New Moon in Aries Moonscope – A new cycle begins

Aries season

New Moon in Aries Moonscope – 1 of 2 March 21 2023

March 21 brings the first of two new Moons in Aries which sets the momentum of change in motion. On its way to 0 degrees Aries, the dark Moon meets Neptune some five hours earlier, squares Aries’ ruler Mars in Gemini, and sextiles an anaretic Pluto in Capricorn which is two days away from its arrival in Aquarius. To say this new Moon is ground-breaking may be the understatement of the decade.

It’s a new Moon of actions and reactions. It asks for participants, not spectators. It tells us life is a contact sport. There are no more Time Out’s. We have to get on the playing field and bring our best game. Take action under this new Moon. That critical first step on the 1,000 mile journey. Then harness the momentum that creates and keep going. Between now and the second new, ‘black’ Moon you’ll see results. 


Not one but two fresh starts or opportunities are on offer for you in the next 28 days. They who dare win, Aries. Hearts and minds as well as that goal. This Moon is fast-moving, quicksilver in its emotional impulsion. It urges you onwards with an impulse you can’t ignore.

Initiate those plans. Send that application or submission winging its way onward. This is no time to be shy. Or to undersell yourself and your ideas. Hours after this new Moon appears it will encounter Mercury. Newly arrived in your sign, urging you to take that idea and run with it. Or share it with others. A positive response could be on its way for many of you. Someone appears who is receptive in more ways than one to what you have to say. Keep that conversation going. Follow up. Emotionally you’re craving something new. Your direct approach is going to be appreciated by exactly the right audience now. No filters or editing needed. Bring the best you got, Aries. And that’s you.


Choose your mindset wisely under this and the next new Moon in your 12th, Taurus. Now, I’m not selling you psycho-babble woo woo about only thinking positive thoughts 24/7. Because nobody can do that. But I am asking you to opt for glasses are designed to be refilled approach.

When pessimistic thoughts appear we can thank them for sharing. Then consciously shift our focus or play with turning the perspective on an issue upside down. How else could we choose to interpret it? Often when we do this we arrive at a solution or simply move away from the problem entirely. The first of two new Moons asks you to look closer. Refocus. Even journal as many ways to look at an area or issue as you can possibly imagine. By doing this you unlock secret reserves of power and play with quantum mechanics and the energy of the multiverse. There are also no coincidences under this new Moon. Intuition, insight, signs, synchronicities broadcast load and clear if you tune in. Like a cosmic radio, you get to choose the wavelength you select now. Go for that positive spin.


A rare 56 day portal opens up where life expands via the people you know and meet. Think about who you know. Your friendships, contacts and connections. Let’s imagine for one moment these people represent money. How rich are you? A billionaire? Scraping by? Somewhere between the two?

Like all relationships, friendships require us to invest. Ourselves and our time. The first of two new Moons urges you to put yourself out there. Approach and be approachable. Make an effort to catch up if you’ve not seen people for a while. This is a wonderful new Moon under which to join that club, activity, association, party or group if you have been thinking about it. You have help in overcoming any hesitation or shyness. Just hours after the new Moon appears it connects to ruler Mercury in here. Bringing with it calls, texts, messages and invites. Time to get talking, Gemini. Sharing is what you do best. And its not just the face to face stuff. This is the time to gain new customers, clients, followers. The more you let people into your world, give them a backstage pass to meet the real you, then the greater that circle expands. And with it the potential to choose from so many goal destination paths, Gemini. Make a wish Jupiter also in here could appear in person to grant it.


The first of two new Moons in your 10th house is the one that asks you to step into the spotlight and prepare to shine and stand out. Rewards and recognition could be on offer. As could be rubbing shoulders with VIP’s, influencers and those at the top of their game. 

This is the house of public perceptions. How you come across to others. While you need to remain authentic, there’s also a fake-it-till-you-make-it element to this new Moon. Boosted by the influence of lucky Jupiter and outrageous Chiron in here. It’s asking what you dare get away with? Not in an Inventing Anna/The Dropout way. But in the act-like-you-own-it-even-if-you-only-have-two-pennies-to-rub-together way. It’s all about the image you project. And above all, your belief in yourself.

Ensure that image conveys the fact that you are someone to be taken seriously. Because if you do, others will sit up, take notice and also, validate that vibe you’re projecting. Which in turn sets your stock soaring. This applies to your personal life too. You are someone seeking something serious and whose intentions are true. Don’t settle for anything less.


Set me free vibes radiate out from the new Moon in your 9th. Let’s face it Leo, you weren’t designed to sit on the sidelines of life. You are the star turn, #1, the headline act. No bit parts or supporting roles for you.

This breakaway new Moon, along with Jupiter and Chiron in here, urges you to take a leap of faith to claim a bigger life experience. To shrug off confines and anything that’s holding you back. Often this can be our self-imposed limitations. Or worries about what others will think. Maybe your concerns about what ifs. Such as what if you don’t succeed? But what if you do? There is really only one kind of failure and that is not trying at all. Jupiter pretty well guarantees that even if you fall flat on your face, you’ll discover that brown stuff is actually chocolate. While Chiron dares you anyway. You’ll never know unless you try. Just see the process as broadening your experience and let go of any result for now. But you could be looking at an astounding one between this new Moon and the next.


Dance in the moonlight as if nobody is watching Virgo. If insecurities arise, keep going. Don’t whatever you do be frozen in place or unsure of the next step you need to take. Fear can talk, but you don’t have to listen. This is your house of fearless self-empowerment. Where the fiercest, brazen most sexy version of you resides. That’s the version of you to channel from here on in, Virgo.

Passion and intensity are your super fuels. Above all, don’t push unwanted emotions aside. Time to feel the feels no matter if they feel uncomfortable and extreme. That doesn’t make them scary or invalid. And don’t be gaslit by anyone telling you that you are ‘exaggerating’ or who dismisses your experience. Outre, outrageous you demand expression. And dares you to push that envelope. Your 8th is your soul vault. Where riches are buried but you need to dig deep into the emotional depths to tap into the vein of gold and diamond bright insights to be unearthed. This is an inexhaustible resource. Tap into it because this is where your real power to make changes and unleash the real dancing you, resides. 


The first of two new Moons in your house of duos, duets, duels and dynamic and dramatic double acts open up a new phase of relating. It takes two in one form or another. Past, present, and potential partnerships feature. Not just your spouse or live-in love. It can be that working relationship, bestie, business partner, collaborator. Even that non-human soul. 

What I can tell you is that between this new Moon and the next, one, in particular, will become your focus. If its emerging, take it slowly. There’s a pace and a process to be completed here. That Libran needs to find that significant other is heightened for singles. Existing unions will be redefined. If you are feeling a lack of connection or support within your relationship, expect a mirror, mirror moment between now and the full Moon. Your diplomatic skills are heightened so use them. Check your availability on an emotional level if you have a history with unavailable partners. Just where is that barrier between you and love? Enticing, alluring, surprising encounters can feature thanks to Jupiter and Chiron in this house. Lightning bolts? That too. Prepare to be thunderstruck.


A new Moon which touches on your ruler? Expect news or a conversation that changes everything. This new Moon has your ultimate well-being in mind. Its desire is to make you feel better, work better, live better. What’s highlighted and possibly from what you hear or are told is something that needs to change or enhances this process. This Moon has the medicine of the soul for you. 

We are all Avatars in this life. Our souls inhabit our bodies which carry us around. Just like in the film. So, this new Moon asks you to service your vehicle so to speak. You will be even more sensitive than usual to what you do, how you fuel your body, and where you spend your time. It might even be worth keeping a diary to record all these highly important details between this new Moon and the next. If you do, a bigger picture is set to emerge. Changes you make to your habits, your day job or routine, immediately impact you. Be guided by your gut in this. Especially when it comes to your body’s reaction to what you eat, drink or consume. You will emerge from this ultimate cosmic juice-shot refined and realigned. Mind, body and soul.


Ruler Jupiter, along with Chiron occupies your 5th house, which is what makes the first of two new Moons in here so extra special. Dazzling, daring, disco ball you is set to take to the dance floor of life. This is one of your houses of attraction, so look to what makes you feel attractive. It’s also your house of indulgences so a splurge is allowed!

What matters is you raise your vibe to Gorgeous and put yourself out there. Love is in the air for you. And all around you. As it immerses you in what you love to do. The playfulness with which you tackle any task is contagious. You let go of worrying about results and enjoy the process. Sure, when it comes to dating which this house rules, you’re not about to entertain time-wasters. But your hunger for new experiences makes you open-hearted and alluring. Getting noticed for what you excel at, a lucky break, babies, children, the young ones, and parenting can also feature. That new love interest may come with children for instance. Go forth in the direction of what makes your heart sing. Honestly, you don’t need to do anything else to attract now, Sag.


This new Moon feels very up-close and personal because it touches on anaretic Pluto in your sign. It’s also in the Moon’s ruling house in your chart (4th) increasing your sensitivity, unshakable and deep brand of caring, and desire for stability. 

Sometimes though we have to shake things up a little or make choices to get what we want.  Pluto impacted by this new Moon is telling you that something needs to be changed up or you need to move towards what you enhance your need for physical, material or emotional security. Between now and the next new Moon in here next month, make the run towards emotional safety. Take a moment to reflect on how the feels for you. Because ultimately, this new Moon wants you to feel secure, embraced, and nurtured. Perhaps it’s not just your own needs for this you must consider, but those of others. There’s a choice to be made now around emotional priorities, Capricorn. A door is opening for you which leads to this. Yes, walking through may cause initial disruption. But what’s on the other side is so much more satisfying – and permanent. 


Self-starting moves can be made under this new Moon. And you get to grips (finally!) with anything you have been putting off. This is your launch pad new Moon. Apply, pitch, share, broadcast those ideas. No use keeping them to yourself. Between this new Moon and the next one in here next month, you could be looking a game-changing results from your efforts.

Yes, it is time to talk if this is what you have been delaying. You’ll feel an impossible-to-ignore urge to start the dialogue. Messages, likes, texts, and invitations all increase. It’s one of the best new Moons of the year to land that new job or increase those followers. Be prepared to meet and greet. If not in person then online. Craft that message. It’s oh-so-important. Above all, start the conversation. Swipe away. Travel may feature now as this is your house of not just commuting but short journeys and you have Jupiter in here which rules the big ones. Above all, don’t dismiss that plan or idea that keeps on returning and nudging you. What this tells you is that it’s time has come. 


Just prior to this new Moon appearing in your 2nd, it encounters your ruler Neptune in your sign hours earlier. This is the dark Moon so by the time it appears, something you have been literally ‘in the dark’ over is exposed. Yes, chances are those Pisces senses have touched on this before. But perhaps you pushed the thought aside. There’s something predictable about this. You already knew this was the case. Now its confirmed.

Act in the name of self-worth when it comes to taking action. This new Moon brings with it the promise of increased stability and satisfaction. Choices and decisions you make will not only be the right ones. But each builds on the one you made before. And your confidence grows with each step. Money, income, possessions and resources are in focus now. New avenues of income open up. Or what you have appears to go further. It’s not what you have but how you spend and utilise it. This also applies to how and on who, you shower your love. Make sure the give and take is in equal measure.

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