Your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope November 27 2023

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Your Full Moon in Gemini Moonscope November 27th 2023

By our astrologer and psychic Elena

November’s full Moon is known as the Beaver Moon, the Frost Moon, the Freezing River Maker Moon or the Darkest Depths Moon. This Moon brings in big mutable energy. The Moon is in Gemini which means the Sun is in Sagittarius – Gemini’s opposite sign. Also in Sagittarius – Mercury, Mars and Ceres.

On the day of the full Moon, Mercury in Sagittarius will square Neptune in Pisces. Another mutable sign. Gemini is the sign of communication. Mercury is its ruler. This day sees something come to light or to the surface that may be difficult if not impossible to ‘square away’. However, the full Moon means it’s impossible for us to pretend we don’t know what’s going on. Or deny the facts. The mutable energy now asks we make a shift in our thinking. From not knowing or staying in the dark, to ‘Now I see it, I can’t un-see it’. No, ignorance is not bliss. And whatever is exposed is what we need to know.

Soul truths will be exposed. Depending on how well we listen to our inner voice, for some of us this is just validation. An ‘I knew that’ moment which is confirmation but no real surprise. Your psychic senses ensured you were always one step ahead. And yes, congratulate yourself if you hate being right all the time! That’s a gift.

There’s no hiding from this full Moon. It’s the beacon of truth guiding us out of misinformation and confusion. It’s the searchlight picking out the facts. And showing us any discrepancy between what someone tells us and what is actually going on. The Moon in the sign of information and the Sun in the sign of freedom? That’s the perfect truth will set you free realisation for all of us.

weekly horoscope aries seasonARIES

This full Moon triggers ruler Mars in your 9th just hours before it peaks. So, take it that whatever you hear or it exposes for you, you are going to take action on it. Of course, you could be the one setting something in motion. Acting rather than responding. Initiating rather than simply waiting around for something to happen. Or someone else to do something. Which let’s face it – was never your style anyway, Aries.

Yes, this full Moon energy can make you bold and impulsive. But also confident and certain. You’ll be ready to stand by what you say. And if you say you will do something, others had better know you’re not bluffing. Know under this full Moon that your first reaction will be the correct one. This is one of those times when you need to trust your emotional guidance chip. Don’t over-think it.

Yes, you will be guided by facts and information. But they simply fuel your ability to deliver the right response. You will also deliver the unvarnished truth. This will prove to be an excellent full Moon if you are called on to present something, for interviews, applications, presentations, pitches or anything you share. Your conviction, your clarity and your ability to deliver a compelling message leaves others hanging on your every word. If you’ve been wanting to say something but hesitating, you’ll say it anyway, now. Loud and clear – there’s no mistaking your message. Or your intentions, Aries.


This full Moon will be triggering your need for security. You’ll be keenly aware of where you feel vulnerable, Taurus. Not only emotionally but materially or even – ahem, in areas like the bedroom. Are you insecure about your sensuality? With this full Moon opposing Mars in its ruling 8th in your chart, your sensual self is charged with passionate imagination and the desire to express itself! For those celibate or not interested in expressing their sexuality with another passion projects are more easily expressed.

This full Moon enhances your pragmatic and practical nature when it comes to what you need to do in order to meet your needs. Especially around money and material security. Do however ensure that you use your talents in this area to plan across getting them met in the long term. And don’t reach for short term Band-Aids instead. Emotional security and money are often inter-twined. This full Moon asks for you to find an emotional balance in some way with this often complex area! The need for emotional security can sometimes see us borrowing money or relying on credit. Usually when we feel we’re not getting the emotional support we need from others. Do stop and look carefully at this.

You can make a definitive emotional/financial decision under this full Moon. And you’ll know its the right one if it hands you a feeling of completion and strength. You’ll also have the confidence to see it through. Do however ask those close to you for the emotional support you need, Taurus. Don’t be afraid to expose that tender vulnerability and showcase your sensuality. It can change your relationship to others, to your money, and strengthen your world.


Power on, Gemini! Your emotional response to someone or something during the full Moon in your sign is mighty morphin’! Full Moons beam their light into the house opposite to the one they appear in. In this case, Sagittarius and your 7th house.

With Mars in the mix you know what you’re seeking, Gemini. And you will be unafraid of the answer you get from the other party regarding whether they are willing to provide it. Look to your energy levels around a particular connection. When you think of the person, do they go up – or down, Gemini? This will serve as your guide for how you choose to respond or what you are asking for.

You’re not interested in beating around the bush. Or time wasting. If someone is unable or unwilling to meet your needs, you would rather know than continue on in false hope. If you are dating, you will be laying your cards on the table and want the other party to do the same. If meeting for business or that interview, you will ask for the business or the job. You love others to be equally direct with you. And they love you for your laser-powered cut-to-the-chase approach. You know where you stand. So do they.

You meet passion with equal passion under this full Moon. If your feelings or emotional responses are returned, then you are all-in. The same goes for the emotional support you give and get. It can’t be one-way, Gemini. It needs to flow in both directions. If there’s lack of harmony between you or anyone else – be this that love partner, business partner, work connection, close friend – don’t stop to wonder why you feel so listless and drained. Do what you can to put it back on track. Or take a different path.

july horoscopesCANCER

Of course all full Moons bring you peak emotional experiences. This one is no different. It boosts your natural intuition, psychic and creative abilities, and inner knowing. Don’t ignore the latter, Cancer.

Your nurturing, empathic nature is also fully awake and aware under this full Moon. But your challenge under it will be allowing others to sort out their problems for themselves. Do resist the urge to rescue. Yes, of course, you can offer the emotional support of listening. Understand that most time that is all people need. But try to remain the observer. Not the fixer. Otherwise, your enhanced sensitivity may leave you drained.

You will get the most from this full Moon if you use it to recalibrate and recharge. To unplug, detox, meditate, create and spend some quiet time. In doing so you will strengthen your emotional body rather than allow it to become depleted.

If ‘difficult’ emotions rise up for you, please try not to reach for self-soothing remedies. Food, wine, substances, binge-watching, spending. Instead allow yourself to fully embrace those feelings no matter how painful. Journal them. The surprising thing is you may find they only last for about 20 minutes. Then leave you. Your inner self will thank you for allowing it to express itself and you will feel stronger and healed. Rather that distanced and dulled. You will emerge from this full Moon refreshed and with a sense that a new beginning awaits you. Hold that intuitive thought. You’ll be proved right.

monthly horoscope augustLEO

Your mind and your emotions merge under this full Moon. You’re in the moment. And the fusion of feeling and raw intellect is a powerful one. This full Moon is about to show you whether something has future promise. Or if you need to let it go and move on. If you come to the latter decision, then you won’t have too long to wait for that fresh alternative to appear. The new Moon in your 5th in December will usher it in.

For now, your feelings are heightened and you’ll want to share what’s happening within you with like minded souls. Seek out those you know ‘get’ you. With whom you can be totally yourself. No filters needed. You need those who will listen without judgement.

Just watch for too much going on at once however. If you have been running on empty, trying to be all things to all people, burning the candle at both ends, suddenly you may feel overwhelmed. And while this full Moon is in your social sector, you could end up wanting to do the opposite to circulate. But withdraw instead. And do watch for that needy friend or the one who always makes everything all about them. Is it time for a social declutter?

With the Sun and Mars in the mix in your passionate and glowing 5th under this full Moon, seek those who boost that shine, not those who blow out the flame. This applies to lovers as well as your friendships. You want to express yourself, be yourself. Does that connection allow you to do that? Without checking that passion or impulse? That fusion of mind and feeling can be channelled into self-expression and fiery creativity whether you are single or settled under this full Moon. You can make art or elevate friendship or love making to an art form. Don’t settle for less, Leo.

weekly horoscopesVIRGO

If you feel you need to be emotionally cautious or hold back those feelings under this full Moon – that’s perfectly okay, Virgo. In fact, it shows how attuned you are to this particular lunar energy recipe. That doesn’t mean to say that if a response is needed from you that you won’t bring it. Mars in the Moon’s ruling 4th in your chart gives you confident impulsion when it comes to actions you need to take. But you’ll think through all possible outcomes before you take it.

Under this full Moon it is important you do come across as confident, boss, someone others can rely on. And above all, someone who is very capable and clear about the outcome they are after. This is your house of public and professional image. Your reputation. Be aware of this, especially dealing with bosses, authority figures or gatekeepers.

You may also find yourself called on to do some adulting. If you are a parent, your child or kidult may need your guidance or advice. Understand that love often means we need to say no more often than we say yes. Even if this doesn’t make us popular at the time with the other party! Others may find themselves in the position where their role in the family and that of their parent is suddenly reversed. But you’re able to step up if asked.

This moon is a strange blend of sensitivity and detachment. You can actually work both, Virgo. The past can also resurface. You remember incidences from the past. Especially emotional ones with others close to you. Do react to what is happening now and not to all the past occasions if triggers occur. This full Moon is all about keeping those feelings in perspective. But also putting in emotional boundaries with others for your future.

weekly astrologyLIBRA

Don’t just dare to dream it. Dare to try it under this full Moon, Libra. It’s all about taking a chance. And discovering just what can happen when you do. Mars in your 3rd, dares you to go there anyway. It asks: What’s the worst that can happen? Under this full Moon, even if you fall head first into something, that brown stuff turns out to be chocolate. With added sprinkles.

Not going there, not doing will cause you unhappiness and frustration now. This is an excellent moon to travel or plan a journey. Your soul craves expansion, knowledge and above all, a big dream. Big dreams are necessary for our health. Otherwise, our hearts wither and die. What’s that idea you’re holding on to? Is that lack of self-belief causing you to over-work it instead of simply sending it out there? Is it failure which scares you? Or what happens when you have your dream which frightens you more?

Mars sends you out into unknown territory. This moon tells you its time to leave your comfort zone. Nothing much goes on there. Nothing new anyway. Emotionally you are at your most expansive, extrovert and optimistic. Just a word of warning – you won’t enjoy the company of others who aren’t equally upbeat under this moon. So, avoid them if you can.

You will be aware under this full Moon that you HAVE a vision of something you want to do, experience or achieve. You are determined to get there – no matter what. Hold the dream now. From next month the way towards it becomes all too clear.


Strangely enough, the full Moon in your 8th wants you to go get social. But wait, I hear you say. Surely the Moon is in my ‘other’ money house while Mars my ancient ruler is all entangled with it in my main money zone? Isn’t this about cash and assets rather than me  being the life and soul of the party?

Yes and no. This Moon wants you to feel alive and powerful. It also wants you to attract. Baby, the way to do that is to make the most of yourself. It’s that simple. So, do if you are able, get out and about. This full Moon could bring you an unexpected gift. Don’t just think in terms of money. It could just be being in the right place at the right time to make the right connection. Or you receiving validation and a soul boost. But these won’t find you unless you allow yourself to stand out.

Yes, your thoughts may also turn to how to increase your income or make the most of your assets. Those talents and skills. Mars in your 2nd pushes you to experiment and try. Because the moon is in your 8th – a house where you feel emotionally comfortable, you may take another look at a past idea and revive it. You understand how fear can hold you back. And are no longer willing to give it house room.

What may need more space for expression however are any persistent feelings you may have about something that no longer makes you happy. Please don’t dismiss these. They do need you to look at them seriously and ask how long have you been feeling this way? Because this is no fleeting full Moon feel if they re-emerge now. Mars asks you do something about these. It rules your 8th don’t forget. Without endings, there can be no rebirth. Keep this in mind even as you party, phoenix.

mercury and venus in sagittariusSAGITTARIUS

Love enters and leaves through the eyes under this full Moon, Sag. Sorry, I don’t make the rules! No, you are not being superficial. And we must always remember beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You’ve also a greater appreciation for art, aesthetics and beauty in general under a full Moon in your 7th. Yes, maybe it hands you rose tinted spectacles. But if all you see surrounding you is beauty, can this really be a bad thing?

As usual, ugliness on the inside is what turns you off. That will never change. But your perception of inner emotional beauty is refined and heightened. This full Moon for you will be one of the most intense of the year as it is in your opposite sign of Gemini. So, changes of mind and heart can happen. Instant karma or instant turn-off. But usually there is a good reason for this. You have seen beyond the surface charm and looks. And react accordingly due to Mars in your sign.

You need to know love is real and reciprocated now. No so-so, hot and cold, mixed messages for you. There’s also an inner emotional commitment taking place within you. This may be towards a person. But it can equally be for a project, a plan, a goal. You make a choice and are 100% in from this moment onwards. Yes, you may spend the next two weeks mulching and planning. But your emotional resources are now invested and focussed on this outcome 100% from here on in. Where intention goes, love flows. Beautifully for you, Sag.


What do you automatically reach for when over-worked, over-tired, over-stretched or over-emotional, Capricorn? That soothing, comforting, numbing nom-nom or go to? From that energy drink to those refined carbs or that crisp glass of pinot gris. Can you leave it at just the one? Or does it turn into a gateway to extreme self-soothing? Which leaves you sluggish, dissatisfied and sometimes slightly ashamed not to mention powerless? Be honest now!

With Mars sitting in your 12th and the full Moon in your 6th, something or someone could act as a trigger. Seeing you reach for your coping mechanism. But is this actually doing you any good? Of course a little of what you crave does you good. Especially if it fuels you through what you need to do. But do monitor if it tips into over consumption or indulgence which ends up leaving you feeling worse. Your body is extremely sensitive under this full Moon.

Mars drives insight into this. And will hand you the strength to set limits if needed. Not just on what you may consume, but also to set boundaries if someone’s behaviour is the trigger. Go directly to the source. Fix it and then you let go of the need.

A work or job related matter can come to a climax under this Moon. You could complete a project, a key phase in a course of study or application process. Mars caught up with this full Moon enhances your ability to sell yourself in. Or simply get something done. Yes, your determination to finalise or complete something is at a peak. Want to change jobs? Working with or being interviewed by women or even working with the public, the environment, behind the scenes, pets or charity work could be your next ideal gig. But pace yourself, Cappy. And know you don’t need that crutch to get the job done!


You feel in the flow and at one with the universe and everyone in it under the full Moon in your 5th. Your creativity peaks. And this results in so many ideas to make things better. You want to show the love via improvements. In your personal life, at home and in what you do. You’re ready to give, give, give emotional joy without any expectation in return. You’re at your most expressive and open-hearted. Outgoing and authentically real. Others want to be around you just to share the vibe. Your attraction level peaks.

Yes, this is a wonderful night for a moon dance, Aquarius. But despite you being at your most universally loving, you do need to discriminate a little as to just who you shower with all those divine vibes. You’re wearing your heart on your sleeve. But do stop for a moment and ask if the other party is being just as open and candid as you are? You may be projecting qualities on them they simply may not have. The term ‘the heat of the moment’ applies here in more ways than one.

You’re supremely confident so ensure this doesn’t make you over-confident. Being in the moment and loving the one you’re with doesn’t mean you stop thinking about the future. This full Moon could come pre-packaged with a surprise or two. That last minute invite or date for instance. If it is a date do keep in mind the cautions above. Your social media presence could enjoy a big boost now. Most likely thought your own juiced up creative efforts. Looking to impress professionally under this full Moon? You ability to work with minimum supervision and deliver on time earns you kudos and even in some cases, rewards. Get flowing.

full moon in piscesPISCES

The Moon is in its ruling 4th house in your chart. Powerful, emotionally resonant and exerting a deep, intense pull on your soul body. You feel every psychic nerve ending tingling. This acute sensitivity is also your intuitive internet. Gathering up insight and information. Especially around who to ask if you need advice or someone to turn to now. This could just as easily be a professional as it could be someone close to you. But you can trust it to point you in the direction of the correct source.

What you’ve achieved or accomplished may also be in focus due to Mars’ presence in your 10th of career and status. Please don’t compare yourself unfavourably to others. For one thing – it’s counterproductive. It negates all your milestones and victories. For another, this full Moon illuminates your true path. Which is self-defined. That’s real success. So ensure you are telling yourself the right story.

This Moon is the perfect pause where you can get very clear on and define what you want to finish up and accomplish between now and the start of your new cycle in 2024. You will be looking at what you have established and also the past. Is it timeless or is time up? If someone from your past reappears, they may not have changed. Keep this in mind.

Do you need to move, to rebuild something or renovate a key area of your life? This full Moon settles that question for you. Showing you what needs to change between now and your new cycle. And what’s a keeper for you, Pisces.

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