3rd July 2017 Written Weekly Astrology

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Cosmic aphrodisiac
Creative boost
Watch that fiery temper!

The first week of July is a rocket ship ride with many different currents and energy shifts. Be very careful as Mars, your ruler, was having trouble with Pluto, the game changer, on the 2nd, but this is still impacting the beginning of the week. Your famous volatile temper is on a hair trigger. Aries are notorious for blowing up but also calming down just as quickly, and then the regret steps in! Sidestep this by counting to ten!

Venus, the Queen of love and money, is changing signs, offering you a sociable month filled with flirtation. You have a lot to say and an avid group of listeners. Venus is also allowing you to be objective about your deeper feelings and to discuss things with lovers or potential lovers without getting swept away by emotion. If there have been any communication problems on the love front, there’s the potential to break through them.

Mercury, the great communicator, is zipping into a fabulous position on the 6th, and you feel perky and enthusiastic. Share your creative ideas as you fall in love with life all over again. You’re heading toward one of the most passionate and exhilarating times of the year.

The Full Moon on the 9th is stunningly intense for you. On a positive note, a peak experience around your career could bring a change of direction or recognition of your power. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, who loves change and demands we let go. A decision has to be made to balance work and relationships.



Wild wandering
Sensual delights
Soul healing

There’s a profound healing taking place this week Taurus. Venus in your sign (for her last day), is Sextile Chiron, the wounded healer, on the 4th. Chiron is going backward and helping you deal with a painful situation from the past that might be affecting your present. Not only are you feeling the healing in this moment but you might also be soothing and helping others. Does your wound have to do with how sociable you are? how you feel in groups? how comfortable you are leading a team? You have the chance to move on now and come back into your power.

Wave bye-bye to Venus as she pops into your sensual, security house. You crave slow earthy times, delicious feasting, and grounded relationships. Venus, in this position, allows you to feel more confident in yourself.

On the 9th, the full moon is in your adventure and learning house. She is a very intense Moon as she’s hooking up with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. It’s time to stop talking about your plans to backpack around the world, make love in Sedona, and climb Mount Kilimanjaro and get on with it! If travel is not your chosen way of exploration, perhaps it’s time to study or express your unique soul through unconventional means. The Moon will bring you a message from the furthest parts of your unconscious on how to move forward. Listen to it!



Love magic
Think outside the box
Adventures in passion

Happy days! Venus, the planet of love and beauty, is nipping into your sign on the 5th, giving you cosmic love magic; you are a walking bottle of love potion number 9. In July, Gemini will heal and soothe your romantic life. Before we get to that, Mars and Pluto on the 2nd are creating havoc in the heavens. Expect to bump into a lot of stroppy and annoying folk, but don’t rise to the bait.

Mercury, your ruler, is also squaring maverick and genius Uranus; are you bored and frustrated? Perhaps you have tried to tame yourself in some way? Uranus is going to kick up some dust and encourage you to do your own thing. You have intellectual superpowers; think before you dance to Uranus’ eccentric call. There is fabulous potential here but not if you chuck it all in on a whim and run away with the circus.

Fortunately, the 7th is a different story, with Mercury sextile loving Venus. A conversation not only clears up an argument, but it’s also swooning with possibility. Finally, the Full Moon is poking around in your unconscious on the 9th. The Full Moon is a time of sexual power, BUT you could be torn in two. Are you going to opt for safety or expansion? Avoid power struggles with a lover over money.



Fated Love
Meditate your way to success
Romantic addictions

Be super cautious at the start of the week as Mars, in your sign, is wrestling with Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld, Yikes! Avoid being Crabby with a loved one as they could take it to heart and things could escalate. You are currently reflecting on where you want your romantic relationships to go but never chuck around ultimatums when Pluto is around.

While you are at it, don’t make any rash decisions around work or you might regret it. Mercury is in your sign making you super articulate until the 6th but also a dash impulsive. After the 6th you’re able to make big commitments and base them on all the facts. With Venus changing signs, everything is a bit foggy, but you’re also tuned into your compassion and empathy, use some of this on yourself and nurture you this week.

The Full Moon is opening your eyes to how you feel. If you have been repressing any emotions, they rise to the surface. You are a Moon baby, and when she is Full, you feel things intensely. With this Moon conjunct Pluto, you are going to become aware of feelings you cannot ignore. You might Fall in or out of love but whichever way it goes, it is for your greater good.



Simply Gorgeous
Work hard, Play hard
Remember who you are

How do you feel about abundance? Chiron, the wounded healer, is going back in time and showing you when and where you lost a part of your power. Yes, you are invincible and strong, but you know your vulnerabilities. The next few months you might stumble across people or experiences that remind you of the past. The good news? You have changed and can handle things differently. You are about to pull the curtain up and reveal the real Wizard of Oz! Several of your fears will evaporate.

Put on your best Lion Queen outfit, paint those claws and step into the social scene with renewed confidence. Venus, the planet of love, money and harmony, is sashaying into your social zone. Where there’s a crowd, collaboration or gathering you hold court and have immense power. Social media, Cosmic ordering, parties are all your domain. With Sun square Jupiter on the 6th, don’t get too cocky or bite off more than you can chew.

The Full Moon on the 9th is asking you to look after yourself. Get a MOT, eat well and get your fitness freak on. Oh, and she also may reveal why you do that occasional self-destructive thing you do, time to let go of that pattern…



Lust passion
A tonne of giggles
Career moves

Virgo, you rock this week and feel as if you have the sway and power to do what you need to do. Bear in mind, everyone is a bit moody and shirty on the 2nd and it overspills into the week, so don’t rub anyone up the wrong way, use that lovely Virgo charm to calm them down.

Venus is shifting signs and boosting your chances of success. Co-workers fall in love with your ideas and think you’re the next Elon Musk and can shoot things to the Moon. Talking of the Moon, we have a Full Moon that could deliver you someone you desire or at least a peak experience of pleasure! Yes, it’s a tad intense as she is joining forces with that tricky, scary Pluto BUT they both want to show you a good time! It’s probably best to stay at home or somewhere where you can have secret conversations and get up to whatever shenanigans you want away from prying eyes. If you aren’t interested in affairs of the heart, this is a fabulous time to reconnect with children or do things that make your heart sing. Oh, and Mercury is making you psychic as well as revealing a secret or two.



You’re an explorer, go explore!
Be Different
Ideas magnet

Venus, the Planet of love and your divine ruler, wants you to have a holiday! She’s changing signs and going into your adventure zone. Dull routines drain you, so shake things up and do things differently this week. In love? Grab your lover by the lapels and drag them somewhere you’ve never been. Get frisky in a field, hire a camper van, put a tent up in the garden, go to a dance class or anything your imagination can dream up. Don’t blame me! Blame Venus! If you’re single, you might find yourself attracted to someone from another culture or background, eccentrics float your boat and you long to study, learn and explore. The more you do it, the more you recharge. Venus is also taking you on a soul healing voyage with the help of Chiron the wounded healer on the 4th.

Mercury, the planet of communication, is zooming into your social zone. You are exceptional in social media, communicating, writing and coming up with original ideas. He is hanging around until the end of the month so don’t rest on your laurels, get on with sharing.

Finally, the Full Moon is pretty intense on the 9th. She’s hooking up with Pluto, the Lord of the underworld, and poking about in your shadows and unconscious. Fear not, they are going to give you an answer around your family and home.



You got the power
Linguistic skills
Sensual intimacy rules

Venus and Chiron are getting it together with a lovely Sextile to help heal your relationships on the 4th. Somewhere in the murky past you were hurt and lost trust in pleasure or happiness, and perhaps you feel you always have to hold something back? Whatever the wound, you are working towards a deep soul healing. On top of that, Venus is shifting signs on the 5th and taking you to a place of power. You are exuding charisma (even if you don’t feel like it!). Work with Venus to feel better and to know your value.

Mercury is also changing signs and going into your career zone. You have brilliant ideas and persuasive skills. Other folks see you as a leader, and you’re striving to reach your highest potential! Don’t be intolerant of peeps who are feeling a bit lazy as your ruler, Pluto, is in an argumentative Mood.

The Full Moon may feel more emotional than usual as she is conjunct Pluto. You are about to have an important conversation and you probably already know it. You want to stretch your wings and won’t tolerate being controlled or held back. If you want the Moon energy magic to be smoother, be charming and don’t fly off the handle. Spend the evening meditating on the best course of action. The Moon might also give you an important dream or image in a meditation, and it’s worth paying attention.



You find the money tree!
Venus is opening your heart
Avoid bickering

Ooooh, Sagittarius, this week’s astrology is steaming hot! Venus, the Planet of love, is shimmering in your relationship zone. Peace and harmony arrive in your intimate relationships or at least a soul revelation about where things are heading. You are brilliant at compromising and finding the inner balance right now. I love this saying by Albert Einstein: ‘Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving’. Don’t second guess lovers or love interests, just keep going and use your intuition as your compass.

With Mercury square Uranus, you might be tempted to go over the top and surrender to debauchery on the 5th. You can resist anything other than temptation! Tune into Venus and ask her to help keep things pleasurable but calm (fat chance Tee Hee!), but seriously, lure of the wild is calling, and it’s up to you where it’s going to go.

With the Sun square your ruler, Jupiter, on the 6th, you feel like making a power move or toppling someone in a group. It may be that you find that someone in your group of pals or a teammate may have been telling pork pies (lies). All is revealed by the X-ray rays of the Moon. Go easy though as the Full Moon on the 9th is asking you to play by the rules. The Moon is conjunct Pluto, and Pluto creates radical change, these two are in your security and financial zone. You will instinctively know what to do to turn your finances around. It’s emotional but cleansing.



A health kick
Use your wisdom
Love finds a way

Venus is entering your health and well being house giving you a lift. You are loving routines and getting on with finishing irritating tasks. It’s time to check in with yourself and look at your patterns with food, alcohol etc. You’re motivated to help others but must avoid being all doom and gloom about your love life. Having said that, some lovely little aspect later in the week shows you the way to heal and transform your intimate connections.. Have you been self critical or critical of others? Give yourself a break.

Mercury is also shifting signs and making you all mysterious and intense. You can’t stand superficial conversations and might find yourself caught up in a confession. Your words are very powerful and you know just what to say to get to the heart of the matter. With the Sun trine Neptune on the 6th, you are exceptionally charming and make a soul connection. Mercury is also sextile Venus on the 7th, so the emotional opportunities are endless. Venus is reminding you that it’s important to do your share or the chores. If someone you love is not respecting your space, you can clear it up this week.

The Full Moon has a massive impact on you as she is in your sign. She is also conjunct Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. You are incredibly psychic on the 9th and a strange and possibly wonderful coincidence could shift your life path. You may have a dream or experience that is a wake up call. The Moon and Pluto are crossing swords with dramatic Mars. Is someone being passive aggressive at work? Don’t play into their hands, use your new found intuitive skills to side step them.



Love love love
Love love love
And more love

Wakey, wakey Aquarius, you are stepping out of your coochy slumber! Venus, the Planet of love, is filling you with vibrant, loving energy and sending you on a hunt for pleasure. Venus brings you one of the best times of the year for love and soul connections. If that was not enough, we also have Mercury entering your relationship zone! If you have something to sort out or want to meet a lover, then it all starts this week. For the next month, you are intent on finding a mate, healing a relationship or getting up close and personal with a fling. You are giving off all the right vibes as Venus showers you with allure.

On the 7th, Venus and Mercury are trine, giving you an exceptional day for romance or sweet times with your close ones. The Full Moon on the 9th is making you a little foggy and confused. Avoid paranoia or getting addicted to someone or something. The Moon is conjunct Pluto the Lord of the Underworld fanning passion and hidden desires that may have been dormant. The energy of the Moon and her square with Mars only last a few days. You might find yourself being self-critical as you long for secret pleasures! Let yourself off the hook, keep as grounded as possible and enjoy! Don’t be surprised by a wave of emotion.

Remember it’s not all fun and games; ‘Love and desire are the spirit’s wings to great deeds.’Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



A trip down memory lane
Make your home a sanctuary
A new tribe

How comfortable are you about talking about your past? Did you feel listened to as a child? How were your first romantic relationships? If there is something you need to heal, then Chiron is retaking you to do the work. Venus, the Planet of love, is sextile Chiron, the wounded healer, in your sign. Chiron knows that part of your compassion and care for others is because of your own experiences. This week you have the chance to feel loved, not just in a romantic way but by small gestures delivered to you from the cosmos.

Venus is also changing signs and making you crave quiet and intimate times at home. You have a vision of how you want your home to be and start to make that vision a reality. With the Sun trine Neptune, you are feeling very open, aware and in tune.

The Full Moon is pretty intense as she is conjunct brooding Pluto, bringing a revelation about a gang/collaboration or web project you’ve been dealing with. Look out for someone who may be quietly causing problems and handle it with charm.

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