Animal Spirit Oracle

Animal Spirit Oracle.

Choose one of the animals below. Feel which one you are drawn too, not necessarily which one you normally love. Then scroll down to see what the animal spirit wisdom has for you today.



animalspirit bear

Bear ambles into your life today to tell you that you’re strong enough to deal with whatever is going on around you. You may grizzle, you may roar but ultimately you have it covered. Bear also growls the importance of solitude, of taking time out to regroup and hibernate when you need to. There is great importance in knowing when to hibernate and when to be Warrior Bear. There may be a situation where you are feeling protective, but does the answer involve saying your piece and then going within? Take time to truly reflect on what is going on.


Black panther

If Panther has slunk into your heart today, you are very protected. It may feel as if you are alone or dealing with a situation only you can handle, but there are powerful spirit helpers on your side. Like Panther, they may be hidden in the shadows but they’ve got your back. Panther is one of the fiercest protectors and it also means you are incredibly powerful. You are not someone to be messed with, and if pushed too far, can exact swift revenge. Panther asks you to know when it’s time to have your underbelly scratched and when it’s time to pounce. Even the wildest creatures need softness and love. Don’t let your past always make you on the look out for danger. Know that you are powerful enough and wise enough to be free and playful without others fearing they may get bitten. 



Wolf howls your praises and asks you to believe in what you have to offer. You have a strong sense of tribe and family as well as a reservoir of knowledge important to those around you. Your incredible loyalty to those you love makes it very difficult to leave people who hurt you. You cannot be domesticated and you suffer if you conform too much. Are you expressing your wildness? Follow the cycles of the Moon to learn more about your energy. Pay attention to how the Full Moon impacts your moods. You are brilliant at holding groups together and your knowledge is your power. Believe in you, you are a great teacher and it’s time to dive into your wisdom and use it for your own good. If you were your own best friend, how would you council yourself today?



You’re a sensitive soul but also the beloved of the Gods. Sometimes you may feel lost or chased but you have divine protection. It’s essential that you are as gentle with yourself as you are to others. Your power is in your gentleness – have you forgotten that? If you want to change a situation or even a person, it is your loving and compassionate spirit which will achieve that. Are you being as compassionate with yourself? Don’t try to be something that you’re not just to please other people or society. You are more than enough exactly as you are. Your understanding and connection to love is astonishing. If you have been wounded or lost, this understanding today is the day to get it back.

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