact, very real indeed. Luck is a real force you can use this week, Pisces. Just say ‘yes’ to activate.

In a nutshell: Love is looking for new ways to enter your world, Pisces. And in new forms. So, just be open to how and where it appears. To connect to it, all you have to do is be open – and say ‘Yes’.


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