23th July 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs July 8 2019


  • Karma always rings twice
  • Whose story are you living?
  • What goes around arrives now

Knock knock! The past in all its many shapes and forms comes calling now. Anything and everything from people, actions you set in motion, choices and decisions you made (or didn’t make) and yes, karma. This may not just apply to the recent past but could stretch right back to the start of the millennium for some and depending on your age – even further back for others. Mercury heads retrograde in your 5th of lovers and children this week. The things that are handed down from one generation to the next – messages and beliefs especially as well as genetic family ‘karma’ feature. Five planets are now in retroactive motion and as this is your house or romance, I should not need to tell you that starting a new love affair is not a good idea now unless you like signing up for mind changes, indecision and frustration.

The Sun meets the fated North Node in your 4th while opposing Saturn in your 10th while highlighting Neptune which rules the past in its ruling 12th. The Sun will then oppose Pluto also in your 10th while ruler Mars in your 5th tightens its influence on Uranus in your 2nd. Expect to confront not only past people, actions and decisions of your own, but also your family past and the messages around what it is possible for you to have, do or achieve. What have you inherited here? Whose karma is this anyway? If you decide it’s not yours, the gift of the week is freedom from it. But rewards come full circle for correct choices now.

In a nutshell: This week sees the past reappear in the present and set your course for the future. When it comes to replays – is it your karma or your family’s? Claim your own story, Aries.


  • Plan don’t put off, that heart-move
  • Open up to a larger way of living
  • Give freedom house room

What have you been putting off, Taurus? Perhaps simply because while that routine is now a rut, it’s a comfortable, familiar one with set mealtimes. Yes, you are aware as much as anyone that perhaps things could be better and more accommodating. Your lifestyle or living space could perhaps do with an upgrade. Settling doesn’t just apply to settling down or settling in. Settling can also mean accepting less than what you know deep down you deserve. Mercury moves backwards through your 4th this week asking for a reassessment of your home, property, lifestyle or living arrangements. I should not need to tell you that with the planet of contracts moonwalking in here, that this is not a good time to buy, sell, rent, lease, move or Airbnb your home unless this is unavoidable. It is however, an excellent time to think long and hard about whether you have outlived your current surroundings or if changes need to be made to make houseroom for a better lifestyle.

If there is a place calling to you, time to explore how to get there as the Sun conjuncts the North Node in your 3rd and opposes Saturn in your 9th. Mars also in your 4th awakens a restlessness in you and your current surroundings may seem confining as a result.  Mars always gives us the confidence and desire for action and makes a momentous ‘break free’ angle to Uranus in your 1st. You are no longer content to be confined. You’ll be willing to undergo temporary disruption in order to have the freedom you’re seeking. Do what needs to be done to give yourself more space this week, Taurus. Even if it means mealtimes occasionally no longer run to schedule.

In a nutshell: You need more heartfelt living space, Taurus. So, what are you prepared to do to get that? Changing rooms could mean opening up to living – and loving larger, Taurus.


  • What arrangement needs to change?
  • Ask for what you want
  • Reach a new agreement

It’s retro-time, baby! And you know what that entails more than most. Especially when your ruler retrogrades in its ruling house. It’s about to serve up an extra helping of Mercury mayhem as it heads backwards in your 3rd. I should not need to go over the Retro Rules with you of all signs. Also, you of all signs know the hidden benefits of Retro Time. Time to go back over things and plan for a new beginning once Mercury clears retroshadow.  In your 3rd – whatever is said – it’s not written in stone. It will change or what seems like the final chapter turns out to be just a paragraph – which is later edited.

What to look at now? Let’s start with that money, assets, property, loans, salary and deals – especially between you and say the bank, or you and a partner. What’s the arrangement here? Because there always is one. With the bank it’s the rate or the terms of repayment. With a partner or a family member, there may be unwritten emotional terms in the contract. Like who calls the shots or even the terms. Who is prepared to compromise and who isn’t. Who gives away what. Your 8th house is your house of personal power, your 2nd rules your money. Both have a lot in common. This week sees the Sun meet the North Node in your 2nd and oppose Saturn in your 8th. It will then go on to oppose Pluto which rules this house. Mars also in your 3rd opposes Uranus in your house of secrets. How confident are you to ask someone for changes in T&C’s?  This Mercury retrograde could mark a period of intense renegotiation when it comes to power or asset sharing. A newer, better, fairer deal could be the result. For you and the other party.

In a nutshell: Are you afraid to ask for what you want? And is this a pattern for you? Go back over the T&C’s of what you share during this retrograde cycle, Gemini. And craft a new and fairer deal.


  • Time for some significant relating
  • Watch where the money goes
  • Commit to growth through love

It’s not a time for flamboyant over-spending or extravagance now. In fact, you need to be keeping a tight rein on those purse strings and avoid spending on anything that isn’t pure necessity now Mercury heads backwards in your money zone. Looking closely at where the money goes and coming up with a fresh budget or spending plan which balances rewards with responsibility. It’s not about deprivation, Cancer. Just cash savviness. If however you give in to the urge to splurge, you may find that ‘bargain’ isn’t or you fall out of love with that must-have item once Mercury heads direct once more. Set yourself a long term goal to aim – and save for, instead and don’t doubt you have what it takes to reach it if you commit to it.

What have you learned about partnerships these past few years? You see, there’s a part of us that wants to accept challenges and grow through them. That’s what you have been doing when it comes to significant others be they romantic, friendship or the business variety. There’s also the past life lessons and soul contracts with others which we bring into this lifetime with us. As well as the karma we create in the here and now. If you have learned and grown in understanding it could be time to commit now as the Sun in your 1st strikes the North Node and opposes Saturn in your 7th. The Sun will also opposed Pluto in here indicating it’s time for a situation to evolve and either move into the future with you – or be left behind in the past. This could just as easily apply to your attitude to love. You can commit to finding it if you are single, or making an existing partnership better. Perhaps it’s time to look at your differences and realise that while you have them, this doesn’t mean the partnership doesn’t work. Remember, retrogrades rule ‘re’ words. Relating being the most important one for you this recycled season.

In a nutshell: Time to commit to love? It’s retro season and this rules ‘re’ words. Relating being the most important one whether it’s with a significant other – or most significantly – you, Cancer.


  • Go backstage and update your brand
  • Step free of the past forever
  • Be unique

Did someone just dim the lights on your radiance? Mercury retro in your 1st may appear to do that but see this instead as a time to refine that image or how you want to be seen by others.  Adjust your image, appearance, brand or message you put out there. It’s not just about what you say as Mercury rules communication but that non-verbal message you send via your appearance. Adjust now and by the time your ruler the Sun arrives in your 1st later this month, you could be ready to put your best face forward. So think of this time as merely ducking backstage for a make-up, costume and message change.

Something comes full circle this week. You have that rarest of rare opportunities to step free of past patterns or karma that has been holding you back. If you are faced with a situation that seems familiar as your ruler collides with the North Node in your 12th and opposes Saturn in your 6th, look back to when you have faced something similar in the past. The faces may have changed and circumstances may be slightly different, but the déjà vu feel is the same. Saturn doesn’t just rule our karma. It also rules the challenges we go through in order to evolve on a soul level. Saturn sets the exam and then marks us depending on how well we have learned its lesson. If we pass, we don’t have to repeat it. If we don’t – we retake it until we do. That dimmed light I mentioned could relate to your career and whether you are operating from a position where you’re not getting the recognition that’s necessary for your soul. You need a stand out role exemplified not just by your sign but by Uranus in your 10th. Mars in your 1st asks you to make a daring move to get you noticed while all the 12th house action this week links to your higher purpose. If it’s a career issue that won’t go away, work whatever makes you stand out from the competition and set your potential free.

In a nutshell: Your image, brand, appearance and all you have to offer including your talents, need showcasing to their best advantage. Re-work that personal brand to get yourself noticed, Leo.


  • Discover what holds you back
  • Keep an open mind – events have a purpose
  • Is this a love you’ve known before?

Ruler Mercury increases the major retrograde weather we are currently sailing through by joining the flotilla of planets heading backwards in the sky. In your 12th house this is all about heeding your intuition and what you cannot see or is being kept from you. The ruler of your 12th which is of course, Neptune, is also retro in your 7th. Mars firing up your desire to know in your 12th makes an expose creating angles to Uranus in your 9th – whoever said the truth will set you free could have had you in mind this week.

Fated encounters, karma and timing – time for something to begin or alternatively, end, could be at the heart of the secret plan the universe has for you right now. Because don’t doubt for a moment there is one. Destiny drives you towards a meeting or that truth I mentioned as the Sun in your social 11th meets the North Node and opposes Saturn in your 5th on the 10th and trines Neptune in your 7th on the 11th. New encounters contain long term potential especially those of the romantic variety. Attraction is fused with a deep familiarity – as if you’ve known one another before. Consider the fact you have even if you just met. This is a week to make the effort to connect whether you are seeking a lover or just a deep friendship. Changes of plan and sudden invites are designed to put you where you are supposed to be so go where they want to take you. This week’s truth could just be that what or rather who you need, is something different than what you imagined you wanted. So keep an open mind. But you’ll know it or rather them, when you see them, Virgo.

In a nutshell: You want to get to the heart of a truth this week, Virgo. Not only could it set you free, it could revolve around the love you need. Fate puts you in its path now.


  • If your heart’s not in it – get another dream
  • You can have what you want – provided you still want it
  • To aim high you need roots to support you

Sometimes we just have to declutter more than that closet or that desktop, Libra. Mercury retrograde in your 11th this week brings you one of those periods where you’re going to look at what is still relevant for you. But this time around goals and connections. The usual Retro Rules apply during this period which I should not have to repeat here. Expect past and present friendships, groups and associations to come up for reassessment as well as those dreams for continued relevance. An old goal may come within reach during this time with you asking yourself: do I still want this? The 11th is your house of the future so look carefully now at who or what will move into it with you once Mercury heads direct once more. And don’t be afraid to shed what you no longer need as part of this process.

How high can you climb? How far can you go? And also, where do you belong and doing what? Owning your decisions and choices around this and honouring the roots of your being and what you need to support you are part of your soul journey right now. Long term efforts, persistence and a willingness to take it slow could pay off as the Sun in your 10th meets the North Node and opposes first Saturn in your 4th and then Pluto. A new chapter is beginning that is based on your achievements in the past and also your values. The reason I mentioned those goals earlier is because your heart needs to be 100% committed. Otherwise the effort simply isn’t worth it and if you attain them, you will be left with a sense of dissatisfaction instead. This week is also subtly about power thanks to a rather tense but productive angle between Mars in your 11th and Uranus in your 8th. Sometimes we need to be thirsty, to push against obstacles to make the result seem worthwhile. The message this week is that you have the power to get the result you want – provided you really want it, that is.

In a nutshell: A long term goal could fall within reach or something comes full circle, Libra. The question is: is it still relevant. You alone have the power to decide this week.


  • Reach for something higher
  • You are enough
  • Travelling? Check those connections and have a plan B!

Broadening your reach, amping up those ambitions or heading out on a journey feature now. However, if the latter involves actual physical travel – then beware. Mercury turns retrograde this week plus Jupiter, which rules long distance travel, airlines and mass transportation remains retrograde in your 2nd while Saturn and ruler Pluto are retrograde in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. If it’s impossible to remain just a couch tourist during this cycle, have more than one alternative route or plan in mind before setting out. This intense retrograde weather increases the chance of delays, breakdowns, cancellations and even strikes. I should not need to tell you to check everything from the traffic to reservations, connections, departure times and even the weather before setting out. However, if you are heading back to somewhere you have visited in the past, this may not apply.

Back to your career and also those relationships which impact on your status. Anything from the title on your business card to the one before your name. How do you want to be perceived and seen?  Ancient ruler Mars also in your 10th is what is firing you up to be more, achieve more – and giving you the confidence to go for it. That title you’re aiming for could extend beyond the work sector. But just be aware this week if you are defining yourself or placing your value solely on any kind of title – be it that job one or that Mrs or Mr, you are so much more than that. The Sun in your 9th meets the North Node this week and opposes first Saturn and then ruler Pluto. It points to decisions and agreements which transform, set you free and yes, broaden those horizons but please remember, Mercury rules contracts. By all means aim for recognition and goals that enhance your status in both the business world and your personal life. But don’t hang who you are on this. And above all, if you can – wait to sign on the dotted line.

In a nutshell: You are so much more than a title – even one that goes with being a couple. Knowing you are enough brings its own special power. When it comes to doing that deal – delay if you can.


  • The journey begins where you are right now
  • Negotiate a fresh deal
  • Don’t sell yourself short

Wing clipping transits this week may force you to revise travel plans or just bring you down to earth with a bump. Don’t worry, Sag. It’s only temporary. Ruler Jupiter remains retrograde in your 1st and this week sees Mercury which rules communications and getting around, turn retrograde in Jupiter’s ruling 9th in your chart. This could result in you feeling you are merely spinning your wheels and going nowhere fast. If you are travelling, then you need to allow extra time and certainly have Plans B through to possibly Z in place.  If delays happen – all you can do is enjoy where you find yourself. Jupiter will move forward next month just before Mercury passes out of retroshadow and it will be green lights then all the way. Until then – make the most of where you find yourself.

Time to look at what you share with another and your deepest most intimate connections. For most of us this is our marriage partner or the person we live with, or sometimes it is a business partner. The 8th house is always about the relationships that transform us – and transformations within those relationships themselves. This week has the Sun in your 8th conjunct the North Node and oppose both Saturn and Pluto in your money zone. It’s all about the assets now. This can range from your salary to your home. It’s also time to be realistic when it comes to decisions around this. When we look at the 8th house it is about what people bring to the table – and what happens to that if we choose to walk away from it. Renegotiations may feature as a result as could discussions around anything from who gets the raise at work to who gets the house and the boxset collection. You’re willing to take a stand for what you know you deserve this week. Bring your power to the table, Sag and show no fear.

In a nutshell: Progress may seem slow but see this as a time to negotiate a new deal, Sag. It could be at work or it could revolve around a relationship. Compromise if necessary but don’t sell yourself short.


  • If it relates to your future – get answers
  • Direct change with informed decisions
  • Time to transform that connection

This week may hand you the feeling that change is coming – but you may be unsure just what kind. Mercury retrograde in your 8th is a time where negotiations may stall or simply break down completely. People may simply change their minds completely or goal posts get moved. Something you thought written in stone turns out not to be that after all. Please do not sign any important papers now. And as this house in your chart rules loans etc, please do not take out any new ones or credit cards at this time. Refinancing however is permitted. If you can delay anything now, do. And also if we are talking about any kind of ending, again, defer that decision if you possibly can until after Mercury exits retroshadow in August.

This is especially important if it applies to a partner – either your marriage partner, long term live in love, business partner or that key work connection. However, a renegotiation or revival around a past relationship could be favoured. If you are seeking a lover, a sudden intense attraction could take you by surprise but take it for what it is right now and don’t look too far ahead. Others may move an existing relationship to the next level as the Sun in your partnership sector joins the North Node and opposes your ruler Saturn in your 1st.You’re feeling the need to get serious, to commit – one way or the other, or to know just what rules apply here. If you don’t know where something is headed – you now need to so ask those all important questions and get answers about your future so you can make informed changes if necessary. The Sun will move to oppose Pluto four days after its meets Saturn which could mark at important transition in your relationship with someone else. Get the future clarified in relationships this week – don’t leave this any longer.

In a nutshell: You need answers when it comes to long term relationships – be they love or work, Capricorn. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about your future. And act on information received.


  • Reboot your passion
  • Set your intentions for love
  • Changes ripple from one area of your life to the next

What do you need to do to revive the love, Aquarius? There’s a deep need stirring within you to bring more passion into your life. So how do you intend to answer that call? Mercury retro in your 7th sends you back to the future when it comes to your closest personal relationships. And don’t forget Mercury in here rules working and business ones too. Loving what you do and who you work with could be part of this revival but remember, if you do feel job changes need to be made, wait until Mercury is direct again unless that revival literally means going back to work for someone you did in the past. Needless to say, this is not the best time to embark on a new partnership unless you enjoy changes and guessing games that is. Mars in your 7th is all about taking action rather than relating and this means making love – and hopefully not getting frustrated in your attempts so you end up doing the reverse. If your current situation has now most definitely tipped into the tepid – now if your opportunity to rekindle the heat. Desire could be but an intention away. Make your move.

You can’t escape the mind/body/spirit connection either this week. Your particular holy trinity of wellbeing is intertwined. Changes to your work, routine or approach to fitness may follow as the Sun meets the North node in your 6th and opposes Saturn and then Pluto in your 12th. This is a time to ensure you are supported – especially when it comes to supporting your body. Take care of your bones and teeth now and ensure your diet has enough calcium in it. Green leafy vegetables should feature in your diet. Atmospheres and vibes – from your workplace to home, and the effect they have on you overall, become apparent now. Once you make that connection – make the necessary adjustment. This includes that relationship vibe too. It’s all connected.

In a nutshell: Time to revive the love. Or maybe your commitment to finding it for the future. Every area of your life interlocks this week. Change one for the better – others follow.


  • Enter the house where dreams begin to take form
  • Be flexible as last minute changes could work in your favour
  • Someone plays a bigger role in your future than you imagine

This week could mark the start of a process where you begin to see someone you know in a very different light. Anyone from a friend to a lover. Let go of worries around whether this is good or bad and stay universal throughout. It is a process only. What is revealed over the next few weeks will change your connection. Bear in mind you are at the start of this shift and more revelations will follow. It may take a while for the full picture to come to light so please, don’t jump to conclusions just yet! This week sees the Sun in your romantic 5th make a wonderful angle to your ruler Neptune in the 1st and at the same time, conjunct the cosmic point of fate – the North Node and oppose both Saturn and Pluto in your 11th. You could meet someone and not be aware of the huge role they will play in your future. This is your house where dreams begin. Someone you think of as a friend could offer you so much more. Take your time with any new connection and above all, if you get any kind of instinctual feeling that something has changed or may be ‘off’ about an existing one – step back and wait for clarification.

This week also sees Mercury turn retrograde in its ruling 6th in your chart. This means you are up for a double dose of Mercury-induced, retroactive mayhem. This house rules our day jobs, our routines and also pets if we have them. Details, schedules and plans need to be triple checked. Because of the connection to work and routine, your commute is likely to be affected. Mars in here may be pushing you to rush but please resist. Mistakes, more delays and even accidents can occur if you don’t. Unexpected news or what looks like a setback, change or upset of plans could turn out to be just the opposite. This week asks you keep an open mind and not judge. The final outcome may be very different from your initial assessment. Don’t get too attached to outcomes and remain flexible. That delay or change of plan could just turn out to be a synchronicity that works in your favour.

In a nutshell: How you see someone is set to change. But keep an open mind when it comes to how you will see them in the future. A change of plans proves to be a blessing in disguise now.

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