Weekly Horoscopes All Signs 25th June 2018



  • Love has its own timetable
  • Don’t rush
  • Build your vision

Mars your ruler rarely retrogrades so when it does, you’ll feel that worrying indecision and lack of impulsion almost at once. You may end up asking: ‘Where’s the heat?’ as when it comes to passion, the temperature may suddenly drop. Mars remains retrograde from the 26th until the end of August in your 11th of friends, connections, groups and goals. Your social life may require more of an effort on your part as a result but there is an upside to all of this which is that you can step back and measure whether connections or even goals are still relevant and worth your time and energy. If you feel ‘out-of-step’ don’t necessarily jump to the conclusion that there is no longer a resonance there. But do step back between now and the end of August and look objectively at whether or not the people you associate with or the goals which you have been pursuing, are really a true reflection of who you are or want to be seen. And then adjust accordingly. Mars retrograde allows you to weigh things up before taking action. Many astrologers associate Mars retro with frustration but that is only going to occur when we try to rush or push things. Take your time.

Career and long term decisions loom large this week as the full Moon in your 10th falls conjunct Saturn in here. This is of course Saturn’s ruling house. A career or family matter could come to a head or enter the final stages. Again, this is all about thinking through things in the long term as opposed to a quick decision. Where do you want to be or get to? Where do you see yourself in the future? How does this build on this vision or help you get there? Saturn allows you to be pragmatic and business-like as opposed to allowing emotion or even the feelings of others to dictate your decision. And sometimes this is necessary. Romance may be another thing that doesn’t move as fast as what you would like. What’s the rush? Love has its own timetable. Allow things to unfold and enjoy every stage. You’ll soon know if it’s worth the wait – or not.

In a nutshell: If you’re wondering where all the heat and passion has gone, don’t worry. It’s still there, Aries. But you’re set to smoulder instead of blaze. Embrace the power of the slow burn.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (5th House to 8th House)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (11th House) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (4th House to 10th House)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (10th House) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (5th House)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (5th House to 2nd House)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY TRINE  CHIRON (5th House to 1st House)


  • Make house room for love
  • Release what ties you to the past
  • Put career matters on the back-burner

Home is where the heart is this week, Taurus. But who or what is at the heart of that home? Does love need more living space in your life? And if you were to image your heart as a home with rooms instead of chambers, who are you inviting in? Ruler Venus says clear some space now especially if love or even a new home is your goal. Hanging on to the past has the same effect on our ability to attract someone new as does all that clutter in our closet. Those outfits you used to wear that remind you of ‘good times’. You hang on to them along with the memories. When we do this we send an unconscious message out there. The ‘good times’ were all in the past and there are none in the present – or the future. This week asks you to make way for the new.

Career progress may slow for a while due to Mars planet of action, making a rare retrograde through your 10th until the end of August. That’s okay as this week’s full Moon which falls conjunct Saturn (who rules your 10th) in your 9th says you need to be focussing on other things instead. And that’s breaking free of what holds you back. Chances are this has its roots in your past somewhere. Nobody is saying you have to ditch everything that evokes those special memories. Just that you need to be selective about what you hang on to. Clearing some space and giving the future heart-room may see the good times rolling once more.

In a nutshell: Love your past but don’t live there. This week asks you to know the difference between memory and sentiment. And to make room for present day and future love to move in.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (4th Hse to 7th Hse)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (10th Hse) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (3rd Hse to 9th Hse)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (9th Hse) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (4th Hse)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (4th Hse to 1st Hse)


  • Get ready for revelations
  • Find that missing piece of the puzzle
  • What does your money really buy you?

Information is your key this week and prepare to be given a piece of a puzzle you have been trying to figure out for some time. Basically this is about something or someone that just didn’t quite add up or a situation that requires clarification. Revelations give you the answer you were after and with that the certainty of knowing exactly what to do if this was puzzling you also. If you’ve felt tied or trapped in place or just wallowing around in a fog of confusion, this marks your point of escape thanks to ruler Mercury determined to put you first now. This may be shocking, revealing or the truth surfaces in an unexpected way. But the result it going to be freedom and release. And that just has to be to your benefit.

What you own, owe or are owed is going to be a major focus for you thanks to this week’s full Moon in your 8th which falls conjunct Saturn in here. It’s not just about your money but Other People’s Money. Borrowing and joint accounts/resources may feature as could financial negotiations. Thinking of borrowing money? The idea of a new credit card tempting you? What about that personal loan? Why wait?! Saturn asks you to look at whether you actually need this or just want it. How have your emotions governed not just your spending but your relationship to money overall? Where you are right now, how you handle any money issues that surface at this time will be determined by the choices you have made in the past. Is it time to step free of a ‘pay later’ mentality because you now see the cost is too high? Add some real interest to your life by investing in a new attitude towards that cash – and what it can buy you.

In a nutshell: Get ready for answers. If you’ve had a pressing question or something hasn’t been adding up of late, this week provides you with the missing piece of the puzzle.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (3rd House to 6th House)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (9th House) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (2nd House to 8th House)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (8th House) Conjunct Saturn

28 Jun 2018 CERES ENTERING VIRGO (4th House)

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (3rd House)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (3rd House to 12th House)


  • Love could taste better re-heated
  • Be ready to change direction
  • Whatever it is – it’s timely!

The past could just have a sexy feel to it this week as a ‘Back to the Future’ phase marks the return of something or someone you maybe thought was gone for good. Mars is moving backwards in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart. While Venus sits in her ruling money zone and calls out to Jupiter in your 5th to get the good times rolling again. Yes, this is not just all happening in your zone of power moves and money. It’s happening in your sector of sex. So the return of a past lover or re-heating a previous deal or negotiation looks likely. Mercury is also in your house of money favouring transactions of all kinds – from sharing ideas to business negotiations. Uranus sits in its ruling house in your chart (11th) – for the first time in your adult life. There’s a touch of the unexpected about all of this. Be ready to change plans, accept unexpected invites or opportunities and to suspend all your ideas about what path may lead to your goals. All bets are off now.

This week also sees the Sun in your sign oppose Saturn in your 7th and also a full Moon in your 7th fall conjunct Saturn. Time for love? Saturn rules our destiny and is associated with Old Father Time for a reason. Saturn says either it is time for something to start, to begin again or to end. So expect this to feature in some way around this time. If something has to end – you will have known this for some time. Time will feature as could clock-watching or feeling you are ‘waiting’ for something. In fact, if the past does re-appear in some way, shape or form, chances are you get a ‘feeling’ it is about to just before it does. Whatever occurs now does so in a timely fashion. Including you going with the flow and finding yourself in the right place at the right time now.

In a nutshell: It’s all about timing this week. Right place, right time. Or just time for release into something new. If the past returns, it has a new flavour for you, Cancer.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (2nd Hse to 5th Hse)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (8th Hse) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (1st Hse to 7th Hse)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (7th Hse) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (2nd Hse)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (2nd Hse to 11th Hse)


  • What does your lifestyle say about love?
  • Love your reflection – inside and out
  • Be proud, radiate and get your roar back!

How you live and how you are lovin’ has a few parallels this week, Leo. Look around your habitat and ask what is has to say about your relationship – or relationship status. Does that lion’s den require an overhaul? There’s a lot of themes around you concerning reflection now so take a look not just at how you live but within, to how you feel. It’s all linked and interconnected in a way you may not have been able to see before but this week removes the blinders. Ruler the Sun is in your 12th of secrets and all things mysterious and hidden, opposes Saturn in your house of work and wellbeing. Then there’s a full Moon in your 6th which falls conjunct Saturn. The effect will be to highlight how your body is reflecting what you feel about anything from your work to your surroundings and lifestyle. Are you proud and radiating? Or limp and lacklustre when you look at this?

Venus too is all about attraction and is in your 1st plus you have Mercury winging in as well. Meanwhile over in your 7th of partnerships, Mars makes a rare retrograde move which will last until the end of August so will continue throughout your upcoming birthday season. Is it time for a love overhaul too? Mars retro in here is all about daring what needs to be done – but in a slow, considered way. It’s also good for turning that passion inwards and showing yourself the love if needed. Venus and Mercury in your 1st aid you when talking to partners. But if love is absent in your life at the moment, then again it’s time to look at what your home and the home of your heart (your body) is saying. In astrology, your sign rules the heart so this is all important. Look to your routine, to making different lifestyle choices if necessary and take pride in both your surroundings and how you feel. Love your reflection and what gets reflected back at you will be what you love.

In a nutshell: It’s all very Marie Kondo this week as it’s all about keeping your focus on what you love. Your lifestyle reflects the state of your love universe. Adjust and feel the love now, Leo.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (1st House to 4th House)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (7th House) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (12th House to 6th House)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (6th House) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (1st House)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (1st House to 10th House)


  • Take an individual approach to routine matters
  • Get answers before taking action
  • Make a lasting connection

Routine matters, your work (paid or unpaid), your boss and co-workers, lists, systems and your health and wellbeing – in other words, all things Virgo, are in focus now. Plus it’s all about how you individually approach all these things. Mars in your 6th makes a rare retrograde in here this week which is going to last up until the end of August. Mars rules action, intent and impetus. Does this mean you are about to let things slide? Hardly. You of all signs understand retrogrades mean ‘re’ words and there’s a reassessment happening now. Especially if there are recurring themes that keep cropping up around health, wellbeing and working. Mars backwards means while you may not take action right away, that’s doesn’t mean you’re not going to. For now you may choose to remain in place and leave things as they are, while you take a routine review.

You can hand this over to your higher self, intuition, universal wisdom or whatever you need to call it if you are uncertain exactly what needs to be done. Ruler Mercury joins Venus in your psychic and insightful 12th and letting go and knowing answers will come in their own good time allows you to focus on more important matters. Such as friends, networking, social opportunities and romance. The Sun in your 11th opposes Saturn in your 5th this week. And you also have a full Moon in your 5th which falls conjunct Saturn. This could mark the beginning of a long term love affair or a significant new friendship. This is a Moon which entices you out and says this is no time to Moondance alone. Make an effort to connect now or to schedule that date or just that get together with friends. It’s also about remembering not to take things too seriously if you have been bogged down with routine or work matters. Try people on for size. Opt for something new. Flirt. Have fun. And re-capture the feel-good factor if you’ve lost it lately.

In a nutshell: Bogged down with work or routine matters? This week brings an opportunity to live, love and lighten up. All while revisiting whatever really works for you, Virgo.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (12th Hse to 3rd Hse)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (6th Hse) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (11th Hse to 5th Hse)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (5th Hse) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (12th Hse)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (12th Hse to 9th Hse)


  • Rock your stock!
  • Opt for the untried and new
  • Get real

Being Venus ruled you know your ruler is always intent on bringing you beauty, love and pleasure. Especially when angled to Jupiter presently sitting in Venus’s ruling house in your chart. There’s some pretty interesting stuff happening for you in other areas of your chart this week which is pointing the way towards an opportunity with a capital ‘O’ for you. The Sun is in your 10th house and opposes Saturn in your 4th (Saturn rules your 10th don’t forget). While the full Moon in your 4th (which the Moon rules) falls conjunct Saturn. Something is about to elevate your status and rock your stock in a way that’s long overdue. And this doesn’t just revolve around your network, groups, associations and the people you know, but also about what you and you alone bring to the table. Rocking your stock means being you and not imitating others. That authenticity is going to take you far now – whether it’s in business or in love.

A powerful transformation is occurring that is designed to awaken your individuality, originality and your independence. Someone you meet now could act as a catalyst for this process or prove to be extremely helpful. This could be someone who is living life very much on their own terms. Unexpected benefits could flow from the people you meet now and you’ve a craving for something new. Travel and new experiences form part of this. Whether you realise it or not, you are moving from one stage of experience into another now. And this may involve letting go of the way things have been in the past. Often we fear the new or the different because it is unknown. It’s time to kick away the psychological props you have relied on in the past and see each new opportunity as an adventure. The changes that result from this will be radical – but also make life happier as you reach inside and tap all that potential, Libra.

In a nutshell: Opportunity with a capital ‘O’ could come knocking. But it may mean taking a chance or opting for something new you’ve not tried before. Make that different choice this week, Libra.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (11th House to 2nd House)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (5th House) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (10th House to 4th House)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (4th House) Conjunct Saturn

28 Jun 2018 CERES ENTERING VIRGO (12th House)

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (11th House)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (11th House to 8th House)


Ancient ruler Mars is usually not the best houseguest to have in your 4th of home, family and security. This is a feminine, emotional and nurturing house. None of that is really Mars’s ‘thing’. Mars is all about the power of action as opposed to Venus who represents the power of attraction. Both planets feature prominently this week but do remember that while Mars may have been supplanted by Pluto as your modern-day ruler, the ancient rulerships still apply and don’t forget – Pluto is also retrograde right now. Mars retrograde in your 4th may not turn the warrior planet into a homebody, but it does take away any tendency to cause disruption on the home front. Don’t reach for the pipe and slippers just yet however. If you have been contemplating moving, reorganisation or even changing family dynamics, Mars will allow you to accomplish this without ruffling too many feathers or insisting on having things all your own way.

This week could prove to be a pivotal week when it comes to reconciling your emotional needs with what you want to achieve or experience in the world. You have a thirst for more freedom and this is reflected by the Sun in your 9th opposing Saturn in your 3rd which also falls conjunct the full Moon in here on the 27th. Which direction is your destiny tugging you in? And towards who? Or what? Mercury enters your achievement sector on the 29th and angles to Uranus now in your sector of partnerships. This includes professional partnerships too don’t forget. And with Venus in here as well we’re back to that balance between needs and achievement. Uranus in your 7th says this is up for change now. Your priorities are shifting or you are awakening to the fact that what once worked for you – in terms of emotional and career satisfaction, no longer does. A leap upward as career issues come to the fore could also be a leap forward too. Don’t be afraid to make some changes now. You could come up with a radical solution that fuses your needs without ignoring the needs of others.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (10th Hse to 1st Hse)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (4th Hse) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (9th Hse to 3rd Hse)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (3rd Hse) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (10th Hse)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (10th Hse to 7th Hse)


  • Turn back time
  • Make an investment in your future
  • Forge a new income path

Travel back in time and reclaim love or something key to your soul you’ve lost or been missing. Sag. Venus, planet of love and attraction in your 9th of all things loved and ruled by Sagittarians angles to Jupiter your ruler in your 12th. There is something about to be reclaimed, reappear or be rediscovered by you. That missing link. That missing piece of the puzzle. That person or thing you’re missing. Things you have been waiting to hear, procrastinating over or just unsure whether to act, say or do (or not as the case may be), also come into re-play mode as Mars the planet of action takes a backwards step through your communications sector. That Sag foot-in-mouth tendency which can wrong foot you on occasion gets tempered with you thinking through the results of what you say and communicate. However, Mars rules action so this can also have you wondering which actions to take. Dust off any creative projects on the back burner which involve writing or publishing and take another look. There’s something worth resurrecting.

Taxes, mortgages, your salary, your income and planning for the future – not usually the kind of things your ‘live in the moment’ sign thinks too much about. If you are thinking of the future, chances are it’s in terms of that trip you want to take. The Sun in your 8th opposes Saturn in your money zone this week plus the full Moon of the 28th falls conjunct Saturn. It’s a day of checks and balances and the bills falling due. You could see the rewards of investing properly – if only in your skills or career path, or else get serious about planning that financial future. Work matters pivot and working in a radically new way or forging a new path is another option. Now, that does sound like you. So go explore and experiment when it comes to where your money is earned.

In a nutshell: Something from the past reappears, resurfaces or needs to be reclaimed by you. This could be anything from a place you loved to visit or a lover. Whatever – it completes you this week.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (9th House to 12th House)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (3rd House) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (8th House to 2nd House)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (2nd House) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (9th House)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (9th House to 6th House)


  • What’s a fair exchange?
  • Begin something new
  • What do you value the most?

Beginnings and endings feature this week. If ‘time’ is a theme then you know your ruler Saturn is at work. It could be time for an unusual love affair or friendship to begin. It could be time for a relationship to change form – one way or another. To either get more serious or to be let go of. Whatever form it takes – it’s time to be set free or to be awakened to what it is you truly need. Values and money matters are also up for review. You may feel you have to work harder than usual for your cash during the time Mars heads retrograde in your 2nd. However, there’s a purpose to all this and this is to look at what and how you spend it. The fact is, the more we work for something the more valuable it becomes. Money is energy and also time. There’s that word again. Again, when we look at the time to takes to earn that money – in other words, the energy exchange, again, we start to value it more. So, it’s not just a financial review but an energy/value review. Call this setting your rate of exchange.

That full Moon conjunct Saturn in your sign on the 27th asks you to look at what you truly need in your life. What needs to stay and what needs to go? Also, when it comes to your relationships, are you getting what you need? What is the rate of exchange between you? If you don’t have a partner at this time, then again, time to set a fresh intention based on a new understanding of those values and needs. And no, before anyone says it. You are not being needy! Mercury says change is in the air as it arrives in your 8th signalling more transformation or the need to talk about what really makes you tick – and those needs again. Time to embrace each and every strange and wonderful part of you. The ‘T’ word just isn’t going away this week so make time for what really matters.

In a nutshell: Time to define what really matters to you and look at your values. By doing this you’ll not only understand yourself better, but also see what you need to keep – and what needs to go.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (8th Hse to 11th Hse)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (2nd Hse) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (7th Hse to 1st Hse)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (1st Hse) Conjunct Saturn

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (8th Hse to 5th Hse)


  • Stop chasing, start being chased!
  • What do need as opposed to want?
  • Get your answers

Love and partnerships are centre-stage this week as are you, Aquarius. Be aware with Mars shifting to retrograde phase in your 1st from the 26th until the end of August, that you will be more inclined to let love find you than go looking now. And it well may. There’s a ‘What’s meant to be is meant to be’ vibe about you and quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t forget this extends to your work and career too. If you feel you have done all you can when it comes to a project or career goal, let it go now and adopt a holding pattern for now. You’ll know when it is time to move forward again. In fact, insights around what you need to change, alter and do – especially if these affect your work (paid or unpaid), your job or your routine, arrive exactly at the time you need those answers around ‘What do I do next?’ Stay attuned to your gut feelings at the time of the full Moon on the 28th as it falls conjunct Saturn in your spiritual and insightful 12th. And by the way – what you’re thinking or feeling about someone will turn out to be the right call now.

Mercury joins Venus in your 7th and angles to ruler Uranus in your 4th. This is all about what you need to sustain or support you emotionally. Chances are what you thought you wanted isn’t what you needed. Your needs are changing as is the way you want to live, love and relate. All this is a work in progress so be prepared to make more adjustments as you go along. For now however, waiting and seeing who or what turns up without you making any more effort right now, is your best tactic.

In a nutshell: When it comes to love or even success, you may just stop chasing and see what (or who) chases you instead! That’s the power of confident ‘wait and see’ this week, Aquarius!

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (7th House to 10th House)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (1st House) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (6th House to 12th House)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (12th House) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (7th House)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (7th House to 4th House)


  • Break free of restrictions
  • Romance and new friends are just two of your options
  • Reclaim the feel-good factor

Breaking free of any work or routine ruts you may have inadvertently dug for yourself means you can also reclaim your energy and feel-good factor if that’s been lacking too of late. Take a chance especially if you feel you present job doesn’t offer you the opportunities you need. Apply for that one you feel is just out of reach as you may be pleasantly surprised at the results. Unpaid as well as paid work features this week and it could all boil down to rewards and satisfaction. Certainly the work/wellbeing connection is going to be a major focus for you.  Venus in your 6th gets together with Jupiter in its ruling 9th to break you out of restrictions and let you see you’ve a world of options waiting – if you have the confidence to reach for them.

There’s love and romance options as well this week. Long term lovers or friendships can be made or encountered now and fate is the clock that is timing this. The full Moon this week falls in your social and goal-centered 11th – conjunct Saturn. Groups, your ‘tribe’, the collective, people you hang out with suddenly take on a new importance and resonance. And as Saturn is involved, looking at fated encounters and beginnings or endings of connections. Be out and about now. Mercury is on the move into its ruling 6th, again making you look at those routines and how they stand up or trap you. Groundbreaking news or a job shift could be on the horizon for some as something arrives to show you the way out of that dead-end or rut thanks to Uranus now in your 3rd. Where you fit into the grand scheme of things and the way this makes you feel, is where you can discover those options now.

In a nutshell: Options surround you but have you the confidence to go for them, Pisces? It’s all about reaching for that thing you believe is just out of reach – to find it’s actually within your grasp.

25 Jun 2018 VENUS SQUARE  JUPITER (6th Hse to 9th Hse)

26 Jun 2018 Mars Turns Retrograde (12th Hse) until end of August

27 Jun 2018 SUN OPPOSITION  SATURN (5th Hse to 11th Hse)

28 Jun 2018 FULL MOON in CAPRICORN (11th Hse) Conjunct Saturn

29 Jun 2018 MERCURY ENTERING LEO (6th Hse)

30 Jun 2018 MERCURY SQUARE  URANUS (6th Hse to 3rd Hse)

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  1. I’m an Aquarius and this is absolutely spot on :) I love how you put the dates of when the planets are shifting and changing. I can put it in my calendar. Thanks Michele

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