Written Astrology April 13th 2020 – Growth

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs April 13th 2020 – Growth


Don’t change the rules – change the game

Try a little daring

The rewards and results go to the brave!

Only the brave take home the prizes and this week – well, that’s you, Aries! You’re living a new kind of success story this week. One you have had a big hand in writing. Plus, you’re not afraid to change up the dialogue or even the way you go about things, if you have come to realise that success means playing by someone else’s rules.

Venus in your 3rd gives you the diplomatic touch and enhances anything you write, say or communicate. It meets Vesta on the 13th which is very much an astral body associated with being confined by rules and regulations set by someone else – usually a patriarchal figure. If you are feeling repressed, suppressed, restricted or stifled by these, some bravery and daring could change the rules in your favour. Or see you escaping onto a more level playing field. Especially when it comes to work or business.

You may not be able to change the rules – but you can change the game to make it work for you. Even working within current frameworks. Take it the internet, writing, communicating and ideas are not just your playground – but form the basis of winning moves.

However, if you do ask for changes, chances are you’ll do it so sweetly and nicely, people will want to agree. If they don’t, this week hands you the courage to go for something new as Mercury meets Chiron in your sign on the 15th. The following day, the Sun squares Jupiter, purveyor of opportunity and solutions in your 10th. Just remember, there’s no such thing as a ‘bad’ angle involving Jupiter.

Yes, you may have to set events in motion but that makes your success so much sweeter when you attain it. And Jupiter promises you the helping hand. Changing the rules or elements of the deal in your favour – perhaps by you suggesting a new and better approach thanks to the angle between the Sun and Ceres in your 11th, results in cooperation and possibly a win/win for all. It’s all about what you think you can get away with this week, Aries. And only the brave find out when they try!

In a nutshell:

Just how brave and daring can you be when it comes to writing your own rules, Aries? If you’ve been forced play by someone else’s, this week says don’t break them, try a new playbook instead!



Your time, love and talents are precious commodities

Are you feeling appreciated for all you do?

Solutions to restore balance arrive

Are you giving away too much, Taurus? This may not be about money (although it could be). But it is more likely to be about love, time and other intangible but supremely precious resources, as ruler Venus in its ruling 2nd entangles with Vesta on the 13th. You can be one of the most generous signs out there. And chances are you give without keeping an account of whether or not you’re receiving the same back in kind. However, this week could throw one particular connection or situation into sharp focus where you see the balance sheet is now definitely skewed the wrong way. Not only that, that the other party has now come to expect this and is taking it for granted.

This could be anyone and anything from that boss to that lover or even a friend. Even at distance we can feel whether our connection has turned into all take and not enough give. If things have gone askew, you’ll not only see this clearly as Mercury bumps into Chiron in your 12th, but also what to do about it. There’s inspiration of the radical kind to be channelled too.

Not just around any imbalances but around creativity, spiritual insights and soul truths you can incorporate into your daily life. Or your relationships. Call this help from a higher power to fix those things you may have thought un-fixable or part of the status-quo. The Sun in your 12th offers a way out along with Jupiter on the 15th.

You could be in a position to negotiate a better deal by the 18th when the Sun and Ceres show you new ways to climb up, up and away from the status quo of being taken for granted. Just know if you need to say no more, it’s not before time, Taurus. And your time, talents and love are too valuable to waste on anyone or thing who doesn’t appreciate their worth.

In a nutshell:

Is something out of alignment, Taurus? Such as you giving too much and not getting enough back in return? This week provides an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment and along with revelations – solutions.



Are outdated ideas standing between you and those goals?

Ditch ideas around what you can and cannot do or have

Change your thoughts – change the way you love

The Now Age of Aquarius for you is all about opportunity and above all – freedom, Gemini. Even if right now that is hard to imagine! Freedom comes in many forms however. As do barriers. It’s all about looking past the obvious this week. Venus in your 1st conjunct Vesta is all about seeing how subtle rules and restrictions, may have impacted on you. I’m speaking of distancing of the soul kind here! Those thoughts and ideas you have taken for gospel and taken on board. This week has you looking at what you think and believe very differently. Especially when it comes to what you believe you can attain in the future.

Ruler Mercury encountering Chiron in your 11th on the 15th could simply hand you an idea or radical new approach to mak a goal happen for you in the future. And, if you’re seeking support for your new and somewhat revolutionary outlook, you’ll have people willing to back you up by mining that contact network. Pitch yourself and your ideas and plans out there from your couch if necessary!

What follows is an opportunity to break yourself free of something that has restricted you – and again, possibly without you knowing it. Outdated ideas are simply let go of and it’s never been so easy to do this. In fact, you’re likely to go into full rebellion mode if anyone utters the phrase: But that’s the way it’s always been done. This will just make you determined to find a better way or else go in another direction entirely. There’s a saying; Change your thoughts and you change your world. Or change the way that you love – or who. Well, that’s what’s happening this week. Sometimes we simply have to slow down to see how many options we really do have, Gemini.

In a nutshell:

Is it time for some radical new thinking? A fresh mindset or way of doing things which sets you free? Just whose ideas are these anyway? Make sure they’re yours, this week Gemini. Especially when it comes to love.



Do what it takes to stand out

Dare to be bolder

Work that mojo!

What do you dare try, do or attempt when it comes to fulfilling those big dreams and ambitions? This week not only asks you what you want, Cancer. But also, how bad you really want it. Most rewards require we take a risk. When we fall in love we are after all, risking our hearts. But the rewards outweigh this. This week is all about what you dare to risk or try when it comes to those career goals or how you want to be seen or perceived.

Now just around how far will you go but how far you believe you can get. Use this time to look at ways to make an outstanding presentation, approach or stand out on a personal level.

In a way that sends a powerful message. One that you want to convey. So, think of yourself this week as CEO of You.Inc. How can you convey all you are – on both a personal and professional level? And upgrade that message or image. This time could give birth to a new you that others simply have to sit up and take serious notice of.

Do what you need to do to stand out in other words. Especially if you have begun to realise that you have not been given the credit you deserve or being taken seriously. Venus and Vesta meet in your 12th on the 13th showing you new ways to work that mojo. Ways that are inspired yet come from a new sense of self-worth, spiritual truth and empowerment. Mercury conjunct Chiron in your 10th of career and reputation is there to tell you that success doesn’t follow those who follow others. But who are unafraid to strike out on their own path or to be seen as someone with something different to offer.

Even those closest to you may appreciate you more as a result as on the 16th as the Sun angles to Jupiter in your 7th. You should now know what you bring to the table across all your relationships. And also see your new sense of this reflected back at you as the Sun aligns to Ceres in your 8th on the 18th. This week tells you that you are far too valuable to be a sell-out. The only failure that should worry you this week, is not doing everything you can to stand out in new ways that broadcast who you are.

In a nutshell:

There are things that you and you alone bring to the table. Both in your personal relationships and your work, Cancer. This week asks you to tap into new ways to let others know just how valuable you are!



Repeat after me: You never had a friend like me

Awaken to new ways to maintain the momentum

Spot opportunities from afar!

Sometimes we need a time out to gain a fresh perspective. This week’s one may revolve around friends or your goals. Stepping back resets our vision. Are you still on the same wavelength? Do those goals still resonate on a soul level? Or are you beginning to feel this period heralds a time for a change? Vesta and Venus meeting in your 11th could have you looking at what you want for the long- term future. Expect your perspective to shift now as you realise the value of friendships, being part of something and connections. Especially those which support and/or encourage you on towards those dreams. You should also be looking closely at what you have to offer as a friend. And we know that’s a lot. So, be mindful if you begin to see that some people may have taken this for granted.

Staying connected now can be a challenge but lucky there is Zoom, Facebook, Skype, Facetime so use these to keep your connections alive. Mercury conjunct Chiron in your 9th on the 15th favours using new ways to communicate over long distances. Also, you could set virtual get-togethers or even goal setting groups. It’s telling you that you are not alone. Awaken to new possibilities and ways to remind you that ‘You never had a friend like me’ – minus the blue look and the lamp of course! Ruler the Sun remains in your 9th highlighting opportunities no matter where you find yourself. Spend time letting your mind roam free to search them out as it aligns to Jupiter on the 16th.

If you are still working closely with someone from home or isolated with your partner, the Sun and Ceres in your 7th of the Now Age promises cooperation and new ways of being or working together. There’s a new deal on the table when it comes to relating and connecting this week, Leo.

In a nutshell:

Kindred souls are a click away still so bear this in mind this week, Leo. There’s also an opportunity to let your creativity roam free in search of new opportunities for the future. Spot them from afar this week!



Embrace a new kind of sharing

Time for a little Now Age wellbeing

Balance what you need to do with what you love doing!

How you share your space, your workload or even those household chores could be front and centre issues this week, Virgo. Vesta is asking who is setting the rules around this and whether this is equal. Time to look at accepted notions around who does what – especially if you are on lockdown. It may be time to re-assign roles and responsibilities that turn long standing expectations on their head as

Venus and Vesta meet in your 10th this week. With ruler Mercury conjunct Chiron in your 8th on the 15th, all bets are off with regards to who does what. Don’t be afraid to suggest radical, outside-the-box solutions. Funny thing is, it’s not just you who ends up appreciating the difference. The Sun in your 8th and Jupiter in your 5th are telling you changes are simply for the better. They could end up bringing in more time to pursue what you love to do not only now, but in the future. The Sun also aligns with the planet of feminine power Ceres, in your zone of the Now Age of Wellbeing on the 18th.

This allows you to make healthy choices which support you mind, body and soul now. Make changes that bring about enhanced wellbeing. Or feelings of faith in the future and optimism. Rediscover joy in simple pursuits you can do alone or share with those you live with. All while ensuring everyone gets equal time between what needs to be done – and what channels the love this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell:

Your priority is sharing this week. In a way that promotes wellbeing for you and others. Take time to come up with a solution that balances what you have to do with doing what you love, Virgo.



Write a new rule book based on being human

Re-write those roles for equal billing

Balance is your relating superpower

Thoughts and ideas around where you can go or what you can do based on your gender could feature this week. Ruler Venus in your 9th meets Vesta and demands freedom as a result. Now, you may not experience this first hand but via something you watch or read. And it simply chimes for you that it’s time for a change. It’s time to be a sponge and absorb new points of view which open your mind to more possibilities. Vesta rules gender politics. Usually the kind that involve the patriarchy coming up with a set of rules to restrict or control women.

The most extreme examples of this in our world today can be found of course in the Middle East, but also in ‘civilised’ and ‘democratic’ countries where men attempt to control women’s reproductive rights. It doesn’t matter what gender you identify with either. You may come into contact with this or experience it in some way even if you are staying home. Are you expected to do more simply based on traditional gender roles? Maybe there needs to be a re-assignment if so.

For all of us, this is the Now Age of Humankind. So, do some gender bending and be fluid around roles and who does what, when Mercury bumps into Chiron in your 7th on the 15th. For the remaining few days while the Sun remains in your 7th, it will align to Jupiter in your 4th on the 16th, and Ceres in your 5th on the 18th. Your brilliance at finding the right balance and working a compromise when it comes to relating is what your world needs now. Especially when it comes to any out-dated roles and rules. You can come up with a new set based on the needs of individual humans. So, let your human talk to your closest human about just what role feels most comfortable this week. Or try a new one on for size, Libra.

In a nutshell:

How about a new playbook based not on gender but on being human? It sounds like utopia. We may not have it yet in the big wide world, but chances are this week you and someone close to you can come up with your own version of it.



Clear the way for better understanding

Respect and equality go hand in hand

Take steps to restore balance

If you are not being seen or treated as an equal in your relationship, you’ll take whatever steps are necessary to put this right this week, Scorpio. Venus and Vesta meet in your 8th. This is your house of sex so you’ll be looking extremely closely if how you are seen is affected by just that. One example of this would be a woman discovering she is paid less than her male colleague for doing the same job. Another would be your partner’s expectations either verbal or simply assumed, that you assume a certain role or tasks. Your 8th is the house of sharing and yes, of negotiation, transformation and power.

Feeling powerful when it comes to suggesting changes not only comes under your ruler Pluto’s domain, but also his mother-in-law Ceres. Ceres is about powerful compromises, win/wins and also the season of change. We’re in a big one right now in the outer world. So, as Mercury in its ruling 6th crashes into Chiron on the 15th, you won’t hesitate to suggest a radical solution to changing things up this week. Especially if you see the issue is affecting your wellbeing in some way. The Sun is about to enter your partnership zone next week so if this does involve someone close to you, then it’s important to deal with it and put things on a more equal footing.

The week has the Sun still in your 6th align with Jupiter in your 3rd of ideas, communication and commerce on the 16th. And Ceres – yes, in your Now Age 4th of home and security on the 18th. If you need to seek better, more equal conditions with tasks, roles or need to create them at home, these alignments promise opportunity and the chance to bring about a new world order. At least in your small part of it. Get ready to make a powerful new deal which brings about something better for everyone, Scorpio.

In a nutshell:

What do we want? Equality! When do we want it? Yesterday! Time to put things on an equal footing with loved ones or even around how you work. And to take steps to find that balance, Scorpio.



Wild hearts need to run free with a fellow free spirit

Love comes home to roost

Ideas open up a new path for the future

You need that lover or partner who not only sees you as an equal, Sag. But is also someone who understands and supports your need to fly high. If anyone clips your wings – or even attempts to, then this usually turns out to be a deal-breaker. Venus in its ruling 7th meets Vesta in here on the 13th. If someone is expecting you to transform permanently into Ms. or Mr. Stay-at-Home after lockdown, or fetch their pipe and slippers now or in the future, then they are in for a very rude awakening indeed.

This has nothing to do with ill-informed labels such as ‘Flighty Sag’. You are every bit as able to commit as say, those Taureans and Capricorns. You just need someone who understands that you are seeking a fellow free spirit who, if they want their pipe and slippers fetched, will buy a retriever or push the boundaries of robotics. Besides, if that squeeze is now revealed as being chauvinistic and far too dull, you know that soaring solo with those dreams is better than walking the same boring path into the future. From the comfort of your loungeroom, one idea or contact you hit on right now could end up being a game changer as Mercury and Chiron trigger outrageous fortune when they meet in your 5th on the 15th.

Despite everything, your optimism remains untarnished. And the Sun still shines on an opportunity to get yourself or your talents noticed, as it aligns to ruler Jupiter in your money zone on the 16th. This could see you hitting on a money making project or venture or just being able to leverage your abilities, talents or unique take on the world, to your advantage. Hopefully who or what you love is home with you now, Sag. If not, you’ll happily dream big on your own until you can go find the real thing once more.

In a nutshell:

You need a lover who supports your dreams and who allows you to fly high. Maybe your solution is a fellow free spirit to soar with. The alternative? You know that’s not you, Sag. So don’t even go there.



Forget keeping the home fires burning – fan the flames of your dreams

Look for energy drains

Reclaim your passion

If something is out-of-kilter it could be affecting your energy levels or wellbeing so look closely this week, Capricorn. While Venus in your 6th can work a little everyday magic on mundane tasks and that routine, this is not the best placement for Venus. This week Venus meets Vesta in here. Now, strangely, this is a good placement for Vesta as this is your house of daily duty and responsibility. Which of course, Vesta embodies as the keeper of the sacred flame. Looked at another way – the one who keeps the home fires burning. Yes, there’s plenty of us busy fanning those flames right now.

However, if the Vestal Virgins allowed the flame to go out they were beaten. If they committed the worst crime of losing their virginity before they had served out their tenure, they were walled up alive by the Pontifex Maximus. Because of this, in today’s astrology, Vesta often signifies gender politics. In your 6th, as this is also your house of duty and unpaid work, we can say expectations around what you do and how much based on outdated gender roles and stereotypes.

If you are literally feeling ‘walled in’ now, use that Venus creativity to bring in the feel-good factor. And when it comes to those stereotypes, just remember the person who is responsible for any you may have taken on board, may not necessarily be male. For instance, your mother sent you the message that unless your house was constantly spotless you would be a bad mother or ‘slovenly’. So, you continue to work your day job while attempting to live up to her impossible standards by constantly cleaning in what should be your down-time. This week is all about ditching any madness around this as Mercury collides with Chiron in your 4th. Reset those priorities if needed. Delegate to others who share your home.

You have the opportunity to attend to you as the Sun also in your 4th aligns to Jupiter in your 1st telling you that your dreams are important if you have set them aside. New deal Ceres in your 2nd of the Now Age also aligns to the Sun showing you that changes may bring more than one kind of reward. The flame that needs to be kept burning is the one that lights the way towards your dreams. Fan that and snuff out the rest, Capricorn.

In a nutshell:

Your eternal flame is your pilot light of passion. But has attending to other duties meant its flicking or worse, has been snuffed out? Time to relight the passion this week and rekindle the fire within!



What is your intuition saying?

Keep the flame burning

It’s just the way you are – or not at all

Be aware that Venus in your 5th is starting to slow down now. So, yes, of course you are still wielding the power of attraction. But you may need to take things slowly to ensure that what you have drawn to you is exactly what it appears to be. This week sees Venus meet Vesta in here. Put it this way, this is the party pooper. Vesta’s energy is all about duty and diligence. Venus in your 5th is all about romance, pleasure, good times and indulgence. Vesta worries she has left the oven on and so wants to bail early. You can see how a night out with these two doesn’t add up to anything approaching a good time.

But what it does hand you is the ability to make the very best of any lockdown or isolation period. You’re able to come up with the perfect way to balance duty and yes, the odd indulgence or creative outlet. Vesta also keeps you focussed on what matters if you are to succeed in the long term. Vesta may not be the life and soul of the party, but in matters like this – she’s your guiding light in the time of coronavirus.

The internet, phone, computer as well as writing are your most valuable tools now as Mercury in its ruling 3rd meets Chiron this week. You’re not about to hold back when it comes to showcasing your most outrageous thoughts and ideas. Share these. If this makes anyone uncomfortable or they think that’s not what good girls or boys do, you could see this surface as the Sun also in your 3rd, hits Jupiter in your 12th on the 16th, making this a real Guardian Angel aspect. The 18th sees the Sun sextile Ceres in your 1st.

If getting yourself noticed in all the right ways has been your goal, this could bring you that hoped for result. Even if you are in isolation. Your approval rating could soar. This week tells you to be yourself – and seek the truth of how others see you by being just that.

In a nutshell: You’re either loved for who you are. Or it isn’t real love, Aquarius. The Now Age for you is all about being real. You don’t need anyone’s permission for that. So ensure you’re loved – just the way you are.



Love means knowing you can ask for help

Time to please you – not other people

Be a power goddess

Make any changes to get the help you need with home matters, Pisces and don’t be afraid to ask either. If you’ve been cast in a role – anything from Domestic Goddess to Drudge, simply ask yourself if you are comfortable with this. Is this what you want or are you doing this to people please? Are you secretly seething with resentment that you shoulder the lion’s share of duties? Do you feel that others should ‘know’ this without you having to ask for help?

Because the thing is, no matter how close we are to someone, we may not know. If they don’t ask for our help, we may assume they don’t need it.

Sure, it should be obvious – especially if you are now spending more time together. But you need to look beyond the obvious and state it. Venus in your 4th wants to enhance your lifestyle and home. But this week has a domestic with Vesta in here. Now, Vesta is all about keeping those home fires not just burning but spick and span too. If she’s not in Ancient Rome she would be the 50’s housewife with feather duster and gingham apron happy to receive a vacuum cleaner for her birthday. Some people adore housework. But if you are not one of them, feel you are expected to do too much of it, then this week – speak up.

It’s all about flexing those self-worth muscles as Mercury in your 2nd meets Chiron in here on the 15th. This could result in some of you daring to ask for help at home or changing things up on the work front even remotely. You have the Sun still in this house until the 20th. On the 16th it makes a future setting aspect to Jupiter in your 11th. Too busy to focus on those dreams?

All the more reason for ensuring you have the time you need for you. The Sun also makes another angle to Ceres in your Now Age 12th on the 18th. Ceres is not so much domestic goddess but power one. in your Now Age 12th on the 18th. Remember, when Ceres didn’t get what she asked for she went on strike. That note saying dinner is in the takeout menu could just be your way to restore domestic bliss -and your soul, this week.

In a nutshell:

Feeling more like a dishcloth than a domestic goddess? All work and no play makes for dull girls and boys. You’ve bigger fish to fry literally this week, Pisces. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.


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