Bone Tarot Reading – What To Gift Myself?

“The greatest gift you can give yourself is a little bit of your own attention.”

I have just recently purchased a brand new deck, it isn’t very often that I treat myself, but I simply fell in love with them!

This led me to think how important it is to give yourselves gifts every now and then. We all too often buy for loved ones and forget ourselves.

When you honour, respect and cherish yourself, others are more than likely to do the same

So to show off my new deck, I asked the question “What gift can I give to myself this week?” Choose a card between one and four and scroll down for your gift.

Love Tanya


If you picked this card you are being told to gift yourself is to truly connect with yourself. Honour your divine feminine, connect with the beautiful, sensual goddess that you are. Plan to take yourself on the perfect date, or arrange a date night with your soul sisters. Pamper yourself beforehand. Run yourself a candlelit bubble bath, use scented oils, listen to relaxing music and allow yourself to drift off into a land where all of your troubles disappear and are replaced with your dreams. (When we allow our unconscious to take over, we can often be given answers or solutions that will aid our daily life.) Dress yourself in something that makes you feel good, use your favourite perfume, even splash out on a bottle of bubbly and toast to the beauty of your feminine. Pay homage to the strength and freedom your femininity offers you, and relish in its riches.

Your body and mind are weary at the moment as you have been in warrior mode lately, and could possibly even be grieving some sort of loss. But like the true fighter you are, you have carried on despite your hardships. Your challenges may not be over yet, but by giving yourself this time to recharge, replenish and clearing your mind, you will be in a much better position to carry on your crusade. Water is very healing, so allow yourself to submerge yourself in it’s therapeutic powers, let it soothe away your stresses and you will find yourself feeling rejuvenated, regenerated and balance will be restored. Laughter is also a way to raise your vibration, so get your diva’s together, and acknowledge the true essence of friendship, friends accept and admire you exactly as you are, so lead by their example and strengthen the connection to your mind, body and soul.


If you picked this card you are being told to give yourself the gift of manifestation. Start a journal or make a vision board of all the things you would like to achieve and acquire. This may be something as simple as where you want to go on your summer holiday or it could be focusing on a life beyond your wildest dreams, either way, you are the creator of your own destiny. Cut images from books, write positive affirmations, really see yourself experience your dream life, feel how you would feel if it was a reality. Don’t worry about how you can get there, be there in the mind and feel it in your body.

Manifestation Is not some woo-woo idea that was dreamt up by some old hippy, It has been scientifically proven to work and produce mind blowing results. When you change the frequency of your thoughts to that of an abundant mindset, you become like a magnet and attract positive things to you. The fabulous thing about manifesting is that there are no limits! Every successful person had a vision and no matter what challenges they encountered on their journey, they never let their vision waver or doubt creep into their mind. It is a time of planning for you anyway, decisions need to be made, but by allowing your mind free rein, you can ensure your future is about to get a lot more exciting. Remember from little acorns grow big oaks.


If you picked this card you are being told to give yourself the gift of creativity. When was the last time you drew or painted or sculpted? For some of you, it may have been when you were at school, but art in any form is very therapeutic. Being creative awakens our inner child, even if this is just doodling, allowing your soul to speak through a brush, pen or colour is a very meditative practice. Crafting is now very popular, so you don’t have to use paper as a canvas, get that old chest of draws out of the attic and give them a make over, by doing this you kill two birds with one stone, you get the relaxing effects of painting but you also have a fabulous new piece of up cycled furniture that you can have in your home or even sell.

Many people stop producing art when they ‘grow up’ they say they cannot draw, and they forget the hours they spent drawing when they were young. True art is about mark making, not really what the finished piece looks like, it’s the journey in getting there and the benefits that brings. Art therapy is huge now, you don’t have to produce a masterpiece you just need to allow the creative flow to come from your fingertips. You have been working very hard of late, and although that is to be admired, you must remember that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Remember at school when you had ‘Play time’ there was a reason for this, when we play our mood lifts, fun is a fabulous form of therapy, it allows you to escape from the mundane, even if just for an hour. So don’t take life to serious this week, if you feel a little silly drawing, gift yourself one of these fabulous grown-up colouring books, I’m sure there is a Tarot one. So there is no excuse. get creative, allow your inner child out to play, its time to stop worrying about tidying up and allow yourself to get messy.


If you picked this card you are being told to give yourself the gift of self-love. Think of how many times you compliment other people. You tell them they look nice, you praise their accomplishments, you offer them kindness, but when was the last time you said nice things to yourself. Self-love is often mistaken for being self-absorbed or narcissistic, that is rubbish. Self-love is about honouring your well being, making your happiness a priority and living a life that allows you to shine like the fabulous unique soul that you are. Self-love also means nourishing our bodies as well as our minds, filling our bodies with good foods that help us thrive and feel energetic, drinking plenty water so that all of our organs are nourished, which again fills us with vitality. Flooding our mind with positive affirmations, and not allowing ourselves to go down the route of negativity. Self-love also means having healthy boundaries, when we respect ourselves, we give other people permission to do the same.

Think of all of the wonderful qualities you posses, every day this week write a list of 5 things you LIKE about yourself, you may find this hard, but I bet you could rhyme off 5 things you hate about yourself in a flash. Self-love can be a bit uncomfortable at first, but you will get the hang of it very easy. Think of all the unkind and sometimes cruel things you say to yourself and imagine you saying those to your best friend. You would never say to your friend “that dress makes you look fat”  You’re thighs are to big” “You are so stupid, you’re worthless” but this is the type of self-talks many of us practice daily without even realising.

Self-love doesn’t cost you anything, but self-hate costs you dear. Gift your self with only loving words this week, be mindful of when you are about to say something negative and switch it to a positive and see the difference it makes in your world. When do this you will stop seeking approval from others, you will learn to say no with ease, and you will be sending out the signal that you matter. You will find self-love brings more love, if you cannot truly love yourself then you can never expect anyone else to truly love you. So by giving this gift to yourself, you are welcoming so much love into your life, your cup will runneth over.

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