14th August 2017 Weekly Written Horoscope


Love is the highest kind of success we can aim for

Opportunities may appear suddenly – or take their time to be revealed

The only way is up and you are still ascending, Aries!

Is higher love the revolutionary idea that’s taking hold of you this week, Aries? It’s all about the big picture thinking now following the historic meeting between Saturn and Pluto in your 10th on the 12th. Be aware we are talking about very slow-moving planets. So, what we have seen is the energy build up over a period of weeks in the lead-up to this. Because these planets – along with Ceres who was also implicated in this conjunction, take their time to not only break apart but impact on our lives, we may continue to experience the ripple effect of this for weeks to come. The week begins then with Saturn, Pluto and Ceres still firmly entangled but now the Sun joins them. You may begin the week gazing at a way to change the game for yourself when it comes to your career, reputation and status as opportunities open up. Perhaps due to shake-ups and shake-downs at the very top which open up solutions for you to now climb higher.

The 13th sees Venus enter peace-loving and spiritual Pisces and your 12th. While Mercury now flying free of that Capricorn mash-up, arrives in your 11th and Aquarius on the 16th. Chances are you are emerging from all this focus on your public persona, status and achievements, with a higher perspective. This includes re-framing the events that brought you here and letting go of the past and the role other people played in it. Reaching for higher love and solutions is what a true success story looks like and also sets you free to soar even higher. Success is simply being happy and well. Claim that revolutionary higher love perspective, Aries.

In a nutshell: As you climb higher, your perspective changes. You can see the past and the bigger picture through the love, Aries. Reach for its revolutionary message and change your success story!



  • Who you know holds the key to what you want
  • Are you entertaining angels unawares?
  • Opportunity doesn’t always look the way you thought it would

The journey to freedom you’re on is helped along this week by ruler Venus entering your house of friends, connections, goals and your future, Taurus. Chances are this week could see you connect with people who have a role to play in your on-going liberation and who also could possibly, help make those ambitions a reality. This week begins with Saturn, Pluto and Ceres still conjunct in your 9th with the Sun now meeting them on the 13th. Remember, we are talking slow moving planets here so this conjunction between them will take a while to break apart and for the energy to dissipate. So, right now you are right in the middle of a learning process when it comes to the opportunities which may be out there for you. Continue to explore these and above all, be open to who approaches or who you meet. This is a real time where you can entertain angels unawares. And this includes business angels or angels with influence. Please don’t make the mistake of judging a book by its cover now. Otherwise you could dismiss a significant opportunity without even knowing it.

Mercury was involved in the super conjunction of the 12th but it is a fast-moving planet. The 16th sees it arrive in your 10th of career, reputation and status. This could deliver you news that may have been building for a few months around your position, work or job title. Chances are you’ve seen the signs or have been taking steps to leverage this. Now you could get that recognition or confirmation you’ve been waiting on. If you failed to read the forecast of change – or ride the wave of it that’s currently sweeping through this sector of your chart, you could be sent back to start again. Keep an eye on where you need to go this week, Taurus. And don’t ignore the people or the signposts that appear along the way.

In a nutshell: Opportunities around freedom abound, Taurus. And the people you meet now could open doors to them. Don’t judge a book by its cover. Or ignore the signs pointing you in the right direction!



Fortune favours those who know what they want

Make your mark – and an unforgettable impression

Travel, news or an opportunity opens up a fresh direction

You’re in a position to make your very best impression on VIP’s, people in positions of power, influence and authority or even that potential love interest who has you double-taking, this week Gemini. It’s all down to Venus’s entry into your 10th house of achievement, career, street cred and status. Time to bring your very best game and act with serious intentions. You don’t do anyone who isn’t on the same page. You’ve no time for people who waste yours in other words. Bosses, employers, clients or anyone with the ability to say ‘Yes’ to you are looking on your favourably now. As for that potential Mr. or Ms. Darcy – show them you are someone they need to take seriously by how you dress, act and what you say. Know that if you do, punching above your weight simply doesn’t apply to you now.

The game changing events that just took place in your sector of power money, sharing and yes, sex, continue this week. We are dealing with slow moving planets – Saturn, Pluto and Ceres. They remain entangled even as the Sun joins them on the 13th. Whatever serious move you want to make or request you have for anyone who has the ability or power to grant it, now is the time to make it. Don’t delay. Ruler Mercury is on the move too. Now well away from all this it arrives in your 9th on the 16th highlighting travel, learning or alternatively, big news or an opportunity which sets you on a fresh path. This is a week where deals can be done and sealed. Even with a kiss, Gemini.

In a nutshell: there’s a new deal on offer for you now, Gemini. It could be in business or even in love. The terms are simple: Know what you want and have the courage to go for it!



Reshape your love world

What’s that deal to be struck between you and someone else?

Follow your passion

The focus remains on partnerships – past, present and potential this week. And of all descriptions. You’ll still be feeling the dynamic shift that occurred on the 12th in your 7th triggered by the historic meeting between Saturn, Pluto and Ceres. Designed to re-shape your love world or ideas around duos one way or another. Don’t forget these are slow-moving planets and remain in orb of one another for some time yet. So, it ain’t over until it’s over, baby! The 13th sees the Sun join in, possibly illuminating for you which key relationship this all revolves around if you are still in any kind of doubt.

Venus is the planet which rules this house. The 13th sees it change signs from your 8th of passionate intensity to your 9th of freedom and the desire for something bigger. Don’t forget that lasting love includes what you love to dream of, do and experience too! In here, Venus guides you towards this. Mercury which was also involved in the conjunction of the 12th, moves very quickly. By the 16th it enters your 8th of things that you share with others, joint accounts, assets, your mortgage, salary and marital assets. Don’t be surprised now if the talk turns to negotiations or renegotiations between you and the other party highlighted for you on the 13th. And remember partnership matters don’t just include those with lovers but also long term working or business relationships or friendships too. Ceres has been telling you there’s a new deal to be done. Venus promises it could see you free towards a new kind of love experience. Isn’t that well worth exploring this week, Cancer?

In a nutshell: Past, present and potential partners feature. As could the future of a key connection. There’s a fresh deal to be done around love or something long term. One that sets you free, Cancer!



See the connectedness of your life

Feel the butterfly effect

Talk about a new way of togetherness

Ruler the Sun illuminates something essential to your soul or wellbeing at the start of this week. Whatever this is, please give this all the attention it derives and know that no area of your life operates independently of the rest. So, a work issue impacts on your relationships, a wellbeing matter on your ability to enjoy every area – you know I am speaking of the interconnectedness of all things. We see this in the wider world all the time. An event in one country has a massive effect on all others. You are at the centre of the butterfly effect this week, Leo. Flap those wings. The 12th saw the historic meeting between Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in your 6th of work and health. These are slow moving planets so they will remain in orb for a while longer. Chances are you’ve had a feeling or a heads-up around something connected to this for some time. As the Sun joins them on the 13th, this should leave you in no doubt. And also no doubt of the effect this has – for better or worse, on every area of your life.

Thanks to Venus in your 8th the same day, you are in the mood to make beautiful changes to bring about balance if this is needed. Especially around changing anything from how you treat your body, to your work or routine or even connections which you now see are simply not healthy. Mercury’s entry into your 7th on the 16th hands you ideas and also makes any discussions which involve others well – easy. There’s no topic you won’t touch now. Ut hopefully all of them are related to simply feeling good and relating better this week, Leo.

In a nutshell: Feel the butterfly effect this week, Leo. Ruler the Sun highlights what makes you feel good in the long term – and what doesn’t. And how this affects every area of your life. Flap those wings and make a positive change.



Love changes everything

Do what you love – and more love will follow

What makes your world go round? You know the answer!

The cosmic love-in continues this week with opportunities to begin a new love or redefine an existing one. Time to dance with your creative passion. Radiate and attract. You have never experienced a time like this nor will again. The 12th saw the meeting between Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and ruler Mercury take place in your 5th of lovers, what makes your heart go boom, boom, boom, children and pure radiating passionate energy. This should have delivered news around one of these areas set to transform you and another all at the same time. The 13th sees Mercury out of orb of this but the Sun now join in. It’s time to create and make a little something. A little love perhaps?

Venus the ruler of your love life, money and your creative efforts, now heads into its ruling 7th in your chart on the same day. If you are entering into anything new – from a love affair to a working relationship, be aware it has the power to change you – and the other party, for the better. You both get to benefit. Love is the secret, transformative ingredient in our lives. Even the things we pour our love into are the same – that hobby or activity you love, that painting, performance, book, that job you feel you are born to do. Love it all. Mercury arrives in its ruling 6th on the 16th putting the focus on what works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to your wellbeing. That loved up feeling needs to extend to your daily life and routine. Not just those big loves. Your body deserves the same love for you and it to enjoy good times, success and pleasure. Love makes the world go round, Virgo. Yours especially this week!

In a nutshell: You’ve a cosmic Access All Areas backstage pass when it comes to love now, Virgo. Whether it’s love for someone special or love for what you love to do. All you need to is love to make your world go round!



Commit to those home dreams

Don’t deny yourself the sweet things of life

Where is it that calls to your soul?

Bring it on home, baby! The 12th saw Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and mercury all meet in your 4th. Property, income, assets, living arrangements, family – you’ve been asked to look at what needs to change, stirs up deep feelings or fears around where you belong – and also where a compromise or redistribution needs to take place. What to let go of and what to hold on to. This can even apply to what holds you in place. Are you holding on to sentiment as opposed to what you know would really feel like ‘home’ for you? Relocations and moves are possible now. The 13th sees Mercury now out-of-orb of the super-conjunction but the Sun join it. Remember – Saturn, Pluto and Ceres are all slow-moving. So, this energy will not break up overnight. Your roots, where you feel the ‘pull’ towards and the place which calls your soul home can be re-set or re-determined now. This may also affect those who you live with or share your home with. Which is why it is important to know where or what home actually is for you. And where to compromise where necessary.

Ruler Venus is on the move this week into your 6th imbuing your daily work and routine with new creativity and a sense of beauty and caring. This especially applies to that body beautiful, Libra. It tells you caring for it isn’t about over-indulgence. It’s about allowing yourself the sweet things of life but in moderation. Denial is also imbalance. Remember that. Mercury enters your 5th of creative self-expression and love on the 16th. How you communicate your ideas or what you feel could change. When it comes to your creativity especially in the business realm, look at sending your message as far and as wide as you can now. People will be extremely receptive to it and also you. Can you mix business and pleasure this week? The answer is yes, Libra.

In a nutshell: If you know where your heart belongs, time to head towards it now, Libra. The cosmos is telling you there’s no place like home. Click those heels together – and go there!



Rock your message

News or ideas open untold possibilities

Work that love vibe – you own it!

Ruler Pluto remains entangled with Saturn and Ceres in your 3rd following their historic meeting on the 12th. As well you know, these three move slowly so will remain in orb for a while longer. The 13th sees the Sun join them highlighting one vital piece of news, deal, journey or something you say as having the ability to totally remake your future. You may even create your own opportunities now. What you say and how you say it – writing, speaking, publishing, pitching, that thesis, CV, manuscript, blog, social media feed, website, your computer, tablet, phone or even your car or your commute could prove to be the 5th element which changes everything for you. As could be something you read, hear, receive or are told.

Mercury is the natural ruler of your 3rd and on the 16th moves into your 4th of home and security. So the news you receive could have a direct bearing on your income, where you live and long term plans and security. So, if decisions are called for, bear all this in mind and look to the future and not just the present moment. Venus planet of delights, romance and pleasure heads into your 5th which contains all these themes also on the 13th. After serious business it could now be time for fun. Expect to be high on someone’s radar now. Either that prospective lover’s or that Instagram audience. Or even that employers. You are being seen as someone desirable based on your message and the image you project. Work it. You own it this week, Scorpio!

In a nutshell: You are both the message and the messenger this week, Scorpio. Ruler Pluto ensures an idea, something you say or send out there, or news you receive, has the potential for long term change.



Be your own best investment

News tells you that you’re right on the money

Quality not quantity is what counts now

Know your value and having determined this – do the deal, Sag! The 12th saw the ground breaking meeting between Saturn, Pluto, Ceres and Mercury in your money zone. The presence of Jupiter in here but well away from this, suggests financial opportunities are on offer for you. However, it’s also about knowing when the price is right, what to compromise on and where to say ‘The buck stops here’. If you do, you could be looking at a week which sets a new value on your financial future as the Sun highlights improvements and beneficial transformations to your cash flow as it meets Saturn, Pluto and Ceres on the 13th.

Venus is the planet which rules your 2nd. It enters your 4th of home, security and stability on the same day. Promising you the resources to enhance your lifestyle or living arrangements or simply to put down roots in that little corner of the world which smiles on you. Mercury rules contracts, commerce and communication – as well as getting around. It is the natural ruler of your 3rd which it arrives in on the 16th. News or important paperwork could feature as a result of this. What you have to say, sell or tell could also have a pivotal role to play. This could take the form of a job offer, launch, deal or even a trip which lands you right where you wanted to be all along. It’s all aligned with what you think you are worth this week. Know you deserve only the best, Sag.

In a nutshell: Your self-worth is your gold standard you will not compromise on this week, Sag. The world and what it has to offer you, reflects this. Your stock could be set to soar as a result. Bank on it!



Reveal who you have always known you are

Project confidence

Get ready for validation when it comes to that self-worth

Are you looking at yourself in a totally new light? The planetary promise to remake who you think you are or what you believe is possible for you, continues into this week. Ruler Saturn and Pluto are slow moving planets. So is Ceres. So, the 500 year in the making mega conjunction in your sign on the 12th remains in orb for a while longer. If it is your birthday this week, expect a radical transformation in how others see you and how you see yourself. Or want to be seen. The 13th sees the Sun meet Saturn, Pluto and Ceres. Expect acknowledgement one way or another around how you, your message, brand, appearance, style, ambitions and reputation are being received by the world at large. Who you are matters more than ever now. Please project yourself as someone to be taken seriously and guard your reputation. Both in the real world and on-line. If it’s time for an extreme make over or reinvention – now is the time. Change how the world sees you and you change your world. It’s that simple.

Be very clear about your message too. There’s no room now for misinterpretation or misunderstanding. Above all, back what you say with appropriate actions but say and do this with love as Venus sashays into your communication sector on the same day. If you need to change your message, you can. Mercury planet of commerce arrives in your money zone on the 16th. Some of you will have noted this puts Mercury in Venus’s ruling house in your chart and Venus in M Mercury’s. What do we call this? Mutual reception by house. Love and money talks are favoured with win/win outcomes for all. All through changing how you see yourself this week, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: How much do you appreciate who you are, Capricorn? Time to become the person you’ve always known you are. And allow others to see it. The results could be nothing short of transformational now.



Tell it like it is

Trust your intuition

Truth brings consequences that valid your soul

Insights, revelations, truths and confirmation of those ‘gut’ feelings continue on into this week following the incredible power pile-up in your 12th on the 12th. Your truth and beliefs are the ones that matter now. The message is ignore your instincts at your peril. If you have been feeling you are being kept in the dark by someone or something, the 13th shines a piercing light on this that will make the truth simply impossible to conceal from you any longer. This is the day the Sun meets Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in here. This same day also sees Venus exit your 1st and enter its ruling 2nd in your chart this same day. Coming from your truth also goes hand in hand with aligning this to your expectations and self-worth. In other words – how you expect to be treated by others and lovers and the world at large.

You should have no trouble conveying this or in communicating the truth as you see it as Mercury arrives in your 1st on the 16th. You’ve taken a journey to the deep side of life and explored the hidden recesses of your soul. You have now returned with golden wisdom and scintillating revelations. How will you choose to use these? Simply by telling it how it is. No holds barred. It’s very much a time to call a spade a spade. You’ll be able to go straight to the heart of the matter and say it like it is. No more skirting or denying the issue. You’ll be amazed at how liberating this can feel this week, Aquarius. Don’t self-censor. Say it anyway.

In a nutshell: By now you should have discovered that the truth will set you free, Aquarius. Hold on to this and tell it like it is. There’s more revelations to come. Don’t keep them to yourself.



Polish up that ability to radiate

Fuse the past and the present for future success

Get the Yes factor happening in your life

Just who or what do you need to attract now, Pisces? The meeting between Saturn, Pluto and Ceres in your 11th of friends, networks, contacts and connections should have plugged you into something bigger when it comes to sourcing what you need. This is your house of the future in every sense of the word. The people that will both influence it and also journey with you into it. This is also your house of goals, wishes and dreams as they too form part of our future path. They are what we aim for, inspire to have, do or achieve and very often, are what give us something to look forward to. The Sun’s meeting with Saturn, Pluto and Ceres on the 13th could bring you assistance from friends in high places or that all important contact. You are in a position to attract the people, help or situations you need to make things happen now thanks to the arrival of Venus in your 1st on the same day. You exude the lustre of someone who is simply worth listening to, investing in or helping in some way. People are open. Be open in return.

People from your past could also feature as Mercury arrives in your 12th on the 16th. If so, they may have a new role to play in your future. This is a wonderful transit for you to take the initiative to reconnect too. Especially if someone you have not seen or heard from for a long time has been on your mind lately. Everyone gets the fact that we all lead busy lives. So don’t let guilt or pride get in your way when it comes to that reach out. This week is a fabulous opportunity to fuse what’s still relevant from your past with the future you can now see emerging. Get re-envisioning, Pisces.

In a nutshell: The people who surround you all have big roles to play in how your future is unfolding. Pisces. Explore new connections but be open to those from the past which return with new relevance.



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