Mars in Cancer, ☄️ 🦀 A Warrior Of Nurturing

mars in cancer

Mars in Cancer – A Warrior of Nurturing

Mars, the planet of energy, fire, passion, and assertiveness, is going into sidestepping Cancer until June 11th. How can we make the most of this cosmic alignment? Mars gives us the power to speak up and speak out about our needs. We can fiercely nest and take the space that we require guilt-free.

Mars/Cancer vibe is also Mumma bear energy. We can dare to step up to protect those around us both politically and personally.

There’s such courage in vulnerability, and Mars can transform it into action. Self-awareness is essential, though. Otherwise, we might stumble into being manipulative or passive aggression.

Want to burn off some of the intensity? It’s a great time to get stuck into house clearing, decorating, and creating your sanctuary.

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