Psychic Reading Masterclass – Boundaries

Outside of any psychic skills you might develop, there are loads of considerations that are an important part of professionalism around giving psychic readings.

One of the most important aspects of professionalism is the boundaries that lie around giving psychic readings themselves.  Every situation is different and often part of being a professional means having to make decisions according to what is right in the moment, but at my company we have one rule where there are never any exceptions.  Our number one rule is that we never talk about who we have done readings for or reveal what went on in a reading.  People can and do send us feedback and testimonials – but even then, we let them speak and say nothing ourselves as to do anything else strikes at the heart of the trust that is so important between a reader and someone having a psychic reading.

The issue of boundaries also relates to when, as a psychic reader, you actually give someone information that you get.  If someone has arranged to have a psychic reading, that’s exactly what they are there for, but people with psychic ability often find themselves picking up on information about other people that pops up when they’re out and about.   For example, psychic mediums can sometimes find themselves standing next to a total stranger in a supermarket queue whilst someone who has crossed over leaps on the opportunity to get a message across, leaving the psychic medium wondering whether they should speak out or stay quiet.  If you do speak, always ask permission before you deliver the message. While I was at the hairdresser’s the other day the lady doing my eyebrows said she was dreading me coming as she heard I was a psychic and the last time she  looked after a client who was psychic, the psychic pipped up that her boyfriend was having an affair (which was not true).  This made her very uncomfortable and also had a negative impact on her relationship!  

I believe randomly giving people information is unethical because you are crossing someone’s personal space.

Boundaries also include you too.  If you are a psychic reader, you also need your space in which you can just be an ordinary person and get on with your own life.  Sometimes people can ask you to read when you just don’t feel up to it, but you might go ahead out of a sense of guilt or duty.  If you continually say yes when sometimes you need to say no, however, you can find that your energy becomes very depleted because you haven’t allowed yourself time for you, and if that happens, you can’t help anyone!  That’s where you have to be guided by your own intuition and have a clear sense of what and when you can give.

These are just a few areas for to think about.  One thing that you can do is look at the codes of conduct for other professions, such as medicine or counselling, to help you draw up your own personal professional code which you would then revise each year as you will inevitably want to review them every so often.  When I started out, for example, I was ‘open all hours’ and often that meant people would call me at two o’clock in the morning for a reading.  As I had a young son at the time, I revised that pretty quickly!

Being a psychic reader is a fantastic and endlessly fascinating profession, not least because there is always something else for us to learn.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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