Your Full Supermoon in Capricorn Moonscope July 13 2022 – Rules

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Your Full Supermoon in Capricorn Moonscope July 13 2022

Owning our emotional truth is part of July’s full Supermoon in high climbing, a cornucopia of success Capricorn. Like a searchlight, it seeks out where we seek to deny or disown our feelings and actions. And also exposes those who act without empathy or with total disregard for the feelings of others. The Moon is said not happy in this sign. Traditionalists say it is in its Detriment due to Capricorn being the opposite sign to Cancer, the Moon’s ruling one.

There’s a saying ‘There’s no room for emotion in business. But we have all seen close-up what occurs in both the corporate world and in governments, when ruthlessness and success at any cost replaces emotion. On a personal level, if we allow ourselves to sacrifice our emotional needs or those of others for material success, even when we attain it, we feel empty and strangely unsatisfied. This Supermoon can show us where lack of feeling has overridden everything and expose those who operate from an ‘The end justifies the means’ basis. Especially those at the top. 

On the upside – and believe me, there is a lot of room at the top of this peak, we discover we don’t have to sacrifice caring and our feelings in order to get where we are going. This Supermoon maximises what we need to focus on to truly call ourselves successful. The tried and the true way of doing things, owning our actions, creating firm foundations, delivering on what we say we will do, creating security and enjoying the fact we are needed and not exploiting that – all these actions bring rewards for us. Here’s how your sign can express a new dimension of success under this supermoon. 


The Supermoon in your 10th shows you where you need to be needed, Aries. Perhaps more than any other sign out there except for Capricorns. There’s huge emotional fulfilment waiting for you if you are in a position to meet someone’s needs. To do a good job on some level. Now of course, this can be in the form of delivering what is required of you professionally. But also simply you being in a position to offer the emotional bedrock some close to you needs right now.

You’re the port in the storm for those you care about. But also, look at how you have created this for yourself. That refuge, safe harbour or what you can fall back on when you need it too. You may be dealing with people in positions of authority under this supermoon and it is important you come from a place of integrity and deliver on what you promise. Discipline is the horse you ride and determination to stay the course gets you the results you want. If you have been feeling that you no longer know what you want or that you lack path or purpose, take some time out now as this full Moon can help you re-clarify that. Create your own support structure. Time to be there for yourself and for others if called on. This supermoon tells you: Do The Right Thing. And don’t whatever you do sacrifice that for short term gain, Aries. 


It’s all very well to think big, Taurus. And this Supermoon will certainly encourage that. However, you need to avoid pie-in-the-sky thinking and have a strategic plan to get where you want to go now. Above all when dealing with bosses or those you want to impress, come from a place of honesty and collaboration. Ask yourself what you can offer or bring to the table which doesn’t just benefit you but which adds to or enhances what they are trying to achieve. Just focussing on your own agenda will get you nowhere – fast. 

Also, in your desire to have or achieve more under this Supermoon, don’t throw the baby out with the proverbial bathwater. You want to answer that call to freedom, yes. But you need to understand that freedom comes from foundation and what supports you. It’s one of the great paradoxes of life in fact.  

Time to truly relate to the ideas and beliefs of others. And to find where you and they are on the same page as opposed to just focussing on perceived differences. If you crave change under this supermoon – a thing you normally avoid but may be triggered now, by all means initiate it but not at the expense of all you have achieved so far. This should be the launchpad that sends you skyward. Above all, project self-respect and a strong sense of equality. Avoid at all costs being a ‘yes’ being in order to get what you want. It will be obvious to others and simply backfire. Living the strength of your truth and acting on this is simply a recipe for release into opportunity now.


Take it to the limit now in bold, courageous ways, Gemini. The Supermoon in your 8th tells you to face those self-doubts, limitations and fears and cut them down to size -once and for all.  Just where did they originate anyway? Are you also forever trying to keep things under control? Either your own emotional expression or just everything and everyone around you? Have you been told in the past that you are not ‘good enough’ and try as you might, you can’t quite silence that voice within which keeps repeating that message to you? And is that one more thing you feel you have no control over?

This Supermoon could show you that in fact none of those self-doubts or negative self-talk has any substance. Actually, under this full Moon its time to celebrate your strengths. And to turn those perceived weaknesses on their head, Gemini. The Moon is in your house of transformation. Simply by looking at what you think of as a weakness and suddenly seeing it as a strength instead frees you from it. Look at how far you have come and what you have achieved despite worries about not being good enough or your fears. If you have felt you have to constantly people-please due to feelings of inadequacy – anyone from bosses, to partners or a parent, you now see you are enough. You offer more than enough. If you are offered a chance to step up under this full Moon and show the world how boss and brave you can be – take it. You wouldn’t be offered it unless you were the right stuff, Gemini.


Ruler the Moon is in your partnership sector and the sign opposite to yours, Capricorn. This is the second Supermoon in a row but this one you are going to feel more intensely than the one in your 6th last month. In your sector of duos, duets, double acts and yes, even duels as this is your house of open rivals and opponents, this Moon shines on how strong the foundations of your union are. Or could be in the case of that prospective partner.

What you won’t like now is any lack of clear intention when it comes to where you and another are headed, Cancer. Or having your own needs dismissed as not being equal or important when compared to the other party’s. This supermoon shines back at you. It’s telling you to own your feelings and not to be made to feel ‘needy’, ‘over-sensitive’ or ‘over-reacting’ for feeling the way you feel. Rather it tells you to simply pause and allow yourself to feel what you do, acknowledge there is a good reason why you feel this way, and then clearly explain this by owning it. If you feel something is missing in your relationship time to also acknowledge what that is, give it voice and then take action to get it. Be it speaking out and asking for that payrise or that emotional support you need now. Or asking that date what their goals are for the future. Love needs a plan. Ensure yours has one. 


You know you simply do not do boring or unimaginative, Leo. But have either of these snuck up on you unawares? Slowly and insidiously creeping in and making tiny inroads on a daily basis without you noticing? And suddenly, there you find yourself – stuck in boredom and blahs and wondering how on earth this happened to someone as vibrant as you?

Nobody is immune to this happening. Not even you, Leo. but should the full Supermoon in your 6th highlight areas that have turned into nothing but soul drains, thank it because it will also show you the way back to regaining that sparkle. This is your house of everyday work and responsibilities, studies, routine, habits and wellbeing. It shines back into your revelatory and intuitive 12th house – which is why it shows you both the problem and the solution to it. 

That gut feeling, that sudden connection you make between two apparently unconnected areas in your life, that thing you see or read which could have been written exactly with you in mind, these are your clues and also your way out to ditch dulls and drains. Take the insight on board. If you are feeling overwhelmed with To Do tasks and the list keeps growing, ditch the list. Instead create a ‘Done’ list. You will be amazed at how turning something on its head shifts your energy. What you learn under this Supermoon is little changes mean a lot when it comes to getting the most out of each day. Work that for real magic.


Ghosted? Or does that lover make you feel not extra special but somehow sub-standard? Feeling overall that what you do isn’t quite good enough? Or worse – someone keeps making promises but it’s never quite the right time to deliver on them? The Supermoon in your 5th picks out so-so love and friendships as well as highlighting the true kind. So take a moment this week to see exactly which one you are being served, Virgo.

Above all, if critics just seem to multiply around you, know it is first time to silence the critic within. Because that’s what attracts the outer variety in the first place. Are you demanding impossible standards of yourself you would never ask of others? The thing is, this Supermoon above all others wants you to experience pleasure, parties and play. And if that isn’t happening, you need to check your emotional ability to let go and receive that. By accepting within that you ARE enough.

This is a fabulous Moon under which to be holidaying, for date night, to attract someone new into your life, to launch or start an inspired creative venture (the Muse is with you!), to join in a joyous occasion, to give your inner child permission to play with your actual children if you have them – or just express itself, and to magnetise those dreams. Express don’t repress yourself. And if anyone makes you feel you have to do the latter or disappoints – you know what to do, Virgo.


Cold cold heart. Hardened by you. Who has a hard heart, Libra? Or made you have to harden yours simply as a means of defence? You know as the sign of relationships and balance this is not truly who you are. The full Supermoon is in its ruling 4th in your chart. But as I said in the intro – not happy in here. It can highlight where you may have had to project an image you don’t care faced with someone’s hurtful actions. Despite the fact you do and very much so. Yours is not the cold heart after all. Now, this can go way back to our childhood as this is your house of family and roots. Or can simply be a reaction to challenges you have had to face in adult life. 

This Supermoon results in exposure if so. You’re not the person they think you are at home, oh no, no, no. And if so what you think is not going to stay hid from this point onwards. If you need to air something, do. If not to the person who may have caused this but to a therapist, psychic or other professional. And yes, put the Dua Lipa/Elton John track on your playlist too. This supermoon is however fantastic for property decisions, enjoying your home with people who support you and major decisions around anything that enhances your long term security. Emotional, material and financial. Self nurturing leads to thawing out that heart in cold storage. And leaves you feeling warmer.


Say what you mean and mean what you say. That’s what the full Supermoon in your 3rd demands of you, Scorpio. You need a serious message whether this is a personal conversation, a professional one or simply what’s on that social media feed now. You’ll despise flip-floppers and those who faff or simply don’t follow through. You are after the facts – not fudging them. You know when something has the ring of truth to it or is in fact, deep fake. This goes double when it comes to what someone is selling or promising you.

You can instantly translate subtext and body language. And if there is a disconnect anywhere you can spot it like an FBI profiler now. Above all, don’t ignore what your intuition tells you as it will be a peerless translator when it comes to what’s being communicated by someone but not being said. If you’re off on a trip to Las Vegas then woe betide the other players at the poker table. You can spot that tell while you maintain that Gaga Poker Face.

This full Moon can bring a work or creative project to a climax. That round of pitches or interviews for instance. Just watch for emotional over-reaction to something that is said. Fact check before responding. However, know you are on the right track with that initial gut response. Short trips or staycations can be enjoyed under this Moon. If you’re staying local you could feel more connected to your neighbourhood than usual. It may lure you out to a favourite haunt which somehow feels familiar yet buzzy and new. Writing, publishing, design, photography – this full Moon unleashes creative energy. Want to flirt? That too. Don’t hold back, phoenix. Say anything. 


As the freedom loving sign of the zodiac, it seems strange to be talking about security to you, Sag. But that is what the full Supermoon in your 2nd is asking you to look at. What have you built or created in your life which supplies this for you?

Yes, of course in your money house this is about income and material security. And for some of you this supermoon may see you opening doorways to increased income and the security that comes with that. Others may delve into ways of increasing their income or simply look to improving their relationship to what they already have as a means to feel that more secure. This is however your house of relationships which are assets to you and from which a sense of emotional security flows. The people who have your back and who you have invested your love in over the long term. Hopefully you have not sacrificed emotional security for material success? 

Look to who or what is giving you that all important sense of security now. Yes, this can be your job, your business or side-hustle, your income but it also needs to be fused with soul sustaining people and love. Are you in credit now or deficit in any area? You will be painfully aware of being overdrawn or in the red if you are. This supermoon allows you to balance the books if you like. It will also highlight what money can and cannot buy you. Money buys choices and freedom. But not self-worth. Self worth is the ultimate security foundation stone. Begin there to create the freedom and security you crave, Sag. 


The full Supermoon in your sign shines its light back into your 7th of partnerships. You’ll want to feel needed, useful, loved and appreciated for all you have to offer. But not used or taken for granted. There’s a big difference and you know it.

How someone sees you may come as a shock. This maybe a pleasant one or maybe just the opposite as it may not align with how you see yourself. But see any feedback as valuable now no matter how it is served up. There is a truth lurking in there for you even if it comes from a critic. You are now seeking respect in all your relationships. And strangely enough, even if someone tells you something you would rather not hear, you will respect them for speaking out. What you won’t respect is anyone underhanded, backstabbing or who doesn’t deliver. Especially if you have shown nothing but your love and integrity in return. 

You will be looking at what you want from relationships for the future. If you are settled this Moon is wonderful for you and your boo to make plans to build on what you have already established together. In a business or working relationship, you will be looking at where it can go next and if you current position has gone as far as it can, this is an excellent Moon under which to fire off that application. Don’t sell yourself short. And if how others see you isn’t how you see yourself, time to upgrade your relationship to you and make any adjustments. You after all, need you most of all.


The Supermoon in your 12th wants you to get your intuition working in alignment with your smarts. It wants you to understand that you can’t have one without the other if you truly want to succeed. Insight and emotional intelligence have to go hand in hand with boss professionalism and the facts.

It especially favours anyone in the psychic, creative or healing professions, intelligence gathering, investigation, policing, research, physics -any area where gut feelings or huge leaps of the imagination play a key role. Yes, you need to go get the facts to back up those feelings. But they are your starting point and above all, you can’t afford to ignore them.

Dealing with someone totally divorced from their emotions or totally lacking in empathy can often happen under a Moon like this. You may be dismayed to discover someone is simply out for themselves. Or else they serve as a warning about what happens when you take the ‘No emotions in business’ approach. You see clearly you never want to become like this. One word of warning under this full Moon if you are socialising. Avoid friends who seem to thrive on creating drama or have issues around alcohol or other substances. This Moon will maximise these and if you are with them you will find yourself caught up in their psychodrama. You are also advised to avoid over-indulging as your body will be more sensitive under this full Moon. 

Often we can withdraw under a Moon in our 12th and for you, this can involve you looking at your achievements to date and what your path or purpose is. Avoid comparing yourself to others if so. You are exactly where you are meant to be to get to where you need to go next.


Friends, groups, clubs, organisations, parties, gatherings and like minded souls feature under the full Supermoon in your 11th. As do your goals, Pisces. Time to take these seriously. You may connect with someone in a position to help you towards a key one now. Be on the lookout for people who may be older than you or who appear to be ‘Old Souls’ with a lot of worldly experience. Above all, if you receive invitations, accept them even if you are unsure whether or not this is your ‘scene’. There’s a touch of magic in the air that may surprise you. Somewhere where you least expect to kind a kindred spirit – you do. Or someone with whom there may be what we would call a ‘generation gap’ proves that age is just a number after all. You have more in common than you would ever have believed.

This full Moon can also see you interacting with people in positions of influence and authority. Gate keepers, VIP’s, bosses and CEO’s (present and potential), and those in professions we think of as being part of the ‘establishment’ – medicine, finance, law, the military, government, journalism. Watch out for them and if you do encounter them you need to be aware of the impression you are making. If offered entrée to the circles they inhabit socially – take it you belong with them. New, enticing and also reliable friendships can be made. Flaky friends? So no, Pisces.



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