Written Horoscope Forecast January 2017


The New Year kicks off with you feeling particularly sentimental and passionate, you want a deeper love, and you come over all tender and romantic. Mars your ruler is joining forces with mysterious and quixotic Neptune (which are also Sextile the Sun) dragging you into a hazy, dreamy mist. Don’t get lost down the rabbit hole but do take a leaf out of Alice’s book and reboot your belief in magic!

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Alice in Wonderland.

Also on the 1st, Jupiter is Sextile Saturn (Lord of responsibility). This great and gorgeous sextile brings you the chance to expand your boundaries and creates a more secure attitude and experience of love and partnership. Freedom and true union combine this year, and this vibe allows you to grow and blossom. What a fantastic energy to start the year.

The whole of January has you in a romantic daze, and you’re swept away with emotion and also find yourself tuning into other people’s feelings. You have psychic superpowers especially with lovers or love interests. Your empathy levels are soaring, but it’s also important to take time for you.

A Sun and Pluto conjunction bring a significant energetic or literal change to your career sector. You are ready to step into the limelight and leap into a new cycle.

Mercury direct on the 9th allows you to express your grand plans without confusion, it takes a few days to calm down and detangle the communication chaos, but generally, you feel much more confident.

The Full Moon is in your 4th house of home and family so expect a peak experience in this area. How are things with your family? Are you happy in your home? The emotional focus tilts in those directions, you could also receive a symbolic sign or fascinating dream that reveals your next step.

You might feel tested by the Universe on the 12th regarding your work life balance. Annoying and challenging as it might be, your energy is poked to give you greater balance. Having said that, after the 13th, Mercury direct in your career sector is giving you a silver tongue, you’re supremely persuasive and your words hold great power.

And now, drum roll please, the most exciting news of the month is that Mars your ruler is going into your sign! You’re refueled and empowered. This unstoppable Mars reboot gives you the strength to go for it, throwing yourself into 2017 with eagerness and high expectations.


You’re feeling very outgoing this January, and have the chance to connect with some interesting folk who may end up collaborating with you in more ways than one. If you’re single, make sure you get out and about as Venus the Planet of love is in your sociable sector and thrusts you into new crowds and team experiences.

Jupiter, the Planet of expansion, wants you to be diligent when it comes to work and your health and well-being. A sextile with Saturn is grounding your efforts and allowing you to see where some of your bad habits stem from. You might find that your habits/addictions are connected to an old wound or insecurity that you are more than happy to leave behind in 2017.

When the Sun and Pluto join forces, you have a thirst for adventure. You’re feeling confident enough to show the world your bravery and courage, you morph into a swashbuckling adventurer and are quickly bored with the routine.

Mercury goes direct from the 9th (hooray!) but he’s still making you crave deep conversations, and shallow people become more annoying than usual. You feel the need to explore your own and others unconscious motivations and desires; this will be surprisingly revealing.

The Full Moon brings in all sorts of exceptional communication and fantastical ideas but avoid arguing with someone who tries to put a dampener on your new mental voyaging. Your ruler Venus joins forces with Neptune, the dreamer, in your social place. Expect to stumble into a group/social experience/team that lights your soul. You’re awakening in some way.

The New Moon brings a new cycle for your career, it’s a case of out with the old and in with the new, even if you don’t change jobs you change your focus and begin a new chapter. Mars makes it difficult to get things done as he slips into your dreamy zone. You’re filled with empathy, sweetness and psychic ability. Your senses are on high alert but it’s difficult to motivate yourself after 28th. It’s the perfect time to reflect, meditate and let your imagination go wild as well as giddy romantic love. Try to keep one of those lovely hoofs on the ground though!


Wow! Jupiter and Saturn are helping you transform your love life. Never mind January 2017 could hold the key to a whole new level of joy, playfulness, creativity and love! These are stormingly good omens, but it’s essential that you push yourself and stretch. Don’t be lazy, don’t play it safe, but have faith in your ability to move to the next level.

Sensual Venus is shifting her energy and wafting some love into your career sector. There’s a dapper and mesmerising air about you that boosts working relations. A love interest could pop up at work, or people fall in love with your ideas. If you have any difficulties with co-workers, you can charm these away. Of course, it’s up to you to open to this vibe and do your bit. Let love be your mantra. It may be an overused quote, but Martin Luther King nails it –

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” Venus wants to remind you of that!

Your ruler Mercury goes direct on the 9th, and you feel as if a great weight has been lifted. Mercury retrograde probably makes you feel odd and out of sorts and causes all kinds of chaos. It’s important to use it to your advantage and clean out old conversations but from the 9th life feels easier. Mercury is shifting into your dark, cosmic, primal place so expect some very intense conversations. You are prepared to dive a little bit deeper.

The New Moon brings a new cycle of learning and adventure; you get all philosophical and eager to see things in a different light. You’re hungry for knowledge, the eccentric and expansion. Mars is bringing strength to your team work but avoid being over competitive.


Mars and Neptune are kissing you into 2017 and making you much more excited about your love life. Watch your boundaries on the stroke of midnight as you fancy being a bit wild, and perhaps trying something you haven’t experienced before! That’s all well and good as long as you don’t regret it in the morning!

Jupiter is also sextile Saturn bringing in a grounding, growing energy brimming with possibility in your area of home/family and health and well-being. If you want an overhaul of your home or body, Saturn is supporting you and showing you how. You put the hard work in and Saturn gives you the stamina to make it work.

Have you been feeling a bit critical of yourself or others lately? You might have found yourself being harsh or even unkind which is so not like you! Fear not, Mercury direct helps you let that go and move into a more compassionate space. Be kind to yourself, make a commitment to be gentle with yourself, and this helps you be gentle with those you love.

A massive and important day on the 12th as the magnificent Full Moon is in your sign. You are filled with emotion, hope, psychic visions and strange coincidences. You may even find yourself tearful or experience a peak emotional state. The Moon is your friend and ally, and she will show you something important. Trust in her message, feel and tune into what she is trying to tell you. The New Moon on the 28th takes you into a new realm of personal power, charisma and fearlessness. You recently faced a fear or old hurt and this has transformed you.

Finally, Mars has is going into your career sector, and stirs your passion for what you do. You can kick butt and assert yourself, you have the physical drive to achieve your goals.


Is it hot in here or is it just you? This is an exceptionally steamy month, and whether you’re into physical passion, or just passion for life, your cup runneth over! Mars the planet of action and desire joins forces with Neptune, the romantic dreamer in your primal zone. Love, lust and obsession are on the menu. A word of caution, careful you don’t lose yourself or do something spontaneously sentimental or even hunger driven, that you can’t take back. Primal emotions, if not kept in check, can often bite one on the bum!

A very special Jupiter and Saturn sextile mean these planets have your back and want you to grow strong roots and confidence in your creativity and communication. Saturn is a slow burner and is happy to be patient, as long as you do the work. Each hour you give to experiencing joy and creativity, Saturn backs it up. Saturn is your happiness piggy bank this year and will pay you exceptional dividends.

Talking of happiness, Mercury goes direct, freeing you to express yourself without the fear of being misunderstood. Perhaps your idea of a good time jarred with someone else recently? Mercury direct untangles this and brings back the fun.

Your ruler the Sun is conjunct that brave soul Pluto, lord of transformation, change is coming! You have the capacity to utterly transform your health and well-being, ignore bad habits at your peril though as Pluto takes no prisoners and these two are in cahoots to force you to be the best that you can be. Fortunately, you are in the mood to listen and are willing to look after yourself.

The Full Moon on the 12th and a Goddess laden Cardinal Grand Cross makes you super psychic but don’t labour the point if someone is not willing to open up just yet. All is revealed in due course, but pay attention to subtle signs and symbols.

Venus and Neptune get you hot under the collar again on the 13th and could even tempt you with something forbidden..

A fire trine gives you the boost you’ve been waiting for, you feel supremely optimistic, and on top of that, you are getting things done at triple speed!

Finally, the Sun shifts signs and enters your relationship zone making you charming, warm and comfortable with showing your love. You also want harmony and are unusually happy to compromise to find it. Love has a beautiful glow and should be benevolent and kind.



An important aspect between Jupiter and Saturn has you rethinking your finances and home life. There may have been a temptation to expand too quickly or invest in renting or owning property which has stretched you too much? The good news is that Saturn is calming you down and supporting your choices, as long as you are sensible! Saturn sextile Jupiter can also increase your wealth and abundance around property and show you a way to benefit from those areas.

The whole year has you rethinking and building solid roots, and the beginning of that is now. Remember Saturn is solemn and formal, and he demands that things are done correctly, if you listen to this safe advice you will look back in a year from now and marvel at what you’ve achieved.

Venus is floating into your romantic sector which brightens up your love life and also offers immense healing with your relationship to yourself. How do you feel about you? It’s an important question, when we heal our inner world it transforms our outer world.

Venus radiates fabulous in your love life. Look out for a new love or an inspiring idea to revamp a current relationship. Give love quality time. Having said that a couple of occasions this month Venus hooks up with dreamy old Neptune. While this is perfect for a love in, it can make you overly infatuated; it’s teenage first love energy, so it’s difficult to keep a clear perspective (fun, though!).

The Mystic Rectangle on the 10th is swarming with powerful Goddess energy. You’re no longer fearful of being challenged as you find instant access to your strength and wisdom. The warrior within has awakened, and you aren’t going to take any bullying or antagonism, you’re rocking your Goddess and owning your power. Hooray!

The Full Moon on the 12th is in a super social sector so it might be worth taking a trip to one of your favourite haunts or going out and about to meet new people. You have an important message to share, and the Moon is showing you how. The world needs honesty right now and you’re a genius at putting your decisive view across.

A tricky Cardinal Grand Cross has the Goddesses bickering and each trying to advise you in a different way. Look at which buttons are being poked on the 12th and use the Moon as she intuitively guides you. Also, pay close attention to the ways you self-sabotage. Now is the time to support and love yourself.

Mercury, the Planet of communication, goes direct on the 9th, but it’s the 13th when you feel a positive change. Your ruler has been giving you a hard time but now he is blowing all sorts of kisses your way. Mercury is moving into your joy sector; you are particularly creative and brilliant this month. Love, happiness and childlike joy are all featured. What makes you giggle like a kid? Factor in some playtime and enjoy your Rulers gift of happiness.

The New Moon on the 28th brings a new surge of energy to your health and well-being. You’re on it now and find it much easier than usual because you’re about to unearth a way of being healthy that suits you and that’s half the battle. Who wants to get fit when it’s a struggle? My adopted blind Romanian dog Wolfie has upped my health and well being as I take him out at odd hours. He loves it and I get to look at the stars! So, think out of the box and find a way that’s comfortable and enjoyable.

Finally, a Mercury and Pluto conjunction at the end of the month brings a huge revelation. If there’s been a situation or person blocking your happiness, you’re not going to hold back. As dramatic as it seems, the Universe is showing you that you have to be true to yourself.



A work revelation brings a breakthrough are you ready?
Venus spring cleans your love life.
An important conversation makes you rethink things.

Happy New Year! Venus, your Ruler, is eager to jump right in and help you detox as she saunters into your health and well-being sector. Venus brings with her the ability for you to enjoy a detox, health kick and work overhaul. Madame Venus sprinkles some fairy dust into your working environment; colleagues find you charming and delightful. In fact, work is very well aspected all month, and you feel empowered and focused. You’re devoted to your career right now and find a way to feel fulfilled and renewed.

When the Sun and Pluto join forces on the 7th, (with Mercury still retrograde) relations around your home and family come to a dramatic head. You’re ready for change, and Pluto will stop at nothing to make this happen. Be extremely careful with your words, say what you need to say with kindness. The Sun is your identity and Pluto is the Lord of transformation, and this energy is sitting in your home and family sector. What do you need to transform? Ask yourself before the 7th, so you can plan a way forward that takes the drama out of it.

A Mystic Rectangle stuffed full of Goddesses allows you to expand and grow. You sense adventure is coming and have a revelation about the exact meaning of your current relationships; you’re ready to evolve and have a soul revolution. All the people we have known (and will know) weave the coincidences and synchronicities that make up our journey. Expect a new one to pop up who helps you navigate the next chapter.

The Full Moon on the 12th coupled with a challenging Cardinal Grand Cross has you examining your work life balance. The answer may pop into a dream or an unexpected coincidence.

Mercury finally goes direct on the 9th, so things smooth out and you reestablish contact with a meaningful connection. Mercury shifts signs on the 13th and backtracks into your home and environment, do you have unfinished business here? Venus and Neptune are pulling on your heart strings again too, and you might be tempted to take things further with a love interest. You’re certainly feeling passionate over the next few weeks coupled with the determination to succeed and a strong desire for harmony in your love life.



Love, lust and laughter
An important conversation about money
Your words have incredible power

Right from the get go 2017 casts you into intrigue and sensuality. Mars and Neptune bring an interesting conversation which combines desire with laughter. Although you might not be able to work out where the other person is coming from it puts a huge smile on your face.

Jupiter is sextile Saturn, Jupiter the good luck Planet in your position of spirituality clicks with serious Saturn in your money house. Abundance could come through a hunch or gut feeling. Your Soul is leading the way, so trust it, your life is coming into alignment with your spirit. It’s essential that you pay attention to your psychic intuition this year, this magical time of possibility began when the clock chimed midnight on the 1st and it’s going to keep going strong for some time.

Venus, the Planet of love, is gently serenading you into 2017. Venus sweeps into your love, romance and generosity sector. Love has sweetness, a lightness of touch and brings you incredible inspiration. Romantic love should flow well, but all relationships have extra zest. Make the most of this fabulous energy and let your guard down, you’ll soon know who has the fondest feelings for you.

The most important day of the year for you is when your Ruler Pluto meets the Sun to form a spectacular conjunction. Boom! You have an aura of charisma and brooding intensity. Don’t overdo it though as others can find you overwhelming at this time; your presence is so strong it’s felt three minutes before you even enter the room! This mesmerising superpower creates opportunity, and when Pluto sextiles luscious Venus you can focus this seductive vibe into your love life. If that wasn’t enough Pluto conjuncts Mercury Planet of communication (direct!) in your communication sector, heck, you can charm the birds out of the trees. Watch out, though; your words have immense power right now and if you lose your temper or issue an ultimatum it is cast in stone! Use this month’s abundant energy for your good and the good of all.



Try not to make any impulsive decisions around your home and family at the beginning of the month; your heart might be in the right place, but you might not see the whole picture until after the 9th.

Jupiter, your Ruler, is doing some pretty exciting things this year. On the 1st he’s sextile Saturn the Lord of responsibility in your sign, this gives you a welcome break from Saturn’s stern influence and also drops in a bit of luck that reaches throughout the whole year. Look out for a group of people that you can collaborate with; there is likely to be a team of folk that truly believe in you who could play a big role in 2017. You have brilliant social media magic too but use it wisely.

Neptune and Mars are casting a lovely spell on you. You’re feeling generous and open but might be looking at things from a dreamy and blurred view. Venus is entering your home and family sector joining Neptune the Lord of spirituality and illusion on the 3rd, you want everything around you to be beautiful and harmonious. You’re also devoted to being peacemaker and smoothing things out with family and friends. If there’s someone who always wins you over with charm but fails to deliver try not to fall for it again this month.

Mercury retrograde slips briefly back into your sign on the 4th which may make people misunderstand you or question how you come across. Don’t worry too much though as he goes direct on the 9th empowering your linguistic abilities! He leaves again on the 13th, so you have a four-day window to beguile people with your ideas.

The Full Moon brings up some potent emotions for you on the 12th. Process them, be kind to yourself but try not to overreact. Shadows from your unconscious are rising to the surface for you to heal, be gentle on yourself and avoid jealousy.

Look out for some argy-bargy with a loved one on the 24th. It’s essential to be emotionally honest and look at your own stuff and try to find some mutual territory. Mars enters your place of pleasure and creativity at the end of the month leaving you raring to go as well as bringing in lots of laughter, sensuality and inspiration.


Mars and Neptune join forces on the 1st, and they are sextile the Sun in your sign, someone is fascinated with you or possibly even besotted! They have great *textpectations (i.e., keep looking at their phone desiring a message from you) that you’re going to be in touch. You might not be clear about how you feel until after the 9th when Mercury goes direct in your sign on the 13th. Having said that, Venus is making you very chatty indeed so be careful that you aren’t giving someone the wrong impression.

The Sun and Pluto are conjunct in your sign on the 7th making you (even more) smoking hot. To be fair, this can manifest in many areas from sexuality to impressive career power. Others sense your magnetism and view you as a leader, albeit a slightly scary one! Don’t overplay the power card, let lovers and people you want to influence know that you are a benevolent leader! Avoid power struggles, or you could go over the top, and hey, watch your ego!

Jupiter, the Lord of expansion, is sextile your Ruler Saturn giving you the potential for a long-awaited career boost but only if it’s in-line with your soul path. There’s no messing around this year; you have to keep it real. A psychic revelation on the 10th gives you some much-needed clarity on your family life as well, and more is revealed on the 12th with the magical Full Moon in your relationship sector.

Try not to lose your temper with someone on the 19th especially if it’s only a hunch with no evidence to back it up. Remember, harmony benefits your life so pick your battles wisely.

Financial success is possible if you’re measured and centered. Don’t do anything without thinking it through and looking at all angles. The New Moon on the 28th brings a brand spanking new financial cycle and even if it means letting go of a situation, it will end up being an authentic new start.


You might be tempted to invest in a visionary scheme; this investment could be time, money or even an emotional investment. It might be wise to wait until Mercury goes direct on the 9th smoothing out technology glitches and making teamwork much easier. You have a much clearer idea what people mean and how grounded their ideas are between the 9th and 13th. Also, watch what message you are putting out there before the 9th as your words are surprisingly catchy right now. What happens on social media stays on social media for eternity, yikes!

Jupiter, the Planet of luck and expansion, is sextile Saturn Lord of responsibility, and they are supporting your connections with any overseas possibilities and collaborations. Venus is brightening up your financial sector after the 3rd but take your time and seek advice in solid financial decisions as you may be led by your heart rather than your head this month.

The Full Moon on the 12th has you animated about a new health kick, and you also find yourself in a housework frenzy. It’s the perfect time to tie up loose ends and deal with unfinished business. The Cardinal Grand Cross gives this energy a double whammy and is stuffed with Goddess energy pulling you between freedom and security. Pay careful attention to who is pressing your buttons and also how you deal with the energy. There’s a mysterious message woven into the day, hunt it down!

The 14th uplifts your energy and pours rocket fuel into your engines. Groups listen to you but avoid arguments about money, or they could get out of control. The Sun enters your sign on the 20th bringing with him radiance and tantalising possibilities; you’re your best self.

The New Moon in your sign is a magnificent finale of an action packed month that has you moving between being philosophical, psychic and also practical. The New Moon sweeps the past away and removes old energy. Make a wish as the Universe is all ears.



Mars and your Ruler Neptune join forces from the get go and you find yourself very vocal about all underdogs. You are fearless when it comes to protecting those that cannot protect themselves and you speak your mind; in fact, nothing can stop you. Be very careful how you put things though as Mercury is still retrograde which could cause you to say something in the heat of the moment that you’ll later regret.

Jupiter is Sextile Saturn the Lord of Responsibility and they’re determined to bring you into your power in 2017 so that you gain much-earned confidence and success in your career. Having said that, Saturn only rewards effort so, you are urged to stretch yourself in all ways.

Good news! Venus, the Planet of love, is in your sign from the 3rd bestowing you with a little love magic. You’re bewitching, so make the most of it. Venus in your sign helps you bring tranquillity and peace to all your relationships.

Sun and Pluto give you great power in groups but beware as Mercury is just getting his mojo back in your career sector. The Full Moon on the 12th is in a delicious position for you. You feel confident, optimistic and creative, she also offers sensual delights.

However, on the same day, we have a Goddess packed Cardinal Grand Cross which threatens your equilibrium. You may feel as if someone is playing games with you or tries to test their power. Is this a pattern in your life? You open up, and you feel as if people move away or change the rules? Your best course of action is charming, and work-that Venus energy to turn things to your advantage. Only love can banish fear and anger.

Martin Luther King poignantly said ‘Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.’

On the 13th Venus and Neptune hook up for a big old love in. You see the beauty in the world and the people around you. Your soul soars with love and a bit of spiritual ecstasy.

You’re very in tune today and have a psychic connection to those you love. All the wonder and love you feel on this day is already inside you; the love is coming from within you so honour yourself and pat yourself on the back for all you have overcome and your bravery on this journey called life. Let’s face it, life hasn’t been all rainbows and pussycats. Others should also sense the beauty of your spirit. Indulge in music, art, meditation, a walk in the woods or even better, the sea or river. You are, after all, a celestial water nymph.

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