18th Feb 2013 Weekly Astrology Video

Greetings Gorgeous Soul,

There is a huge Full Super Blood Wolf Moon eclipse which is going to flavour our week with revelations and changes. She’s going to be as impressive as her name!

So much love to you

Michele x

7 thoughts on “18th Feb 2013 Weekly Astrology Video

    Who would have the balls to give you (of all people)
    a hard time about using tarot?
    Thank you for keeping the tarot in your reading. Its the icing on the cake!
    Im looking forward to the revelations of this week!

  2. Awesome, I feel the power, my rebirth. HOROSCOPE AND TAROT
    definitely speaks to me this week. Hope the moon reveals to me what I need to know. Wishing for healing and harmony with our son situation.
    Im feeling creative and intuitive, bring it on!

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