1st April 2019 Your Weekly Horoscope

Weekly Astrology Forecast for All Signs October 29


  • The heart wants what the heart wants
  • A cycle of expansion begins here
  • Go back to move forward

Turn back to love and turn on to those long denied desires when it comes to relating, Aries. Retrograde Venus arrives back in its ruling 7th this week. This can literally mean the return of an old love or something you love. The heart wants what the heart wants and problems arise when we don’t listen to it. Obviously if someone does not love us back then this is something entirely different. But it’s now time to acknowledge your heart’s needs certainly in general terms when it comes to the love you want, are receiving or how you express your love via things you love to do. It’s about expressing not repressing your heart’s desires now. Venus retro in here wants to reconnect you to these.

This week sees Mercury arrive in your expansive 9th house. You are being prepared now for the big shift when Jupiter arrives in here shortly. This is Jupiter’s ruling house in your chart and it has not been in here for 12 years. You are about to enter a cycle of expansion and opportunity you have not experienced since then. Mercury’s entry in here marks the start of this with news that opens doors for you. It also makes a truly wonderful angle to the North Node in your 5th. Children, step-children, your creative projects (the ‘children’ of your soul expression), what you simply love to do to express yourself and yes, romance are all highlighted. With Venus still retrograde this is all about a love that springs from your past you now take into the future. Turn back to go forward now.

In a nutshell: Don’t deny what your heart wants, Aries. You can revisit an old love or reclaim a past passion. Turn back to move forward into a bigger love experience.


  • Make a course correction
  • Relinquish what confines you
  • Become the author of your own success

Freedom and satisfaction fuel the week for you, Taurus. And in order to achieve this, something may have to be relinquished or let go of in order to make room for something better. Ruler Venus remains retrograde but will move forward from November 16. For now however there’s a renewed focus on wellbeing and work as it moves back into your 6th. Look to how you can enhance anything from your daily routine to your diet or your day job (whether paid or unpaid). What changes have you been putting off making? You are being handed an opportunity to course correct when it comes to your job or make that permanent lifestyle change which just makes you feel better all round. Don’t dismiss this as unimportant as it has the ability to unpin so much more for you now.

Mercury enters your 8th this week on Halloween in fact, signalling a transformational change that lies ahead. Powerful, soul determining news and decisions may be required and again, this may involve ending one thing to begin something better such as a job for example. It’s important to stay connected to your soul truth and not be influenced by others now, especially when it comes to what you intuitively know to be right. That theme of freedom and satisfaction at what you have managed to achieve is triggered on the 2nd when a Grand Trine between Uranus in your 1st, the Moon in  your 5th and Saturn in your 9th, results in your escaping from something which has restricted you for far too long. Re-enter the realm of pleasure, achievement and success now. Made all the more satisfying with the knowledge that you are the one who made it happen.

In a nutshell: There’s a sense of satisfaction around what you are able to achieve this week, Taurus. Not only that – you become the author of your own success. Take credit and ownership this week.


  • Where does love need to take you?
  • Speak from the heart
  • News shapes your future

Ruler Mercury arrives in your partnership sector this week while the ruler of this house Venus, retrogrades back into your romance sector. Holy love turned upside down! You are about to enter the biggest cycle of love, partnerships and attraction you have experienced for 12 years. This week is all about tying up loose ends or closing chapters one way or another. Mercury in your 7th says ‘Let’s talk about love’, while Venus retrograde in your 5th says ‘Let’s look at the way things were and compare them to where things need to be’. Reviving a past love is a possibility while Venus remains retrograde and this applies to all of us. This can even be something we love to do and in your 5th a past hobby or creative project.

However, it can involve another person and this includes friends, close working relationships and even business partnerships. Mercury in your 7th allows you to ‘talk love’ even when it comes to business this week. You’ll come across as genuine, ideas driven and keen to forge relationships in any interview or presentation situation. Be open and emotionally honest now in all your interactions. This includes being up-front with current partners about where that love needs to be now. And you’ll be more open to discussing any issues around relationships than at any other time. What you hear or what you say has a profound impact this week when your ruler reaches across to the North Node in Mercury’s ruling 3rd. News, ideas or what you say has the power to shape your future this week. And that future involves you and at least one other person. Stay focussed on how you need relationships to be this week.

In a nutshell: You’re on the brink of an incredible cycle when it comes to love and partnerships. Time to talk about the future of love, Gemini.  There’s a whole fresh chapter to be written now.


  • Be kindful
  • Restore that work/life balance
  • Get sustainability

Sustainability is your mantra this week, Cancer. What you need to sustain you right across the board. From that oh-so-important home and family life that lies at the very heart of who you are, to work that matters and the support you give to your body – hence the word ‘sustenance’. There’s a new movement out there in the zeitgeist now and you could benefit from embracing it. It’s called being kindful. Kindness has always been underrated but also much needed. This goes beyond that. Kindful means being kind to ourselves first and foremost. We can find this very hard to do. We’ve been told for years to ditch the negative self-talk and we can become more mindful of that. But kindful? That’s more difficult. Kindful means ensuring our lives do not become unbalanced. Venus retrograde re-enters your 4th this week asking you to re-look at where this might be happening.

Mercury enters its ruling 6th in your chart on the same day (31st). This is our house of routine, work (paid and unpaid), and health and wellbeing. Are you being kindful in how you take care of your body? Are you kindful when it comes to your work/life balance or in ensuring you protect yourself from situations and people who drain you or demand too much? Are you more kindful to others than you are to yourself? Time to direct kindfulness to yourself. If you think this is selfish, think again. This week sees your ruler the Moon in your 3rd  make some truly fabulous angles between Saturn in your 7th and Uranus in your 11th. Kindfulness could turn into the personal welllbeing revolution that actually hands you more to give to others and improves your relationships. Don’t be afraid to take kindful time this week. And get ready for the recharge when you do.

In a nutshell: This week has you focused on all the things that are important to you. But don’t forget to include the most important one of all – you. Try a little kindfulness, Cancer.


  • Believe in yourself
  • It’s time for a soul revival
  • What you send out comes back amplified

Let’s talk passion and creativity this week, Leo. This is your soul revival week. Where you begin to reclaim fun, joy and self-expression. In fact, you’re about to plunge into a cycle where love, luck and opportunities to shine will propel you into the stratosphere. This week is your preview week as Mercury enters your 5th on the 31st. By spooky coincidence which has nothing to do with Halloween but occurs on the same day, retrograde Venus backs into your communication and business sector. Revive, review or resurrect that past creative or business idea you shelved or have been sitting on. You could hear from someone from your past or a job or work opportunity could represent itself.

Those little bits of your soul which set you sparkling are reignited as this week’s aspects remind you that you are basically designed to stand out and shine. Mercury will make a stellar angle to the North Node in your 1st delivering news that could just allow you to express your destiny. Who or what do you believe you are fated to be? You’re being asked to rekindle your belief in yourself this week in preparation for what’s to come.  Your soul revival is all about following your passions now. When you do this you set in motion the forces of attraction. What’s reflected back at you is just the beginning of a brilliant journey which is set to unfold during 2019. Get radiating.

In a nutshell: If you radiate, you will attract, Leo. Time for a soul revival where you plug back into passion and creative self-expression. Watch what you draw to you as a result this week.


  • Create some living space
  • You have more to work with than you think
  • Foundation creation brings freedom

Home and money matters are in focus this week. Venus which remains retrograde, re-enters its ruling 2nd of money, values, possessions and assets. Remember, those assets include your talents, skills and the people who support you. Meanwhile, ruler Mercury arrives in your 4th – heralding the start of what will be one of the best cycles for real estate, home, family and long term security that you have experienced in 12 years. Now is the time to refine or formulate a plan for truly living. And to have an audit of just what resources you have available to you. Just be aware that retrograde Venus in its ruling 2nd can tempt us with expensive and unnecessary purchases we later regret. We may desire it in the moment but if we act on the impulse, once Venus heads direct again which will happen mid-November, we can be left wondering what possessed us. The flip side of ‘possessions’ is they can end up owning us –or rather the debt we run up to buy them does.

This week is not just about avoiding that trap but delayed gratification. It’s about looking at what will add value to our lives in the long term and channeling our resources into that. Putting down roots, moving into a larger living space and creating a lifestyle that supports your future and your loved ones doesn’t actually tie you down or restrict you. Foundation is freedom. The Moon in your 1st on the 2nd triggers a beneficial Grand Trine between master-builder Saturn in your 5th and break-free Uranus in your 9th. You can pull in all the elements of emotional need, stability and freedom now to create a vision of how you want to live in 2019 and beyond. Get constructive this week, Virgo.

In a nutshell: You’ve more resources at your disposal that you may think now, Virgo. Have an audit and look to what adds true value to your life. You’re building a long term future this week.


  • What’s your inner worth?
  • Change how you see yourself
  • Does something old become something new?

Ruler Venus revisits your 1st this week. As this happens on Halloween I am tempted to ask you what is coming back from the dead? There is a sense of renewal around this. Is it time to focus on yourself and your image? To look at how you feel about ‘you’ both on an inner and an outer level? How are you expressing your self-worth now? Have you been neglecting yourself lately? You need to show the world how you rate yourself now. This doesn’t necessarily mean rushing out and spending a fortune on new clothes or a major image overhaul. In fact, if you remember the Venus Retro Rules you’ll know that Venus can tip spoiling yourself a little into purchases you later regret. By all means make adjustments but keep them in proportion. It’s more about working better with what you have and adjusting your self-worth on an internal level. This will automatically translate into changes to the ‘outer’ you.  Go back over what you have achieved with what you have over the past year. You’ll suddenly have a much better idea of just how capable you are.

Mercury arrives in its ruling 3rd on the same day. Because of this I cannot rule out something or someone from the past reappearing. Old friends or contacts you have not heard from in a while could be back in touch or a work or business opportunity you thought gone for good reappears. It’s now time to make the finishing touches to any creative projects especially if they involve writing, communication, publishing or the internet in preparation for launch when Venus heads direct again. You’re on the cusp of something major now. Ensure your image says you’re ready to meet it.

In a nutshell: Time to revisit the wonderful world of you, Libra. Changes you make on an inner level are reflected in the outer ‘you’. What do you want your image to say this week?


  • Follow the love clues
  • Rewrite the future
  • Get ready for a journey to abundance!

Venus retrograding back into your mysterious 12th house boosts your inspiration and your intuition. Especially when it comes to your love history, Scorpio. The question is: is history repeating itself in some way? Time to use your insight to look back at your love history and see what the pattern is there. Past lovers could reappear under this influence but if they do, look closely at those patterns, don’t fall back into sentimentality and remember, the past can be a trap. This is what you are being asked to look at this week. Your intuition should be your guide now. Don’t be surprised if it guides you to books, films or messages that open up insights you can apply to your particular love journey. Just call this an extra birthday gift from the universe. You’re welcome.

Mercury is on the move this week and enters Venus’s ruling house – your 2nd. You’re not being prepped for a major cycle which is going to focus on your money, assets, values and above all, beliefs around abundance. Your bank account should increase during the next 13 months and you should also be handling larger sums of money during this time. See this not in terms of cash but how you experience the material world. Venus does not just rule our love life but yes, that bank account. Look back at your money history too this week. And reframe it to change your future path.

In a nutshell: What’s your love history, Scorpio? Is it repeating itself? This week offers you the opportunity to revisit the past in order to create a brand new, abundant future for yourself.


  • Answer the call to adventure
  • Ask yourself what you want to achieve
  • Go boldly

Mercury arrives in your 1st this week preparing you for the arrival of ruler Jupiter. The countdown begins now to your biggest cycle of expansion that you have experienced in 12 years. This is a time of new beginnings and launches. Of big plans and even bigger ideas.  It’s time to bring your focus down to YOU. What you want to personally do, achieve and experience during the coming 13 months. Travel should form part of this and anything which expands your horizons and experience. The big wide world is calling you Sag so you had better have your bags packed, passport handy and be ready for adventure! Mercury in your 1st says time to focus your thinking when it comes to the direction you want to head in. Your thoughts should be a laser beam of intention propelling you into the future now.

Venus remains retrograde for a while longer and this week backs up into your 11th of friends and goals. While Venus is retrograde it’s time to focus on the past and with you being propelled into the future at the same time, look at what goals remain relevant and re-focus on them. Old friends, old haunts and reunions and revivals could draw you back to past connections. You may rediscover the resonance you shared in the past. If you do reconnect now, do so in places where you can relax and talk rather than busy, noisy places.  There’s plenty to be shared and one particular friend could have something to say that’s valuable. Be unafraid to gather up what’s still resonant and relevant and ditch the rest. Your new cycle begins this week, Sag.

In a nutshell: Time to focus on the wonderful world of You. Ask yourself what you want to see, do, achieve and experience in the coming year. Then get ready to overwhelm that goal, Sag!


  • Download some universal wisdom
  • Design your future
  • Make a leap of the imagination

Connect to a high speed link to universal wisdom, creativity and ideas now Mercury lands in your 12th, Capricorn. The rest of us may be in a daydream but you are afire with a muse which gives you access to incredible insight you can bring to bear on almost any area in your life. If you do happen to work in a creative profession or any area where you have to reach for abstract ideas or make intuitive leaps, then this aspect will enhance your abilities. Your thoughts should be yours to command now so steer clear of negative thinking and choose to see the positive, the different spin and the alternative interpretations. If you have questions – ask. Your higher self is waiting to give you answers. Be open as to how they will arrive.

Venus remains retrograde and heads back into your 10th this week. Dealing diplomatically with left over problems with partners or your career is favoured now. You’re in a more serious mood when it comes to love with Venus retro in here and this includes not being willing to invest any further in anything from that connection to that job, if you honestly believe it doesn’t offer what you’re seeking in the long term. If you need to break free or at the very least take the first step towards something new,  the 2nd brings you the opportunity to come up with a way of doing this without treading on too many toes. An emotionally freeing Moon in your 9th angles to ruler Saturn in your 1st and Uranus in your 5th. You see now that your time and the future is too important to squander.  Ask the universal all-that-is for ideas on how better to spend it. You could be amazed at the answers you receive this week.

In a nutshell: You’ve an access all areas pass to universal insight and wisdom now. How are you going to use your gift, Capricorn? Get some ideas on how you’ll be spending your future this week.


  • Work some manifestation magic
  • Make a wish (or three!)
  • Get social

Focus on those goals, wishes and dreams now. We have our dreams for a reason – for them to come true. But turning them into reality involves taking action on our ideas. It’s a bit like the person who goes to an art exhibition and says ‘I could have painted that’. The point is, critique aside – they may or may not have been able to, but they didn’t. Mercury in your 11th delivers invitations and boosts your social life but also infuses you with ideas to be acted upon. Whether you choose to do this or not is optional. You are being prepared for your ‘Make three wishes’ cycle which only occurs once every 12 years when Jupiter enters this house in your chart. When Jupiter is in here if we make three wishes we will usually see at least one come true. But again, we need to add the magic ingredient which is us doing whatever we can to ensure this comes about.

Retrograde Venus re-enters your 9th while Mercury trines the North Node in Venus’s ruling 7th. Some of you could just see the return of the One That Got Away if that’s a wish you’ve been making. Ruler Uranus is involved in a Grand Trine which links the Moon in your 8th with Saturn in your 12th. Hidden truths emerge or due to new information you change your mind about something you thought you wanted – and now realise you don’t. When it comes to goals and dreams, remember they evolve along with us. Something we wanted years ago we may no longer desire while others remain a constant star to aim for. Just bear in mind this week that is your dream is not coming true it may be because you need a bigger dream. Don’t think small now.

In a nutshell: Time to determine which dreams you want to come true in the coming year. And to take action. You are the magic ingredient when it comes to manifestation this week.


  • Retell your story
  • Become your own shaman
  • Love transforms anything you need to change

Retrograde Chiron is back in your sign giving you access to shamanic healing tools. What are these? Music and storytelling primarily. Now, before you say you are neither a musician nor a writer, the thing is – you don’t need to be either to benefit from this. We don’t need to play an instrument to enjoy music. And we don’t need to have the wordsmithing abilities of a Tolstoy or a J K Rowling to write – especially if we are using it as a self-help tool. Before Mercury enters your 10th on the 31st, the planet of communication and ideas makes a fabulous angle to Chiron infusing you with the muse. If healing or even boosting your psychic abilities is your goal then music is your gateway now. If you are dealing with issues from your past which you do not want to take with you into the future, then journaling is your key to healing, release and also quite literally, re-writing your destiny. You’ve the powers of shamanic healing at your disposal this week especially when Jupiter in its ruling 9th angles at Chiron, potentially freeing you from what binds or restricts your future potential.

Venus remains retrograde and re-enters your 8th with the potential to resurrect a past love or again, set you free from something that no longer contributes to your evolution. One way or another, you’ll see how love is the transformative and alchemical ingredient you need to bring to any situation or relationship you need to change, Pisces. This also includes self-love. To be a shaman you must first heal yourself. Music soothes and heals and words are magic spells when it comes to reshaping your future this week.

In a nutshell: This week’s aspects turn you into the ultimate shamanic healer. If boosting your psychic abilities or reshaping the future are your goals, words and music are your tools, Pisces.

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