Your weekly horoscope 29th Jan 2018


  • Express yourself
  • Reawaken romance
  • Fate takes a hand

Time to put the serious stuff on the backburner if you can this week, Aries because it’s a wonderful week for a moondance! You’re feeling spontaneous and ready for fun. Make time for pleasure and love now. The desire for romance, to express yourself, and above all, to play sweeps you along under the light of the eclipsed full Moon in your 5th. Not just any eclipsed full Moon either. This is a blue Moon – in other words, the second full Moon of the month. Plus it falls conjunct Ceres making it even more unusual, unique and important.

A romantic opportunity may appear or an existing one gets taken to the next level. Others reawaken the spark. But remember, Ceres is about reaping what we sow and also giving something up. If something ends, you know it was a long time coming and this is a sign something better is about to appear. Others find their powers of attraction increase now. Mystical opportunities abound. Mercury swoops into your social sector on this day delivering invitations along with possibilities to shine. Accept all that come your way because fate is at work behind the scenes for you. The 3rd sees the Sun in your 11th oppose the point of fate in your chart – the North Node also in your 5th. Chance encounters may not be chance at all. Are you destined to shine in some way? What looks like fun and sparkly stuff may have a deeper purpose. This week points the way into the spotlight.

In a nutshell: Forget serious! This week wants you to be a pleasure seeker. Flirt, dance and play with life again, Aries!


  • Put down roots
  • Create the perfect first impression
  • Don’t take shortcuts to love

A blue Moon in a blue room in your chart? And an eclipsed one? This week’s eclipsed Blue Moon appears in the Moon’s ruling house for you. What’s more it falls conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres in here just adding to this Moon’s unusual qualities. Women – especially your mother or older women, but also women in general feature. As can home, family and your ‘roots’. Mothering, being mothered or in some cases ‘smothered’ are issues that may come to the fore. Ceres was not just associated with the harvest but also in mythology, as mother to Persephone, the archetype of the devouring, destructive mother. Issues around power and control in relationships may surface as could whether you were the favoured child in the family or the scapegoat. Did you get the attention you felt you needed? These are all Ceres/Pluto issues. This is a time to nurture yourself and create your own sense of family – especially if this was missing when you were growing up. Under the light of this Moon, this can be emotionally intense work but I promise the results will be worth it.

On a more mundane level, this eclipse could see a move or changes in residence but the focus is also on your long term security and what you need for this. Mercury arrives in your 10th and it’s all about serious business and career moves now.  Agreements can be reached and contracts signed. You’ve more confidence getting your ideas across. This is an excellent transit under which to apply for a new position. Ruler Venus also in your 10th squares Jupiter in your partnership sector boosting your ability to create the perfect first impression. There’s a flow, a give and take to all transactions whatever kind of partnership you’re focussed on. Whatever you do however, don’t assume there are shortcuts in business or in love just because things are going smoothly. Don’t take success – or love, for granted.

In a nutshell: Your home, family, roots and security are all eclipsed under this week’s Blue Moon. You confidence soars and you make love – and business look easy, Taurus.


Memories hold signposts to your future

Let passion back in

Reach for a bigger, bolder, wilder experience

Memories surface as the full Blue Moon appears in your 3rd this week. These can be around past ideas, conversations, people from the past, your siblings if you have them and even your neighbourhood. This is not just a Blue Moon but an eclipsed one. And it is conjunct Ceres. With ruler Mercury entering your 9th also on this day, I am wondering what has become small or confining? What have you outgrown? What needs to be made bigger or changed? What is restricting you?

Astrologers are now appreciating the impact Ceres has in our charts and her strange association with Pluto. What is emerging is that she is every bit as powerful as Pluto and these two have certain things in common. Power being one of them. And the transformation that occurs when the balance of power is restored. Ceres is not just about the harvest but also about sacrifice or giving up. Don’t be surprised if conversations revolve around this and also freedom now Mercury is in your 9th and sextiles Mars in your 7th.  Look to what needs to be said and done in relationships to bring about more balance, freedom and also fun, and then take action. Single? You’re seeking a wild adventure and exuding a devil-may-care sexiness that could just ignite a firestorm – of flirting at the very least but it most probably won’t stop there.  Passion in your goal now and you won’t let anything get between you and it (or them).

In a nutshell: Need to put the fun back into love? Whether you’re single or taken you can recreate the passion you’ve felt in the past. Get ready for adventure!


  • Deal maker or deal breaker?
  • What’s your return on love?
  • Do the deal

It’s not so much about your money, property, possessions this week, Cancer as your emotional investment in them. And other areas for that matter. You may find yourself looking at your returns on so many levels. Have you received the dividend that you hoped for? This extends to your relationships as your 2nd house rules the people that are assets to us. And we have your ruler not only eclipsed this week but that eclipse falling conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres who is very much about reaping what we sow and also, funnily enough, also about power. This eclipsed Moon is actually a Blue Moon as it is the second full Moon to appear within a calendar month. So we can say, represents a second peak or climatic experience emotionally for you. And it’s all tied up around worth, investment and what you feel you are getting in return.

Now, this can be as mundane as your pay packet or just the recognition you are receiving for what you do. You have interesting things happening in your house of personal power and transformation. And this house also rules the things we share with others – anything from a bed to a joint bank account. Your salary, benefits, maintenance payments also fall within here. Mercury arrives in here on the last day of the month and then the Sun opposes the North Node in your 2nd on the 3rd. Whatever this eclipse stirs up needs to be confronted and dealt with if you feel short-changed on any level. You could find you’re in a stronger position that you know. Do you have problems asking for what you feel you’re worth? Hone those negotiating skills. Do the deal this week.

In a nutshell: Your emotional investment in all areas is under scrutiny this week. Are you seeing returns on your investment? For you, this is far more important than money, Cancer.


  • Opposites attract
  • Take time to reflect
  • Initiate change

Ceres is involved in this week’s eclipsed Blue Moon in your 1st, Leo.  A blue Moon is unusual enough but one conjunct Ceres – and in your sign, marks a period of transition and preparation for you. Look closely at the results you have reaped in various areas of your life. Are you happy with them?  This eclipsed Moon could see you in a very reflective mood and even spending some ‘alone’ time. Don’t fight this if this is how you feel as you’ll be able to be more in touch with your higher self and what it has to tell you than at any other time. Need to make changes? One thing is certain, you’ll soon realise it’s up to you to initiate them. 

You’re exploring every aspect of the big picture that makes up your life now and this includes partners and the people closest to you. Mercury enters your 7th this week facilitating conversations that involve the two of you. You’re able to be open and honest about the way you feel and in a more loving way. In work situations, this is going to translate into acting on those ideas and getting them across effectively. Your ruler the Sun is in your 7th right now giving you the ability to ‘attract’ whatever is opposite to you. Think about that for a moment. As it opposes the cosmic North Node in your 1st new and perhaps divinely fated contacts can be made. New friends, business associates or even perhaps, the love of your life. When you’ve done with the inner reflection see what the world reflects back at you this week.

In a nutshell: Opposites attract? You’re in a position where you’ll draw whoever or whatever that is to you this week. See it (or them) as a fascinating facet of you, Leo!


  • Something hidden is revealed
  • Whose feelings are these anyway?
  • Fate opens up a new path

There’s an argument going on between some astrologers out there that Ceres should replace Mercury as your ruler.  Probably because of your sign’s association with the harvest and the virgin archetypes. Ceres’s daughter Kore or Persephone being the association there. But Ceres is far more than just about crops and maidens. She’s also about power – specifically the abuse of it and compromise or having to give something up in order to bring about the result we want. This month’s eclipsed full Moon (also a blue moon) falls conjunct Ceres in your 12th house. This could be all about what you cannot see and what is about to be revealed. Your psychic abilities are at their peak but one aspect of this eclipsed Moon and Ceres is that you may also feel vulnerable. If so, you need to spend some alone time and pamper yourself. But what I would say about this eclipse is that it may feel as if you are permeable and absorbing the emotions and feelings of those around you. If you feel uneasy, to a check as to whether these are actually YOUR feelings and not someone else’s you have tuned into. Do a healing or a protection meditation if necessary. This is your house of hidden enemies and as Ceres is all about power and abuses of it, be warned that you may discover someone’s motives were not what you thought. Be prepared to deal with this if necessary.

Ruler Mercury arrives in this ruling 6th this week and your mind may be off in several different directions. You crave stimulation at work and your thinking and the way you communicate your ideas and with co-workers and customers could put you on course for success. The Sun also in here opposes the North Node in your 12th. An opportunity for you could be right under your nose and this brings it to your attention. When you see it, go with it. Your subconscious is nudging you to look closer. Listen to what it reveals this week.

In a nutshell: You’re psychically attuned this week. Listen to your higher self and follow those gut instincts. You’re being led towards a new path now.


  • Friends, groups and contacts feature
  • Step back into the spotlight
  • Let your love flow

Feelings around your connections will be intense as a total lunar eclipse occurs in your 11th this week. This is not just any old full Moon eclipse but a blue Moon eclipse which is extremely rare. Not only that, the eclipse falls conjunct Ceres in here making it even more powerful. You’ve a lot in common with Ceres. Like you she knows the art of compromise. But she will also alert you to where you may have compromised too much. Which one have you done or do you need to do/rectify? This eclipse could bring a project or activity you share with someone else to a conclusion, see you joining a new group or even breaking with one – or one particular friend. This may not involve anything dramatic – just you deciding to quietly walk away.

Good times, good company as well as success in work and business ventures could be what Mercury arriving in your 5th ushers in. Some of you may also get to flex those flirtation muscles due to ruler Venus in here. Hey – use it or lose it! Romance rules now with singles in a position to attract and connect with someone they encounter while out enjoying themselves. Venus also makes an angle to Jupiter in her ruling house. Unlike other squares which can be tense angles, this one is all about the flow. The flow of cash, the flow of good times, the flow of love, the flow of the moment. You’re able to generate that now. Go with it.

In a nutshell: Friends, connections and contacts of all descriptions feature. How long has it been since you flexed your flirtation muscles? Time to get back in the game!


  • If you won’t believe in yourself, who will?
  • Showcase yourself
  • Take your time with decisions

This is not a week to be working behind the scenes, Scorpio. It’s time to bring attention to yourself, your ambitions and what you have to offer. Ditch any false modesty and strut your stuff! Above all, believe in yourself. This is no time for impostor syndrome. Instead it’s time to take a leadership position when it comes to your job or career. This week’s full Moon is not just a blue Moon but an eclipsed blue Moon. It also falls conjunct Ceres in your house of career, rewards and reputation. One aspect of Ceres is harvest and reaping what you sow. Another is power and the balance of power and empowerment. Time to bring a work project to completion or enter into the final stages of anything to do with your career. Follow through with anything designed to focus the attention on you. And ask yourself: what am I ready to or preparing to harvest? What is within my power to do? Act with authority in your own life because when we don’t, we hand our power to others. This eclipse may have you looking at where this may have occurred.

Take your time with the decision making process however as Mercury enters the Moon’s ruling house the day the eclipse occurs. This could see your emotions driving your decisions rather than the facts. Step back and if necessary, listen to what others have to say. You’ll be glad you did. Venus is also in here and angles to Jupiter in your 1st. The right decision results in you experiencing a level of security you’ve not felt in a long time.  You’re creating the future right in the here and now.

In a nutshell: Don’t lurk in the background this week. It’s time to get noticed. Take a leadership position Scorpio, and aim high!


  • Bring in balance & harmony
  • What’s that big idea?
  • Forge a new spiritual path

Ditch any negative people or influences in your life now, Sag. It’s time of positive people and positive thinking. In fact, you will find it extremely difficult to be around people who see things in a negative light now. This week’s ultra-rare eclipsed blue Moon in your 9th is all about expansion and even fun. Chances are you won’t be able to take even serious subjects too well – seriously. You’re in an upbeat mood. Travel is possible – if not actual then intellectual. This Moon has you seeking out meaning – in your relationship and your beliefs and life in general. This eclipse is even more unusual as it falls conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres in here. I could say ‘What’s the big idea?. Or more to the point, the big idea you’ve bee nurturing? Is it time to harvest this or take it to the next level? Your 9th house resonates with you as your sign is of course, the 9th of the zodiac. However, there’s some added warmth to incubate those ideas in here as well as the desire to shine. How are you using this? Above all, do bring those ideas about what balance has to be struck or price to be paid? Look closely as chances are there is one. But your priorities are about more than what money can buy so this should be easy for you.

Ruler Jupiter in your 12th is linking you to these higher issues. Plus you have Mercury entering his ruling house this week and Venus already in here angling back at Jupiter. Your imagination flies free now. This can result in a spiritual journey, or once again, that inspired idea. There’s a link to the past now. If you are travelling or planning a trip then this could be to somewhere you have visited in the past or even lived in a past life. People from your past could also get in touch. It’s also about the love of ideas. Go with your gut instinct when it comes to them. They could take you a long way.

In a nutshell: Filter out the negative and focus on the positive this week.  That includes people and situations that drain you. Ideas open doors – make time for them.


  • What’s your true worth?
  • Step into empowerment
  • Prepare for transformation

Are you fully in your power now, Capricorn? With ruler Saturn in your sign for the first time in 29 years you should be feeling more grounded than ever. Feel this connection this week and see yourself as Shakespeare’s ‘ever fixed mark’. Above all, stand firm now especially to do with anything that involves negotiations with others. Something in your life needs to be transformed and the eclipsed blue Moon in your 8th signals the time has come. This is not just any old eclipsed blue Moon. They are rare enough. But what makes this one especially unique is that it falls conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres in here. If you look at the symbol for Ceres you will see it looks like a scythe. This is her link to agriculture and the harvest. It also symbolises reaping what we sow and ‘cutting back’ so new growth can appear. Ceres also has a link to power and transformation due to her connection with Pluto. And this all takes place in Pluto’s ruling house in your chart.

As a result, you may have to ground yourself, dig deep and take a stand over money, your salary, pay-outs or even who holds the power in a relationship. Financial transactions may feature or merely self-worth ones. Mercury enters your money and assets zone the same day the eclipse occurs. Plus you have the Sun in your 2nd opposing the mystic North Node also in your 8th. This is a time for self-and-soul determination. Remember, every single argument in history has revolved around just two subjects: ‘How much do you love me?’ and ‘Who is in charge?’. Knowing which one lies at the heart of any negotiation puts the point of power with you now.

In a nutshell: Come from a position of power this week, Capricorn. Changes around finances put you in a negotiating position. Don’t sell yourself short.


  • What’s your desire?
  • Connect on a deeper level
  • Are you ready to receive?

An often overlooked aspect of any full Moon in our 7th house is desire. Yes, we often associate this with our 8th but that is usually around transformation or endings. You will be prepared to use any means at your disposal to fulfil your desires as this week’s eclipsed blue Moon appears in your 7th. This is a very rare event. And rarer still is an eclipsed full blue Moon to fall conjunct the dwarf planet Ceres. Ceres has a big connection to power. So, we are talking about the power of your desires which moves you to take action. Not that you are likely to abandon all restraint when going after them. But there’s a determination to have what you want now. And this is your 7th so it is likely to involve another person. A partner, a potential partner, a boss – or again potential one. How are you at asking for what you want? Do you avoid it or do you believe that people who ask for what they want usually get it?

Mercury’s arrival in your 1st on this day lends you the ability to put this all into words. You’ll find yourself speaking up and speaking out. All this could be around a desire for a connection to go to a deeper level or you could be bringing something to a key stage at work. What is it you need to accomplish this? The Sun still in your 1st opposes that cosmic spinning point of fate the North Node in your 7th. One connection or desire is at the very heart of what you want to say this week. Just ask.

In a nutshell: Give in to your desires this week, Aquarius. Ask for what you want. Others are ready to give and you’re in a position to receive this week!


  • Release your inner artist
  • Let it grow
  • Initiate those plans you’ve been nurturing

If there has been something you have been contemplating starting for some time – especially anything to do with work or wellbeing, this week is the time to begin it. If you do you have a better than usual chance of succeeding at it than any other time thanks to an eclipsed blue Moon in your 6th of work and health. Blue Moons are rare and an eclipsed one rarer still. What makes this one pretty unique is that also falls conjunct Ceres in this house in your chart. She is all about reaping what you sow but also planting seeds for your next crop to harvest later. Something may come to completion now with you seeing the results. Others could feel a powerful push towards change. But just be aware with Ceres, this isn’t about overnight results. Just as a farmer has to plant a crop and waits to harvest it, so will you. Pushing things too hard, however, won’t get you the results you want, that’s the lesson here. Let it grow, baby.

You may already intuitively know this is the answer as Mercury enters your 12th this same day. Now is the time to reach for your inner writer or artist. Divine inspiration strikes you. Ideas seem heaven sent as Mercury acts as your muse. Don’t resort to just daydreaming – use this. Hidden information and secrets will emerge. Watch who you confide in now as they may not keep your confidence. The Sun also in your 12th opposes the North Node and you could tap into a well of hidden talents or strengths now. What this week shows you is that you have only just scratched the surface on what you can achieve. Go deeper.

In a nutshell: Tap into your creativity. Follow your intuition. Cosmic forces align to show you just how much you can achieve now, Pisces.

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