2nd September 2019 Weekly Astrology Forecast

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 30 2019

With our fabulous astrologer Elena


  • Do it for love
  • Feel the heat
  • A little equality goes a long way

Ruler Mars is off into your house of partnerships this week. Now there’s many astrologers out there who say that this is not Mars’s finest position. Your house of relating does not sit well with the planet of action. But there’s another interpretation to Mars in the 7th that holds true. In that Mars is all about the passion. Bringing it back if it’s been lost. Kick-starting that new relationship with a va-va-voom. Bringing people who share a similar passion for say a business or project, together. Now we’re talking togetherness – Mars style.

This occurs against the backdrop of Juno in your 6th opposing Neptune in your 12th and Pluto heading direct in your career sector. Doing a good job but feeling unappreciated or unacknowledged? Or are you constantly picking up someone else’s slack or taking on more than your fair share? Juno is all about the commitments we make. Commitments whose T&C’s may be hard to renegotiate or may be unilateral. In other words, one rule for one party and a different set for the other. If you are changing jobs now ensure you know what is expected from you and read that employment contract carefully. Mercury rules your 6th but enters your 8th this week. This is all about stating your terms now if you have any or suddenly see that things have become a little one-sided. Or maybe were from the very beginning. A little equality goes a long way now. Mars in your 7th isn’t afraid to take action for love and to redress any imbalances. This week you say honestly say – I did it all for love.

In a nutshell: Partnerships need passion! It doesn’t matter whether it’s love or business, both parties need to feel the heat. Turn it up this week as ruler Mars arrives in your 7th, Aries.


  • Know what you want to get it
  • Ask for love answers
  • Step into a wide, wild new experience

What’s that intriguing soul who has popped up on your radar seeking, Taurus? This week asks that you find out before handing over your heart or your dreams. Just ensure the two of you want the same thing. Juno in your romance zone boosts your chances to attract lasting love. But it’s opposing Neptune in your friendship zone. Finding out you’ve literally been friend-zoned by that love interest may not be where you thought things were headed. Juno rules commitment and ones where we exchange one thing for another or find that the T&C’s are binding. The most obvious example of this is marriage where we trade freedom for security and long term loving.

Neptune can weave mists of illusion which when they blow away leave us all at sea. Mercury is in your 7th this week which should aid in any partnership (or potential partnership) discussions. Ask that date just what they are seeking and don’t take it for granted. If someone tells you that all they want is friendship or something casual – take them at their word. However, that’s not to say something wonderful with the promise of a soul connection isn’t sailing towards you right now. Just check it’s the real deal.

Pluto direct in your 9th is promising a transformation into something wider and wilder. Mars in your 6th is all about taking action to sex up that routine or bring that work/wellbeing balance back into alignment. If you are changing jobs or applying for a new one don’t forget – the same rules apply as with love. Ask the other party what they want. It could just be you, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Love could come wrapped in long term potential this week. But before your heart sets sail, ensure you discover just what the other party expects. Knowing what you want helps, Taurus!


  • When you’re hot – everyone wants what you’ve got!
  • Commit to a path or a place
  • Time to bring sexy back!

Ruler Mercury enters its ruling 6th this week. You’ll find a renewed focus on your routine, work whether paid or unpaid, and wellbeing matters. How your job or daily tasks make you actually feel  energised or the reverse, may have you making changes. I should not need to tell you that if you do need to switch jobs or create a more liberating schedule, that this is one of the very best Mercury transits under which to do this. How committed are you to your career path or where you are living? This week is also about your security as Pluto heads direct in its ruling 8th while Juno in your 4th opposes Neptune in your 10th. If you are entering into buying, selling or renting property, Juno rules commitment. This is all about commitment to path or place. To put down roots or if it is not working, to commit to moving. Again, if this involves your work or career, both Mercury and Pluto itself will support the change process.

Time for passion and to bring sexy back now Mars is in your 5th from the 4th. Mars is all about fire and heat as well as the confidence to take action. This includes doing whatever you can on your own behalf to put yourself ‘out there’ if romance is your goal. Again, this Mars transit supports putting you front of house in terms of your talents. Again, this supports any job or career related ventures especially if they involve showcasing yourself or your creative efforts. When it comes to love the spark has to sizzle and crackle. If that’s missing you won’t want to go any further. Chances are the heat you’re radiating is going to attract that fiery, edgily sexy potential lover without too much effort on your part. Go sizzle this week, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Committing to that path or place – or committing to moving on, is your choice to make now. As is committing to passion! Hot? You sizzle, Gemini!


  • Charge up that lifestyle
  • Show your vulnerability
  • Make a commitment to more pleasure, play and romance

Mars in your 4th from the 4th tells you that the energy you’re feeling needs channelling into home improvement projects or else activities outside of it. The reason being Mars is about confidence and action – not hygge and nurturing. Redecorate, renovate, look for somewhere new if your home now seems too confining. Garden, declutter, dust. Whatever you do don’t ignore the call to charge things up with your lifestyle because if you do, you will find inertia leads to you becoming Ms. or Mr. Cranky Pants. That restless feeling or desire to do something, needs an outlet. And unless it’s given a constructive one, domestic disharmony will result. Imagined hurts may surface due to Mars triggering self-protective instincts in here. Hey – don’t be afraid to be vulnerable!

Joint decisions around partners may feature as Pluto heads direct in your 7th on the 3rd. Are there discussions you need to have about the future? Contracts, agreements, important papers to be signed – security vs. freedom issues. All these may surface due to Juno in your 3rd opposing Neptune in your 9th. If you are doing any kind of deal or entering into an agreement you need to be aware of the binding T&C’s. For some of you, something may simply seem too confining but think carefully before throwing the baby out with the bathwater. Especially if this is anything in which you have long term investment. Mercury in your 5th infuses your ideas with new creativity and also hands you flirtation as your superpower this week. If freedom is your goal or your need somewhere to direct all that energy, letting your inner child out of play could simply be the very best outlet you can come up with. Allowing yourself the right to lighten up and feel joy could be the best commitment you make for the long term, Cancer.

In a nutshell: There’s a commitment to be made this week. Perhaps with yourself, Cancer. Is it simply to allow more play and fun to enter your life? Make that future promise now.


  • Commitment sets your future path
  • Follow ideas with action
  • Create your opening when it comes to love

Financial commitments may feature this week. You confidently signing on the dotted line with a work contract, business decision, settlement, credit, loan or mortgage arrangement could set you on a long term path. Just ensure you fully understand the terms of the arrangement as Juno in your money house opposes Neptune in your powerful 8th on the 30th. You’re in this for the long haul, Leo. Mercury in your 4th of home, family and emotional foundation, favours property dealings and entering into any agreement that forms the basis for long term security.

Accept any necessary changes to your job, work or routine that may accompany this as Pluto heads forward again in your 6th. Revive old skills or that resume if necessary. Your commitment may also involve committing to things you know much change or transform. Your confidence is what you say and do – especially with regards to you and another party, is at a peak now Mars arrives in your 3rd. This is one of the best transits of the year to sell yourself or your ideas in, and to engage in sizzling, fiery flirtation talk without being crude or obvious. (Not that that is your style anyway, Leo!) You are able to use your charm and sincerity to its best effect now. If you pay compliments, the other party know you are sincere. If you are going for that job, you’re coming across as the hot prospect, fired up with ideas and able to be a team leader or a team player as needed. You’re not shy about making the first move when it comes to initiating any conversation now. Approach that client, employer or hot stranger. You’ve not just a repertoire of great opening lines, but a whole showcase of ideas and engaging banter this week, Leo. Plus you follow through with action. Talk up your own success story now.

In a nutshell: A big decision or commitment lays the foundation for your future. When it comes to talk you’ll back up what you say with bold moves. That includes making the first one on love, Leo!


  • Work that message for all you’re worth
  • Get ready to launch
  • Let’s talk about desire

Ruler Mercury enters its ruling 3rd and it’s time to get your message out there or look to how you do this or are getting around.  Your mind is abuzz with ideas. Writing, speaking, publishing, pitching, learning, presenting and the internet are your playgrounds now. If you need a new way to get your message out there – a new phone, tablet or computer for example, your ruler in here favours that upgrade. And as it rules commerce, that deal as well! This is also a great time to send that CV winging out there, advertise your business or launch it, buy a new bike, scooter, car or look to your commute. Work that message and make it work for you.

Ensure you and partners are on the same page this week as Juno in your 1st opposes Neptune in your 7th. Don’t assume anything or take it or them for granted. This goes for new or potential partnerships as Pluto shifts to direct motion once more in your 5th on the 3rd. Talk about those needs and desires – especially for the future now. Transparency is your key when it comes to long term togetherness. Isn’t that the best thing to say ‘I do’ to? Mars in your 2nd gives you a bold approach when it comes to your cash, increasing your actual or soul worth and also stating those values. This includes how you expect to be treated by others as Mars rules boundaries. You can therefore see how this impacts on what you want or need from partners – or prospective ones. A little up-front candour goes a long way when it comes to letting people know that yes, you are worth it when it comes down to love or money. That could simply add up to the best message you put out there ever, Virgo!

In a nutshell: What’s that message you have to send out there? When it comes to partners the direct approach works best. Asking what they want and stating your needs in turn is worth committing to.


  • Speak your truth
  • Talk about what’s left unsaid
  • Is your love more than words can describe?

What’s hidden in the small print or simply an unsaid agreement could feature this week, Libra. Juno is associated with your sign as it rules commitments. Especially those around marriage or long term love. In your 12th however it can represent the unspoken vows or T&C’s that we enter into and neither party may choose to talk about. An extreme example of this would be someone who turns a blind eye to a partner’s infidelity in order to remain in an affluent marriage. And the unfaithful partner may be equally aware that the other party knows what they are doing. And they in turn maintain the status quo. Other examples can include ‘golden handcuffs’ love or work relationships. Where someone appears to have an enviable lifestyle or dream job that pays well, but this comes at a hidden cost. Such as always being under the other party’s control or at their beck and call.

I am not for one moment suggesting this is your situation but tacit or unspoken agreements and the cost of them may be thrown into sharp relief as Juno opposes Neptune in your 6th this week. Also, if you are entering into any long term agreement now, please be aware it may come with hidden clauses or strings attached. Ensure everything is upfront and clearly stated. Especially your values. Ensure that yours and the other party’s are aligned before signing on the dotted line or taking the plunge.

Pluto moves direct in your 4th of security and home which makes looking at anything which can impact on these areas doubly important. Mercury in your 2nd can deliver extra work and money making opportunities and also aids in communicating what you stand for. Your biggest asset this week however is Mars’s entry into your 1st. If you do discover that something or someone is operating to a hidden agenda, you are now in a prime position to do something about it. Sometimes ‘the things we think but do not say’ to quote Jerry McGuire, are actually unspoken truths and something we have no need to verbalise when we are truly aligned with someone. Other times we arrive at the point where we need to say ‘Show me the money!’ or simply to get someone to be upfront. If so, kickstart the process by speaking your truth first. The great thing about Mars in your 1st this week is that you’re not afraid to ask for answers if they are warranted. Or to know instinctively that the unspoken vow between you and someone else, says more than words can say.

In a nutshell: Unspoken vows, soul commitments and what’s left unsaid feature, Libra. This week is all about more than what words can say. Or simply deciding to say it anyway. Speak your truth now.


  • Dive into deep friendship waters
  • Ditch the superficial
  • Is this a marriage of true minds?

Both rulers are handing you peak energy experiences this week. Modern day ruler Pluto heads direct in your 3rd on the 3rd. You may have a passionate need to talk about your ideas and beliefs as ancient ruler Mars enters your 12th the following day. Superficial conversations aren’t going to be your style now. Not that they ever were. Mercury’s arrival in your 1st hands you the ability to express yourself clearly and concisely. You’re hungry for good conversation, ideas that expand your mind and people who can keep up with you and who are willing to delve deep.

Unsurprisingly, friendships will feature and your commitment to one person, group, club, association, band or network. Juno is the planet which rules long term commitments and this week opposes Neptune in your 5th of romance, fun and pleasure. You will be testing friendships and connections for spiritual resonance now. This can bring you friendships or get-togethers with others who are totally on your wavelength or else have you realising you no longer share the resonance you once did. Do however know what you are prepared to offer at this point as this aspect can also bring up crossed wires or purposes. If all you are interested in is friendship with someone, be clear about this. Due to the spiritual intensity of this week’s aspects, sometimes others who are not quite on the same path can mistake shared spiritual beliefs with romantic interest. That being said, let us not to the marriage of true minds admit impediments as the bard tells us. At the very least, that marriage of minds is exactly what could be on offer this week, Scorpio.

In a nutshell: You demand depth and soul resonance from your connections now. Nothing superficial will do, Scorpio. Deep friendship and possibly more could be on offer as minds and hearts align.


  • Are you ready to embrace your power?
  • Commit to that goal
  • Join in

How your career impacts on where you live and home matters and vice versa are themes that you’ll be looking at this week, Sag. By now, you should have learned that there is nothing boring about security and foundation. These are your launch pads and what support those big dreams and journeys you long to take. What’s boring in the extreme is insecurity and instability and solving problems around these. As this interferes with or basically stops you from going anywhere. Committing to something – a job or living arrangement, may play a role. Don’t see this as giving up something even if you do in fact have to. You are gaining too as Juno in your 10th opposes Neptune in your 4th. What has been getting in the way of your doing this may also become apparent as Mercury enters your 12th on the 3rd. This could allow you to see things in a new light and also ditch out-moded thinking when it comes to establishing your place in the world. You can achieve so much more than you think if you do, Sag.

Making that commitment to establishing something long term may also lay the groundwork for financial improvements as Pluto heads direct in your 2nd this week. This is a bit of a work in progress still with Saturn also in here. You may have to wait until after January 2020 before you reap long term benefits. Pluto brings us situations which are outside ourselves and which our egos have no control over. This usually means us transforming how we look at things. In this case, your cash and your values. Pluto also rules power money and buried treasure. Again, there may be resources you are not utilising but this tells you that you are more powerful than you think when it comes to getting what you need. This week also sees Mars fire up your future and your present day social life as it hurtles into your 11th. You’ll actively want to join in and be part of something now. You’re the friend everyone wants because you have their back. Mars says you can also make massive inroads towards those goals and dreams. Especially if you need more money in order to fulfil them. This week allows you to commit to funding that future, Sag.

In a nutshell: Commit to creating something for your future. Lay your foundation stone for that launchpad to the stars. Hidden resources come to light. Tap in, Sag.


  • Write yourself a new destiny
  • Control yourself – rule your world
  • Use the resources of the here and now

Chances are Pluto in your 1st has been bringing about personal transformations via people or events that are outside of your control. Pluto heads direct this week so what’s the real transformation here? No matter what happens Pluto wants you to know that the only person you can control is yourself. S/he who controls themselves or their reactions to what happens, controls their world. By now you should have also learned there is more to life than meets the eye. That everything is interconnected and when we do change our responses, that changes ripples across not only other areas of our lives but time and space too. It affects our karma and our destiny.

This may bring up a new resolution deep within you to let go of things which hold you back. Now, this will be different for everyone. And ideas around freedom are often self-defined. You also need to know the difference between freedom (expansion) and running away (escapism). Or as Buckaroo Banzai reminds us ‘Wherever you go, there you are’. Commit to the freedom of putting into action all you’ve been leaning about controlling yourself as Juno in your 9th opposes Neptune in your 3rd. Where you are right now is filled with opportunities thanks to Mercury in your contacts zone and Mars in your career sector. Use what you have at your disposal be it connections or that surging self-confidence to fire up those career ambitions. Bosses, clients and people in high places will see you as someone they want on their team and who knows what they want and where they are going. If you find yourself in elevated company this week, know it’s because you belong in it. Cultivating self-control – so worth it, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: Make the most of the here and now to get where you want to go. You know by now what you can change and what you can’t. In doing so, you’ve become the change you need, Cappy!


  • Commit to soul empowered changes
  • Let those who matter know just how much you have to offer
  • Head towards excitement!

Ignoring your intuition or what your higher self is telling you that you need to do simply isn’t an option this week, Aquarius. Not now Pluto is direct again in your 12th. You’re about to commit to something you may have been putting off. Perhaps simply because you lacked the confidence to see it through or feared the consequences. Committing to change means bringing in something new and better now Juno in your 8th (Pluto’s ruling house) opposes Neptune in your 2nd. This is a big decision and not something you’re entering into lightly. Hence perhaps why you have hesitated up until now. But change is inevitable. Especially if something better is your goal. Which it is. You are standing by your beliefs which support your passion and your desires as Mars makes a break-you-free entry into your 9th. Part of this process may involve reclaiming your dreams and your right to pursue them. Mars in here sets you back on course towards your personal truth and soul North Star again.

Mercury arrives in your 10th from the 3rd. It may be time to dig up those old skills or professional experience. Make certain employers both present and potential know all you have to offer. You need more variety and stimulation with your work or carer now. Don’t shy away from tabling those ideas or asking for that project. Looking for a new role? Transport, communication, the media, journalism, agencies, publishing, printing, science and banking could be areas to look into. You want to be seen and heard. Find your broadcast point for career satisfaction, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: You higher self knows the steps you need to take. So commit to that path and don’t ignore it. You need more variety in your career. Showcase that experience for success, Aquarius.


  • Know what you want from love
  • Passion could make a surprise move
  • Follow that idea – and that desire

Do you know what you are seeking from love, Pisces? It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship right now or not. What matters is that you make a commitment to yourself to have the love you desire. This may mean letting current partners know what this is. Or asking them to be frank about what it is they want. This week could bring an ‘I do’ or proposal for some lucky Pisces as Juno in your 7th and the house it is most associated with, opposes Neptune in your 1st. It’s filled with future promise if you are honest about those heart desires.

You’ll have a need to socialise and circulate as Pluto heads direct again in your 11th. Some connections may be set aside for new ones which have a big impact on your future direction.  Mercury in your 9th points to learning, movement and travel. And perhaps working an idea that could take you further than you ever dreamed possible. Starting a new course of study, jetting off or launching that idea via the internet could see your horizons expand and bring in those fresh connections I mentioned. Mars’s entry into its ancient ruling 8th could also usher in a hot, intense attraction that you simply cannot resist. Flings may get flung as with Mars in here you are pretty irresistible yourself. However, avoid complicated financial dealings and get-rich-quick schemes as Mars can make you impulsive with your cash or other assets. What suddenly flares up as in that intense desire for someone could eventually bring something lasting. However, this week says love the one you’re with – with an open and honest heart.

In a nutshell: You’re passion personified this week, Pisces. Love the one you’re with if romance takes you by surprise. But know what you want for the long term – and commit to it.

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