Your Free Tarot Reading – An Affirmation From Your Wise One

An Affirmation From Your Wise One

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Looking for a bit of psychic inspiration? Does your soul mojo need a reboot or are your psychic senses itching for information? Perhaps one of the three tarot cards below has a message for you?

To get the most out of the interactive reading puff up your own inner witchery, and pause to sense what is behind the Tarot card BEFORE you scroll down. When you look at the back of your chosen card unleash your own intuition and psychic wisdom. Take a moment to choose, think about what the card is going to reveal and then scroll down for your answer. Use this as inspiration or affirmation!

With deepest love
Michele x

Tarot Card One – Page of Pentacles

Earthy magic is coming your way. Excellent news around abundance is on its way. You begin a new job or open up new avenues of income. You are a bit of a self-starter right now, aren’t you? That enthusiasm is contagious. You draw bounty to you and know how to build foundations for further wealth.

Deals or contracts could be finalised now and you’re entering a new phase when it comes to handling your resources. Your increased confidence brings about the result you were after.

Your intuition is also spot on and telling you exactly which path is the profitable one for you now. You apply for the right job or approach the right client. If you’re hesitant, go within for answers and you’ll find them.

Tarot Card Two – The 6 of Pentacles

Divine Soul,

Your ability to spread compassion and understanding to those around you is a gift. Yes, like us all you might get pissed off and annoyed at times, but fundamentally you’re a giver.

The 6 of Pentacles is opening up your ability to receive, to feel safe and rewarded for all that you give. A gift is coming your way, an act of generosity is lighting your spirit. A touch of abundance is entering, and a moment of gratitude is soothing you. You deserve to experience and to feel love and abundance. Open your arms to it!

Tarot Card Three – The Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is a card of potent potential. Your creative juices are flowing, your passion is restored. Frisky and sparky the confident and unquenchable Ace of Wands is lighting your inner fire.

Your life force is fierce, bold and intense. Your confidence is on full power and you’re galloping toward your goal. Lust, desire and sensuality fill your being. You can use this energy to create or to merge with another. The flame is YOURS to do with it as you will. Don’t burn yourself out though and take a moment to think before you react. Where will you point your fiery wand?



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  1. I must say I was very surprised, this reading touch on what was going on in my life at the moment. Thank you!

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