24th September 2018 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 2 2019


  • Let your body co-author your success story
  • Are you swimming in the right environment?
  • Make that mindful power move

What’s your body saying this week, Aries? With the Virgo weather that’s occurring in your 6th or work and wellness, you’re particularly sensitive especially when it comes to atmospheres. This doubly applies to those in the workplace. Spidey senses tingling – you’re particularly attuned to what’s going on behind the scenes or maybe not even being said. Pay close attention now to what you are picking up and that vibe around you. Especially on the 4th and the 7th when Venus and Mercury in your 6th oppose Neptune in your 12th. This is information you sense that you should not ignore. Especially if it relates back to your job, career or even the environment in which you operate to do this. Drained or energised? This is how you measure whether you’re in the right place – or the right position, or not.

This week highlights your long term work and career prospects like no other. And just offers you so many ways to feel better on an everyday level. The Sun, Mercury, Venus and ruler Mars are your dream team as they allow you to take action and make your very best impression on bosses present or potential, and key power players this week. All four make highly beneficial angles to Saturn in its ruling 10th. Ideas and self-belief in your talents and abilities propel you forward on the 3rd when the Sun, Mercury and Mars all meet. Making this one of the best days of the year for that job application, pitch, interview or just you being seen as someone who can get the job done.

Make your move and don’t hesitate. Uranus in your money zone is also on your side now. Especially if you have come to the conclusion that feeling and working well is your priority. Juno is all about long term commitment and along with Uranus, could hand you new avenues for income or that better paying job which sustains you in better ways over the long term. It’s time to explore alternatives now if those insights you’re having reveal that what you do every day comes with a hidden cost to your soul. If you’re on the right path however – doors could swing wide thanks to a collaboration between Venus and Jupiter on the 3rd and Venus and Pluto on the 7th. Time to be a little more powerful and a lot more mindful when it comes to charting that career course this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: What is that body telling you about the work you do or where you do it, Aries? Success begins with everyday mindfulness and putting wellbeing first. Make that your goal this week.


  • Say hello to luck, love and divine synchronicity
  • Step away from restrictions and back into the flow of freedom
  • Go with the unexpected

Your soul is craving a release, Taurus. Into what exactly? Something bigger, more passionate, more indulgent and more self-expressive. You could be offered the opportunity to explore it now thanks to what is truly a loved-up line-up in your 5th. Led by the planet of indulgence and romance itself –your ruler Venus. Right now Venus is joined by the Sun, Mercury, passionate Mars and Juno in here. So, what’s on offer especially in terms of romance now, may be more than just a flash in the pan. Venus will also trine Saturn and then Pluto in your 9th of opportunity, travel and expansion. The Sun, Mercury and Mars will do the same. Your focus is on where life has just become too dull and restrictive. And in ways to change this to your benefit thanks to Venus angling to Jupiter in your 8th.

This is not a week where you are going to be overlooked. Expect to attract anything from attention, to gifts, invitations or offers of assistance. Friends, contacts, connections, networks and groups may play a role here. As could the unexpected. Finding yourself somewhere different, jumping at a last minute invite, could put you in fortune’s way thanks to Uranus in your 1st angling back to Juno in your 5th on the 7th. Yes, what you want (or who) could find you unexpectedly. Is it luck or divine synchronicity? Or a little bit of both? Don’t over-analyse the magic. Simply live it. Claiming that soul prize of release into something more satisfying, passionate and loving begins with you taking that first step towards it now, Taurus.

In a nutshell: If your soul is saying ‘Gimme more!’ the universe could be about to answer, Taurus! More what? How about more freedom, more love and more life? Claim your prize this week.


  • Home is where your heart is telling you to be
  • Make those moves
  • Fix on a star and straight on until success!

It’s all in the family this week as ruler Mercury entertains four other house guests in your 4th of home matters, living arrangements, real estate dealings and your long term security. This is about your house, flat, apartment, room-mate, family members and where you most feel that sense of belonging. Some of you may be contemplating a move as Mercury rules contracts and leases. It also of course rules your neighbourhood. In the 4th this goes deeper to your roots and where you feel ‘home’ is. What calls to you? Venus also in your 4th has grand designs on enhancing your space while Mars in here is also about action. So, renovations and redecorating could form part of the process for some. The Sun also in here throws the light on where you want to be. If it’s working you’ll commit to staying there and improving your space as the planets trine Saturn and Pluto in your 8th. If it’s not, that Mars means you’ll take action on initiating a move while Juno also in here points to that decision being a long term one. Whether it’s where you are or somewhere new, you’re putting down roots.

With your 8th and also your 10th of career and status impacted this week, your career or even that of your partner’s if you have one, may have a role to play in all of this. Have a clear goal in mind when it comes to those long term prospects. A North Star to guide you home if you like. And once you are fixed on it – let nothing and no one deter you from your course. Neptune in your 10th – which your 4th house planets will move to oppose, either lends you the inspiration you need to find a better path to your goals, or else distracts you from what you really want. You are the one who decides whether to deviate from that path – or not. So, if you have an outcome, remain fixed on it but be open to a sudden flash of insight in how to obtain it. Neptune rules the sea – this includes the Sea of Love we navigate as well as that of worldly success. The term ‘smooth sailing’ comes to mind this week when it comes to getting to the place you belong, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Finding your place and a sense of true belonging is your goal now, Gemini. Once you know where or what that is – it could be smooth sailing ahead. You’re homeward bound.


  • Words are your magic act
  • Say it your way
  • Vulnerable is the new strong

Just say it, this week Cancer. Words weave not just lasting love magic but ideas and action too. One thing is certain, you’ll say what you need to say like John Mayer with five astral bodies giving voice to those thoughts in your 3rd. Mercury which rules this house is in a confab with the Sun, Venus, Mars and Juno. Writing, publishing, the internet and business including that side hustle will be hot topics now. As will be love. A little long term magic spell could be woven with the words you choose thanks to fabulous hook-ups between Venus, Mercury and Mars with Saturn in your 7th. Take what you’ve learned about being unafraid to be vulnerable and use your magic lexicon to tell others what you’re really feeling. The result not only clears up misunderstandings but gets you that closeness you crave. In your vulnerability lies your strength – not your weakness! Love is letting down barriers, not creating them. Remember, no matter how close we are with someone, they are not mind-readers. The only path to understanding is yes – magic words beginning with ‘I feel . . .’

What you have to say and your openness to saying it, has an equal impact on your work, career, business or job this week. Sell yourself effectively and craft that message. Again, it’s about candour infused with your genuine feelings and original ideas. Go with this vibe in any situation where you have to explain your ideas or answer the question: Why you? Venus, mercury and the Sun angle to Jupiter in your sector of work and daily routine while opposing Neptune in Jupiter’s ruling 9th. This could propel some of you out of that rut and into something freer when it comes to your job or just how you organise your day. Buddying up for business, working out or collaborating is not only favoured, but any partnership gets that long term magic flavour happening now. Work a little magic with what you say to others this week, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Words are magic spells this week. Use them to allow others into your world of ideas and feelings. And magic up a success story in work or business as well as love, Cancer.


  • You’ve got that loved-up feeling
  • There’s more on offer than money can buy
  • Access success in all areas!

Get your shine on this week, Leo! And especially polish up those money making ideas. There’s gold to be discovered. Use that freshly minted self-worth in any way you can now when it comes to generating more cash. Venus rules our money and our love life and right now is in its ruling 2nd in your chart along with your ruler the Sun.  Throw into the mix Mercury for business idea generation, Mars for more than your fair share of confidence with an extra shot of passion and Juno for commitment, and you should be looking at attracting a level of abundance that isn’t just limited to your bank account.

Your workload may increase or a new job or launching your own business or side hustle opens the door to that cash flow. This week also sees the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars trine Saturn in your 6th of your day job as well as Juno in your 2nd make the same angle to Uranus in your sector of long term career. Simply put, you’re on a roll now that could be the first chapter in a long term success story. If you’ve been out of the workforce for a while, the meeting between the Sun, Mercury and Mars on the 3rd could bring you a new offer or see you land that interview which returns you to it. There’s no such thing as a bad meeting when Jupiter which is in your 5th is involved. Jupiter opens doors for you this week and allows you to create your very best impression no matter who or why you are meeting them! Expect romance to be equally well-starred as Venus on the 2nd and the Sun on the 8th angle across to it. Doors are opening for you this week, Leo. Best foot forward.

In a nutshell: There’s something to bank on this week, Leo. It’s more than simply cash that could be giving you that loved-up feeling. Open up your success-all-areas pass!


It’s an old joke: Well, that’s enough about me. Let’s talk about you. So, what do you think about me?! Yes, Virgo. For this week and up until the 14th, the universe really does revolve around you. Or would seem to thanks to five astral bodies in your 1st making this a birthday rebirth like no other. You have the Sun, ruler Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno in here. Making lots and lots of heart-starting connections to planets in your fabulous 5th to get that party started, as well as Neptune in your 7th. So, it’s not only about you but about that partner or opposite number too. Your image, how you come across to others, your appearance, profile (on and off-line), style, brand, job title – continues to obsess. And with good reason. You feel new in some way and the outer ‘you’ simply must adjust.

The changes you make now are likely to be lasting. This is your relaunch period and you’ll carry this forward with you into the next 12 months. The other old saying that isn’t a joke is that you never get a second chance to make a first impression. What I would say it that you right now have a rare chance to change or make your very best impression on someone. If you are feeling freer inside thanks to Uranus working its magic in your 9th, then ensure the outer ‘you’ reflects this. Choose something different to wear than what you normally would. Try a different hairstyle, shade of lipstick, accessory – it all depends on your budget. Some of you may even go further and try cosmetic procedures now. Venus in your 1st says you will like the results of anything you do to enhance how you look and feel. The long term elements are added by Saturn in your 5th and Juno in your 1st.You’re committed to this new you that you are showcasing. That commitment could just extend to others committing back. Saturn in your 5th can deliver that serious romantic prospect or see an existing love affair take that next, all important step. It all begins with you, you, you, Virgo.

In a nutshell: The difference is in you, this week, Virgo. So show the world via your updated look, profile or brand. It’s not often you get to exercise your star quality. Showcase it now!


  • What’s the big secret?
  • Nurture those goals
  • Get some extra sensory superpower!

You may be sitting on the most delicious secret or piece of gossip this week, Libra. I know with you sharing is caring and also, well – let’s face it. Some things are just too juicy to keep to ourselves. But please, whatever it is you know or are gloating over, keep it in the vault now. If it’s something to do with your goals – these need protection from negativity like young plants. You don’t want anyone stunting their growth with their negativity and doubts. You can broadcast them from the rooftops once you have achieved them. For now, keep that energy where it belongs – empowering your future success story. If someone confides in you – keep that confidence no matter how much you may want to share that one too.

Ruler Venus in your 12th along with the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Juno are about not just keeping secrets but keeping that hand close to your chest this week. Let others try to guess which cards you are holding. If you are the one seeking to share, use caution in who you confide in. Are they guaranteed to keep it in this vault? Others could be looking at signing confidentiality agreements around their work or a project as these 12th house of spiritual truth planets will oppose Neptune in your 6th which rules your 12th. Some could even contemplate a career which involves client confidentiality – anything from psychic reader to therapist or spy! Your intuition is at its peak now and if you get a ‘feeling’ about someone or something, then investigate further. You’ll discover your insights are correct. Someone pulling the wool over your eyes? Not likely provided you heed that extra sensory perception that’s your superpower now. In Intuition We Trust is your motto this week. Lock it in the vault, Libra.

In a nutshell: Libra Confidential! Secrets feature this week. You may have to keep them for a while longer, Libra. Especially if they relate to your goals. Keep that confidence with others – and yourself.


  • Connect in any way you can
  • Start that conversation
  • Open your mind and your heart to the new

Both your rulers are getting social this week with the planets in your crowded 11th house. Ancient ruler Mars is in your 11th along with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Juno. There’s long term topics up for discussion with Juno in here. I should not need to tell you that this is one of the key periods of the year for your social life – and your goals. It sets the social temperature for the coming year. So, make the effort to circulate yourself now and also talk about what you want to achieve. If you are determined to remain a boxset hermit – nothing much will change. That would be a pity as like-minded, long term connections are waiting for you to start that conversation, Scorpio. No matter what the topic is about.

As the planets move through your 11th they are making angles of connectivity between Saturn and modern day ruler Pluto in your 3rd of communication and commerce. They will also oppose Neptune in your romance zone. This is your time to really find those people you ‘click’ with – whether you are seeking a new job, client, friend or potential squeeze! Uranus in your 7th also trines Juno ruler of marriage and commitments of all shapes and sizes on the 7th – the same day as the Sun and Venus trine Saturn and Pluto in your 3rd respectively. That talk or even casual flirtation could be a game changer – and for keeps. The people you meet, socialise, do business with, talk to or even connect with on line, have the potential to hold open doors for you, help you towards a key goal or simply influence your future in ways you have yet to imagine. Go out there with an open mind, and an open heart this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: Don’t hide yourself away this week, Scorpio. It’s a week to connect like no other with like-minded souls. Where can these connections take you? Places you’ve only dreamed of!


  • Push the button marked: Success
  • Know you’re the real deal
  • Time to bring your best game now, Sag!

When ruler Jupiter gets involved in any transits – even tight ones, you know it gets hip to be square. There’s opportunities on offer this week especially when it comes to your career, money or living space, Sag. Of course, you have to make the effort to take advantage of these. You of all signs know that Jupiter only invites. It’s always up to us whether we accept. But you also know that Jupiter helps those who help themselves. Set the events in motion, push that button and Jupiter smooths the way forward for you. Your success centre in your 10th is lit up now thanks to five board members in here – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno. You’ve the confidence, the ideas and the determination to succeed for the long term as well as the desire, this week, Sag. The mega meeting on the 3rd sees the Sun, Mercury and Mars meet making this one of the best days of the month for that all important meeting or interview or to just push that agenda.

Venus rules your money zone and will trine Saturn and Pluto in it while the Sun and Mercury do the same pointing to material rewards and recognition now. The Sun, Mercury and Venus square your ruler in your 1st asking you make that little extra effort with your image, message, brand and how you come across to others. Mindfulness of this plays a big role in getting you the results you’re after. This isn’t an act. You’re the real deal this week, Sag so ensure you feel it – and look the part. Others especially influencers, bosses (present or prospective) VIP’s and people in positions of power are taking note. They also want to hold that door open for you. You’re on show now so bring your best game and show them – this is what a winner looks like.

In a nutshell: Time to cultivate a winning mindset this week, Sag. Your anthem? Up where we belong. That’s the top for you this week, Sag. Make that move.


  • Live (and love) your truth
  • Head for something bigger
  • Make that commitment to what you truly need

Where do you want to go, see or experience? This is a week where you need to look forward, not back, Capricorn. And you need a clear destination in mind. Aim for whatever expands your soul and stirs your passions. This is no time for aiming low, continuing to live in the past or worse – settling for anything that doesn’t actually fire you up. The 9th house is all about learning, expansion, travel and freedom. It’s also what I like to call a house of honesty. Being true to one’s heart and inner vision. Not faking it or pretending things are fine when they’re not. Living your truth is part of this and you start the week with five travelling companions in here – the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars and Juno all pushing you towards committing to that big dream. Mars gives you the confidence to go for it. Venus in here is all about heading towards what you love. Juno brings commitment while the Sun highlights that destination you have in mind and smooths the way forward. Mercury has you walking that talk – possibly all the way to the airport for some as this week is one of the best of the year for travelling.

As these planets move through your 9th they will trine ruler Saturn in your 1st and also Pluto. The Sun, Mercury and also Venus will square Jupiter which of course rules your 9th and is in your 12th. You can travel back to the past now but you don’t have to live there anymore. Some soul searching may involve looking at what is holding you back that you have been dragging around with you and no longer applies in the present. Yes, I’m talking about that baggage. You only need one kind this week and that’s the kind you would take with you on that holiday. Look to what you want on your future journey and if it’s stopping you from getting there – don’t check it in any longer. A fabulous angle between Uranus in your house of romance and pleasure, to Juno in your 9th says you can make that commitment to what you truly need to love, explore and be free. That’s the destination you’re heading for this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Time to own the truth of what you really want, Capricorn. This week asks you commit to living in freedom and total soul honesty. Learn from the past – but don’t live there anymore.


  • Ask your angel
  • The truth sets you free
  • Weave a little magic

It’s a Now You See Me week, this week Aquarius. In fact, you could do worse than put the film on your watchlist. Changes perhaps unexpected may occur. You’ve the opportunity to weave some magic or a grand and glamourous illusion that makes everyone draw breath in wonder. Perhaps with your insight or a creative project. Or else, you see someone or something in a new light which brings about changes. Events set in motion in the past may catch up with you – as could people from your past. If so, everything needs to be examined in the light of the present. That magic stems from your link to higher wisdom – especially your Guardian Angel if you believe you have one. If you truly want answers or to know the truth – ask away as you’ll get them now. To life, the universe, that niggling question you’ve had about someone or even insight into family secrets.

The answer is the truth which sets you free. Not only that, the truth always brings with it enlightenment (we’ve been in the dark) and the right course of action – we now know what to do when before we were confused or hesitant. Now you see it. You’ve a huge line up of planets in your sector of personal power and transformation this week, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars (the ancient ruler of your 8th) and Juno. This week sees the Sun, Mercury and Venus angle to Saturn and Pluto in your 12th as they move through it. Saturn is your Guardian Angel planet while Pluto is the modern day ruler of your 8th. Things that no longer shore up your soul will be exposed while angles with Jupiter in your 11th and a trine between Juno and ruler Uranus in your 4th unshackle you and set you free to move into something better. So, once you see the truth, follow it. Or show the world your own truth you’ve interwoven with a little bit of glamour and magic this week. Now you see the real you, Aquarius – and so does everyone else.

In a nutshell: Now you see it this week, Aquarius. The truth sets you free into a magical mystery tour of passion and insight.  You’ll have the answers and know when the time is right to act now.


  • Feel the love
  • Forge something lasting
  • Who are you drawing to you?

You’ve got that loved-up feeling so share it in every possible way you can conceive of this week, Pisces. This goes double if you are seeking any kind of long term togetherness. Not just a long term love or marriage type situation either. But lasting work or business connections or friendships. You feel like love in motion this week thanks to five heavenly bodies in your 7th house of long term partnerships of all descriptions. (And yes, it’s ALL love in here even with that person you can’t stand!). You have the Sun, Mercury, Venus which rules this house, fiery Mars which hands you passion and sexy self-assurance and Juno which rules commitment. This is one of your houses of attraction to watch this week who you ‘draw’ to you as it’s all about opposite numbers now.

You’ve got the ability to forge something lasting with someone especially as Venus, Mercury and the Sun will trine Saturn in your social sector. Interacting with new people – especially those outside your usual circle, could bring you into the orbit of exactly the right partner to complete your double act this week. Venus and Mercury will also oppose ruler Neptune in your 1st from there. Your allure just got a major injection of magic and glamour now. Don’t keep this to yourself whatever you do. If you are seeking someone –anyone from that activity partner to a potential new boss or mate – put yourself out there. Others happy with the number of double acts of all kinds they have in their lives and the settleds amongst you, could benefit from either their partner’s success or a friend or even a colleague’s generosity. A declaration or news could take you by surprise on the 7th as Uranus in your 3rd trines Juno. Agreements reached have a lasting impact now. You feel the love, want to share it and need to be loved in return. It’s all on offer as part of your new love experience. Sign your name on someone’s heart or the dotted line this week.

In a nutshell: It’s all about two-somes and double acts this week, Pisces. Ready for a new kind of partnership? Watch who is drawn into your orbit now. Opposite numbers attract.

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