Free Future Tarot Reading By Tanya

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what revelations do you have for us all?

Focus on the three tarot cards and feel if one of them has a message for you about the immediate future. Don’t think about it too much but sense which card is calling you.


WOW! This card is so hot I almost had to drop it! The energy that comes with this card is so high, so expect fireworks in your love life.

If you are already in a relationship, then there could be a deepening of feelings, a renewed passion and sizzling sensuality injected in to your relationship. You could find yourself falling in love all over again with your partner, or being on the receiving end of much adoration. 

If you are single, you could be on the verge of meeting someone which whom you have a very intense connection that could lead to commitment. This connection could knock you off your feet as it is so powerful and more than likely fated. The Love Gods are working their magic and offering your heart a blessed gift from the heavens! Don’t hesitate, dive in to the fiery love pool that is presented to you. Hold on to your hats, as you are about to experience the true power of mind, body and soul love!


Expect an epiphany moment if you picked this card. You are finally ready to hear the voice of the universe and take it’s guidance. It’s almost as if your eyes have opened and you are able to see things that were perhaps clouded in the past.

Changes need to be made and you are now fully aware of what they are and you know you owe it to yourself to live a life that is true to you and fulfils your higher needs, no more playing small.

A lot of evaluation and reviewing the past has been prominent for you lately, you are finally ready to unburden yourself of old baggage and put the past behind you.

Bravery is showing strongly as you tie up any loose ends and walk boldly in the direction of your wonderful future. A new life awaits as well as a new you, you are about to be reborn, but much wiser and stronger than you were in the past. Peace of mind is coming along with  a fabulous feeling of self empowerment. You rock, get ready to show the world who they are dealing with!


The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth is all that you will accept if you chose this card. You are ready to stand up for your beliefs, speak your truth even though your voice may shake.

Evidence is about to be brought to light which will ensure any matter that has been holding you back gets sorted out once and for all. Justice strips back the veil of any charade, she sees right through and there is no pulling the wool over her eyes. she’s urging you to own up or confront.

Justice will not allow the finger of blame to be pointed, after all when we do this there are always three pointing back at ourselves. Be truthful to yourself and the rest will follow. Look in the mirror and look yourself square in the eye, stop the blaming, stop the hiding, take responsibility for the part you are playing in your life and swear an oath unto yourself that you will stop any pretence, cut through the crap and know that this will ensure the best and fair outcome for all involved.

Now justice is never about punishment even though it can be uncomfortable.Remember the court of karmic law is the toughest one there is and always ensures you get what you deserve, as long as you are coming from a place of truth you have nothing to fear. Much needed balance is is about to be restored and a weight lifted.

By Our PsychIC Tanya

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