31st July 2017 Weekly Written Astrology

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 9th


  • Do you have the winning combination?
  • You are your own secret weapon of choice!
  • Aim high and negotiate with style

Can you combine power with diplomacy this week, Aries? Because when it comes to your professional status and career, you’ve got the ability to bring both to the table – and bank on the results too. Your 10th of career and reputation contains ruler Mars and Pluto as well as Black Moon Lilith. This adds up to transformative action with a unique touch of wanting to be on top. You’re aiming high, have the energy to achieve thanks to your ruler and Pluto who rules your sector of power plays, transformation and corporate or shared money, insists on a major status-determining move now.

Venus who rules your bank account as well as your love life in in her ruling 2nd of money, assets (the moveable variety), talents, skills and self-worth and angles across to Mars and also Lilith this week. Add to this weeks WOW factor, Jupiter in Pluto’s ruling house, making a success inducing aspect to him on the 14th – the same day as Mars makes one to Neptune in your 12th, and you could be your own hidden asset. The contender the competition doesn’t see coming. You may have some hidden tricks up your sleeve and as Mercury finally heads direct in your 1st, now will be the time to unveil them. Think of yourself as sitting down at a high-stakes poker game. You’ve got your game-face on and a winning hand. Let everyone think they’ve underestimated you and then – show them what you are made of. When it comes to your career, it’s game on this week, Aries.

In a nutshell: Aim high this week. And bring a touch of diplomacy and balance to bear too. You could be on a winning streak now. And gaining friends and supporters as you do.


  • What’s in your way?
  • Design your future
  • Get ready for an important new cycle

Where have you set your own limits Taurus? We’re heading towards the fabulous fresh start for you that your birthday season promises. Where you get a clean slate on which to write what you will. In the remaining days before the Sun reaches your 1st you need to be asking yourself where you have been holding yourself back. Your 12th house is your house of secrets and limitations as well as other much more soul-elevating stuff such as psychic ability, inspiration and intuition. This week Mercury finally heads direct in here which is fantastic news for you as it means he is direct when you birthday month begins. For now however, you should be taking a careful look at how you may have held yourself but perhaps blamed something or someone external for this. Because very often it’s us who sets our own limits – not anyone else.

Look deep within you, be honest and demand answers. The thing about 12th house transits is that if we are truly open to hearing what we need to know, we will be given the answer we seek. This week sees ruler Venus in your 1st making a determined effort to break you free of past limits. Mars in your 9th sets you on course to finally surmount barriers between you and success. Doors are starting to open for you on an individual journey that you can design for yourself. And again, the only limits are the ones you may impose upon yourself. A fabulous alignment between Jupiter ruler of your no-limits 9th to Pluto in here from your 7th could see a new relationship appear that stretches your wings and brings in fabulous new possibilities for some. While others just break free by seeing quite clearly, those obstacles in your way – whether created by you – or not. Who are what is holding you back can be left behind you in the past now.

In a nutshell: Doors are starting to open wide for you and new opportunities beckon. But time for a little soul-house clearing first. Clear away old limitations this week, Taurus.


  • Is who you know your greatest asset?
  • Who counts for you?
  • Be an agent for self-empowerment

This week is not just about being an agent for change but also about your support network, Gemini. If faced with changes, often we need that network – or need to find out who the people truly are we can count on. Get ready for insight into this now. Ruler Mercury is about to shift to forward motion in your 11th of friends, groups and organisations. But you also have a big planetary line-up in your 8th which is the house of support you receive from others. So, with Venus in your 12th of secrets and angling at Mars in your 8th – this is Mars’s ancient ruling house, hidden assets in the form of people you can count on and who support you, will be revealed. Or not as the case may be.

The flip-side to an asset is something that makes a loss or which costs us on some level. This week puts you not only in touch with those people who enrich your life but those relationships where there is a hidden cost you may not have seen until now. One example of this would be you always being available whenever a friend needs your help but when you ask, they are always busy doing something else. With your 8th involved there are more sinister versions of this such as someone acting in a controlling way or manipulating you – all the while telling you they love you. Or won’t love you any more unless you act in a certain way. What is certain about this week is that people will show you their true colours – or you will suddenly see them for what they are. Knowledge is always power. Being an agent for change may involve you deciding that the only company you keep is the kind that you know you can rely on totally from here on in.

In a nutshell: It’s all about your friends, contacts, connections and your network, Gemini. Who supports you and who doesn’t? Mine those people assets – they’re the best you have.


  • Who is on your mind?
  • Negotiate with confidence
  • Life heavy-going? Time to lighten up!

Just who have you got in mind this week, Cancer? Perhaps you’re just looking for a more varied social life. Have you been too much of a homebody of late? Or are you looking for love? An activity partner? Or even a new boss? Venus is in your house of friendships and goals and making some expansion angles to Neptune in your 9th. This is a fabulous transit to connect with or make new friends who are very much on the same wavelength as you. It’s a week for meeting like-minded souls – and in more ways than one. Normally, Venus in your 11th is usually a transit that is more about friendships than romance. Yes, there may be a flirtation or even a romantic interest initially. But usually with Venus in here what tends to happen is that any initial attraction turns into ‘just good friends’ after a while. Unless you have other transits occurring at the same time which support longer term romance that is. Which you do now as Venus ignites Mars in Venus’s ruling house fanning the flames of passion and also the seriously sexy Black Moon in here. As well as Jupiter in your romance zone.

This week favours all kinds of long term connections including the business variety whether it is a new boss or business partner you’re seeking. Mercury heads to forward motion in your 10th giving career matters the green light once again. It’s time for serious career moves and agreements to be reached. If you’ve been waiting out the retrograde then be aware that we still are in retrograde shadow until next month. But for now, negotiate with confidence and if you have been feeling that work has been an uphill struggle of late, look forward to a lightening of the load. If there’s been crossed wires, missed signals or just someone jumping to the wrong conclusion, clarity returns. Finish taking care of business now and then you are free to make those new connections or explore existing ones to your heart’s content.

In a nutshell: In a mood to meet someone new? A lover? New friends? Or an activity partner? Cosmic connections can be made this week so get connecting, Cancer!


  • Ask for what you want
  • Know your value
  • You’re the real deal, Leo!

Hopefully you have spent this Mercury retrograde period getting real, Leo. Mercury retro in your 9th house can sometimes have you bluffing or exaggerating things. Yes, we all love a good anecdote – especially when delivered in your glowing signature Leo style. A little embroidery here and there just enhances your delivery. But hopefully this did not extend to you bluffing or exaggerating your skills or experience when it comes to your work and career. If so, Mercury heading direct this week could leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth and egg all over your face.

But if you’ve kept it real, Mercury in forwards motion in your 9th – along with your ruler the Sun of course, could see the rewards of your ability to sell yourself in to clients or employers arrive. Contracts signed now and agreements or sales reached could result in lasting success for you as Venus in your 10th of reputation and status squares the North Node (this is another aspect that asks you to keep it real). Your 6th house of work is receiving a boost from Venus as you have Mars and the Black Moon Lilith in here. Mars adds impetus, confidence and energy while Lilith’s influence is all about being authentically real – and also being unafraid to ask for what we want. Knowing the value of what you can bring to the table without needing to exaggerate says confidence and also reputation. Stand by both this week for a fabulous outcome.

In a nutshell: The benefits for keeping things glowingly real should be apparent for you this week, Leo. Tangible rewards could be on their way. Especially around work and career.


  • Intuition is your compass
  • What have you shed? What seeds have you sown?
  • New opportunities await you

Ruler Mercury ends his retrograde phase this week. What seeds have you planted for the future during the past three weeks, Virgo? Also, what has been revealed to you during this period? Chances are some piece of information or an idea has come to light that you now have to act on. You may have also found it hard to pay attention to details – right when you felt you needed your signature gift. This may have left you having to rely on your intuition instead. If so, understand there was a reason behind this and that is to get you to see that both are equally important and also both when utilised correctly, can be equally accurate and just as reliable as those facts. Did you ignore what your intuition was telling you during this time only to discover later it was correct? If so, this is a case in point.

Others may have shown you their best and sadly for some, their worst sides and you may feel you are older and certainly wiser for the experience. This may have been a retrograde of shedding for some of you – and you are the sign of the pristine after all. So, anything that you have had to discard needed to be left behind and was probably lived out if you are honest about it. Venus in your 9th is making some enticing moves to planets currently in your 5th – which also impact on Neptune in your 7th. Let go and this opens up space to be filled by what you attract. For some this could be a new lover, a job opportunity or something to explore. Let go of what is no longer needed and trust where you are being led. This week marks the first step towards a new destination.

In a nutshell: Have you planted some seeds for the future, Virgo? The past few weeks have been about doing that. Your intuition is your most reliable guide now. Use it.


  • No more repeats or re-runs when it comes to love
  • Home, living and lifestyle changes bring benefits
  • You are the catalyst, Libra!

Have you at any point in the past three weeks or so thought ‘Here we go again’, Libra? This could have been an ex, a current partner, a working relationship or even that person who upsets your usual Libran desire for peace and balance and has you plotting a distinctly Scorpionic response. Whether your response was love, hate or indifference, it all felt a bit ‘same chocolate, different wrapper’.  The good news is that this week marks the end of the re-run period in your personal life as Mercury finally heads direct. Chances are however this retro phase has seen at least one connection go through a transformation. Perhaps due to you just deciding to respond or think differently in relation to this person.

Change your thoughts or your responses and you change your relationships – and in a larger context, your world. You’re also looking to the long term this week thanks to a catalytic line-up in your 4th of home, family and security which impacts on both the planets in your partnership sector and ruler Venus now in your 8th. Decisions could be made around living arrangements or the future of a relationship. Or an existing one transforms. Attracting financial backing, assistance or help from people in positions of power is another possibility with your ruler in here. Just ensure there are no strings attached. As for that same old chocolate, once Mercury is direct once more expect a radical new flavour to be on offer. Get a taste for something new now.

In a nutshell: Something may have been running on repeat lately, Libra. If you want to ditch the cycle, time to try a different approach. You’ll be amazed how it now resolves – for good.


  • Confusion clears
  • Rediscover love, pleasure and passion
  • Get talking

Normal service when it comes to work and the tools you may need to work with – computer, phone, tablet or even your commute, gets restored this week as Mercury heads direct again in Mercury’s ruling 6th. Have you felt during this period that bosses, managers or even co-workers were on a different wavelength or even speaking a different language? Or had difficulty getting your ideas across? What seemed obvious to you may have been met with opposition or rejection. Hopefully this past three weeks or so has not seen you banging your head against a wall in frustration. Although it may have felt like it at times. With this move forward channels are open again, the static clears and others once again turn receptive to what you have to say. What’s more you won’t need a translator anymore as everyone returns to speaking the same language. Not only do those bosses, managers and people in authority now back what you’re saying or want what you’re selling, chances are they are taking you seriously again now. Despite glitches, if you used this Mercury retrograde to hone your communication skills and refine those ideas, the results could now exceed your expectations.

The same goes for your love life as Venus in her ruling house ushers in a period of attraction, the re-kindling of pleasure and the potential of a new romance for singles. Again, what you say and how you communicate plays a role. It’s not just your ability to flirt – with ideas for business and passion for pleasure. It’s about how your mind works. You could attract someone who values the mental turn-on just as much as the physical one. And chances are you’re looking for that as well. Smart is the new sexy for you this week. So, don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. What’s on your mind could just lead to someone being very much part of your heart – and your future.

In a nutshell: Words are magic. They have the ability to create our future. Use yours to great effect this week – whether it’s for work – or for love, Scorpio!


  • Get kidding around
  • Push the boundaries on what you think is possible
  • Tap into the fountain of youth (it’s not what you think!)

With Mercury about to head direct again in your 5th of pleasure, romance, magical luck and shining opportunities, you might be expecting this week’s forecast to at the very least, start off with End of Retrograde celebrations. Instead, let’s talk first about all the potential Venus is generating for you in your 6th of work, routines and wellness. But wait, I hear you say. Doesn’t Venus not like being in there. All that dullness and duty when she just wants to play and indulge? Of course, you would be right in all of that. But Venus always wants to bring us pleasure so this week she’s serving that up via a work opportunity that could lead to something show-stopping in your future as she makes a success-making alignment to Mars in your 2nd. Ruler Jupiter angles to Pluto also in Venus’s ruling house and inner transformations result in a transformation in the material plane for you. Push forward and push your boundaries as Venus will also square the North Node in your 9th this week. Bold moves are favoured. Are you ready to make them?

Back to that Mercury direct. What’s the future of romance or even that creative project you’ve been tinkering with? There’s also a question remaining about your connection to children or those younger than you. This could be your own children, step children, a potential partner who comes with them or just younger people you have in your life. You have a role to play which is far more important than you realise. Mercury retro should have flagged this up. Or is it your inner child that you need to re-parent? The fountain of youth is your ability to play, have fun and not take things too seriously. And to spend time in the company of those who can remind you of this. Get playful now.

In a nutshell: Have you been reconnecting with that inner child? Our capacity for joy, to be in the moment and play is often linked to our ability to attract. Reconnect to that this week.


  • Create a legacy
  • Don’t be afraid to ask
  • What’s your next move?

A powerful week where changes can be made that impact on your home or long term security, Capricorn. You’re stepping into a new era of certainty and strength as you receive soul-reassuring feedback from others that you are more capable and more powerful than you previously imagined. This week sees you unafraid to speak out and ask for what you want. It’s not that you are adopting a ‘My way or the highway’ approach. Just that you are operating from core strength and surety. Something comes full circle this week and you hold the results of what was set in motion by you. Mars in your 1st gives you courage, determination and impulsion. You have a clarity around what you want to achieve and it is this confidence that allows you to ask for what it is you want. That raise? New job? Better understanding in your relationships? Different way of living?

Mercury heads direct in your 4th this week reigniting home and career plans. If you have been waiting to hear about a career decision or a house move – perhaps stuck in a chain – then things move forward again from the 15th. It is now safe to look round for that new home or new job but remember that Mercury remains in retrograde shadow until next month so what a call ‘retrograde residue’ may hang around until then. When you know what it is you are going to ask for, you won’t hesitate to make your move. That could even extend to making the first one as Venus in your 5th trines Mars and Dark Moon Lilith in your 1st opening up conversations that sizzle and irresistible attractions. The result could be not only a new way in how you see yourself, but also in how others see you this week.

In a nutshell: You’re skilled at planning for the long-term. So you’re in your element this week. Decisions can be made to create something you can continue to build on, Capricorn.


  • Love that secret you!
  • Swim out of the soul cage
  • Business matters get the green light

Your 12th house is the most mysterious and complex of all in your chart. It is after all, the house of secrets which is why even experienced astrologers can have difficulty coming to grips with what it contains. It is your house of the subconscious and what is hidden. It rules hidden enemies and this includes the one we really cannot see which is the one within. Hence self-sabotage, addictions and other behaviours which look like escapism but are in fact soul cages. Neptune rules our 12th and one of the best songs describing the 12th house is in fact The Soul Cages by Sting. Before our birthday each year our 12th house fills will planetary energy asking us to clear our soul cage, but sometimes this process lasts for years rather than weeks when we get a slow moving planet in there or a build-up happening. This is a rare opportunity to escape a soul cage when this happens and you have this ability now as Saturn, Mars, Pluto and Lilith all have you plugged into your soul power and hand you the ability to see where your subconscious is tripping you up. The key to your escape? Here’s the secret to it. It’s what you feed your mind. When we have powerful 12th house transits happening what we hope for and what we fear can turn up. Sometimes one outweighs the other. If it’s fears then ‘feed’ your mind more positive messages. And don’t be afraid of your subconscious. Love it. Care for it like you would a neglected animal. How many times have you heard people describe depression or their addiction as a ‘black dog’? The metaphors we use often contain the key to our freedom. Would you neglect a dog? Of course not. You would love, feed and care for it. Do that for your ‘shadow’ side. Walk the black dog in the light.

It all sound very esoteric but it works. This week also sees Mercury move direct again in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. Travel, writing, communication  and business matters clarify and move forward. And that includes talking to your subconscious for success now.

In a nutshell: Planets in your mysterious 12th point to your subconscious thoughts and fears. Time to love those deep recesses of your soul. Self-love talk brings big benefits this week.


  • Love is the hot topic
  • Refine those values
  • Inner shifts bring outer gains

Have you been listening to your intuition, Pisces? The Mercury retrograde in your 2nd has been focused not only on your money but on your values. Do you value your own inner resources or do you continue to doubt them? Your insight may be just one resource you may have undervalued. Are there others? Your talents and skills? Good old fashioned self-worth? Do you worry overmuch about how others see you? Does their approval affect how you see yourself? Time to nurture and value all facets of yourself and to project a more robust sense of self-esteem and values now. Good news should be arriving or else the opportunity to see for yourself tangible results from any inner shift you have made. Venus makes a wonderful angle to Neptune your ruler this week from your 3rd, coupled with Mercury’s shift to forward motion in your 2nd from the 15th.

Fabulous news could arrive on the work front or a romance could take off. Your communications are tinged with passion – for what you do, your ideas or even for someone. What’s more you’re stepping out with the kind of renewed confidence that follows a value upgrade, Pisces. Social events offer the opportunity to meet and connect with new people and you’re unafraid to initiate the contact whether this is for business networking or purely for pleasure. Love may be the main topic of conversation now as could be a recent success. You could get to see for yourself how a self-esteem upgrade results in more for you now. More money, more fun, more love and more freedom. And all because you saw yourself as more valuable.

In a nutshell: That soaring self-confidence results in you being able to take the initiative now, Pisces. Whatever approach needs to be made, you’re starting the conversation.


By our astrologer Helen

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