8th April 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 8th 2019 – Passion overload! Grand Fire Trine!


  • Focus on opportunities – not restrictions
  • The past contains unexplored potential
  • You are your own best bet this week

This week is all about knowing what chances to take and what not to. It says ‘Place your bets’ – but carefully. There’s a theme happening around retro-active luck rather than betting on the outcome of something new. Jupiter planet of expansion and luck turns retrograde in its ruling 9th this week. There are also some tense angles occurring between the Sun in your 1st and Saturn and Pluto in your sector of status and career. This may result in you feeling restricted, blocked, cut off or that opportunities just aren’t there for you.

Now, I should not need to tell you that with the planet of long distance travel and mass communications heading backwards, combined with Mercury still in retroshadow, that this is not the time to travel or to launch that big project unless it cannot be helped. However, if you are travelling back somewhere you have been before, or nursing regrets over something you did not complete, finish or do, this is where your bets should be placed.  Watch for falling into the trap of believing in confinement and restriction and look instead at where destiny may be trying to direct you.  If you take just one step back towards something from your past, you could just discover that second tries infused with a fresh imaginative approach courtesy of a meeting between Venus and Neptune in your 12th, bring you what you need and perhaps have even wanted for a very long time. The tight angles you feel this week are in fact designed to hand you personal authority when it comes to your future. Use this in a strategic and determined way, and the Grand Fire Trine at the end of the week between the Sun in your 1st, Moon in your 5th and that Jupiter, could just see you reclaim that old dream. This can be anything from an old lover, to an opportunity to professionally shine or just you daring to do something you believed was out of your reach. This week could just show you that betting on yourself could be the best investment you make so far this year.

In a nutshell: It’s a week where taking a chance spins the Wheel of Destiny for you – again, Aries. Betting on yourself – or something begun in the past, brings fresh results and opportunity. 


  • Don’t read too much in to love
  • Delays are designed with a higher purpose in mind
  • Lighten up and soar!

Any delays you experience now have a higher purpose and may in fact, turn out to be to your benefit in the long term, Taurus. If you suddenly find negotiations, legal matters, contracts or even loans held up, take it that this may be because there is a better outcome or better deal out there for you. Jupiter in your 8th retrogrades this week and any barriers that do get thrown up in your path, may have a purpose you cannot yet see. It may not take too long for another and better option to appear however – and one that enhances your position or your future, as by the end of the week we have a Grand Fire Trine pivoting around the Moon in its ruling 4th in your chart. So, if progress stalls, be prepared to admit there may be larger forces at work behind this.

If you have been feeling overburdened or that for a long time you have put up with a situation that simply no longer works, this week also allows you to drop or shed this. Identifying what works and what doesn’t is part of your on-going journey now –as is having the courage to confront it and do something about it. The Sun in your 12th asks you to take responsibility for your future and to deal with whatever is old, stale and has been lived out when it makes searing angles with Saturn (10th) and Pluto (13th). This is all about what needs to end or transform to free you. This week also sees ruler Venus meet Neptune in your sector of friendships and goals. This transit can deliver ideas you can share or take to the collective and connect you with like-minded souls. Just be aware when it comes to romance however, that this IS the house of friendships – not love. Yes, love can evolve from friendship but just ensure you see any new friendship for what it is – not what you would like it to be. There is the possibility of soul connection but also for one party to simply imagine it to be something it’s not. Love does not always have to come in romantic form. But that does not make it any less real. Getting real involves accepting anything for exactly what it appears to be this week.

In a nutshell: You are in a cycle which offers you soul freedom like none you’ve experienced before. Lighten the load to lighten your soul this week. And prepare to fly free, Taurus.


  • Love actually is – all around you
  • Work those ambitions
  • Who is on your team?

Where’s the love this week, Gemini? Perhaps a love affair had got off to a promising start. You were feeling extra-specially close to your current squeeze.  Or that working partnership was really clicking with new worlds for you both to conquer. Then suddenly, all there may appear to be is distance between you. It may be time to work at reigniting a shared vision or dream now Jupiter turns retrograde in your 7th – or else just focus on your partnership with yourself. If you are single and seeking, think of this as Mercury Retro on steroids. This is not a good time to go looking for love if you are after something long term. A love revival or a reconnection with a far off love or an activity you loved to do, is possible however as is returning to higher education if that has been a long term goal. As this is a pumped-up Mercury Retro in many respects and as Mercury is not out of retroshadow quite yet, please avoid travel if you can – especially the long distance kind and specifically around the 12th when Jupiter and Mercury could throw up delay tactics, cancellations, breakdowns, missed connections, lost luggage, crazy weather and system failures. If you do have to travel – have a back-up plan.

If one to one relationships are unable to get off the ground right now, then focus instead on your wider social circle and also your career ambitions. Being very clear about what you want to achieve is paramount now in the latter area as Venus and Neptune meet in your 10th. Don’t get lost in success fantasies. Make it happen instead. The Sun in your social sector may test a few friendships for their longevity as it angles to Saturn and Pluto. You should now also see who is there for you – and who is just a superficial acquaintance. Watch what you post on social media or what is posted in turn about you. The week is set to end on a high note however as after feeling the distance, a conversation closes it between you and another person. Funny that love didn’t go anywhere. Distance like retrogrades are an illusion when it comes to just how much love is around you this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Retrogrades are illusions. And the same could be said for feeling that there’s a distance opening up between you and someone else. Love is right where you left it this week, Gemini.


  • Are you getting as much as you give?
  • Design your life for really living
  • Partnerships with others begin by partnering yourself

Your work, career, wellbeing and how these impact on your relationships – or lack thereof, are in focus this week. The soul challenge for many of us in this lifetime is how to balance what we want to achieve in the world – or merely need to in order to keep body and soul together, with our needs as human beings. So, this week poses the question: are you getting enough? Enough support, enough love, even enough recognition from the job you do. Or is what you’re getting out of it just not equal to your effort or investment? Look across the board at this. From relationships to your routine. What supports and enhances you and what doesn’t? Jupiter shifting to retrograde in your 6th wants you to design a better way of working or even living. Time to see where that effort and energy goes. Spinning your wheels or shifting like a Fast & Furious gearbox? Please however bear min mind Mercury which rules your 6th is still in retroshadow in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. That muscle car may breakdown or those travel plans stall. So try not to go anywhere too fast.

The way ahead may also seem hazy and unclear. This week could see you playing the waiting game on some level and again, this could extend to your career. The Sun in your reputation and rewards sector turns up the heat on Saturn which rules this house and also Pluto this week – both in your 7th of partnerships. This could affect a present or future working relationship or even a long term love relationship. Something needs to transform here especially if it has wider reaching issues. Your personal life is affecting your career or vice versa as either imbalance affects how you feel. You could end the week looking at a reward for what may feel like very hard work but which ultimately ends up being worth it. Adjustments see your professional stock soar which a knock-on effect in your bank account and you feeling as if you are the boss of your own life – instead of being run into the ground. Make that necessary adjustment this week to go back to loving life to the full.

In a nutshell: Take a fresh look at that work/life balance. Time to focus on whether what you get out is equal to what you put in. The benefits ripple out into other areas so feel the love again this week.


  • Lost at sea? Start swimming!
  • Play by the rules
  • The right way leads you back to freedom – and fun!

There’s a feeling of treading water this week, Leo. Especially when it comes to romance, young people or even your creativity. Jupiter in your 5th turns retrograde now and you may be left with the feeling that just as something was hotting up or showed promise, a distinct cooling off period is happening. As Jupiter rules long distance travel, airlines etc, this is not a good time to embark on that trip of a lifetime either. Especially as Mercury now direct, remains in retroshadow and both planets could just conspire to delay more than just the course of true love this week. That feeling of being all-at-sea or just not knowing where someone is coming from could be amplified by a meeting between Venus which rules your love life, and Neptune in your 8th. Take it from me, that nothing is what it appears to be.

One thing astrology wants to teach us is that the way to deal with any area of our life that appears stalled or just unclear, is to focus our energy into another. Play by the rules when it comes to making positive changes to your work or even your wellbeing this week. The Sun in your 9th is highlighting opportunities but you may have to work hard to make the most of them. And this means working within accepted rules and ways of going about things. A change for the better could be the result as could earning the respect and approval of bosses, managers and those with the power to promote or hire you. Do things the right way for the right reasons now especially if you want to avoid that whole ‘treading water’ feeling. Freedom is actually created by structure – if only in your thoughts. Watch how colouring within the lines results in just that as a Grand Fire Trine brings a flash fire of release and pleasure as a reward on the 14th that could just set you dancing along a new path.

In a nutshell:  That feeling of not knowing or getting anywhere has a simple solution. Get organised! The result could be the release you’re craving back into the flow of passion and freedom, Leo!


  • Is your heart invested in what you do?
  • Love needs boundaries to grow
  • Connect with clarity

Ruler Mercury remains in retroshadow for just a squeak longer and while it does you need to remain cautious especially when it comes to love and what you believe those closest to you are saying or thinking. You could misinterpret something – or vice versa. Watch those boundaries and if starting a new relationship right now, even if it seems as if your connection is cosmic, take your time rather than plunging right in. I am not saying that things are not exactly how they perceive them to be. Just err on the side of caution as Venus and Neptune meet in your 7th on the 10th.

Being Mercury ruled however, you are adept at navigating those retro twists and turns. Time out for a major one as Jupiter heads backwards in your 4th this week. There are changes afoot across the sky which could have big implications for your long term security. If you have been working hard but getting nowhere – or at the very least, not as far as you had thought; this week asks if this is because your heart actually isn’t in it? Look carefully as this is one area where you do have the gift of searing clarity thanks to the Sun in your 8th highlighting Saturn and Pluto in your 5th. Jupiter makes a trip-up angle to Mercury on the 12th which could result in delays with property or even money or else you just feeling you and someone close to you aren’t on the same page.  Return to the clarity that’s there to guide you if this relates to someone close to you and if it’s anything to do with money or security, wait rather than push forward. An answer could come to you sooner than you think thanks to a Grand Fire Trine igniting those deep areas of your chart on the 14th. And that answer could just be heading back to where you belong on either a real or a soul level.

In a nutshell: Love needs you to remain grounded and be open to how you are interpreting others. Wait for the truth to emerge. The answers you get have a searing clarity about them this week.


  • Get a sense of place
  • Look to the past to move forward
  • What do you want? Real love! When do you want it? NOW!!!

Get back to the roots of love now, Libra. Being the sign of partnerships, love or just being part of a two-some of some description or another, is always on your mind. What do you want? Real connection. When do you want it? NOW!!! Sometimes we need to look back at the past to put it in perspective. Past loves may feature especially when it comes to where you belong or with whom you feel that deep sense of belonging to. This could be the place you grew up, somewhere else entirely or that person who feels like home to you. Do not underestimate its importance to you now as the Sun in your 7th impacts on booth Saturn and Pluto in your 4th. Get back to your roots – or put then down. Ruler Venus in your 6th meets with Neptune and there’s a need to look at health matters and work that sustains you. This may also involve quitting something on some level – anything from that habit of binge watching to coming up with a strategy to get a job that answers some questions you’ve been mulling over – such as who you are and what actually floats your boat work-wise.

The past themes are being triggered by Jupiter retrograde in your 3rd this week. Going back to doing something you used to do, your hometown or country or hearing from people from your past, including past loves, could feature.  It could be time to relaunch or revise that screenplay, manuscript, blog or business idea. But not to start something new. Also, Jupiter rules travel so if you can, put those globetrotting plans on hold unless again, they involve revisiting the past. When it comes to love – you need it to be solid and serious and to put down roots. When it comes to people – they need to be able to offer this but set you free to be you at the same time. Is this an impossible combination? Watch who appears around the time of the Grand Fire Trine on the 14th. They could have the answer that lights up where you are right now, Libra.

In a nutshell: Create a sense of place and permanence this week, Libra. Love needs to put down roots to grow. The past or someone from it provides the future foundation you’re seeking.


  • Romance may find you but you’ll  earn your success
  • Get a game plan
  • That connection could be cosmic but stay grounded!

Do the work and focus on the details this week, Scorpio. The rewards are there for you but you have to retain your focus in order to reap them. The Sun is presently highlighting work opportunities for you and what you say and how you come across will be the determining factor this week. What is already in motion comes to a satisfactory and even successful conclusion for you if you just adhere to this very simple yet strategic game plan. The Sun draws a line to Saturn and also ruler Pluto in your business and communication zone this week. Saturn is all about going about things the accepted way while Pluto plugs you into your power. Jupiter is about to turn retrograde in your house of money. This does not mean that flow of cash will necessary dry up, but it does ask you to utilise what you already have at your disposal– and this includes your talents and skills, more effectively and creatively. Take care to be seen in the best possible light when Jupiter makes a tight angle to Mercury in your 5th on the 12th. And get very clear about what you mean – and mean what you say.

You have the ability to meet challenges on the work front and walk away from them with a true sense of achievement now thanks to the Grand Fire Trine of the 14th working like a firework across your entire money/work/career sector. If you’re in a competitive situation with regards to business or a pitch or interview process, victory could just be yours. Beautiful aspects also illuminate your house of romance, children and creativity promising joy, inspiration or a soul connection as Venus and Neptune meet in here on the 10th. Dance with but don’t lose yourself in pleasure.  You may also know what the outcome will be before it happens. Channel a little romance and fun but you’ll earn your success this week.

In a nutshell: Push through challenges to career progress and emerge with a sense of victory, this week. When it comes to romance a cosmic click could occur. Use your energy creatively.


  • Reclaim those soul facets you’ve lost
  • Do the work when it comes to your money
  • Get ready for a release into something new

Ruler Jupiter in your 1st turns retrograde this week. That personal reinvention or launch needs to be put on hold or enter a period of refinement. You’re entering the cocoon stage if you like so use this time to look again at your image, brand or message. I should not need to emphasise the need to put all things Sag-related on hold until Jupiter heads direct again. Travel being the top category. Curb that wanderlust for the time being. Also on hold could be legal matters, study plans or even buying that horse if that was on your agenda. Unless you want a pantomime one that is. Anything to do with moving or relocating may also hit a speed bump this week as Jupiter angles to a not-yet-fully-emerged-from-retroshadow Mercury in your 4th. Take a deep breath. This is a bump – not a derailment.

In fact, you are about to experience a long awaited release into something you’ve been waiting for this week. Be prepared to do whatever it takes when it comes to your money. There is scope for improvement but this may take hard work on  your part and also a willingness to defer gratification until later thanks to a challenging but what could be ultimately long term rewarding angles between the Sun in your 5th and Saturn and Pluto in your 2nd. When it comes to how you are being treated by someone – from a lover to a boss, know your worth. Venus and Neptune are getting together in your 4th too. You may know where and how you want to be living – but not sure how to make that move towards it. Hold on to that feeling of waiting to unfurl those wings as you will eventually take flight and end up where you need to be. Also be aware that where you think you should be and where is best for you may be two different places. Allow the universe to know the difference. That release however could arrive and be linked to something or someone from your past as a Grand Fire Trine which includes your ruler, crackles across the sky on the 14th. Going back to a past love or reclaiming something from the past could just form part of a release into this new adventure. Could this even involve pieces of the past ‘you’ that have been lost? Collect those lost parts of yourself for a brighter future, Sag.

In a nutshell: All things Sag-favourited may be on hold due to your ruler retrograde in your sign this week. But that doesn’t prevent you from planting the seeds of new beginnings, Sag.


  • Ask away
  • Know where you stand
  • Get clarification on love

Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification. The phrase: ‘Let me see if I’ve understood you correctly . . .’ is your friend now. Also, don’t be shy of asking those ‘difficult’ questions and be open to the answers you receive. Very often we put off asking because we fear the answer. Jupiter retrograde in your 12th wants you to get to the heart of the matter – no matter what. Especially if it relates to matters of the heart and soul. Which it may well this week. As well as the Jupiter retrograde posing a question which demands an answer to Mercury in its ruling 3rd on the 12th, you also have Venus and Neptune meeting in here. Which is where the need to know where you stand with someone comes in.  So please don’t be afraid to ask – especially if this relates to a relationship and where you stand. Believe me, you are better off knowing than not.

Knowing what you want plays a huge role in all of this. If you know what you need from others, then you are in a position to ask for it. Your security is the second big theme of the week. And by that I mean your emotional security as well as the material, bricks and mortar kind. You’ll be measuring this – what you have against what you need and seeing where everything from your relationships to your living arrangements, stacks up on that yardstick. The Sun in your 4th casts lines like a sundial on to ruler Saturn and then Pluto in your 1st. You’ll ask the questions that bring about the changes you need now. Or see clearly who or what you can rely on – and what you can’t. By the time the week ends with a fire trine searing across your 4th, 8th and 12th houses, you’ll be in a position where you’ve the courage to ask –and receive the answers you need. Once you have them – act on them, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Is it the question you are afraid of asking – or the answer? This week sees you wanting the truth – whatever it is, Capricorn. You’ve the courage to ask away now.


  • Soul connections take social precedence
  • Does that goal still make your heart soar?
  • Get ready for illumination

Quality over quantity will prevail when it comes to friendships now. You’ll be looking closely at your connections – especially when it comes to how they add value to your life. Jupiter retrograde in your 11th may slow down your social life for a while. But this allows you to look at which ones genuinely matter. It’s more about small intimate gatherings and time spent with just one or two close friends rather than a party piece right now. More of a kiki – les s of a rave. This Jupiter retro could see you revive some old acquaintances, and on the 12th when it highlights Mercury in your 2nd, look at what one friendship in particular brings you. Is this person an asset to you? Do they share your values? This is about sharing a soul perspective and knowing who is there for you.

Know where the money goes too as Venus and Neptune meeting in your 2nd could lead you into expensive but oh so beautiful purchases you delude yourself you can afford – until the bill comes in. Stay away from the stores – both physical and on-line. Goals can be revived or replaced by new ones during the Jupiter retro so test those visions for continued relevance during this time. The Sun in your 3rd has you focussed on what is said and read now. Something you hear or read – perhaps communicated by another has a profound effect on you as the Sun makes a 90 degree angle to first Saturn in your 12th and then Pluto. The light may be harsh but it is illuminating. What it shows you changes how you think and act about a person, situation or something you have been carrying around in your soul for a very long time. Quality over quantity also relates to those thoughts and feelings too. Ensure they as well as the people that surround you, add value to your life this week.

In a nutshell: You don’t need an entourage, Aquarius. Just friends you know you can count on. Revive past connections and relish the current ones. It’s quality over quantity now.


  • Dream big but take bigger steps to make it a goal
  • Love demands consistency
  • Reap the rewards of past career efforts

Hey big dreamer! Remember this week that dreams require you to take action on them. A goal is a dream with an action plan behind it. Don’t get lost in the dream itself. Venus and ruler Neptune meet in your 1st this week. It’s important that you stay grounded and have a plan up your sleeve. When it comes to love you need to remember this week that actions are going to speak louder than words. Does someone promise you something but not follow through? Do they tell you they love you but then act like they don’t? You need consistency with partners – and this includes potential and past ones as well as present, and for the message to be backed up by the appropriate action.

The Sun in your house of values and self-worth angles to Saturn and Pluto in your area of goals and also your friendships. When it comes to goals, you’ll see your progress (or lack thereof) and how this all relates to you having that action plan in place. Dreaming alone just won’t do it for you.  Jupiter has been in expansion mode in your house of career but this week could see progress slow as it turns to retrograde phase in here. Time to stocktake what you have achieved so far and leverage that as opposed to making that big move now. Take care if travelling for business as this planet rules airlines and mass transportation especially when it angles to Mercury which is not yet out of retroshadow, in your 1st on the 12th. What you have set in motion could come full circle now as a success making Grand Fire Trine crackles across your entire money/work/career sector at the end of the week. Rewards for past efforts or for something you’ve been working on come full circle. Act like you are a success story (you are) and take whatever steps you can to make it real. The universe could just move with you all the way up that ladder, Pisces.

In a nutshell:  You need the action to fit the promise this week, Pisces. When it comes to dreams – you’re a visionary. But they need action from you to become goals now.

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