Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 26th 2021


Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 26th 2021


Keep your power close

Get real!

Conjure up illusion-free love magic

Witchy and wizarding moves can be made under this week’s waxing Moon. Fire up that broomstick, Aries. But stick to your flightpath and don’t be distracted. And know what spell you want to cast as well as the result you’re after. The 27th has Venus in your freedom loving 9th square off with Neptune in its ruling 12th. This is asking you to bring a touch of magical realism to your goals and relationships.

It’s not a time for projection or to make excuses. Avoidance and denial may seem like a good idea in the short term, but in the longer one – painful and certainly not sexy as we give away our power. Ruler Mars is on the move the day before All Hallow’s Eve. Into its sexy, powerful and all-ruling 8th. Yes, there’s magic in the air now. Real magic. That reality check or simply knowing what you want and acting on it. Mars in here is passion, alchemy and transformation. In other words, all the ingredients you need to weave a successful outcome for yourself. But it does ask you get real.

Know what’s real to keep it so

Knowing what you want, not giving in to fear and falling for something or someone free of any illusions sounds like the key to happiness and true love. As is knowing when something is working and when it’s not. Halloween brings a blissful union between Venus and Juno in your 9th. Bearing in mind this is your house of freedom and Juno rules commitment. While Venus brings the love. So, the freedom to go after what you truly love and desire is the real magic this week. And knowing the difference between the real and the fake kind. Sometimes commitment means setting ourselves free to find what’s real. Or simply realising we already have it.

In a nutshell: Halloween week delivers you a potent mix. Of empowerment, no-holds barred love and knowing what it is you want, Aries. And let’s not forget the freedom to go after that. That’s the real magic.


Stick to your values

Is that other party in the same house?

Promises are made to be kept – including those to yourself

Ruler Venus sits in Mars’s ruling house in your chart (8th) while Mars enters Venus’s on the 30th. Holy magical trading places, Taurus! Has the Sorting Hat played a Halloween prank and sent them to the wrong houses? This isn’t a week to go Slytherin off when it comes to love and partnership matters. But it’s certainly one to stand by your values across all your relationships.

Does love share the same space – and the same future?

Mars in your 7th brings heat, passion and burning intent. You know what you want or need. Is that other party in the same house however? The 27th sees Venus square Neptune in your house of friends and also your future. This shows you whether you and someone else are on the same page. Or whether a key connection is aligned with how you see your future unfolding.

If you are seeking that new person who is, Mars in your 7th combined with your ruler in Mars’s 8th can have you taking the steps to conjure them up. Just get very clear about those key (inner) qualities. Hotness is a given but don’t neglect the slow burn ones of shared dreams, goals and ways of seeing the world.

No avoidance tactics now and this applies to all signs this week, not just you Taurus. Venus in your 8th promises a touch of transformational magic this Halloween around relationships or even your money. Promises are made to be kept now. This can even be an inner promise to yourself when it comes to holding out for what you want. It can be re-pledging a promise already made when you realise that yes, you and that bae or bestie share so much. Or in some cases, keeping that promise to yourself by letting something that no longer works go.

Venus meets Juno on All Hallows Eve and on the night of a waxing Moon no less! That intention grows and takes flight. Don’t deny what you know adds up to the reality of love magic for you this Halloween, Taurus.

In a nutshell: Lasting promises can be spellbinding this Halloween week, Taurus. Ruler Venus and Mars work a double magic act of alchemy and intention. And remind you that the promises you make to yourself should be every bit as unbreakable as those you make to others.


Settled, single or seeking? Cement or change that status one way or the other!

Send your ambitions flying higher

Enter a binding double act

Your status both personal and professional is in focus this week. As well as big decisions which impact on this. Your 10th is your ‘public’ house. How others see you. What you have or can achieve. Your job title and your personal title too. And the titles conveyed by your status. As in what’s on your business card or job description. And if you are in a relationship settled, married, co-habiting or single, separated, divorced or even widowed.

Own that love intention

Seeking? That’s a title too. And an intention. Just what you are seeking and why and the effect this has on that status. You could be examining this as Venus in its ruling 7th squares Neptune in your 10th. Time to own the truth around this. And to commit to being all-in or all-out (either one is a commitment for the long term which your 10th also rules).

Honestly is your best policy this week. As is committing to going for it and owning those choices in love or work. Say what you’ll do and do what you say, Gemini. Don’t promise what you can’t deliver however. But your energy is at its peak when it comes to getting the job done or tackling any task as Mars ignites your work sector from the 30th. Crush that To Do list or push forward with those work or study plans. Especially if they are linked to your long term goals.

There’s a special, long term magical promise in the air this Halloween. Venus will meet Juno in your 7th indicating there’s promises to keep and far to go when it comes to you, another party or just that promise to yourself. It’s around partnerships – love and in work, duos, double acts and dynamics which involve you and another party. It’s a great day for agreements, I do’s or even I don’t’s. Cast a spell for keeps – and own it, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Double the magic, double the result and yes, even double your love this Halloween week, Gemini. Venus in its ruling 7th alerts you to the special kind of enchantment two hearts aligned can create. Enter that magical double act and fly!


Get that uptown funky magic happening

Joy works like a charm

All treat – no tricks now, Cancer!

Halloween week puts some 24 Carat magic in the air. It’s all a bit Bruno Mars as Mars enters your 5th on the 30th. Yep, it’s showtime, Cancer. Bruno actually has his Moon in Cancer. Metaphysical magic for you is more likely to be a disco ball than a cauldron. This is glittering, glamourous, sparkling spell-casting where you get to stand out, been seen, noticed and attract back in kind. Not for you black robes but Uptown Funk. Time to fabulize that Halloween look which is all treat and no tricks.

Don’t believe me – just watch!

Dressing up to be Insta-fabulous may form part of this. Your playful, spontaneous, fun side demands release. This week may also have you channelling your creative, expressive side into how you earn a living or your daily routine. Venus in your workaday 6th wants to ease that load while Neptune in your 9th draws down inspiration. No, this isn’t about checking out or neglecting what need to be done. If you do that you’ll be missing an opportunity. Rather it’s about looking at whether you can turn something you love into something which supports you. Or simply creating a work life balance that brings in more joy, energy and rewards. Some of you could say yes to a new way of working or job offer on a permanent basis on the 31st when venus meets Juno, ruler of commitments in here.

Mars in your 5th hands you the confidence to magic up something special this week. Now, if this is that black magic lover, know that attracting them or any kind of opportunity this week involves you being a hot, straight-up masterpiece. Dress and present yourself in a way that stands out. Others will be well – charmed. Don’t be shy about what you have to offer. Re-work that dating profile, social media feed, CV, website, channel or creative outlet. Hit that hallelujah and simply watch who or what responds. It’ll work like magic.

In a nutshell: Make a dragon want to retire? You’re far too hot this week to simply star home and stir that cauldron, Cancer. Hot damn, this Halloween hands you the magic to take that funk uptown. Ditch the backroom black. Time to get on your glow and blaze a trail!



Don’t deny that wish any longer

Leave the tricks at home

Abracadabra! Embrace what you want

What’s the change you are wishing for around love, Leo? If you have planets in your 1st, 5th or 11th houses this Halloween, (you do!), it’s all about embracing that wish. And aligning your energy with it.

Watch that trick up your witchey sleeve!

First – Mars in your 4th from the 30th isn’t about hygge-ing it up this Halloween. Mars honestly does not do cosy nights in with hot chocolate and your favourite socks. Mars in here is wonderful for carving pumpkins, spooking up your home or even tackling those cobwebs in your closet however. Keep busy otherwise that spellcasting could extend to turning your loved ones into toads because you find them croakingly irritating. This isn’t like you, Leo. You know you’re usually such a treat. So, have a task so you don’t become all trick instead.

Now, back to that wish. Traditionally, Halloween is when the veil between this world and the spirit one parts. Neptune of course rules veils, illusions and anything spiritual. The square between it and Venus on the 27th cuts straight through any illusions to what your heart truly wants and shows you your true focus. Now you see it, don’t ignore it.


This is something close to your heart, undeniable and important. It resonates with your soul. Perhaps it is already in your life but you need to reaffirm that promise to it that you already made. Perhaps it is something you want to experience or attract. If so, Venus is in your house of romance, creativity, pleasure and attraction. Radiate and attract away.

Perhaps you need a brand new dream but have been shoving its importance aside. The meeting between Venus and Juno in your 5th on the 31st is the ultimate promise to the pursuit of love and happiness. And what makes your world go round. The old Steve Miller Band hit from the ‘80’s ‘Abracadabra’ sums it up. It’s a night to ask the other side for what you want. Reach out through the veil and grab it, Leo.

In a nutshell: The heart doesn’t just what what it wants. It knows, Leo. Chances are you do too. So why deny it? This Halloween is sending you signals to own and embrace that. And to make a commitment to it – once and for all.



Magic brings you the truth behind what you need

Open the door to love

Turn that broomstick in the direction of home

For you, Halloween is all about spiritual safety and soul soothing. Of creating that magic haven for love close to home. Literally now you have Venus in your 4th. It squares off to Neptune in your 7th on the 27th, enabling you to tackle any areas where this is falling short. Now ruler Mercury is direct and almost clear of its retroshadow, you can start to contemplate those changes, Virgo.

Do don’t dream, act don’t talk

And have the power to follow through. Mars in your 3rd is all about actions speaking louder than words. Yours or for that matter, another party’s. You’ll say what you’re going to do – and then do exactly that now. But when it comes to this kind of pro-active spellcasting – can you say the same about another? You’ll be looking closely at any areas where promises and what’s delivered simply doesn’t add up to the magic you hoped for.

All Hallows Eve is about you taking the time to look at where you feel safe but also empowered. That haven for mind, body and soul. And also what family means to you. This can be a family you have created from souls you relate to and can rely on just as easily as it can be the one you were born into. That sense of place is going to be all-important for you next year as it’s your launching pad to success. So ensure you love it. If not, set your intentions to pack up that cat and cauldron and fly that broomstick to somewhere that does as Venus and Juno meet in your 4th. It’s a great day for property matters. Or simply to fly home.

In a nutshell: No more talking. Speak your intention and then act on them. That’s simply how magic works, Virgo. You’ll also be aware of whether others work their magic with the greatest good in mind. If its love you’re looking for – create the space for it to move in.



Write down that spell to manifest the magic

Real actions get real results

Bankroll that dream

You’ve a foot in both worlds this week, Libra. The practical and mundane and the magical and metaphysical as ruler Venus in your 3rd squares Neptune in your 6th ahead of All Hallow’s Eve and the desire to take to the skies and fly high!

Need to bank roll that dream? Well, first things first as that square is about taking care of business in the workaday world without losing touch with what really matters. We all need a dream to chase – and to catch. Otherwise – what are we working for? Mars puts the heat into that beat as it leaves your sign for your 2nd. It’s chasing the means to bankroll that dream. It’s not just the money but the desire for the experience or item of intense value it can buy you. No, not fast fashion or more ‘stuff’. This is a deeper wish fulfilment happening.

Intention is where results begin

Hold that thought! This is the practical and mundane part. What you need to do to make that magic happen. Now for the magic. Your 3rd rules contracts and communication. Words and promises – literal ‘spelling’ as in intentions and what we say. Juno rules marriage, agreements and promises we keep. To others and to ourselves. Ruler Venus’s meeting with Juno in your 3rd on Halloween simply points to you entering into a lasting agreement, signing important papers, a conversation that changes everything for good, or writing down that intention nothing diverts you from keeping.

If you are after bringing a goal into being, use this night to write it down in a magical ritual of your own creation. Set in motion metaphysical intention backed by actions intended to bring about that goal – such as applying for that job, making that reach out for instance. Open that dialogue with someone. Know that anything you sign and agree to on this night is lasting in the purest spellbinding way.

In a nutshell: Spellcasting and rituals are simply other words for intention setting and actions, Libra. When it comes to making that goal a reality this week, apply this process to anything you want to achieve. Visualise, write down and then act. Who knew everyday magic was so workable?!



Reveal a more magical version of you

Upgrade those expectations

Magic acts happen

No way are you working down-low magic this week, Scorpio. You’re the headline Vegas magic act – not the disappearing one thanks not only to the Sun in your sign but the arrival of ancient ruler Mars on the 30th.

Wear those wizarding robes and wield that wand with pride this week. Ditch the cloak of invisibility. Mars in your 1st is best-face forward. You’ve a desire to stand out in some way. The start of the week asks that you pay attention to any areas where you may feel over-looked or under-appreciated. And to make adjustments if so as Venus in its ruling 2nd squares Neptune in your house of romance and all things centre stage. Venus in its ruling 2nd is all about connecting to scintillating self-worth. Especially if that connection has been lost. Are you allowing yourself to shine? Or is someone taking all the attention and not giving you your fair share?

Get ready for the big reveal

Don’t be afraid to simply take your rightful place in the spotlight, Scorpio. No, it’s not selfish or narcissistic. And we all need positive strokes, to be loved, recognised and allowed to express ourselves. Our birthday cycle is always about giving ourselves the gift of self-love and acceptance. Plus permission to shine.

There’s a magic act happening possibility between you and someone else but certainly you and the universal source of abundance on Halloween. It could be time to upgrade that broomstick or simply those expectations. Permanently. The knock-on effect of this restores your belief in your own abilities to attract or simply make that magic happen effortlessly, Scorpio. Shine on, stand out and fly high this Halloween week!

In a nutshell: Magical you needs to fly free of restriction or feeling that you’re being overlooked, Scorpio. Your birthday cycle means the spotlight turns in your direction. Give yourself permission to shine in whatever way feels right for you. The magic of self-acceptance means the only approval you need is yours this Halloween.



Live it the way that’s right for your

What’s the secret you need to find?

Irresistible? You unedited

Into superstition? Black cats and voodoo dolls? This is your week for Livin’ La Vida Loca, Sag. Your way. Your Halloween romcom would be Sam Rockwell in Mr. Right. Because it’s what’s right for YOU. Not what might be right for other people.

So, both the song and the film have the same theme. The song is about someone who seduces people into her life on the edge of magical mayhem. The film is about someone who finds a fellow edge-dweller. Both are about lovers like no other unafraid to be themselves. It’s not about being boring or playing it safe, this week, Sag. But then you’ve never been about that. So, take it this week has your name on it.

Fun fact: Ricky Martin is a Capricorn (Dec 24) but was born with a massive stellium in Sagittarius – Mercury, your ruler Jupiter and Neptune and has a Sagittarius descendant (this means your Sun/Sag planets are in his 7th). Sam Rockwell is a classic Scorpio but his natal Venus is at 18 degrees of Sagittarius.

First, Venus in your 1st squares Neptune in your 4th. That magic act may be happening close to home. There’s a secret to be uncovered. Perhaps around family, roots, ancestors (this is the week when the Day of the Dead takes place after all), or your living arrangements. It’s a great week to build an altar, light candles or even showcase photos of those departed loved ones and invite them in to share metaphysical food, moments and wisdom about your future.

Upside inside out

Are you the seduced or the seducer? Mars enters its ancient ruling sign of Scorpio and your 12th of all kinds of sexy magic. You are filled with a desire you need to answer, Sag. You could be snared by someone else’s magic or weave a powerful spell of your own. It’s irresistible either way.

Livin’ La Vida Loca is a lifestyle choice. At any age. It’s Dame Helen Mirren dancing in the rain with Vin Diesel. Venus in your 1st meets Juno on All Hallows Eve. Making a potent, powerful and possibly permanent fusion of desire and reality. You could fly with that fellow fringe dweller (or meet them), or stay home with that rom- com. But it’s all about living the magic that’s right for you.

In a nutshell: Halloween is all about Livin’ La Vida Loca, Sag. Powerful and alchemical attraction is activated when we have the courage to do just that. You’re both the magnet and magnetised this week. Don’t overthink it. Just go with it.



Create that coven of like minded souls

Don’t over-think that insight

Make that soul promise

Magic gets more powerful with friends this week, Capricorn. In fact, that network (social, on-line, professional) is where the magic happens now. Please don’t be a hermit as Mars enters your 11th this week. Seek out those on the same wavelength as you. And the people who add depth and resonance. Superficial or fake friends simply won’t cut it. And Mars as sorting hat in here will quickly show you the difference between these and the real kind.

Venus in your 12th provides you a link to your past and also to your highest expression of love, insight and creativity. What’s nudging you now to take action or simply pay attention to that ‘gut’ feeling? You may experience a moment of utter clairvoyance where you pick up on someone’s true intentions or simply know something is going to happen before it does as Venus squares Neptune in your 3rd on the 27th. Whatever you do, Capricorn – don’t over-think this one. If you sit over-analysing it or waiting for the facts to prove you right, all that happens is reality catches up with you showing you that you were spot-on all along – but now on the back-foot due to you not getting ahead of it when you could.

Work that higher power

So, take it this week you are attuned to a higher form of magic in the air but like all things which exist but cannot be seen, you need to have faith in your own inner wisdom. Halloween night sees you able to wrap up something from your past or else re-shape it for your future as Venus meets Juno. Soul contracts could fall due – one way or the other. But chances are that crystal ball in your soul has been telling you for some time this was the way things needed to work out.

Don’t resist what you instinctively know to be the right decision or right course for you on the night where the barriers between the practical, pragmatic world and that of pure instinctual truth open wide, Capricorn. Your magic is that you can harness both to bring about something lasting.

In a nutshell: Everyday real magic is our intuition and natural psychic abilities. Making this work for us requires us to let go of over-thinking the information and trusting our gut. Do that this Halloween week, Cappy. And free the Magician in you to work miracles of intention and insight.



Covens, wizarding bands and magic acts feature

People power spells

Meet your magus!

Run with your werewolf pack, fly with your wizarding and witching band of magicians or covert that coven you’ve created, Aquarius. Venus in your 11th is all about the power of like minded souls. We have a Venus/Neptune square on the 27th. Neptune is in Venus’s ruling house in your chart (2nd). It shows you who shares your values and who you want to share your magic with. And also who you don’t. Above all, people and who you know are where the magic happens this Halloween week. And it’s how you tap into this that counts. Don’t underestimate people power.

Get ready to meet your Magus!

Mars in your 10th is about a different kind of power. There’s those ambitions, sure. Mars fires these up igniting a new cycle of career progress and achievement. But there’s the power of people in positions of authority and influence. Who can say ‘Yes’ or open doors to progress for you. This isn’t a transit under which to get into conflicts or disagreements with them. But rather to be seen as someone willing to cooperate or work with them – without giving up one’s own authority and purpose. Expect to encounter Mars in person while it is in here. That self-assured, powerful and charismatic individual in a leadership position. They could have so much to teach or show you.

Venus meets Juno on Halloween. This is a meeting of intention and future promise. You and someone else could agree on a joint future plan. Pledge allegiance to that connection, purpose, party, union or movement. You and others come together to fulfil a vision or a greater purpose – to change the world or attain a goal. It’s a plan or a friendship that’s built to last and could end up influencing your future in the long term. That’s the magic of joining in this Halloween week.

In a nutshell: Halloween tells you that people magic is the most powerful, Aquarius. It could be one individual or a group. But together you can form that alchemical recipe that shape-shifts your future – for all parties. Join in some group enchantment this week.



Work that superpower

Ask for higher clarity

Know what makes you unique

What makes you special, Pisces? Are you working that superpower to its full potential? Are you unsure whether or not you have a superpower? Or have you arrived at Halloween week asking who moved your superpower or Lex Luthor’d you with the Kryptonite? The magic this week hands you the ability to either work it, discover it or recover it – whichever one applies or is needed.

Hubble bubble!

You are stepping free of snarky restrictions, misunderstandings and conflicts this week too as Mars alights in your 9th of opportunity, exploration and freedom on the 30th. Not for you playing it safe. This Halloween sees you colouring that spell book outside of the lines, Pisces! You are craving action, heat, fire and passion now and will do whatever it takes to ignite or find it. Light that fire under that cauldron, add those magic ingredients of intention and desire. Stir and let this infuse and inspire you to take a chance when it comes to setting in motion acts designed to bring you what you want.

Halloween is a holiday that contains so much of what you instinctively love and vibe on. When the veil between this world and all the others in the multiverse parts allowing you glimpses of other possibilities and also guidance from beyond. This Halloween is aligned to your path and purpose. What you are here to do, accomplish and achieve.

Some of you could see rewards for using that superpower manifest on this day as Venus and Juno meet in your 10th. If so, ask for guidance from your ancestors, guides, angels, higher self, God, the goddess, Buddha, Allah or universal knowing as to where you belong, what your purpose truly is and/or what you next move needs to be. Own the answer and act on it, Pisces. Real, long-term results are the magic that’s waiting to happen.

In a nutshell: Those who know what their superpower is and have been working it in their own unique way could be looking at magical manifestation and recognition this week. If you’ve lost touch with yours – help is on its way. All you need do is ask a higher source, Pisces.


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