14th May 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast For All Signs May 20th 2019


  • Innovate when it comes to how you use your resources
  • Do you need more living space?
  • Ideas or business revolutionise work – and home

Room to move and room to groove! Take a deep breath and expand into something bigger, Aries. Your living space and also how you get around, could be your focus this week, Aries. The Sun and Mercury both arrive in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. This is your house of ideas, communication and commuting. As well as your neighbourhood and locality. With ruler Mars in your 4th of home stirring up a desire to expand and also direct that energy into what truly matters to you, chances are you may be looking at where you are in terms of how convenient this is for work or even studying.

Those with families could be focussing on school catchment areas. The deeper desire here is to create more personal space for living. And have more time for the things that matter.  Uranus in your 2nd angles across to ruler Mars on the 22nd freeing you to create that work/life balance you need as incredible innovations occur to you. You’re the mother of invention with Mars in your  4th when it comes to lifestyle ideas.

Add to the mix Uranus in your 2nd which has you utilising your money and the smarts you have to earn your bread in new ways. In terms of business, living, your home environment, room to move – there’s a fresh solution to be found.  And you’re determined to seek it out. Mercury opposes Ceres in your 9th on the 25th bringing expansion – a new offer or compromise which opens up space for growth and expansion or simply the new to enter. In some ways you’re like a plant that needs to be re-potted this week, Aries. Spread out a little. You need room to grow now to expand into a larger potential, whether at home or at work that allows for just that. And get your groove back.

In a nutshell: Where you live and where you work are in focus this week. You need room to move and if that commute has become too tedious, to close the distance.


  • Something priceless is the gift that keeps on giving
  • Tell someone what they mean to you
  • Strike a new deal on what’s true to your soul

You may be leaving your birthday season behind but the gift that’s set to keep giving all year long is that fabulous sense of surety and self-worth Uranus in your 1st is generating now. Backed up by the Sun and Mercury in your 2nd. You’re opening up to change and innovation as never before. This is especially true around what you value.  And top of your list now should be how you value yourself, your talents and skills. And following on right behind that should be the people you value as your 2nd rules those relationships which are our greatest assets. Are you telling someone you love and appreciate them often enough? Hearing this said back to you is possible now as Mercury in your 2nd is all about communicating those thoughts.

Setting  a new price on what you have to offer forms part of your upgraded value system. Focussing on your money and material concerns doesn’t mean you have stopped being spiritual! The material world forms part of our spiritual experience. Navigating it is part of our soul evolution. Take the next step on your journey as negotiations will feature this week around what’s truly important for you. You will deal with what I like to call ‘The price is right’ questions now. What is precious and ‘not for sale’ as far as you are concerned? This can be anything from your time to a relationship.

You are a sign which values stability and security. You can broker a new and possibility permanent deal now as Mercury in your 2nd opposes Ceres in your 8th which results in you having this in either your most intimate connection, your job or perhaps even both! Knowing what is priceless begins with you knowing that’s what you have to offer others. Success in the material world comes packaged with that inescapable truth this week.

In a nutshell:  Be a little bit priceless this week, Taurus. Knowing your true worth sets you on course to have more of what really matters. And that includes security, support and above all – love.


  • Be the magnet of your desires!
  • Love is the result of you seeing yourself differently
  • Happy birthday, Gemini!

Happy birthday, Gemini. The Sun’s arrival in your 1st on the 21st coincides with that of your ruler Mercury making you extra outgoing, enthusiastic and bubbling with plans for the coming year. You want to embrace everything this week. From celebrations to people and also ideas. Look out and see who or what the world is reflecting back at you. Share even if it’s just yourself, your time and your ideas to attract more into your orbit now. The more outgoing you are, the more you pull towards you.

This is an exciting cycle during which time you will form a totally new perspective on the world, your place within it and also in some cases, your connections. There’s a vast hidden aspect of existence just waiting to be explored now. Once you dive into it, you will never look at your own life the same way again. This is one of your gifts now so unwrap enhanced insight and intuition.

Crazy past connections or truths are revealed to you on the 22nd when Uranus in your 12th sextiles Mars in your 2nd. On the 25th your ruler opposes Ceres in your 7th of partnerships and twosome tangos of all descriptions. It’s a whole new world when it comes to relating.

You recognise now just how similar you are, but also where you are different. And blend these together for a wonderful result. You’re not threatened by those differences or even want to change them. They make your relationship what it is. Unique to the two of you. And it works. Singles could now connect with someone new on exactly that basis. It’s all part of the new way of seeing yourself – both as an individual, a partner or just a participant in the Game of Life. It gets a whole lot more interesting from here on in. Step out there, explore and embrace it all, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Your birthday season hands you the gift of being able to see beyond the surface appearance to the secret soul of your relationships, Gemini. Want more? Share yourself.


  • Let your soul do the talking
  • The universe sends you benefits via the people you know
  • Love that body!

Your yearly period of Soul House Clearing begins this week as the Sun and Mercury both enter your 12th on the 21st. Stop, watch and listen. This may be more difficult than it usually is and you may also feel disconnected from your usual wellspring of intuition that is your compass. Why? Because you have fiery Mars in your 1st which is all about acting and doing rather than emoting and feeling. But your soul is talking and saying: What’s your rush?

Uranus is now in its ruling house (11th) in your chart. And it has one eye on your future especially when it comes to how goals and your connections interweave. This week it makes an electrifying angle to that Mars in your 1st, restarting that social life or those dreams like Frankenstein re-animating a corpse. That may not be the best analogy. However, the people who can breathe new life into your social one may be very different to those you usually socialise with.

This is your house of the future, of possibilities and of the big wide world and the world wide web. It’s where we interact with larger groups of people, dream on a grand scale and also receive what the universe wants to send us. How does it do this? Via using people as its agents. Your friends, connections, networks, groups. So open your arms wide and embrace as many of these as you can to generate infinite possibilities now.

Mercury opposes Ceres in Mercury’s ruling 6th in your chart this week. That Soul House Clearing includes the bodily temple of yours. You may not be able to escape the cause and effect of what you have been fuelling your body with or that connection you share with the environments you inhabit – both at home and at work. Time to clean house on so many levels if that is what is needed. Worship that body now. It’s the only one you have. This is your house of practical steps rather than intuitive ones. You have the ability to take action thanks to Mars. And also to balance what you feel with what you need to do. Take your time for the right answers to come through. When they do – follow your own inner guide, Cancer.

In a nutshell:  How does the universe send us answers to our requests? Via the people we know. Good things want to enter your life. So open up to new people who usher is future benefits, Cancer!


  • Take the solution that makes you stand out
  • Romance opens up a new world of love
  • Step back into the light

Break out and break through! This week working a radically different approach to work and career matters could just get you the results you want, Leo. And make the right impression on people in positions of authority – bosses, managers, Yes-sayers, gatekeepers or VIP’s. Reach for the solution that ensures you stand out from the crowd or others vying for that project, job or slice of business. It’s time to innovate, to walk your talk, brand or message. And if this scares you to reach for that Dumbo feather and do it anyway as Uranus in your 10th angles to Mars in your 12th and says ‘I dare you!’ Reach for the untried that your higher self is telling you might just work.  And be prepared to amaze yourself in the process.

The impression you make widens into your house of friends and wider social connections which Uranus rules this week. Ruler the Sun and also Mercury arrive in here shining on those goals, wishes and dreams. And linking you to the people who can help these come true. It’s time to make an effort to connect, to get out and about and in doing so, set your future in motion in some way.

If you have been feeling shut off from the flow of life, this week puts you firmly back in it. Does that love life need a heart-starter too? Mercury in your 11th opposes Ceres in your romantic 5th on the 25th. You and a lover could find new ways to get closer. Or else you have the potential now to attract a new one. One with whom there’s a kind of understanding between you that’s a fresh experience for you both. Meditate on the Tarot card of The Sun now in preparation for this. For what exactly? Stepping back into the light.

In a nutshell: Outstanding aspects see you stand out from the crowd this week. Whether it’s your career or your love life, others sit up and take notice. Break out that star quality, Leo!


  • Who inspires you?
  • Write your own success story
  • The only way is up!

Uranus in your 9th has but one goal – to free you from what prevents you from having a bigger, wider and wilder life experience. Opportunities to fully enter this process arrive this week when on the 22nd, Uranus makes a soul-igniting aspect to Mars in its ruling 11th in your chart. You’ll follow through with any opportunities to free yourself of whatever holds you back and also connect to those who act as catalysts for this process now. Who’s your inspiration? Read up on real life people who inspire you to reach for your highest potential. You’re drawn to them because deep inside there’s an aspect of them in you. Remember those ‘Choose your own adventure’ books from your childhood? Create your own now!

Ruler Mercury is on the move this week and along with the Sun arrives in your 10th of career, rewards and reputation on the 21st. Mercury is also set to oppose Ceres in your 4th of home, family, stability and security. Yes, this is your house of putting down roots and your 10th is your house of establishment – the highest you can go and represents your potential to achieve. Don’t however be surprised if putting down roots or establishing something long term also involves a major uprooting, move or shift now.

There’s a balance to be struck if you’re heading up, Virgo. It could be between what you have now and want in the future. It could involve moving from where you are to create a better sense of home. Or shifting jobs or trading a regular pay cheque for freelance work that is actually more freeing and satisfying. Whatever deal you strike however, it’s about both freedom and security both at the same time. Be prepared to trade something in order to get a solution that’s so much better.

In a nutshell: There’s a fresh chapter in a longer term success story to be written this week, Virgo. And you get to author it! Make short term changes if necessary to get something so much better that lasts.


  • Dare to do. Dare to dream. Dare to WIN
  • Embrace competition (it makes winning so much more satisfying!)
  • You make it happen

Who makes it happen, Libra?  You – that’s who! Especially when it comes to your career this week. Mars in your 10th hands you that extra shot of confidence and ambition. Plus the ability to compete in the big leagues. You’re undaunted by your competitors – be they other candidates or companies.

In fact, you welcome them as you know that feeling of achievement will be all the more satisfying because you get to demonstrate you have what it takes. When it comes to taking the initiative however – you make it happen. You are the one who needs to work that winning streak and put yourself in line for that job, promotion or piece of new business fuelled by the confidence that you have what it takes thanks to Uranus in your 8th. Expand yourself into something bigger. Reach for that higher goal in business or career. Dare to play in the big leagues. You’re ready. S/he who dares wins.

The Sun and Mercury in your 9th from the 21st throw a light on big opportunities, lucky breaks and travel. This is your house where you get to deal with foreigners, people and companies overseas, the law, the mass media, higher learning and the outdoors. If what you do touches on any of these areas, push forward and craft that message so it stands out. Mercury will oppose Ceres in your 3rd on the 25th. This is a call to freedom which needs to be answered. What you say, hear, communicate, write, share, trade, do business around, send out there has the ability to open doors for you. There may be a trade-off involved as Ceres rules both power and the Art of the Deal. You can make a new one if you make it happen this week.

In a nutshell: Time to discover just what you can do when you dare to act on those dreams and ambitions, Libra. Life isn’t offering you a small role. Go big this week and there’s no going back!


  • Share the love you have in all its forms
  • What is at the heart of those values?
  • What you create with another is bigger than both of you, baby!

Something you share with someone – especially if this is a long term romantic or marriage partner, is up for change or negotiation this week. When it comes to the T&C’s of love – expect these to change. What is up for review can be anything from that joint account, your mortgage, maintenance payments, who has the kids and even your values this week. In fact, those values may be behind any negotiations that are going on.

So put love in that #1 slot. Uranus in your 7th is set to send you eye-mind-and-heart opening partnership experiences of all descriptions over the next seven years. These will be forged on the values you both share. Uranus is also all about freedom – which of course, runs contrary to the ‘It takes two, baby’ vibe of your 7th. Yes, you can have togetherness and freedom when the partnership allows both to evolve in their own way while retaining the things they share. It all makes for a soul growth type of love. So grow into this now with those values acting as a rich ground for roots to dive deep into. And hold you in place.

With the Sun and Mercury both in your change sector this week, Uranus angling to ancient ruler Mars in your 9th on the 22nd, and Mercury opposing Ceres, planet of compromise and power in your house of money and self-worth, it’s all about what you share. Or what another shares with you. Sharing ourselves in a relationship – any kind of relationship, is the ultimate act of love and generosity.

This can range from anything from time, money, emotional support, connections, expertise and yes, our hearts. Someone could just offer you a fabulous new deal with equal exchange and sharing as its basis. And it’s in line with those core values. Or you’re the one being generous in return. Either way, you’re meeting on that fabulous middle ground where agreements and understanding open up new possibilities for the two of you. Baby, it’s bigger than both of you! Make sharing your basis for love values this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: What you share with someone else or is shared with you opens the way for new beginnings. At its heart it’s not about the money, house or the bed. But the values you share that binds love together. 


  • That sexy self-confidence is a siren call –broadcast it!
  • Master the Art of Compromise
  • Find a fellow free spirit to run with

Get loud and love large this week, Sag. All signs this week may be juggling with deal-making and the power of compromise. No more so than you, as you are the sign with Ceres, Goddess of the Deal, in your 1st. This week sees it oppose Mercury in your 7th of partnerships, long term love and dynamic duos of all descriptions. The Sun and Mercury enters here on the 21st, bringing you a month long focus on whoever is ‘opposite’ you right now. And allowing you to attract by radiating that sexy self-confidence out there to the universe at large.

If you’re settled, this is a good time to have any discussions you have been putting off with your partner and it’s also an excellent period for the two of you to set new goals for the future. For you, the couple who shares a vision is the couple that stays together. Ceres in your 1st is set to remind you that nobody gets it all their own way however. If you want love or to be in any kind of partnership, something has to be relinquished. This may be as small as sole ownership of the Netflix account or the right to make your own decisions without having to consult someone first. That’s the price on any relationship no matter what form it takes. Compromise. Make one to get one now. It’s that simple.

Changes to work or your routine may also occur now. Uranus in your 6th is all about taking a different approach to how you make your money. And possibly to what you put in your body too. Harness the engine of change, fuel yourself and your ideas up in new ways that give you more energy and confidence as Uranus makes an electric angle to Mars in its ancient ruling 8th in your chart on the 22nd. This could see a change that results in you being excited again about the work you do or just having more energy to invest. Mars in your 8th is all about desire and passion. It hands you more than your fair share of sex appeal. You already had plenty. But too much in this case is just about all you need! That’s something you’re going to want to share this week.

In a nutshell: Get a new deal on love and if you’re single, flying free needn’t mean going solo. You’re broadcasting sexy self-assurance. And attracting exactly who you want to tune in this week, Sag.


  • Leave normal behind you
  • The universe has your back
  • Take a lucky dip on love!

It’s your lucky dip week so how lucky do you feel, Capricorn? What we need can often turn out to be very different from what we think we want. Or who for that matter. The universe always knows what this is. As does our higher selves. However, we may stumble along, deaf to the hints and blind to the synchronicities that attempt to align us to it (or them). Eyes and mind wide open this week, Capricorn because if you are willing to let go of what you think you want, and just allow what you need to come to you instead, you could be in for a very pleasant surprise indeed.

One of my favourite films of the ‘90’s was an overlooked mini masterpiece called Leaving Normal. Check it out if you have not seen it. In it a cynical former stripper teams up with a naive housewife on the run from her abusive second marriage. The only thing these two have in common is a career of making bad decisions. They leave behind their lives in Normal, Wyoming (hence the title) and head for Alaska. On their way they decide to stop making decisions and let the universe decide for them. Now I am not for one minute suggesting you relinquish total control of your lifepath. Or for that matter head off towards Alaska. Just that this week, you suspend ideas around what you think you want (the ‘normal’ choices) and just be open minded enough to consider what the universe may bring you. Hence that ‘lucky dip’ feeling.

Take as chance as the Sun and Mercury in your 6th –Mercury’s ruling house, a better way of working or even feeling about everyday life could just result. Uranus in your 5th angling at Mars in your relationship zone promises a surprising twist to your love life. It’s hot but may not look like you thought it would. Mercury’s opposition to Ceres in your 12th on the 25th says none of this may look, sound or feel like you thought it would. But that’s no bad thing. But the universe has your back – and your best interests here. Love may not look like you thought it would. Embrace the new normal and let go.

In a nutshell: Let go of what you think you want. Connect to the idea that the universe knows exactly what or who it is you need. Take a chance and watch what arrives. It could be love in disguise!


  • Get ready to be noticed for all the right reasons
  • Star in your own show
  • Pay it forward

The Sun arrives in its ruling 5th this week along with Mercury on the 21st. Time to shine, to celebrate, to radiate and to attract. Time to step into a starring role in your own life and make this your big production number!. This is one of the transits of the year when you are ‘on show’. Where you can make people sit up and take notice simply by being yourself. Abandon yourself to pleasure and lose yourself in something you love to do. Indulge your sensual side and ensure you look and feel your best at all times. This is more than just creating Instagram moments, it’s about living your life to the full. As you do so, you’ll automatically pull into your orbit people – especially friends and potential lovers, opportunities, invitations and even gifts (and it’s not even your birthday!). It may feel like it however.

Also look at what you have to give this week. Your generosity is awakened along with your feelings of joy, optimism  and passionate self-expression. You want to share – anything from your ideas, to your time, love, help and even resources. You’re unlikely to bestow these on the undeserving however. You’ll know where to direct these, or who to offer help or just plain generosity to. You want to give back something extra now and this could even extend to your work, family  or something you do as ruler Uranus in your 4th impacts on Mars in your 6th. You’ve got the resources to spare – so share them.

Mercury in your 5th opposes Ceres in your 11th on the 25th. Benefits could flow back to you from what you have shared – returning with interest. Others could gift you with invitations, introductions or offer you what you have been seeking. There’s a Pay It Forward aspect to this. The person who helps you may not be the one you helped. And you may in turn, pay the favour forward again. This week wants to show you that what goes around, comes around in surprising ways. Get sharing.

In a nutshell: It’s time to radiate, share and attract back in turn, Aquarius. Give yourself permission to shine at doing something you love. And when it comes to sharing – pay it forward now.


  • The price is right when it comes to success
  • Get a new deal on love
  • Jumpstart those ideas with a daringly different approach

Is the price right? Then do the deal, Pisces! Take some time this week to think seriously about what you want to achieve when it comes to your career path and also what you are prepared to do or pay to get it. There’s a subtle theme of exchange which hangs over all matters – especially if they have a long term impact on your home, security or how you make your money now. That work/life balance should be your priority. Yes, you can craft the perfect deal that results in having these perfectly aligned. \

The Sun and Mercury in your 4th from the 21st favour home matters and property dealings while Ceres in your 10th – which Mercury opposes on the 25th, invites us in to talk about a new deal that works for both parties. And which answers all our needs. You’re open to both compromise and negotiation now. Dare to suggest something different as others are open. Mercury sparks ideas and you’ve your own to throw on to the table. Above all however, you and whomever or what it is you are negotiating with, wants to strike a bargain. Deal or no deal? It’s a new deal instead!

Mars in your 5th turns up the heat on romance, creative ventures and good times. A chance meeting, conversation or even dare I say it – flirtation, could lead to so much more for you now. It’s a week to be out-going and open to possibilities – both on the personal and the business front as Mars delivers the unexpected result when it aligns to Uranus in your 3rd on the 25th. Your ideas could ignite talks which just keep on going. Say something different now and continue to keep that eye not only on the prize – but what really matters, Pisces.

In a nutshell: Dare to strike a deal that gives you both the best outcome. If love is the deal on the table, it could begin with an unexpected conversation. You’re in agreement this week, Pisces.

By our astrologer and psychic Helen

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