Angel Card Reading With Psychic Alesso – 17 August 2017

Angel Card Reading With Psychic Alesso

We all have angel guides around us it’s essential to feel their messages through our intuition.
I have combined my angel oracle deck along with the Morgan Greer tarot deck; and drawn up an Angel Guide reading for you.
Don’t forget,  your own psychic ability needs to come into play. The greatest psychics are often the ones who are most sceptical and need solid proof about almost anything. When you have a psychic experience in your life, the proof speaks for itself; and cannot be fully explained to others who did not experience it with you. BELIEVE!
I want you to focus on the week ahead; and fully expect that the angels will assist you on your way. Look at the pictures and feel which one is an Angel message  for you.  Alesso  x    pin: 2296

1) Balance vs. The High Priestess 

Interestingly,  this week is going to prove very productive on the work front. You’ll perhaps need a time out this week. You might be being self-critical and worry you are not pulling your weight. But actually, you are catching the attention of others without even knowing it. So, you may feel the work week is littered with curve balls and it’s a constant climb to stay afloat!
Intuitively,  there is a sense of positive feedback that will lift your spirits around Thursday.
The angels are showing a much lighter energy coming in around you by the time we reach next weekend. So don’t stress!
Also, it feels that staff management may a key factor in why there is a feeling of not doing enough; you can only help out so much before you start to feel the burn. Don’t sacrifice your health for work, maintain the balance.
The High Priestess can sometimes be a shady card to show up. She carries reminders of the things we need to take a look at.
There is a sense that sometimes you may be taking a step back from getting too involved in your responsibilities. Don’t shy away when you lose your zeal. Remember why you are there and know that your professional attitude will reflect on your work.

2) Romance vs. Ace of Pentacles 

You have chosen two powerful cards! If you are in a relationship, it is worth noting that your partner is going to need a bit of support this week. There is a sense of you having the stronger position and having to nurture your partner through their own stress and low energy. So, it may be time to take on the role of a mentor and help your other half recognise their own potential; as there seems to be some difficulty communicating emotions.
This doesn’t JUST relate to a romantic relationship, it may be someone in your family.
The angels are sending a visual of traffic lights which speak of a crossroads coming up; this is vitally important so you know to stay still and allow the events of this week to blow over naturally so the dust can settle and things can be communicated more clearly.
The positive thing is there is a real sense of soul-level connections coming through, you may find yourself having a very deep conversation this week that helps you reflect and appreciate your power of being available and present for your loved ones. You are needed and feeling a lot stronger – contemplate this.

3) Music vs. The Sun 

Are you a frustrated performer? Your creative juices are flowing and there is so much going on to inspire you.
The Sun card is a beautiful reminder of the innocent things in life. The angels send beautiful visuals of a need to communicate your own spirituality through creative writing, photography, and music. Breathe to the rhythm of the universe and embrace your inner weirdo this week!
Also, there is a strong vibe of events management being a potential prospect in the near future; you may expect to be asked to get involved in an upcoming creative project! We are in a time where our gifts and talents can be easily shared thanks to the Internet – now is a time to have your own voice and express yourself.
If you are trying to create a career out of your creative passion, the angels are showing a cup filled with bursting light; perhaps here you can find your hunger and fire, your NEED to be who you are and be unapologetic about it. You might find yourself being less composed and controlled and more a loose cannon! Do everything with love.

4) Heaven vs. The Star

Here we have a very thought provoking combination! The Star card can represent Christmas time so it may be that lately you have been starting to think about things you have planned for later on in the year.
Your angel guides want to communicate with you! This week you are heavily focused on the winter period, there is a sense of a brand new pathway potentially unravelling in front of you.
For those of you returning to education,  now is a time for you to let go of the summer vibes and knuckle back down with some serious thinking about the next chapter.
The family is coming through strongly and some of you will be looking forward to seeing your children who live away from home. Major decisions are being highlighted but the good thing is you are being given plenty time to change your mind if you want to.
The angels are showing scattered messages which shows you’ll feel a bit all over this place this week and find it hard knowing how much time to give to family, work, and other life things. Your own version of heaven is in honouring the love you have around you and knowing others want to support you. You are blessed.

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