25th March 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs March 26


  • Your heart is on your sleeve
  • Ready for the good things in life?
  • Love for you is letting go

Your passion is there for all to see this week, Aries and please don’t even try to cover up those feelings. Poker face? Not you so my advice is to stay away from the casinos too. Your feelings are demanding an outlet but in your own highly individual way. An unusual love affair or attraction could take some of you by surprise as Venus meets Uranus in your 1st this week. However, you’re also seeking a lot of freedom in your relationships now. Now this may have nothing to do with seeing other people, but just about you maintaining a certain level of freedom and independence. If someone wants to capture your heart now they are going to have to understand that clinginess and neediness are your biggest turn-offs and probably deal-breakers right now. Because your heart is very much on your sleeve right now and deceit is totally not your thing, you will be open and honest with people about the kind of love you want right now. As the full Moon appears in your 7th of partnerships this week you’ll be aware of whether or not your special kind of love is reciprocated.

If it’s not, don’t despair. Venus moves into her ruling sign of Taurus and her ruling house in your chart. In here Venus wants to link us to our relationship to the material world. Our bank accounts can receive a boost as a new or extra source of income opens up. Or we can find ourselves in situations where we get to sample the sensual and finer things life has to offer – art, good food and wine, music, beautiful things. As Taurus is all about this earthy plane and this house rules assets, this can mean someone who is literally an asset to us or with whom we get to experience all this good stuff. The Sun still in your 1st trines the North Node in your house of romance and pleasure. Get out and rock that passion this week Aries. After all, why hide it?

In a nutshell: Poker face? Impossible! Your feelings are there for all to see. But why hide them? For someone special that desire is all they want to see this week, Aries!


  • Mysteries and surprises are revealed
  • Mind/body/spirit – it’s all one
  • Remember – you can’t hurry love

Stop in the name of love this week, Taurus! Ruler Venus has just a few more days to spend in your cosmic and oh-so-mysterious 12th. Before leaping into something, pause for a moment for a reality check. The reason for this is that Venus bumps into Uranus in here on the 29th – the same day as the Sun also in your 12th squares with Saturn in your 9th. Unexpected revelations or sudden surprises could result in you heading in a new direction. There’s an element of the unforeseen about this so just for a few more days – keep those options and especially your mind, open. If someone is pressuring you over something or seems to want to hurry you along faster than you are comfortable with, ask yourself why? All may be revealed when the Sun and Mercury meet on the 1st. Make sure that April Fool isn’t you.

If something has been out-of-whack with your work or even a wellbeing issue, the full Moon in your 6th on the 31st could show you what steps you need to take to rectify this now. Bring things back into balance. It could be that you have been putting in more than you are getting back in return and feeling short-changed on your rewards or acknowledgement. Or perhaps you have been ignoring the mind/body connection and existing on coffee and takeaways and are now wondering why you feel burned-out and lacking in energy? Don’t ignore this now. Venus arrives in your sign on this day and you’ll be reaching for renewed emotional validation and security in all your relationships. You’ll also begin to see clearly which way to go when it comes to relationships. Single? Keep things on the backburner until the Sun arrives in here and also Mercury heads direct again. Remember, good things come to s/he who waits – and s/he who waits ensures they ARE good things and avoids disappointment.

In a nutshell: Ruler Venus is about to arrive in your 1st. It’s going to be about new love and new beginnings. For now – stop in the name of love as surprises could be in store!


  • Moondance your way to romance
  • Get back on the path to your destiny
  • What do you want to attract back?

Well, it’s a marvellous week for a moondance, Gemini. It’s also a marvellous week for meeting new people, weaving a little goal magic and heading down a starlit path parked ‘Destiny Street’. Ready?

Uranus planet of the unexpected, surprises and thrills, meets Venus planet of romance and pleasure in Uranus’s ruling house in your chart this week. Are you looking for someone special to moondance with? The full Moon in your 5th of romance could just kick-start love or take an existing connection to the next level. Re—awaken the starry-eyed magic of the first heady days of love if you are already in a relationship by scheduling date night for tonight. Singles should be out and about and connecting in any way they can – it does not matter whether it is with a potential lover or just with friends. It’s all about signalling availability, openness and a willingness to dance and have fun – no matter whether you initially attract a potential lover or not to begin with. Especially when the Sun and ruler Mercury meet in your 11th on the 1st.

There’s a link to past loves and even lovers from past lives happening now as Venus enters your 12th and the Sun trines the North Node in your 3rd on the 1st. Your passion for an idea could see you taking meetings, talking up a storm or just so buoyed up by your own inventiveness, originality and excitement that you reach out and radiate, attracting in people from your past and also putting your feet firmly back on a path towards your destiny. Moondance who you are and what you have to offer this week. You’d be a fool not to.

In a nutshell: Dance up a little magic in the moonlight, Gemini. If you’ve been off-track when it comes to love or destiny, this week puts you feet back on the right path.


  • Be authentic
  • Sell yourself without selling out
  • Are you what ‘they’ are looking for?

Bring a little originality mixed with a touch of diplomacy and charm to bear when it comes to career matters this week, cancer. You’ve the ability to wow on more than one level as Venus meets Uranus in your 10th. It’s about showcasing your ideas, your professionalism and skills but in a way that only you can. You’re able to show how you and you alone have what it takes. Take yourself seriously and above all, act with authenticity and style. People want whatever it is you are selling provided you are not a sell-out. So, the message is be yourself and don’t imitate others if serious success is what you are seeking. You’ve the ability to impress people in positions of influence who will see you as an asset and someone they want to work with.

Because Venus is in the mix, this applies to pleasure as well as business. All this showcasing your style and individual style could get you attention from more than one direction. Someone successful in their own way, charismatic and with serious designs on your heart could also cross you path. This week’s full Moon is in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. So, all things Cancerian are in focus. Home, family and yes, your security emotional and material. Those career plans may come to a conclusion now. If you’re feeling vulnerable don’t be afraid to retreat back to base when you’ve done all you can do in the outer world. You’ll be out there again soon enough as Venus shifts into your sector of friends and goals from the 31st. The start of April sees the Sun meet Mercury in your 10th and trine the North Node in your money zone. All that being you could just now pay off. Keep it real this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: You’re in a position to influence and impress when it comes to work and career, Cancer. Act with authenticity and style. Success means being yourself now.


  • Get a bigger dream
  • Make a bold move
  • Do what it takes

Big loves, long distance loves and travel feature for you now, Leo. And what about your ideas? Are you nurturing something that is truly unique and original? If so, isn’t it about time you stopped keeping it to yourself and did something with it? Faraway or even far-out ideas beckon and excite you. Singles could meet a lover while travelling or else from overseas and/or who is very much their own person. It’s time for bold moves and a radical new approach as Venus and Uranus meet in your 9th now. Your ruler also meets Mercury in here and trines the North Node in your 1st on the 1st. Prepare for excitement and also that heady feeling of freedom. Of hurtling down a new pathway filled with potential and possibility. Nowadays we associate the 11th with our goals, wishes and dreams. But did you know in ancient times it was the 9th that was known as the ‘House of Dreams’? This is because when we have major transits happening in here or are born with 9th house (Sagittarius) aspects, we tend to dream big! But this house is not just about dreaming. It is about doing whatever it takes to make the dream a reality. Don’t just dream it, do it. So, time to set sail.

Venus enters your 10th this week enhancing career prospects and your professional reputation and enabling you to make the right impression no matter what reasons you are meeting someone for. This week’s full Moon in your 3rd boosts your communication skills and your business acumen. It’s also a good time to talk through any emotional problems with children or siblings and to get your ideas across at work. News could arrive that shows you support for your ideas or offers you a ticket towards those dreams. Get talking – and doing, this week.

In a nutshell: Time to dream big. Your house of dreams asks for bold moves this week if you want to make that dream a reality. You have them now, so make them Leo!


  • Fearlessly find the facts
  • Finances come full-circle
  • A new idea or love carries you up, up and away!

Expect sudden changes around money or resources this week, Virgo. Some may already be in motion while others may occur without warning. What’s important is that you know you are in a position to deal with them effectively and negotiate if necessary. Wheeling and dealing may not be your usual style. But coming from an unshakeable place of self-worth and confidence is, especially when you have the facts at your fingertips. Do your research first and you know you’ll soar in any situation.

A shift in an intimate connection or romance is another possibility with Venus in the mix – perhaps going from hot to not or vice versa. Your 8th house is one of those houses in your chart along with your 12th, where there’s often more going on than meets the eye. Do you get the feeling that is what is happening now? If so, heed it as the Sun meets ruler Mercury on the 1st and trines the North Node in your 12th. Probe beneath the surface if your gut feeling is you don’t have all of those all-important facts or there’s a missing piece of the puzzle. And don’t stop until you find it.

Venus moves from your 8th and into your 9th of daring and passionate exploration as the full Moon appears in your money zone. You could be carried away with an idea or a love for something far away or out-of-reach. This full Moon supports your financial endeavour now and you could see those negotiations enter their final stage. Above all, keep emotions out of financial dealings. You can bathe in satisfaction after the deal is done.

In a nutshell: That gut feeling that says there’s more going on than meets the eye should not be ignored. Research and facts are your forte. So follow your instincts and look deeper.


  • Get answers
  • Look for love in new places
  • What is really being said? Actions speak louder than words

What do you want, Libra? My guess is clarity especially when it comes to love. When do you want it? Well, my other guess would be yesterday as it seems long overdue. This week could deliver an unexpected and thankfully definitive answer about a love or partnership question that’s been bugging you for some time. This could revolve around your future with someone especially if what has been bugging you is whether there is one or not? Time for answers as ruler Venus meets Uranus in your 7th. Venus is about to move out of here and into your 8th so this could be an all-or-nothing moment. But Isn’t it better to know than continue to play guessing games? It could be you doing the asking of the difficult questions or at least initiating the conversation as the Sun meets Mercury in your 7th on the 1st opening up the opportunity for that conversation if it needs to take place. Although you like to keep things on an even keel, sometimes you desire not to create waves leaves you listing. So, don’t be afraid to take a different tack as this Sun/Mercury conjunction trines the North Node in your house of goals and also friends and groups. Always remember there’s bigger fish in that ocean.

This week’s full Moon appears in your 1st increasing your sensitivity and emotional reception. Chances are if you shy away from asking a difficult question about a relationship, it is because you already know the answer. If that’s the case then act accordingly – as if you have been answered anyway. Watch your energy level and your emotional response in the moment. Remember, 93% of all communication is non-verbal. Perhaps that’s why people say talk is cheap. This full Moon sees you able to interpret the clues and understand what people are really telling you. Whether you verbalise that question or not, you’ve got the answer this week.

In a nutshell: Looking for love answers? If knowing where you stand or what the future hold is your goal, this week could provide insight and clarity. About time, Libra.


  • Get ready to work that opportunity
  • Do you know what lies ahead?
  • Your thing, your way!

As Mary J. Blige would say Work Your Thing Out this week, Scorpio. Venus meets Uranus in your 6th and it is all about working it YOUR way and not running from that. Your entire money/work/career sector remains loaded with potential. You of all signs understand power. Are you afraid of all you can be? Surely not, Scorpio! Time for the phoenix to rise to the challenge this week especially around work.  Go with the innovative approach this week whether or not you‘re looking for work or just working your current job. Venus meeting Uranus could present you with an unexpected opportunity to work those smarts. Venus also trines Vesta in your 2nd (Venus’s ruling house) which rules not just your cash but also your self-worth and values. Self-worth translates into confidence which in turn results in you unafraid to work your thing.

Mercury resides in this his ruling house, and a powerful Sun/Mercury conjunction on the 1st trines the North Node in your 10th. Close the deal and grab that opportunity which you missed the first time but which could swing round in your direction once more. The last day of March sees an intuitive full Moon appear in your secretive and spiritual 12th. What do you know? There’s the possibility you know what is coming before it appears. Venus rules your 7th and enters here on the same day. Is it love you’re getting the heads up on? Follow that spark of insight that could be indicating love is on its way – and work it.

In a nutshell: Work your thing out this week, phoenix! You can rise to any challenge whether it’s around work or even love. Something new is on its way – get ready to work  it.


  • Make that move
  • Take a chance – on you!
  • Is love in your sights?

Be ready to be smitten this week, Sag. Your fabulous 5th remains lit up like Las Vegas thanks to the Sun who rules this house, Mercury, Venus and Uranus in here. Children, lovers, creative projects, passion, fun and yes, just a sprinkling of luck. Perhaps just being in the right place at the right time. Or just taking a chance on you. Vesta in your 1st has you weighing things up and also owning your choices. Should you? Shouldn’t you? You may just bet on yourself as Venus makes a fabulous alignment to Vesta the day before she exits your 5th and heads on into your 6th. This could be a ‘now or never’ moment for you. This day sees the full Moon in your house of friends, groups, networks and social life. Again, this relates to being in exactly the right place at the right time. Perhaps to make that connection.. Why not make that first move, Sag? Especially if you’re smitten with someone you meet or just with an idea. Don’t sit on the sidelines – get in on the action.

Venus moves on into your 6th on the day of the full Moon, enhancing work prospects and relationships with co-workers and bosses. Venus can look round for distractions from routine or mundane tasks in here but also enables you to make a favourable impression so long as you remain focussed and don’t let things slide. The party hasn’t entirely broken up in your 5th however as the Sun and Mercury in here meet on the 1st and trine the North Node in your Sag-ruled 9th.  Take that chance and it could take you towards something that isn’t just a momentary attraction but sees you smitten over the long term, Sag.

In a nutshell: You see something you like. You go for it. Aim that arrow towards what you want this week, Sag. Your confidence says you could hit that bullseye – someone’s heart!


  • It may not look perfect but it’s  perfectly YOU
  • Reawaken to desire, passion and pleasure
  • Create a solution that supports and surprises

You may be surprised as what fits the bill for you this week, Capricorn. At least when it comes to fulfilling those long term and basic needs in your life. Somewhere to call your own and a foundation for your future. Know what? It may look radically different to what you thought it would. That’s the thing about what we need. It sometimes doesn’t resemble what we think we want at all.

The surprise as to what this is could be revealed by Venus and Uranus meeting in your 4th. Perhaps this sees you redesigning your lifestyle, home or living arrangements. You may consider a new and entirely different kind of home or neighbourhood. The Sun in your 4th squares ruler Saturn in your 1st, illuminating ideas around a living space that works for you. The full Moon which appears this week is in your 10th – the opposite house to your 4th and your house of reputation and achievement as well as all things Capricorn related. You’re being called on to create structure around your career and also your home life. They are both intertwined as you know but it’s all about creating what supports you now – and perhaps choosing the solution that surprises others – and you.

Deals that have been ‘hanging’ out there –whether in relation to property or business could finally be done when the Sun and Mercury meet in your 1st and trine the North Node in your 8th. Venus now breaks up the 4th house party on the 31st and arrives in your 5th. Now you have something to sustain you it’s time to reawaken pleasure, desire, fun and romance. You could just get another surprise with what or who you end up attracting now.

In a nutshell: What you want and what you actually need can be two entirely different things. The universe knows for sure. Be open minded as love or opportunity could arrive in disguise.


  • What you need is closer than you think
  • Say it in a new way
  • Experiment with life

Surprising news or developments, you getting behind your ideas in a creative and incredibly playful way, discovering what you were seeking – whether it’s a new lover or a job, is right in front of you or already part of your everyday routine. Whatever it is you are seeking – you won’t have to go far to find it this week. It could even arise from the past or from something already set in motion. But it is drawn to you by your sheer sense of fun, enjoyment, openness and above all, willingness to experiment. Discovering what works, trying something new – all these avenues could lead to success for you now. Take a radically new approach to an old issue or to how you would normally respond as Venus meets ruler Uranus in your 3rd. The Sun meets Mercury in this house this week – and this is Mercury’s ruling house. But he’s retrograde of course. So, chances are you may have to repeat yourself or double check things. Both trine the North Node in your partnership sector. What needs to be said between you and someone else? This may not be a romantic partner but a business one, close friend or with Mercury retro – former partner. Again, do it different this time.

This week’s full Moon puts you in an expansive and also positive frame of mind. You won’t want restrictions or negative people for that matter. Big plans could be refined or redefined. Travel is possible. Has this week changed your course in some way? The destination you’re headed for now could be the biggest surprise of all.

In a nutshell: Say and do things different this week, Aquarius. It’s time for what’s on your mind, but to take a new approach in saying it. The result could just surprise you – and others.


  • Master money matters
  • Boost those inner and outer assets
  • Tap in the mastery of the magician

You’re riding the self-esteem carousel this week, Pisces. What’s the name of the horse you’re on? Hopefully it has your name on it. Venus in her ruling house wants to boost those assets, baby. Encountering Uranus in here this week could see you coming up with a new and innovative approach to your money. Perhaps a side hustle or other way of making more. Your self-worth and values could shift too as you look at what you are able to achieve and gain mastery over your assets. Remember, it’s often not how much we have but how we utilise it. That’s where the mastery comes in and this is what makes us feel good.

If you’ve been going through the process of applying for a new job or waiting on a business decision it could come to fruition in the final days of the month or first days of April. The full Moon in your 8th on the 31st You could be in a process of discarding what you’ve outgrown or tapping into that mastery to bring something to a conclusion. You could embody the card of the Magician in the Tarot now who controls all the elements. Venus heads into your 3rd on this day bringing good news and the ability to go with your gut instincts. The Sun and Mercury meet in your money house and also trine the North Node in your 6th of work and wellbeing. You’ve worked for it and you’ve earned it.  Ride that carousel horse right round into the winning circle now, Pisces.

In a nutshell: You’ve that unshakeable feel-good factor that adds up to increased self-worth now, Pisces. Feeling you’re in control just adds up to getting the results you’re after.

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