Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 20th 2021

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Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs September 20th 2021


It takes two this week

Time for love

Let’s talk partnerships

Fabulizing trines and a full Moon in your 12th mark the end of one major phase and door opening opportunities to the new. Time for closure emotionally, spiritually and perhaps even on a physical level as this week highlights what still works for you and what doesn’t.

Don’t ignore those instincts around this. This week says ‘It’s time’, Aries. Time to shrug off the shadows of past hurts and to step free of them and on into something healing and better. If you need to end something now, please try to do so as tactfully as you can. Chances are however you are already focussed on the future, the new and enticing with the line up in your 7th – the Sun from the 22nd, and trines from ruler Mars to the North Node in your 3rd.

The Venus/Uranus opposition on the 23rd points to you only opting for what chimes with your value system. With the heavy line up now in your 7th you will no longer put up with any imbalances or injustices.

Tangos and twosomes

But we have a week like no other when it comes to partnerships of all kinds. Love, live-in, work, marriage, divorce, double act, duel. Single or seeking any kind of alliance? The trines of the week involve the North Node in your 3rd. Again, this points to discussions or conversations. I dos and I don’ts. One particular twosome will be your focus as the Grand Earth Trine of the 26th ropes in ruler Mars. Mars brings intensity to those feelings – one way or the other.

Along with the Moon in your 3rd and Saturn in your 11th it’s time for love, time for that talk or agreement, or time to leave. While Libra and your 7th rules that horse and carriage it also rules its opposite – as in uncoupling them. Remember, falling in love or out of it, is all part of the partnership dynamic. One way or another, you’ll be exploring some facet of togetherness this week.

In a nutshell: A Grand Air Trine with the focus on your 7th of marriage, lasting love and partnerships puts one particular dynamic duo in focus. Or an emerging one. This week is all about finding that balancing act. Or going in search of it.


Make lifestyle changes that work

Focus on the now

Look to how love fits in to the bigger picture

Mercury is in its ruling house in your chart – your 6th. Along with a slew of other factors. We are talking wellness and lifestyle and also how this all fits in with your relationships, Taurus. Nothing operates in isolation in our lives. Time for that big picture perspective.

So, let’s talk 6th house stuff which is honestly what Mercury is about along with the Sun and Mars in here. First we have a future focussed full Moon in your 20th. This gets you thinking about what needs to be resurrected or come with you into your future – and what doesn’t. You will be holding everything up to see what pluses and minuses there are. Or that perfect balance and how to get it. Especially in relationships. Are you equal or not? On the same page with those values? The 23rd sees ruler Venus in its ruling house oppose Uranus in your 1st. This could mark a month long process of looking at this.

The future is created by what you do now

Doors to work progress and opportunity swing open wide with the trine between Mercury and Jupiter in your 10th. This is Saturn’s house and it is trined by Mars also in your 6th along with the Moon in your 2nd in the Grand Air Trine on the 26th while the Sun trines the North Node. It’s about staying the course and faith in your ability to reach those long term goals. And what you do each day to support that.

In focus: new emphasis on your lifestyle, way of working, study, wellness gurus, doctors, healers, diet, habits, routine, pets, exercise, daily life and responsibilities. Some of you may be looking at a job offer or permanent re-jigging of that paid or unpaid work. You will also look at who or what adds to or takes away from your energy – mental and physical. Expect extreme energy reactions from your body around what does you good. And what doesn’t. This includes people. Pay close attention and revolutionise that lifestyle accordingly for wellbeing benefits that extend out into every area.

In a nutshell: Expect a lifestyle revolution, Taurus. Wellbeing matters in so many ways. You’re looking at how everything from your relationships to your habits affect you. And the changes you make ripple on out.


See your path as rich in experience

Opportunities and solutions appear

Head in the direction of passion

This week’s full Moon in you 10th has you looking at your achievements. What you attained and what has yet to be reached. Don’t however dwell on your perceived ‘failures’ or compare yourself to others. Time to re-wire your brain to see everything as a learning experience. And then re-set within this fresh framework.

Jupiter is back in its ruling 9th. Think big solutions, ideas and opportunities. Especially when ignited by ruler Mercury in your 5th. The Sun in here marks the equinox – the time of the year when day and night are in balance. We have a big 5th house line up now – as well as the Sun and your ruler, Mars is in here igniting passion, desire and the need to pursue happiness and express yourself while doing just that. What or who exactly this is could surprise you when Venus in your 6th opposes Uranus in your 12th on the 23rd. A surprise change of direction or shift could send you down an unexpected path or highlight an unacknowledged need within you which must now be answered.

Knock Three Trines!

The highlights for the week for you are the trines. Not just the Merc/Jupiter one of the 20th but the spinning, stellar potential of the Sun and Mars to the North Node in your 1st and the Grand Air Trine between the Moon in your 1st, Mars and Saturn in your 9th on the 26th. Expect release from a long term cycle or situation and passion to carry you forward out of stagnation. For singles, romantic possibilities could appear or freedom from that feeling of restriction or confinement.

Children, babies, adult children if you have them, the generations below you, pregnancy, becoming a parent, step-parent, grandparent. Playing the Generation Game and reconnecting to your inner child if its done too much adulting recently are possibilities which could come spinning out of this trine’s portal. Your Tarot card for the week? The 6 of Cups naturally! It’s that return to the time of being carefree and the belief all things are possible, Gemini.

In a nutshell: Learn from your past but don’t dwell there. This week’s Grand Air Trine promises release into opportunity or solutions. Renewed passion is the wave you’re riding into the future, Gemini.


Explore fresh possibilities

That enigmatic smile? So sexy and mysterious!

Go in the direction of that dream

Let’s start with this week’s full Moon in your 9th on the 20th, Cancer. What I like to think of as a Moon under which to set sail and explore something. A mystery perhaps? A goal or dream? It is a traveller’s Moon but if that is not possible right now, then delving into mysticism, fantasy, science fiction, the Discovery channel or simply researching that next adventure when things open up are ideal ways to link with the energy of this full Moon. Can you dream up a bigger experience for yourself? What has been out of reach but is only kept there by what you have been told or your beliefs?

There’s a touch of the Mona Lisa about you this week, Cancer as you smile that secret, enigmatic smile and make your plans for the future. Because even if you are not sharing them yet, you have them. The Sun joins Mercury and Mars in your 4th. There’s a restlessness about you which that full Moon may have ignited. You want changes but know what this means. Leaving something behind to have them.

This can be as simple as a reorganization of your space to an actual love of home, job or path. This week sees you exploring the concept of exchange. What you have to compromise on to get that. The smile comes in when you find the way to achieve it. You’ve a series of trines which could literally hand you the key to a new way of living or a lucky break starting with the Mercury/Jupiter one on the 20th.

What’s going on behind that smile?

The secret or something yet to be revealed is reflected by trines between Mars, the Sun and the North Node in your 12th. While the Grand Air Trine of the 26th says there’s a change occurring behind the scenes. Or you are intuitively channelling what’s yet to appear. You appear to other decked in glamour, other-worldly and alluring as a result. Maybe you’re just not ready for your big revelation yet, Cancer. Enjoy being the enigma wrapped in mystery. The changes you decide to make this week ripple out when you are ready to make them taking you in a new direction. In the interim – just smile.

In a nutshell: Set sail on a smile this week, Cancer. You may have something big you’re keeping to yourself and are not yet ready to reveal. You’re on the cusp of a change as life flows in a fresh direction. Go with it.


Align with the times

Cut fears down to size

Embrace the power of surrender

This week’s mysterious full Moon in your 8th tells you change or rebirth is the only constant. There’s no point in resisting the process. Just surrender to it, Leo. Allow things to take their own course at this time and don’t try to control or stop the process – even if something is ending. It’s a time for facing fears and insecurities and in doing so, watch them diminish. You end up wondering why they ever exerted such power over you.

Ruler the Sun is on the move into your 3rd of commerce, communication and commuting (or not as for many of us now). Expect a month long focus on your messaging, writing, study, business, design, publishing, your devices, paperwork and yes, the internet. Which is pretty well your playground now. Just bear in mind Mercury is slowing down. Bring projects to completion if you can.

Embrace the power of soul release

Check off those wishlist items and dust off those goals as Mars and then the Sun trine the North Node in your 11th and Mercury in what is its ruling house, trines Jupiter in your 7th on the 20th. This week’s Grand Air Trine on the 26th forms with the soul satisfying Moon in your social and goals sector, Mars in your 3rd and Saturn in your 7th. It tells you if its time for something to occur it will. Or it will return now. Do whatever is in your power to attain something but once that is done – let go, step back and wait. The power this week is all in your ability to let go – and to know when to release.

In a nutshell: This week’s full Moon promises release and letting go, Leo. While a goal delivering Grand Air Trine tells you to do all you can – but once that’s done, surrender. Changes send you spinning in a fresh direction.


Focus on path and purpose

Who or what is reflected back at you?

Feedback is your most valuable asset

Ruler Mercury is getting ready for retrograde this week so keep this in mind, Virgo. Time to tie up any outstanding business if you can and bring projects to a phase where you can either let them go or enter a period of revision and refinement.

Mercury will retrograde in your money house and once the Sun enters here on the 22nd, you can expect a period where you will be focussing on your income and the means you have to generate it, more than usual. It’s trine to Jupiter in your 6th on the 20th could mark the start of a satisfying week around work, study and career. This is the first of a series of trines you’ll experience designed to open doors to progress. Be ready to step through.

Mirror mirror on the wall

This week brings a full Moon in your 7th on the 20th. This is mirror time when someone – your opposite number, partner – past, present, potential, or even that opponent holds this up and reflects back at you how you are seen. This can be intense and also revealing. Right now you want to know you are valued and taken seriously. Whether this is a personal or professional relationship. This feedback is priceless so no matter who or what, absorb the image they show you.

The Sun moves on into your 2nd on the 22nd plus you have a success setting Grand Air Trine on the 26th. Formed between an ambitious, confident Mars in your 2nd, determined Saturn in your 6th and an inspired Moon in your 10th, this is the day to reach for that long term goal. You’re boosted by both Mars and then the Sun’s trine to the North Node also in your 10th. This week wants you to gain valuable feedback from someone and also to discover just how much you are capable of, Virgo. You’ll never know unless you try.

In a nutshell: Someone could provide you with an insight into how you are seen. Like that reflection, Virgo? An opportunity arrives to show just how much you are capable of. Work it like a boss.


Step into a new cycle of potential

Love, luck and freedom are your presents

Happy birthday, Libra!

Your birthday cycle begins with a fanfare as just four days after the Sun arrives in your sign we have a rare and special Grand Air Trine forming. In fact, this week’s is filled with trines all originating in your 1st which are signals of potential for you for the coming year. These hand you that sense of optimism, anticipation and also opportunity just waiting to be set in motion.

Open your gifts

It’s not just the Sun’s arrival which kick-starts a new cycle of liberation for you. Mercury trines Jupiter in one of its most opportunity creating positions – your 5th on the 20th. You’re feeling playfully daring, creative and already in expansion mode. Take a chance today. This day also brings the full Moon in your 6th channelling inspired wellbeing and setting you up to make lifestyle enhancing changes for your fresh cycle. Don’t ignore what you intuitively know you must do now.

Ruler Venus in its ruling 2nd opposes Uranus in your 8th and what’s been holding you back could simply just fall away now. You are on the cusp not just of a new 12 month cycle but a long term one as Mars and the Sun trine the North Node in your 9th this week. The 26th sets you off on a journey – real or metaphorical and also hands you the confidence to start it if you have been hesitating as a Grand Air Trine forms between Mars, Saturn in your 5th and the Moon in your 9th. Staying stuck, staying still – no longer options, Libra. Get ready for the gift of something bigger now.

In a nutshell: Your birthday cycle hands you gifts in the form of a series of door opening trines of attraction and opportunity. No more hesitation, Libra. This new cycle tells you to set the future in motion by going after what you want.


Soul alignments show you the future of connections

Take a deep dive into emotional safety

Who is on the same page?

Intense aspects this week have you delving into your long term needs. Don’t fight any impulse to withdraw, cocoon or spend time alone sorting through those thoughts, Scorpio.

Your values and how others reflect or share these will be in focus. You need to feel you and someone else are perfectly on the same page. Vesta arrives in your sign this week plus you have Venus opposing Uranus in your 7th. You’ll be incredibly aware of how your needs are changing or have done so over time, and looking at how all your relationships are either aligned to this – or not. Certainly when it comes to someone new entering your life, you’ll want to make certain that you and they see things the same way. That shared value system determines your long term potential now.

It is a fabulous week for a moondance and the full Moon in your 5th could see you do just that with a like-minded soul. Spending time with your children or those younger than you puts you in touch with what may be missing in your life – still.

It’s a good time to identify anything that is lacking and to do something about it with the massive soul clearing line up in your 12th. The Sun’s arrival from the 23rd increases your psychic skills, boots intuition and enhances creativity.

Own your desires

What’s designed to last and what isn’t – what sustains and what you have outgrown and need to shed will be your focus in the coming month. Planets in here form and reform trines including ancient ruler Mars to the North Node and Mercury to Jupiter. Changes around home, income, work could follow which are designed to meet those needs over the long term.

The Grand Air Trine of the 26th wants you to first own what it is you need to sustain you. And then do what you can to bring this about. One phase of living or working may be ending now with a grander design set to replace it. Don’t stand in its way. Or deny what you know you really need.

In a nutshell: Time for emotional honesty this week, Scorpio. Owning your needs is the first step towards getting them met. Especially over the long term. So, ensure you see these as your strength – and not insecurity.


Relationship destiny comes full circle

Set your future in motion

Put your feet back on higher ground

Karma from a relationship set in motion 19 years ago comes full circle now, Sag. If you were too young to be charting your own course back then, take it that what begins now has the ability to define your destiny for a long time to come due to Mars and the Sun hitting the North Node in your 7th.

It’s a week to go for it. Or to set something in motion. To claim your authentic path. Mercury in your 11th trines ruler Jupiter in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. Satisfaction or good news could be on its way around the 20th which also sees a full Moon in the Moon’s ruling 4th. As it waxes, this Moon meets Saturn and then Jupiter in your 3rd. So, this may mark a process or progress towards something and a completion or culmination of that on or around the 20th. You may be able to sit back and bask in a sense of satisfaction and achievement.

Get connected

The Sun’s entry into your 11th brings welcome excitement, variety with a touch of the unexpected. Now isn’t that right up your street, Sag? Are you looking to meet someone? Or just zhuzh up that social life? This is your month of saying Yes to just about everything on offer. And see who, what or where it gets you.

Reviving past contacts, making new ones – people you know or meet have the ability to influence your future in ways you cannot yet imagine. There’s an invitation or opportunity on offer the day of the Grand Air Trine on the 26th. Time to ditch preconceptions or hesitation. RSVP to the positive.

In a nutshell: Putting in that extra effort or a final push to bring something to a conclusion delivers a sense of purpose and satisfaction. Don’t stop there, Sag. Time to expand that social circle and get connecting this week.


Utilise enhanced insight in practical ways

Focus on your path and purpose

Sell yourself!

Status setting moves can be made this week. Its now time to bring work and career projects to a point where they can be concluded or else enter a period of refinement ahead of the Mercury retrograde.

This week’s full Moon in Pisces and your 3rd heightens your intuitive abilities and swings open wide the doors to perception. You will be naturally attuned to others under it. Ideas flow out of the ether but turn out to be strangely apt and workable. Under this full Moon you can intuit what others are seeking which makes it an excellent one for business, meetings, writing and communication. The only caution under it is not to believe everything you hear. Especially if this comes via the internet.

Fabulous alignments beginning with Mercury’s opposition to Jupiter in your 2nd could turn this into a week where you can harness your insight and ability to get your ideas across for real rewards. The Sun lands in your 10th on the 23rd pointing to a month long focus on your path, progress and purpose. To get clear about your direction in life. If you wish to change course then the upcoming Mercury retro allows for adjustments.

The Grand Air Trine between Mars in your 10th, ruler Saturn in your 2nd and the Moon in your 6th sees you willing to push forward, work harder and do whatever it takes. That effort gets you noticed. In the right way. Don’t cut corners no matter what you do this week, Capricorn. Your ability to sell your ideas and yourself, could just bring you the rewards and attention you deserve.

In a nutshell: You have the ability to intuit what others seek and to craft your ideas or what you say to meet these. You can harness insight and intuition and combine with business smarts for success making moves now.


Expansion, release and optimism power your week

Expect opportunity

Don’t dream it – do it

No, it’s not your birthday. But it could just feel like it this week, Aquarius. Freedom, solutions, travel, liberation, opportunity, learning, children and lovers could feature thanks to a series of door-opening trines designed to deliver release into something more soul igniting.

Venus in your 10th opposes ruler Uranus in your 4th on the 23rd and for some this could bring a change for the better around home or career. Especially when coupled with the full Moon in your 2nd on the 20th. The take out could be security and a sense of satisfaction.

It’s not luck – it’s focus

Big planetary activity in your 9th brings big benefits starting with Mercury’s trine to Jupiter in your 1st on the 20th – from what is Jupiter’s ruling house. Delivering news that is too big to ignore or the start of a journey real or metaphorical. The Sun’s entry on the 23rd points to optimism and expansion ahead. While aspects to the North Node in your 5th between Mars and the Sun point to a fresh cycle around parenting, love or even what you love to do.

The new rushes in to make itself known. Enhanced energy is yours. You may commit to doing something you have dreamed or thought about for some time but not had the courage to – until now. New, enticing and exciting people may enter your life and if so they represent the freedom you’re seeking. Others could be on the receiving end of a ‘lucky’ break. It’s not luck per se. But your ability to spot opportunity when it appears. Watch for who or what enters around the 26th when a Grand Air Trine links Saturn in your 1st to the Moon in your 5th and Mars in your 9th. A bigger, higher love experience awaits, Aquarius.

In a nutshell: News that’s too big to miss could arrive. Or you spot opportunity where others simply can’t see it – and go for it. The old gives way to something fresh. It’s all about new beginnings – right when you least expect them.


Your emotional truth emerges

Release or revive – whichever frees you

Enter the empowerment of the change process

Who is in focus this week for you, Pisces? One particular person or connection will be highlighted at the time of the full Moon in your 1st. Something is now ‘pulled’ to the surface – your feelings around them. Don’t ignore these insights whatever you do. If you are seeking love, please don’t go looking in all the wrong places for it. Rather sit with those feelings and use them to get a really clear picture of the kind of inner qualities you need in a partner. You’ll benefit immensely from the process if you do.

Re-deliveries and the past may feature. Second time around opportunities or simply the gift of learning from the past in order to leave it behind. Often that is the most priceless gift we can be given as it allows us to move into the future unencumbered. If something concludes or returns this week, then its all part of a grand design for you.

Channel your direction

Some of you may bring a negotiation or enter into a long term agreement which benefits you when Mercury in your 8th trines ancient ruler Jupiter in your 12th on the 20th. We have a series of powerful trines this week due to planets in your 8th – your ‘other’ money house and house of shared resources, rebirth and transformation. Don’t get in the way of change.

Feel empowered instead. Your home, family, lifestyle, living arrangements and income may factor in as Mars and then the Sun which arrives in here on the 22nd, impact on the North Node in your 4th. This could bring about a move or lifestyle change for many or see you strike off down a self-owned path. The star aspect of the week is the Grand Air Trine of the 26th linking the Moon in its ruling 4th, Mars in your 8th (which it rules) and Saturn in your 12th. New dreams and ambitions or a fresh direction will appear and replace anything you have lost now. It’s a reawakening this week, Pisces. You know what path to follow – even if it’s new and previously unexplored.

In a nutshell: This week provides you with an awakening. It could be around just how powerful and capable you are when it comes to driving your life in the direction you want it to go, Pisces. Make those changes under this week’s full Moon.


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