Angel Card Reading With Alesso – 16 March 2017

Angel card reading. Step out of the shadows and become your own saviour. 

Love is universal. When we experience the joy that love can bring, it feels like our hearts have expanded and this creates a whole new depth within our souls. Miracles happen all around us if only we can take the time to bring our awareness into the light and away from the darkness in the world. Love is in action! A baby being born,  extending a helping hand to those in need, healing the broken hearted. These are all examples of how powerful love can be. We are in desperate times where we as human beings are trying to get back to something more truthful, there is an awakening of souls searching for a feeling of being at one with the world. Here I have chosen four stunning cards that hopefully will help bring a sense of togetherness and knowing we all radiate vibrant love but also share in our pain. 

If you prefer to use the term ‘guides’ instead of angels, then do what feels right for you and feel which card speaks to you. 

Card One: Trust 

In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology like never before. With social media and other such platforms making it available to connect with people instantly,  it can also create dread for some people when they see their partner chatting to someone else online. This of course can be completely innocent but it does create a threatening energy. This card opens the door for you to step outside of yourself. Visualize yourself as someone else, a stranger watching your own life. Do you trust yourself enough to allow yourself to be happy and stop focusing on all the things that could go wrong? Free will is always going to exist so therefore we need to remember we do not have ownership over anyone. The angels are sending you the reassurance that so long as you communicate with your other half and set time aside to have a regular ‘heart to heart’, then you will always be in sync and therefore anything that becomes a problem along the way, you can express your fears in a loving way. You are encouraged to look at your romantic relationships and also your family and friends.  Healing begins now.  Trust in life again, trust in love.  

Card Two: If You Believe 

We’ve all been in a situation where our friends are in loving, committed relationships. Everyone else seems to be loved up and secure and as much as we are happy for those people, it hurts like hell because we haven’t quite found that inner peace for ourselves.  The message here is: you do not need anyone to fix you because you are not broken. 

Sometimes the reason why we don’t have success in love is as simple as circumstances haven’t been right. Career, family demands and daily life can be major distractions. If you believe you will never find what you are looking for then you psychologically programme yourself into thinking that love isn’t for you and so life can’t be fun.  

Fed up seeing other people have date night while you stay home alone? Get out there! Each and every one of us at some point in our lives will be looking for that unconditional bond – a sacred union that is ethereal and beautiful. Believe that there are others just like you, genuine and affectionate people looking for that spark. We are not alone when love is everywhere. Make yourself a little vulnerable and take a chance on love. It’s waiting for you if only you’ll believe. 

Card Three: Compromise 

How often do you compromise with YOURSELF? It’s so easy for us to crucify those we love because they lied or treated us badly. Immediately we put our walls back up and nobody is going to bring them down unless we feel it’s worth it. This card asks you to remember that not everyone is out to hurt you.  We’re only human and we make errors, don’t hold the standards so high that it’s impossible for anyone to reach. Being so self-protecting can actually damage us and harden our hearts. Allow yourself to accept what is. Do not try and change someone or force yourself to change, accept yourself and others but stay true to yourself and your own values. Let go. 

Card Four: Forgiveness 

Unfortunately, the majority of us have been in a situation  where someone we love so much has thrown us aside or even been unfaithful. It may very well be yourself who has that temptation to go astray. To love is to forgive.  Often there is no point in trying to make sense of something when there’s no sense to be made. If you’re a Scorpio like me, forgiveness doesn’t come easy. However, allowing hurt and anger to dwell inside  you creates psychic pollution. It is a demon of its own. Whatever the situation may be, FORGIVE IT. This doesn’t mean drop everything you stand for, it’s allowing the pain to leave you and make room for healing. No matter what stage of life you are at, strip back everything about our identity and our inner child will be found. Think back to when you were a child, things were pure and less contaminated by the world. This card asks you to get back your child-like wonder and focus on the good in people – love conquers all. 

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