11th March 2019 Weekly Written Astrology


Work showdown
Cosy times
Don’t lose your cool!

Aries after last week’s crazy Full Moon ride and Mercury’s retrograde you’re probably not quite on your Rammy hooves. If you’re feeling disgruntled or off kilter try to take some time out to reflect this week dear Aries. You’re not usually one to hibernate, least of all in the Summer, as you tend to get things done and act in the moment, so if you feel like indulging in some YOU time, do it!

This week could be a little tricky for you if you don’t pay attention to where your unconscious feelings are leading you. Venus the Planet of love is giving you the vibes to be cosy at home and take some much-needed R and R. HOWEVER, Pluto the Lord of the shadowy underworld and all things power related, is causing a bit of mischief in your career zone. Is there any conflict between these two areas? Are you feeling vulnerable?

However, be very careful that you don’t become paranoid, jealous, obsessed or out of control. Mercury is messing with your mojo and when Venus and Pluto oppose one another it brings up some volcanic emotions (Something that is not unfamiliar to you!). You’re not one to repress your feelings but even you can feel insecure sometimes, especially if you don’t get enough attention! Take a cosmic chill pill and go for a run or whatever you like to do to release that tension. Watch out though as if you get the wrong end of the stick you might come across as a bit of a muppet! Mind you, the making up might be fun, thank Goddess you’re a charmer! Haha!

Venus is also square Jupiter on the 17th giving you a call to freedom. Venus and Jupiter are intent on having a good time and feasting on all of life’s pleasures, yes please! The good news is that a love interest could be captured by your exuberance as you show them the magic of being spontaneous and impulsive, which let’s face it, is your forte. Try to avoid spending too much this week though.

On the 20th Mars your ruler is in your cheerful and creative pleasure zone sextile Jupiter in your personal relationship space. Love and intimacy have the potential to stretch and grow. There’s a jolly and adventurous side to friendships and soul connections which recharge you. Yippee! Hopefully you’ve dealt with any shadow emotions from the start of the week and now you’re ready to feel excited and launch yourself into the next phase of life withgiddy explorations!

In a nutshell – If you can tame that fiery temper of yours, this week can bring excitement. Passion is stirred but so is a desire for freedom.

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (4th House to 10th House)

17 Aug 2017 Venus Square Jupiter (4th to 7th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (5th House to 7th House)


Work out wonder
Naughty naughty
Flight of fancy

Yikes, Holly Cow! Venus your ruler is crossing swords with Pluto the shadowy, intense Lord of the underworld! Venus is encouraging you to talk and demand freedom. It may be that you (or indeed someone else) is tempted to manipulate the facts to get what they want. Some pretty fiery and full on emotions are stirred and some harsh words spoken. Bare in mind though, that Mercury is still retrograde possibly creating mischief and mayhem. Think very carefully before expressing a desire to do what you want though. Some Taureans flirt with danger this week and have an affair with someone unusual or different. However, the energy not only eases up by the 17th but also you could feel more optimistic and excited by loves infinite potential. Don’t forget that love comes from within you.

On the 17th Venus is square Jupiter. Usually squares are challenging but this particular square encourages you to feast on life. Jupiter is trying to encourage you to pay it forward and be of service to others and to look after your beautiful self, helping you to take care of your body and soul. You might feel the desire to chuck yourself into a health regime and it gives you more of a buzz than you thought, you might even meet an enthusiastic work out partner who floats your boat. Kudos to you if you follow through, changing patterns is hard but once achieved ityou’ll feel liberated.

Mars sextile Jupiter gives you passion and energy to do some much-needed work on your home. Whether its redecorating, transforming the garden or making it a place you can stay healthy, you are doing it with your considerable drive this week.

THIS WEEK – Temptation is in the air as you sense a flirtatious undercurrent. Jupiter is helping you get your energy back. BOOM!

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (3rd House to 9th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (3rd House to 6th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (4th House to 6th House)


Take charge of your finances
Bouncy charisma
Creative flow

Aloha Gemini! How are you feeling now that your ruler is in full retrograde swing? This week the Universe turns your focus towards all things loving. Friendships, affairs and personal relationships all have your full attention. Venus the planet of love is opposing shadowy, game changer Pluto on the 15th. Many people (including you) will have their emotional buttons poked by the Lord of transformation. Of course, when Pluto gets involved rational communication can go right out the window. Is there a situation around money or power that needs addressing? If you’re in a relationship, is there any manipulation going on? With all of these simmering emotions you might just be tempted to lose the plot this week and have an unusual over the top outburst. Yikes! You’re an air sign and you often prefer to intellectualise or think through your problems, you can push down uncomfortable feelings, but then one-day BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! out they come! Bare in mind that those close to you can be taken aback with this as you have probably hidden those feeling so well. Try to work out what’s bothering you before it goes nuclear.

When Venus squares Jupiter on the 17th you’re feeling much cheerier. Yeay!! Squares are normally challenging but this one just makes you exuberant! Your inner Tigger is switched on and you’ll want to spoil folk and be playful with your mate or pals. Don’t try to impress someone with luxury or by going on a spending spree, it really isn’t necessary, your dazzling personality will more than do.

With Mars Sextile Jupiter on the 20th you’re on a mission to succeed. You should be on a creative roll right now andyou can be very persuasive. Work it, work it baby!

THIS WEEK – Pluto is urging you to examine your emotions before he hijacks them and drags them to the surface! Yikes! How can you express what you’re feeling without drama? Venus and Jupiter are cheering you up and Mars is encouraging you to go for it!

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (2nd House to 8th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (2nd House to 5th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (3rd House to 5th House)


Nurture yourself
Your secret is safe but is theirs?
Family love in

Ay Karumba! Venus in your sign is tangling with dodgy Pluto in your relationship zone on the 15th. My precious and sensitive Cancer do not let primal emotions hijack you! You might be feeling vulnerable or insecure and be tempted to dig through someone’s texts or listen at keyholes, don’t do it as you know that there will never be a good outcome to that! Imagine if everyone knew everything you were talking about/thinking about or emailing! We all have a secret side and the ability to separate what we say to our friends and what we say to our partner, this does not mean we are dishonest. Ask yourself why you are feeling this way. Are there any control issues in your relationships and if so, is it the Universe trying to help you break free? Ponder on all of this, but don’t lose your cool, especially as there are some sweet planetary influences to come later in the week!

On the 17th you should be feeling a lot clearer and rejuvenated as Venus squares Jupiter. I know, squares are supposed to be tricky, but this one is just enthusiastic and gives you a bit of bounce. You can have a very joyful time in your home or around the family as you’re overflowing with love. Don’t rush out and buy something expensive for your home unless you can afford it or you need it. Jupiter likes us to go over the top and Venus loves a thing of beauty!

With Mars Sextile Jupiter on the 20th you feel you can channel your gifts and build on your security. Yeay!!!

THIS WEEK – You have the courage to express your longing for something. It’s time to be an equal and step into your power!

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (1st House to 7th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (1st House to 4th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (2nd House to 4th House)


Idealistic thinking
Soul merging
A reward from the cosmos

It’s time to ground yourself Leo and replace those lovely pink tinted ray bans with some crystal-clear soul spectacles. If you mess about with your head in the clouds (unusual for you I know!) you might not notice that someone is being devious and pointing out your flaws. Venus is opposing Pluto this week and Venus at the moment is in your beautiful, soulful, empathetic zone, who also happens to have a reverse side of lack of boundaries and illusion. Pluto is in your health, well-being, critical and work zone. When these two clash it tends to bring up primal and repressed truths and emotions. You don’t like being told what to do even if it’s good advice, it’s up to you to see what’s going on so that nothing shady goes down. You’re the Queen/King of the jungle, but do avoid stepping on a snake’s tail. As long as you are honest with yourself Leo, you’ve got this.

When Venus squares Jupiter you’re back in the game. You’re drawn to deep and meaningful conversations and feel a compelling desire to have a blast with anyone (or someone special) who dives deeper into your soul. These two squaring up can lead to debauchery! You have been warned haha!

Mars is currently in your sign (Hooray!) and he is about to sextile Jupiter the Lord of growth and luck. You’re putting an idea out there or discussing something you feel passionately about and Jupiter is willing to give you a helping hand in making it a reality. Talk about what you’re feeling, but don’t give it all away as of course Mercury is still retrograde.

THIS WEEK – The truth will always come out in the end and you’re ready to give it a helping hand! No one can fool you unless you want them to. Pleasure seeking suits you this week, go for it!

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (12th House to 6th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (12th House to 3rd House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (1st House to 3rd House)


Vivacious Virgo

Dancing to your own tune

Fickle fancies

Virgo you are normally very steady and think things through (Ok, so I know that you have a secret wild side but I won’t tell anyone shhhhhh) on the 15th Venus in your social zone is kicking off with Pluto in your pleasure house. It’s interesting as this could manifest in many ways. Possibly you hook up with someone you meet in a group or perhaps you’re arguing with a group as they’re not allowing you to push ahead with your creative vision? Maybe you throw caution to the wind and do something extreme while having a good time and it has a knock-on effect? There’s certainly out of control feelings zooming about. Whatever it is, when Pluto is involved it can stir up uncontrolled desires, primal emotions like jealousy and obsession. Try to take it easy as the rest of this week has some great opportunities for you, don’t blow it all by going to extremes.

On the 17th Venus is square Jupiter. Squares are normally challenging but this one just wants you to have fun and makes you charming, uber Mercurial and enthusiastic! You’re very persuasive and you can convince someone that what you’re doing could be a success. You’re also feeling sensual and want to feast on lovely food and possibly a particular person. Yummy!!

With Mars sextile Jupiter on the 20th, your soul and spirit is aligned with your work and career. You’re putting allyour passion into something that you believe in and your belief is contagious, Go Virgo!

THIS WEEK – You’re taking a break from being a Virgo and focusing on listening to the crowd to make a success of an idea. Don’t overanalyse but do scrutinise. An important contact is made.

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (11th House to 5th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (11th House to 2nd House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (12th House to 2nd House)


Explosive emotions
Top dog

Jupiter is bringing you all sorts of treats and gifts this week Libra. However, before that, on the 15th, Venus your ruler is opposing Pluto the lord of primal emotions. Any family problems or irritating home issues are coming to the surface with a crash, bang, whallop!! You are probably in love with your career or a passion you are working on and don’t want irritating family issues to pull you down or distract you (or vis versa). Perhaps you feel as if someone else is too caught up in other things? If anyone messes with you this week you may have an over the top reaction. Perhaps you haven’t been totally honest about your feelings? Perhaps you’ve been swallowing annoying behaviour rather than discussing it? Either way you’re unconscious is stirred into action BUT be careful you might find that you’re OVER REACTING! Try to balance things up before you go Cra Cra and explode. You have a soul desire for harmony but it’s also important to set healthy boundaries for yourself.

Venus is square Jupiter the planet of expansion, growth and luck in your sign. You could be given a super boost towards your career goals. You’re feeling lucky (fingers crossed) and this new-found sense of optimism makes others believe in you. We are all energetic beings and we react not only to what is being said but where our energy and thoughts are. Even though pesky Mercury is retrograde you can still charm the pants off someone in a position of power. Wooo!

With Mars Sextile Jupiter on the 20th so there’s is no stopping you. You’re a force to be reckoned with in groups and might find yourself team leader. Jupiter is encouraging you to believe in yourself, then stand back and watch the magic happen!

THIS WEEK – Bye Bye demure Libra and hello soul warrior banshee! It’s great you’re finding your boundaries and voice but try to avoid overkill.

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (10th House to 4th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (10th House to 1st House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (11th House to 1st House)


The Eagle has landed
Phoenix rising
Healing the past

Holy Mackerel! If last week’s astrological intensity wasn’t enough, this week kicks off with another shebang of intense horoscope happenings. Venus the planet of love is opposing your formidable ruler Pluto. Pluto is in your communications zone and Venus is in your expansion and growth house. Either you or someone close to you is expressing a desire to do as they please. Be very careful that you don’t manipulate or force someone to see things your way. Perhaps a conversation occurs and it plays into your fears? Are you being foolishly jealous or giving your power away? We all feel regular vulnerabilities, it’s part of our human journey, the key is not getting taken over by them.

Later in the week, the energy is shifting to allow you to find yourself in an easier way. Remember that we are in the middle of dastardly Mercury retrograde! Take some time alone to think about things or book yourself into a counselling session before you issue any heavy ultimatums. If you feel someone is doing this to you, wait, let them stew in their own juices and hopefully a shift will come a few days’ time.

On the 17th Venus is square Jupiter; this square is not challenging but rather it pumps up your confidence and encourages you to express what’s important. Believe it or not you’re feeling positively perky around the 17th and are particularly psychic and intuitive. You want to surrender to pleasure (possibly to a whole host of boundary-less delights) Enjoy, but reign it in just enough to feel/be safe.

Finally, Mars, your old pal, is sextile Jupiter the planet of growth, abundance and expansion. Mars is making you hungry and ambitious but Jupiter is telling you that to succeed you must listen to your souls calling, trust your intuition and steam ahead with gentleness.

THIS WEEK – Wild thing, you might make a bid for freedom at the start of the week. You know you though, no one will see it coming and it will be in a zig zag run. However, be aware Mercury is retro! Perhaps it’s time for a bit of self-reflection. Before you run for the hills check that your soul compass is showing the right direction.

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (9th House to 3rd House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (9th House to 12th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (10th House to 12th House)


Secret passions
Temptations are rife
Fantastic collaborations

Sagittarius there may be a bit of argy-bargy around your intimate relationships. What’s all this fighting about? Power? Is it an internal fight? Are you wrestling with secrets or unconscious desires that are creeping up to the surface? How is the balance in your partnerships? Perhaps you are going to be attracted to someone charismatic and naughty? It seems to be a case of finding your way between your carnal lusts, security and expressing your freedom, Hmmm a tough one! If you’re single there may be a tempting offer that has a few strings.

To be honest, when Venus squares Jupiter on the 17th you’re determined to express yourself and take the power back in some way. For some half horses, it will be in a work setting. You have the potential to be a little more cunning than usual, but is cunning good? Be yourself, you’re the truth monster, you’re the truth slayer, you run on truth petrol. OK, so you might have to keep schtum this week but probably it’s not good karma to use your hidden knowledge to your advantage! You have great charisma and might find yourself in a unique position, be sure to come from your heart and not your ego. Being true to yourself could bring a breakthrough.

Mars and Jupiter are backing you up. Mars is allowing you to be your wild and free self but also allowing you to be interested in hooking up with the right gang to achieve your goals. You’re also fascinated and inspired by a humanitarian or charity project, giving back energises you.

In a nutshell – Clandestine meetings and cloak and dagger passions could take you over. You know you’re the most direct of the zodiac. No matter how tempting, be careful before you sneak around. A new gang works well with you.

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (8th House to 2nd House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (8th House to 11th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (9th House to 11th House)


Standing your ground
Hang out with golden souls and inspiring people
You sexy thing you

Capricorn, you’ve been a real trooper recently and have been holding everything together while supporting others in every way that you can. Have you felt that an intimate compadre has been taking you for granted? Your pal Pluto the life changer is giving you the opportunity to sort out who’s a BFF and who is a frenemy, and who might just be out for themselves. The Universe isn’t judging but you do have a choice on who you hang out with. Remember, who we mix with is contagious and other peoples energy rubs off on us. When Venus wrestles with Pluto on the 15th there could be an about change in who you feel close to. Having said that, some Capricorns might bump into someone that who blows their mind, in a good way! There’s some seriously wayward sexual energy flying about!

On the 17th Venus is square Jupiter, Squares are normally challenging but this one just makes you over enthusiastic and driven. You’re putting your charm into your career but avoid giving someone the wrong idea.

On top of that, Mars the powerful Sextiles Jupiter in your career zone. Mars is in your primal centre making you charismatic but also secretly knowledgeable, you sense other’s vulnerabilities but can also be cunning like a foxy fox. As tempting as it is to use your new-found X-ray intuition to get ahead, it’s still important to play it by the rules. Avoid a temptation to win at any cost!

THIS WEEK – You’re sorting out your social life and have no time for the superficial or insincere. Intuitive super powers give you an insight into someone’s true motivations.

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (7th House to 1st House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (7th House to 10th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (8th House to 10th House)


Surprise, Surprise
Clean up your act
Be nice to you

How was the eclipse for you Aquarius? Are you still dealing with the aftermath or soul revelations that she brought up? Fingers crossed Jupiter helped ease your experience and may have even brought you some nifty news? This week there’s still work to be done as Venus is asking you to spring clean your emotional life. When Venus clashes with Pluto on the 15th you might feel like you’re being pulled in two different directions. Venus is a little uptight at the moment and wants you to do things the ‘right’ way. Are you being too hard on yourself? Pluto wants you to know what’s going on under the surface, he might bring a secret out into the open or he might just give you a psychic revelation (double check your intuition isn’t paranoia though, as Mercury is still retro).

It’s a funny feeling as you are probably being extra cautious with your emotions and yet you can feel an undercurrent of an emotional uprising. Part of you wants a wild adventure! When Venus squares Jupiter on the 17th you’re doing the soul work needed to be able to spread your significant wings. Try not to be too bossy though haha! as Venus has an unusual edge of control freak about her! You might also meet someone at yoga/gym/walking or while at the veggy store. If you’re in a relationship getting fit together or doing something wholesome is the path to renewing love!

Mars the energetic, is Sextile Jupiter the planet of growth may have been encouraging you to express your eccentric side. Jupiter is yelling “It’s time to have an adventure and do things differently this year!” Have you been listening?

THIS WEEK – No one can take away your spirit, you’re on a mission to express yourself. However, this week you might be tempted to try and take control of a situation rather than flow with it. Perhaps you’re being too self-critical. Let yourself off the hook and trust that you’re already on the right journey.

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (6th House to 12th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (6th House to 9th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (7th House to 9th House)


Be fearless
Wild swimming
Courage and desire

You have had to be a flying fish recently Pisces and handle situations that other souls would find challenging. Hopefully you’ve gone through a massive shift and feel much stronger in yourself for it. Some of the emotional situations that you’ve had to deal with might have knocked you down a few years ago but now it’s water off your fishy fins. How was the eclipse for you? The Universe is helping you relish the changes and let go of the irrational fears. When Venus opposes Pluto on the 15th you might decide to part ways with a group of people, an idea, or a strategy that no longer serves you. Your creative juices are flowing and you’re trusting your journey. Whatever dramatic shift occurs this week it is likely to feel right. You might even surprise yourself when you call a halt to someone’s nonsense. For some of you Pisces, you might fall in love in a crowd and be overwhelmed by the energetic connection.

On the 17th Venus is square Jupiter bringing up overwhelming desires and a drive to get what you want. There are some pretty intense emotions flying about. Jupiter has been helping you to deal with your unconscious fears, repressed sensuality and is awakening your warrior within. When Jupiter and Venus square you are likely to be brazen and bold in your approach to love and going after what you want.

Mars has been making you double check the facts and focus on being hard working. You’ve been determined to get things done the right way. Jupiter gives you the opportunity to be less sensitive to others power games, you’re more chilled out and therefore you’re able to handle difficult situations and people in an enlightened and powerful way. There could be a breakthrough this week as you give work a final push and stand your ground.

THIS WEEK – Little fishy, how you have changed! No longer a big fish in a small pond you are smashing it and holding your own in the vast ocean of life. Kudos to you! You are going for it. Yay!!!

15 Aug 2017 VENUS OPPOSITION PLUTO (5th House to 11th House)

17 Aug 2017 VENUS SQUARE JUPITER (5th House to 8th House)

20 Aug 2017 MARS SEXTILE JUPITER (6th House to 8th House)

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