Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs June 22 2020

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Have confidence in your actions

Clarity replaces confusion

Go for love!

Green lights replace those amber and red ones this week, Aries. Plus, any clouds of confusion created by last week’s eclipse and the retrogrades will begin to clear. Neptune heads retrograde in its ruling 12th on the 23rd. Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde. As it tends to obscure matters, this can bring us that much needed clarity.

Push the button on love!

Love gets that green light again as Venus finally moves forward in your 3rd on the 25th. However, please remember that Mercury is still retrograde in your 4th of home, security and living arrangements.

Mercury can however help you with some unfinished business. It trines Ceres also in your 12th on the 25th and meets up with Vesta on the 27th. This could see a matter which has been beset with delays or has simply been hanging around for far too long, finally settled.

Plug into your power

You are now in full power-mode thanks to the arrival of ruler Mars in your sign on the 28th. Let that surge of desire to get things done carry you forward again now, Aries. The combination of passion and heat and no longer being content to sit and wait around gives you the impetus to now go after what you want. Action is sexy this week. So, take it and make things happen again.

In a nutshell: Love and whatever makes your heart beat faster gets a much-needed green-light this week, Aries. Your sexy superpower is your ability to take action. Don’t sit on the sidelines – make it happen now.


Ditch that indecision

Work those newly minted values

Act with confidence

Ruler Venus finally shifts to direct motion again on the 25th, ironing out those speed-bumps around love and money, Taurus. Hopefully you used this period to re-define your relationship to your money, assets and your own self-worth. So, now you have a green light to put those upgrades in motion. Neptune which rules your 12th house, is the next planet to retro-cycle in your 11th from the 23rd. This is your house of the future don’t forget. You may see some connections as no longer aligned with your new value system as a result.

Real love is the revelation

In fact, seeing things how they really are is a gift as you emerge from this thankfully rare Venus retrograde. Do remember however that Mercury remains retrograde in its ruling 3rd serving up extra doses of Mercury mayhem. This could see people from the past back in touch as it trines Ceres on the 25th and meets Vesta in here on the 27th.

News could revive a deal that has been on hold – and see a better outcome for you this time around. Mars’s arrival in your 12th on the 28th represents you stepping into your peak power cycle. You are also determined to get to the bottom of anything that has been perplexing you during that Venus retro.

You won’t hesitate to ask those difficult questions or confront others with what is on your mind now, Taurus. No more procrastination. Do what needs to be done now. And get to the truth. Especially when it comes to love.

In a nutshell: Power on, Taurus. Ruler Venus heads direct once more and clouds of confusion around love or even your self-worth vanish. Now you know what you want – or what to do, don’t hesitate this week!



Crowd create your future

Launch a little love

Get your glow on

Venus heads direct in your 1st from the 25th handing you permission to re-launch that new you on some level. Your desires or what you expect from love, others or the world in general may have shifted during this time.

Get the glow signal!

If you have made inner changes then it’s time to ensure the outer you reflects these in how you look, feel and come across. Do remember that your ruler Mercury remains retrograde still in Venus’s ruling 2nd of money and other assets.

However, this week also brings you the possibility of moving forward on a career direction that may have been muddled or stalled. Neptune sits in your house of public and professional image and ambition. It will also retrograde from the 23rd. Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde – which is no bad thing as it allows us to touch down to reality.

Your future dream team awaits!

The 25th sees your retro ruler make a deal-making angle to Ceres also in your 10th. It will also join with Vesta in your 2nd on the 27th. This along with that Venus retro reset on how you see yourself and your expectations, could see you re-entering a negotiation with a better result in mind. Not that you are being unreasonable as you will know where the middle ground now lies.

Mars is also on the move into your 11th on the 28th. This is where your future gets set in motion and Mars is all about action don’t forget. Who co-creates your future? Other people do. So, make that effort to reach out and get that future party started in some way. Join with others who share the same passion. Nobody does it alone, Gemini. And Mars says you simply don’t have to.

In a nutshell: Love is back on the menu, Gemini! Showcase your inner lover this week by making changes to the outer you. It’s time to attract and get your glam on again. So, go glow!



See past barriers

Claim a new kind of power

Seek that win/win solution

Power and equality issues and seasons and reasons are your main themes this week, Cancer. Time to establish a new order and an enhanced balance. This may involve someone you live with or work for.

What lies between you and your dreams?

First, bear in mind Mercury is retro in your 1st. The usual retro rules apply here which you should know by heart. But a lot of what occurs this week could revolve around things you have known were out-of-alignment or simply unfair. But have been putting off tackling for whatever reason. The 23rd sees Neptune head retrograde in your house of expansion, opportunity, foreigners, study and mass media.

Neptune is a planet which spends almost half the year backwards – allowing us to see through mysteries and glimpse the truth if we are open to it. This could be about barriers for you between what you want to have or do – real ones or imagined. Simply put – is there another, better way to get there? This could show you it.

Come from a place of new values

Venus heads direct in your 12th which Neptune rules, from the 25th. The focus is still on the past as opposed to future love for you. Wait for that until it arrives in your 1st. You have two important transits involving Mercury retro this week. The first occurs on the 25th when Mercury trines Ceres in your 9th. Ceres is all about power. Feminine power and growth as well as deals and compromises.

The 27th sees Mercury meet Vesta in your 1st. Vesta rules gender issues and equality as I said. What this tells you is that you have the power to strike a new and fairer bargain with someone based on a more equal footing. Whether this revolves around household tasks, your pay or simply how you want to be treated. If this does revolve around work and career you’ve the confidence to go for it thanks to the arrival of Mars in your 10th on the 28th. There’s nothing you can’t tackle now – or no subject you won’t raise if you see it’s not only to your benefit – but the other person’s as well. Ask away this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: You possess an intuitive power now, Cancer which allows you to come up with solutions aimed at correcting imbalances. Whether these affect your personal or professional life. Find that win/win this week.



Head towards where passion wants to take you

Embrace the power of change

Link to your support network in new ways

You want to be set free this week, Leo. There’s a deep need bubbling up within you for something new, something different and perhaps something bigger and more breath-taking. The good news is that Venus planet of love, finally head direct once more in your 11th.

Show those goals the love

Just bear in mind Venus in here is about the love and support of friends – especially those who have a big impact on your future. So, focus on these relationships rather than the pursuit of that new lover. It’s a time for adjustments that need to be made in order to free you up to go after whatever it is your heart is telling you that you need now.

Neptune is a planet which spends almost half of the year retrograde. It does this again in your 8th from the 23rd. This allows you to see clearly what changes need to occur now. And also, how to be the catalyst for these. You make it happen in other words.

Turn a new page in the retro rulebook

Mercury is still retro in that house of mystery – your 12th. Hearing from people from your past is highly likely. Plus: you know to obey the retro rules. Just bear in mind with the trine Mercury makes to Ceres also in your 8th, and the meeting it makes with Vesta in your 12th on the 27th, that the past can sometimes be a trap. Don’t rush in to become re-involved if deep down you feel the same dynamic as last time is in play.

Mars’s arrival in your 9th of expansion and freedom tells you that there is something more heart-starting on offer. So, follow this desire and explore the possibilities this may hold for you. This may mean leaving the familiar behind you. But if you always choose the same old thing, you get the same results, Leo.

In a nutshell: Become the change you want to embrace in your life, Leo! Does the past need to be replayed? Or is it a trap? Opt for the more adventurous choice now and follow your heart compass towards freedom.



Dare to explore alternatives in love

Revive those discussions

Share your suggestions

What’s the deal on love for you this week, Virgo? Venus heads direct in your 10th on the 25th. Any kind of arrangement or partnership which impacts on your status gets a go signal now.

What’s the bigger picture on love?

Truth or dare! If you’ve been wondering where you stand with someone or how things will pan out, much needed insight arrives as Neptune heads retrograde in Venus’s ruling 7th in your chart from the 23rd. Neptune is a planet which spends almost half its year heading backwards. These times allow us to get back in touch with the reality of a given situation or area of our lives. Especially if we have been walking around with rose tinted glasses on.

New deals for the Now Age

Ruler Mercury remains retrograde in your house of friends, goals and the future. You could be looking at how a key partnership now fits into all this. The usual ‘re’ words apply especially reviving or reconnecting. And those old ambitions both personal and professional.

Something could be back on the table for you this week as you and another sit down and are motivated to strike a better deal or understanding between you. Mercury trines Ceres also in your 7th on the 25th. Then meets Vesta in your 11th on the 27th the day before Mars enters its ancient ruling 8th in your chart.

Confidence is compromising

This sees a new boldness and confidence when it comes to changes or enhancements to current agreements. And you and the other party being wide open to compromise solutions. As usual, you’ll get down with the details. People may be prepared to meet you half way this week to work towards a fairer solution. Go back to the table with new suggestions to resolve old issues now.

In a nutshell: You’re in a mood to suggest new ways to move forward when it comes to love or partnership matters now, Virgo. Solutions appear you just couldn’t see before. Others meet you halfway this week.



Ditch that fixed routine

Love is back on the agenda in a big way

Get that passion XXX factor happening!

Ruler Venus finally shifts direct once more in your 9th of expansion, learning and big supersized love experiences. However, when it comes to exploration please bear in mind Mercury remains retrograde in your 10th still. Love or rather that big love – perhaps not only for a person but for a subject, place, belief system or something you love to do, is now free to pursue.

Break free of tired routines

Neptune is a planet which spends almost half the year backwards. It’s long transit through your 6th which began in 2011 may have alternated periods of focus with others where you may have felt you were in a bubble when it comes to work, routine or even wellbeing. Mercury is after all, the ruler of your 6th.

This has been a work-in-progress for a while now. Mercury’s angle to Ceres also in your 6th on the 25th and its meeting with Vesta on the 27th, shows you what you have missed before – and the way out of the fog. Let go of fixed ideas and embrace a new and better deal.

You got from not – to HOT

Get that X-Factor happening as Mars arrives in your 7th on the 28th. Mars symbolises heat, passion and action. With Venus now direct you need things to move forward again – and fast! If the retrograde pressed ‘Pause’ on an emerging love affair, you’ll now be looking to make up for lost time.

Anyone who talks a good game had better be prepared to bring it too. If not – well, Mars adds confidence and sexiness. You know you’re the next best thing – and you will be off in search of someone who also is and thinks the same about you, Libra.

In a nutshell: Start your engines, Libra! Ruler Venus finally heads direct this week. What’s more, Mars in your 7th sends you off in search of what you’ve been missing. More heat and passion. It and you are the next best thing, Libra!



Get a new deal on sharing

Love creates the compromise

Recharge those batteries

Venus heads direct once more in your ‘other’ money house which rules your big money, loans and shared assets and cash. And yes, it is as you are well aware, your house of relationships where sex is important.

Create your own sharing economy

Something around one, some or even all these topics may have undergone a transformation during this cycle. If you and another are still yet to come to some agreement – this is your house of salary, mortgages and anything you share from a bed to childcare, then this week could also bring a green light on agreement.

Second time chances

Mercury remains retrograde in your 9th. Now, aside from keeping the retro rules in mind if you are going anywhere at all, this could bring something that has been on hold to a conclusion now. Mercury will trine Ceres which is all about deals and compromise, in your 5th on the 27th. And conjunct Vesta in your 9th on the 27th. If negotiations around anything have been stuck – this could unstick them in a way that both parties can emerge feeling like winners.

This week also sees Neptune turn retrograde in your 5th of romance. Neptune spends almost half the year retro. It can hand us incredible perception and insight. And creative leaps of the imagination. But it can also lead us into illusion, delusion and escapism. We can get lost in the fantasy as opposed to how things actually are. Neptune retrograde therefore provides us with a much-needed reality check.

Embrace the real thing

Provided of course, we don’t run the other way back into denial. This could come around the behaviour of a lover (which the Venus retro may have also highlighted) or even your children, babies, grandchildren or the younger generation. Go with what you know deep inside is the truth now.

Just do it

Ancient ruler Mars enters your 6th this week. It can have you shifting all those stubborn tasks on that ‘To Do’ list you have been putting off. But if you’ve been running on empty for far too long it can also remind you to recharge. Not by being a couch potato, but by exercising and energising. Blow off some steam this week, Scorpio. Life was never meant to be a spectator sport.

In a nutshell: Take a deep breath and move that body this week, Scorpio! And when it comes to stalemates in love or any other negotiation – take the plunge. Suggesting that compromise moves things forward.



Project a little superstardom

Express your passion

Step back into the love spotlight this week!

Va-va-voom! Love finally gets heart-started. Cupid is off firing those arrows in each and every direction again this week, Sag. Even if you are not seeking love, you won’t escape people’s notice. And for all the rights reasons.

Be the star of your own life

Project confidence and surety in your own sexiness. Dress to impress and be camera ready. You are set to be the sign that all others revolve around now that Venus heads direct in its ruling 7th this week. Just to give you an even more unfair advantage, Mars arrives in your 5th of romance, creativity and pleasure adding a fiery sparkle to your presence and everything you do and get involved in. Your confidence should be high and you should project this. You own it now, Sag.

Re-assign those roles

Bear in mind that Mercury remains retro in your ‘other’ money house – your 8th. This is your house of shares, loans, mortgages, benefits, salary and joint accounts. So, this coupled with Neptune retrograde in your 4th this week, makes it a good time to refinance or look at restructuring anything you share with someone. Including that living space or those chores.

Mercury will trine Ceres also in your 4th on the 25th making way for clarity around home and money issues. If you need someone else on board or to take on their fair share of anything from bills, to what you are paid or housework, get re-negotiating. As Mercury bumps into Vesta in your 8th on the 27th, now is the time to suggest a fairer compromise. After all, stars need time to shine and the means to do just that.

In a nutshell: You have the love mojo now Venus heads direct this week in your 7th. Not only that, you’ve also got full permission to shine, Sag. Get your glam on and prepare to get yourself noticed!



Say it anyway – and with love

Take action at home

Love the love you have to give

Venus moves direct once more in your 6th house from the 25th. But you need to keep in mind that 1) This is Mercury’s house and 2) Mercury remains retro-active in Venus’s ruling 7th. So, the focus for you remains on past and present lovers and not on the new just for a while longer.

See beyond the obvious to the truth

Neptune is the next planet to move into retrograde phase from the 23rd. Neptune is an interesting planet as it contains both universal truths but conceals all at the same time. It also spends almost half of the year backwards. These times allow us to pierce any confusion and get a glimpse of reality. We are guided by intuitive insight. Neptune retrogrades in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. And with both now direct you have an instinctive high-speed connection to what needs to be said, communicated and talked about.

Don’t just talk – act with love

Time to tackle conversations and also get physical when it comes to things that may need doing around the home. Clean, declutter, garden, redecorate, repair. Mars in your 4th from the 28th is not the best houseguest as it demands we take action. And this is a house of nurturing and stability. So, the best way to channel that Mars energy is to tackle those tasks you may have been putting off.

Share your (head) space!

The same goes for those conversations especially with anyone you live with, Mercury retro will trine Ceres in its ruling 3rd on the 25th which could see you and another coming to a fresh agreement or compromise over something you jointly share or need to do. It’s also about the balance in your relationship be this business or personal as Mercury and Vesta meet on the 7th. This could all revolve around what’s simply fair for both parties, Capricorn. And pave the way for better loving and living in the process.

In a nutshell: It’s still about the love you have as opposed to new love this week, Capricorn. It’s also about the conversations you need to have too. Are these two connected in some way? Get talking.



Raise your values

Power up the love

State your worth to the world

Time to sort out both romantic and financial matters now, Aquarius. How about some relationship building in both these areas? You are right if you spotted immediately that they are both ruled by Venus. It finally heads direct from the 25th in your sector of romance.

Know your needs to fill them

If you have spent this period looking at needs not wants and understanding the difference between the two, you will now be in an empowered position to go look for new love. You may also be emerging from this with a greater sense of self-appreciation for your worth, talents and all you have to offer. Be more to get more in other words.

You will also communicate this with far more surety than before thanks to the arrival of Mars in Mercury’s ruling 3rd from the 28th. But please remember that Mercury remains retrograde in its other ruling house in your chart – your 6th. This could be serving up an extra dose of timely reminders and much needed focus when it comes to that work or even that stuck routine.

Show your resources some love

This week also brings you clarity about how what you believe you are worth interacts with what you have and how you are treated. Neptune spends almost half the year retrograde. It heads backwards in Venus’s ruling 2nd from the 23rd allowing you to get a fresh perspective on money matters and also the price you set on yourself. You may also be looking closely at that work/life balance especially when it comes to your wellbeing.

Worries especially financial ones, need this clarity and also a lot of self-love applied now. Mercury will trine Ceres in your 2nd on the 25th, perhaps showing you that you have the power to make a trade off or ask for something better. Mercury will also meet Vesta in your 6th on the 27th – the day before Mars enters your 3rd. If you doubt your ability to state your terms, don’t underestimate yourself. Or your ability to get the outcome you need this week.

In a nutshell: Upgrade those ideas around self-worth and also how you deserve to be loved, Aquarius. Those beliefs have a big impact on what you receive. So, up those expectations this week.



Head in the direction your inner compass is pointing in

Reclaim your right to passion

Get a fresh deal on something old

Listen to your inner voice and above all – don’t doubt yourself as your ruler Neptune turns retrograde in your 1st this week.

Back to new beginnings

As you know, it spends almost half the year backwards. When it does it opens a conduit to new beginnings for you. And intuition is what guides you in this fresh direction. This week also sees Venus finally move direct in your 4th of home, living arrangements and family matters.

However, it may still not be the best time to go searching for love. For one thing, you may be looking in all the wrong places due to Mercury still retrograde in your 5th. The usual Merc retro rules still apply to any property dealings too. So, please keep these in mind. However, this week also sees it make a beautiful angle to Ceres also in your 1st on the 25th. This could literally usher in a new deal with an old love. Or around something you love doing.

Embrace a new dimension in power sharing

It also tells you that you have your own subtle power and not to be afraid of inserting a few T&C’s of your own into any new arrangement. Come from surety and a desire for equality on the 27th when Mercury conjoins with Vesta in here.

Go the distance

Mars leaves your sign this week, arriving in your 2nd (which of course Venus rules) on the 28th. Time to push forward with money matters again. You don’t just need an action plan however. You need structure, determination and to proceed from a place of value and cooperation. This could be your key to work or business success now. As well as in love too. You need harmony and also passion. And you’ll instinctively know whether you have these. Or if they are missing. Your inner voice is telling you where both can be found this week. So, follow it now.

In a nutshell: You’ve a high-speed connection to inner wisdom now, Pisces. It wants to guide you towards more abundance and also passion. Don’t ignore it now. Or delay asking for what you need.






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