FREE Tarot Reading – What Needs Resolving?

Free Tarot Reading – What do you need to resolve?

Is there something in your life that is blocking you? Take a deep breath. Focus on the four cards and feel if there is a message for you behind one of them. Scroll down for your answer. When choosing a card let your intuition guide you.

Much love

Michele x

Tarot Card one – The Queen of Swords

There is a feeling that you have been through some tough emotional situations. Perhaps you have come to a point where you are cutting off or detaching from circumstances or an intimate connection?
While it’s great that you are finding your strength and becoming objective, make sure that you don’t let past experiences stop you from opening you beautiful and pure heart.

Speak your truth this week, stand in empowerment and blaze a trail with your quick wit and ingenious ideas. It’s time to use your razor sharp mind to liberate you.

Tarot card two – The Ten of Wands/Rods

Yay! Success! It might not feel as if you are going to succeed. You’ve been carrying some heavy burdens recently, in fact, you haven’t been able to see the wood for the trees, but guess what? You are solving your problems. It may be that you have been worn down, but you are about to find a much easier way of doing things. Put down your bundle of sticks and see if you can find a way to streamline some of your responsibilities. The good news is that there is a big change coming.

10 is the number of completion, and you are about to have a rebirth of some sort. Where do you want to go? What do you want to achieve in the next phase of your life? The cosmos is telling you ‘good job’ you have managed to keep going and now is a time of victory for you. Be proactive and objectively look at what you can delegate and pass on to others to deal with. You are going to need a bit more freedom to follow the new path that is opening up for you.

Tarot Card three – The Five of Pentacles

Oh my goodness, you have been through a tough time. There is a feeling that you might have felt or feel unsupported. Perhaps you have found it hard to address your vulnerability? Possibly you have got used to struggling alone or taking on everyone else’s emotional problems? It’s now time to nurture and protect yourself.

It’s easy to get used to problems or ignore our deeper needs. The cosmos is reaching out to you and saying sanctuary is within reach. Look around you for support and inspiration. Your time of suffering is coming to an end. A profound healing is taking place and your soul can rest easy as happiness is on the way. Find your joy, allow time for small pleasures and know you are loved.

Tarot Card Four – The King of Cups

A gentle and emotional creative energy is coming your way. Perhaps a King is offering you some good advice? A supportive, loving being is popping in to remind you to open to love. It’s time to express your creativity and intuition. You feel much more balanced when you are flowing with your feelings. Have you had a psychic insight recently? did you listen to your inner wisdom or ignore it? Seek out folk who are kind and appreciate you for who you are.

If you feel manipulated by a man who is passive-aggressive, it’s now time to take action and stand your ground. There is a need to resolve blocked emotions, but you’ll find it easier than you think. A journey this year is going to help transform things. You are about to realise that the cocoon was worth it as you are now the butterfly!

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