Your Eclipsed Full Moon in Libra Moonscope 25th March 2024

full moon in libra

Your Eclipsed Full Moon in Libra Moonscope 25th March 2024

The full Plough Moon in Libra passes through part of the Earth’s shadow resulting in a penumbral lunar eclipse, and is the first full Moon after the equinox when the Sun enters Aries. The time when day and night are balanced. So, the secret this eclipse can be hiding for us as it appears in Aries’ opposite sign of Libra can often be around balance/imbalance. And how this is often manifested via our relationships.

If you are a Cardinal sign – Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn or have chart factors in these signs between 5-6 degrees, then you will feel the pull to uncover the emotional truth around relatedness in a key area. Do check your chart.

This eclipse will be visible in the Americas and Asia but not in the UK or Europe as it occurs below the horizon. Like all eclipses, it covers something up even though it is not a total one. Perhaps even the emotional truth about our own needs we refuse to acknowledge.

Remember that the sign of Libra is the only sign in the Zodiac that isn’t represented by an entity, whether human or animal. Originally, Libra was part of Scorpio. Then the Romans decided that it should be a constellation in its own right about 2,000 years ago. Known as ‘The Scales of Justice’ that it would rule the law, justice, fairness and balance as well as partnerships – the ultimate balancing act between two souls.

The essence of lunar eclipses in the Knight-Waite Tarot deck offers two cards for the Moon. They both reflect the possibilities contained in the eclipse shadows. Things known but not yet seen because we intuit them. And a new emotional truth emerges from this. Eclipses are neither good nor bad. This one simply conceals something we can re-balance, and once we see it, harmony is restored.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

Relationships are all about rich shadows and nuance—dark and light dancing together. We tend to focus on the light and not the shadows, to our detriment and to the detriment of the relationship. A relationship where we are not delving into needs and issues is a stagnant one.

If you have a partner, share any concerns and your desires for the future under this eclipse. Drag anything hiding in the shadows out into the light. Air it. And boldly expose your heart. It’s the only way forward and to bring about the closeness you seek.

Usually, the full Moon in your 7th is a mirror that another holds up for you. You see yourself reflected as they see you. But you may be unsure of their feelings now or the image is blurry. This is why if you are single, this is not the time to go seeking that mate. Wait until the eclipse has passed. If you have aspects in your chart at the key 5-6 degrees, especially in your own sign, this eclipse will oppose them.

Listen to your inner knowing first if you have relationship questions. A new phase is emerging between you and another. You are currently in the middle ground between one stage and another. It feels like darkness or maybe confusion. But from this, you both can step into the light. Lead with your intuition. Love is expressed via the questions you ask and answer in return.

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Who are your friends and support system under this eclipse in your 6th house? Those details, that spreadsheet, schedule, To Do list, timetable, diary, established routine, fact checking and being grounded. Practicality fused with following your insight is the way to navigate any uncertainty and confusion now.

Let’s not forget that you are in your annual soul house clearing phase for one minute ahead of the Sun’s arrival in your sign next month. Which of course puts the Sun in your 12th house of intuition, insight and psychic abilities. Combined with this eclipse, this turns you into a psychic detective. Following the trail of feeling clues and uncovering the facts behind them. Take it that there are good reasons for how you feel. And that this eclipse is hiding a truth in plain sight which is asking you to uncover it to bring about a better work/life balance or align that mind/body/spirit unity in a fresh and healing way.

Your body or your energy body has been keeping the score. And feeding you valuable insights into how something is affecting you. Again, it begins with the feels and you back this up with the facts. If you have been keeping a diary to track something, do refer back to it. Uncertain? Start to do this as it will have a revelation for you as the eclipse shadows clear. Do stay organised and focussed as this eclipse can see your attention wander or get fuzzy so you forget something you need to do. Get ready to emerge from the shadows re-energised and released from something that no longer serves you.


Stop in the name of love under this eclipse, Gemini. This includes what you love to do as well as who! And before I forget – this is your house of indulgences and pleasure. You might want to resist the urge to splurge as well. Chances are that must-have item loses its allure as the shadows pass. And yes, the same goes for that swipe as this is also your house of romance.

Focus your loving mindset on the love you already have, your existing pleasures, your creativity, and your children if you have them instead of trying to find the new now. Full Moons are full stops—releases and a pause before something new appears in our lives. We may not see it under an eclipse, however.

If you have a fresh creative idea now, sit with it and like a fragile seed, nurture it in the dark. If you get the feeling something is going on with someone you care for – your lover, your child or even a friend, then gently probe but don’t push. Let them know you are there and available. Look to what brings you joy and pleasure. Is there anything you should revive or reconnect to? How is your capacity to receive love, attention, compliments, success and gifts? Or simply to take the time out of the things you love? If there are imbalances here around self-denial or feeling that good things are what happens to others, not you – this is the area where the balance needs to be restored. In the dark, open back up to the completely bearable art of receiving pleasure.


Full Moon eclipses can have you feeling someone stole your mojo, Cancer. You can feel disconnected from your source, your insight and your power. But you of all signs should know that all lunar transits, no matter how intense, are fleeting. Yes, you may be aware of the build up to this eclipse two days before it happens. And the release from it and restoration of clarity and feeling you are reconnected to your truth may take another two after it. But take it by then you and your mojo are reunited.

Because you are a cardinal sign, you should check your chart for any factors within the 5-6 degree orb. If you have them the eclipse with square them. And don’t forget this occurs in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. This is about what needs to be reconciled or ‘squared away’ and touches on home, living arrangements, family matters, those you live with or share your home with, your mortgage, lease, landlord, council or even country. And also your path as well.

The solutions which come from taking the time to allow your insight to reboot itself are set to not only dazzle – but sustain you and those you care about for a long time to come. In the wake of this eclipse you will make decisions between now and the next new moon around what you love and what grounds you in a way that both supports and moves you forward. Your mojo isn’t missing under the eclipse, Cancer. It’s simply recharging. So, don’t rush the process. Nurture it and stay with it in the knowledge what you need next will be revealed.


Watch for the deep fake under an eclipse in your 3rd of communication and the internet, Leo. That link, that contact or even that news may not be what it appears to be. This is one of those eclipses where your gut truly can see through the illusion to the truth. Please don’t ignore it. You may however want to ignore that friend request, flirt-bomb or offer that seems just too good to be true. If it’s the latter take it that it is. If someone is saying or sharing something online, do check it is for real. Chances are it’s not.

This eclipse is a bit like a Mercury retro on steroids. It takes place in Mercury’s house. Thankfully it is a lot shorter however as it effects last just a few days as opposed to weeks. You may want to make the Retro Rules your default operating system in the run-up to it and for a couple of days after it just to be certain.

The pause button may get pushed around work, commerce, contracts, getting around. Your ruler the Sun is in your 9th of long distance travel. And throwing the earth’s shadow onto the moon. That feeling of not quite knowing where you are heading? Thankfully temporary. Negotiations may stall. Or simple misunderstandings occur. Do double check all arrangements and meeting places before leaving home. If you are unsure of someone’s meaning, don’t be afraid to ask them to repeat it or else say ‘Am I understanding this correctly?’ rather than jump to conclusions. A lot can be lost in translation especially if it is over text or email. Going back over something allows you to add a better perspective or dimension to it. Chances are you uncover something you missed the first time around.


Your values, what you value and how you value yourself as well as your relationship to the material world are cloaked in mystery. Under this eclipse its not a good time to speculate or spend. Does what you buy fill an emotional need? If so, this eclipse wants you to go directly to that need rather than buy substitutions which will never satisfy you anyway.

Valuing ourselves is always the first step to getting what we need. Notice I said need and not want. The two are different. And valuing ourselves has nothing to do with narcissism or ad slogans either. You know your true worth and what you bring to the table. And are discriminating when it comes to what (or who) you bring into your life. It or they have to reflect that. Yes, baby – you’re worth it. On a soul level. This eclipse wants you to know that now for certain. Or if not, it will show you where you have settled or undersold yourself. Funny as the other way this eclipse can have you showing your true worth to others is the fact you radiate calmness and serenity no matter what is going on around you. If others are losing their s***, your strong sense of values and groundedness turns you into that ever fixed mark that looks on the tempest and refuses to be shaken. That’s exactly why someone may value you above all else this eclipse. And why you should up your stock, Virgo.


Someone may not see you as you want to be seen. Or even as you truly are, Libra. This may come as a shock or revelation to you. It could also be a surprise in the best possible way. If anyone has been all nice face on the surface and assassin behind your back though, any revelations of that kind should not really come as a surprise. Because chances are you’ve had them pegged as a frenemy for a while.

The full Moon in your sign always occurs half way between one birthday cycle and the next. Think of this as a pause point. A time where you can adjust your image or your course if you want. You may choose to withdraw or keep those plans under wraps for now however due to the eclipse. The art of revelation is a double edged sword. Sometimes it is us and not someone else who has the surprise in store. Things could be cooking in your soul kitchen when it comes to your appearance, style, image, look, face, message, brand or social media presence. Or you may just be tired of others pigeon-holing you and are now determined to shift those perceptions – permanently.

Do check your chart for the all-important aspects at 5-6 degrees. And also at how you want others to respond to you. If you are looking at an image change, who is this for? Hopefully you. But yes, there’s that all-important factor of how others receive you and react. Draw a veil over your adjustments, work behind the scenes and then be ready for a big reveal in April. The surprise in store may be just who sits up and takes notice.


You are the sign for whom the term ‘still waters run deep’ applies to more than any other, Scorpio. No more so than when there is an eclipse in your 12th house. There’s a secret part of yourself yearning to be unleashed, heard or recognised. A desire that you need to acknowledge. Or even a hunch that demands you follow up on it.

You will be undertaking this in private, in secret and also be very aware of the need to unplug, recharge and take time out now. This eclipse is one where hermit mode is not only permitted but encouraged. It’s time to get back in touch with your dreams, wants and needs. The real you asks you stop rejecting yourself. Especially if you have ended up doing this out of self-protection. The eclipse full Moon wants you to understand that being anyone other than who you are diminishes your power.

This is your house of the past so don’t be surprised if past memories surface now. You no longer live in the past so they cannot hurt you. Do not try to run away from them however or numb them. Simply feel them, give yourself love and permission to own your emotional experience – and then watch as they cease to have any more power over you. Sometimes an eclipsed full Moon in our 12th can see someone from our past return. Proceed with caution. Yes, everyone deserves a second chance (including you!). But for it to work there has to be ownership of the past and a permanent change. The only way to know for sure is to proceed slowly. Your intuition knows for sure.


The eclipsed full Moon in your 11th brings up issues in your friendzone and also sees an unfulfilled goal or dream resurface to show you just how important it is for you to renew your commitment to making it happen.

Be prepared to see a friendship, connection or even your association with a group, band, club or cause, in a radically different light following this eclipse. I have known people who after a lunar eclipse in their 11th house, awaken to the reality that a friendship is one-sided or has been lived out. The resonance you once shared is no longer there. If this is the case, you will come to terms with this in the next two weeks.

Any endings are likely to be more of the gentle release rather than an out-and-out confrontation. Unless someone goes out of their way to up the drama or make it all about them. This is not the kind of full Moon to go looking for new friendships. But to instead appreciate the ones that do support you. And to follow up on any impulse to reconnect or suggest getting together. Especially if you feel something may be ‘up’ with someone you know. Even if they have not yet said anything.

You have your dreams for a reason. And some goals form part of who we are and our life’s journey. If you have relinquished one which falls under this category, you may feel intensely empty and disappointed. It could be that the act of going after it is just as fulfilling as the actual attainment. If just imagining yourself doing that re-energises you then this is a sign to recapture it now. Just remember – goals are like fragile seeds. Best nurtured in the dark so keep your plans to yourself. For now.


As you are a cardinal sign you need to check your chart for any factors at 5-6 degrees. Especially in your own sign. Does what you are aiming for or striving to attain still hold the emotional satisfaction that it once did? Or do you need to reach higher?

You’ll be looking at those ambitions and your path or progress towards attaining them under this eclipse. Have your efforts handed you the rewards, recognition and satisfaction you hoped for? Have the doors you’ve been knocking on opened? Or stayed shut? Please dedicated and adaptable Capricorn – do not and I repeat DO NOT compare your own success journey to that of others under this eclipse. And do stay away from those who may take great delight in telling you just how you don’t measure up to that sibling/former partner/co-worker/parent/friend and how you probably never will. Or that it’s pointless to even try to succeed as you’re not the right stuff anyway.

Yes, we all know them. And what we need to understand is that any comments of this nature are usually about their insecurities and fear of failure and nothing to do with us. It may be time to edit them out of your life. Or certainly delete their negative influence. That being said, if you have put in the work but your own version of self-defined success remains at best elusive, use the eclipse energy and the next two weeks to look into an alternative path to top. In the words of the Navajo: All paths lead to the top of the mountain. Some take the scenic route.


Just as I was about to write your highly personal insights into what the eclipsed full Moon in your 9th would deliver, an update popped up on my feed which read: The future is here. Are you ready? Well, ready or not, here it comes. Cloaked and a little mysterious. Luring you into irresistible and unknown territory that’s waiting to be explored.

This is a pause on a longer journey. If you need a course correction you can now make it during the next two weeks. Shrouded in a sense of the unexplored and mystery could be a subject, people, places or businesses overseas, a legal matter, a big dream, an opportunity or offer, a new way to experience the world.

Are you ready? Something bigger wants to enter your life or make itself known. Yes, you do need to have a plan or proceed with caution under a lunar eclipse in your 9th if you are travelling. It could be there is something about your destination or who you are set to meet there you do not yet know. Do also treat friend requests from people who you have no common connections to or who live far far away with extreme caution.

Think of the card of The Fool in the Tarot. The Fool takes a leap of faith, a next step or the first step even though the path ahead is unclear. The call is to leave your comfort zone in the next two weeks. And discover what else is ‘out there’ for you in the big, wide world. By letting the future in.

full moon in piscesPISCES

Butterfly soul – when I say the word ‘change’ – where do your thoughts go? Are you filled with excitement and anticipation to embrace transformation? Or are you fearful and holding on for dear life to prevent it happening?

Change automatically takes us into the unknown. But without it we stay caterpillars! We have nothing to fear about change. But very often the fear of it keeps us stuck. So, dance in the shadowed moonlight of an eclipsed full Moon in your changeable 8th and bathe in its energy. Don’t run away from it. And don’t fear it.

Because eclipses conceal and this is a lunar eclipse, this is an emotional change you may not see coming. But it is all-embracing and dare I say it – needed? Especially if something has you stuck to the point it prevents you unfurling those true colours! The change may also revolve around how you see power and the ability to control change. Maybe you have thought yourself powerless to bring about the changes you actually want. If that’s the case, this eclipse can connect you to a shift in your perspective or how you see something. And it is this that brings about the very change you seek as you shift the power dynamic back to you.

This is your house of assets, money, your mortgage, salary, loans, investments and what you share. It rules marital (joint) assets, wills, legacies, taxes and benefits. Sex, transformative unions and yes, if it comes to that, divorce. Defer negotiations around this eclipse if you can as you may not have the bigger picture or simply act on how you feel in the moment. You’re about to emerge seeing things in a new light. That includes your own colours, butterfly. And the true nature of change.

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