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Your Horoscope Video April 2020 – An Incredible Shift – Jupiter and Pluto conjunction

Hang on to your hats! Firstly, April is launching us into a brave new Universe. In addition, there’s an incredible shift with the Jupiter/Pluto conjunction. So, we have all been confronted with a massive pause button on our lives. The Pluto/Jupiter conjunction is revealing our next phase.

Where are we going? Why are we here? All the answers are revealed. On top of that, we have Pluto retrograde dragging us back to the past, we are urged to heal past wounds. Anything in our experience that we feel disempowered us can be transformed. It’s been tough dealing with the aftermath of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction which created the upside-down world we are now in.

The end of March brought us a repressive Mars/Pluto conjunction which leaks into April. We all have to watch our moods and focus on reaching out to each other and helping all souls through. Jupiter is going to show us the bigger picture, but there is still so much for us to learn. Expect a positive breakthrough and shift this April. Although you might not feel it now, there is much treasure and magic in this situation.

Love Michele x

In a nutshell:

So, April asks us to look closely at what we value beyond price. To determine what is ‘worth it’ and to weigh up the costs. In addition, The Sun in Taurus highlights our relationship to the material world. So, set your own gold standard this month. That’s the highest form of love beyond price.


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