Weekly Astrology Horoscope 6th April 2020 – Super Full Moon

Weekly Astrology Horoscope 6th April 2020 – Super Full Moon

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Firstly, there’s a Super Full Moon in Libra this week. So, we are being given a massive energy boost to find balance in our lives. The Super Moon wants harmony for us. For example, it reminds us to compromise where we can. To listen with compassion and see the beauty around us. In addition, Mars and Uranus kick off treating a bit of unease at the beginning of the week. In addition, Mercury enters bolshy and fiesty Aries giving us the strength to speak our truth.

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Weekly Astrology Horoscope 6th April 2020

Powerful awakenings take place this week as what we have outgrown or simply no longer need is replaced by something new. We may be shaken free of our beliefs around how things are or will always be. Ideas that have kept us trapped and which prevent us from realising our potential in other words. Out with the old ways of thinking and doing things. There’s a chance to grab treasure for the underworld. We are in difficult times where ‘normal’ doesn’t work anymore, we are given a chance to be still and see things differently, to act differently.

Time to embrace something new and innovative. And to be prepared to discard what no longer works as Mars squares Uranus in Taurus from Uranus’s ruling sign – Aquarius. A new power dynamic could simply replace an old one. Especially as Mars trines Vesta in Gemini, sign of mindsets, ideas and contracts on the 8th. Keeping our word will be important. And we will look to others to keep theirs.

Mars trines Vesta in Gemini on the 8th

This is the same day as the second Supermoon of 2020 appears in the sign of Libra – the sign of justice, balance and partnerships of all descriptions. Imbalances and injustices can be corrected now. On a personal level, it could be time under this supersized Moon to stop walking a high wire when it comes to how we are treated in our relationships. Are you expected to do more for less based on your gender for instance? And as a result, walk a fine line every day, juggling your time, feeling you have to perform above and beyond or worse, feeling unsupported? Where’s that safety net?

Time to insist you have one especially in your personal relationships and in work dynamics, if you feel due to gender you are being rewarded less, look to changing this – moving on in other words. This energy is depicted in the card of the Two of Pentacles in the Tarot. Are you dancing in the flow or constantly shifting those resources just to stay in one place? Under this Supermoon you have the chance to move back into flow again.

Mercury arrives in Aries on the 11th

When you get that idea as to how that can happen – act on it now as Mercury arrives in Aries on the 11th. Self-determination means not just talking a good game this week – but bringing it. Ditch words such as ‘gonna’ and ‘someday’. Someday is one of the most depressing words in the English language. We use it when we would like something but basically don’t think we can have it or do it. Unlike ‘This year I will . . .’ ‘Today I am going to . . .’ Plans can remain in the realm of ideas – ‘someday’ unless we act. So, ditch the hire wire juggling act and vow to make that ‘someday’ begin to happen today instead. That’s our awakening this week.

In a nutshell:

So, if you’ve been waiting for something to happen ‘someday’ this week shows you that ‘someday’ never arrives. What does arrive is your ability to begin to have what you want today. Get a new optimism – and a new way to balance dreams with action.


7th April 2020. MARS IN AQUARIUS SQUARE URANUS IN TAURUS (Aquarius to Taurus)

8th April 2020. FULL SUPERMOON IN LIBRA (Libra)

April 8th 2020. MARS IN AQUARIUS TRINE VESTA IN GEMINI (Aquarius to Gemini)

11th April 2020. MERCURY ENTERS ARIES (Aries)


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