Your Free Online Tarot Reading – A message from your soul

Your Free online Tarot Reading – A message from your soul

Hello Gorgeous Spirit

Here’s a soul empowering psychic message for you. Focus on the four Tarot cards and feel if one of them is calling you.

Big love

Michele x

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Tarot Card One – The 7 of Wands

Hey Goddess, It’s time to trust YOU!

In the Rider-Waite deck, we see a character fighting off a deluge of wands hurtling towards them. If you trust your position (the person is on high ground so has the advantage) you can win this battle.

The Wild Unknown has the edge with this card as it talks about your inner power. Your internal flame burns brightly and can light your way. Let false aquaintances slip away. You may feel overwhelmed and plagued by pressure BUT you can transform things and it starts by listening to your intuition, and doing what is right for you. Your spirit shines golden and can win. Stick your ground and go for it!

Tarot Card Two – Mother of Wands

Wow! You are one powerful human! The Mother of Wands protects her own. You will not let anyone mess with you or your brood. You have overcome damage and pain to become the potent force that you are.

TRUST your strength and ability to survive. Remember, it is now the time to create, celebrate and let go of living on the edge. You have proved yourself, not only to those around you but to yourself! Like the snake, you will go through life shedding many skins, evolving, growing and blossoming.

Card Three – Son of Pentacles

Either you or someone close to you (possibly a young earth sign) is a trusted and grounded loved one. However, sometimes they/you are prone to being headstrong and unbending :). Just because the Son of Pentacles is not loud and extrovert it does not mean they aren’t strong. You can trust them and they can trust you.

You are laying foundations for a secure future. Don’t get too caught up in doing it exactly as planned. Allow the Cosmos to add a sprinkle of magic.

Card Four – Daughter of Cups

This Tarot Card is a very sensitive soul. A brilliant and natural psychic, sensitive to atmosphere and every bit the dreamer. The daughter of cups sees’s the best in everyone and has an open heart. If this is you, it’s important to stay grounded so that you can build your dreams, taking your castles in the air and turning them into reality. Overcome your fear and you can conjure up all sorts of experiences.

If you have a child, friend or lover that is the daughter of cups, be very careful how you express your concern and guidance. These beautiful creatures are easily stressed.

7 thoughts on “Your Free Online Tarot Reading – A message from your soul

  1. Im always drawn to no ,2 , l….ving the reading ! After reading your book on your childhood growing up and watching you on TV, I can honestly say I’ve always admired you Michele for your strength , you are inspiration , almost like a comfort blanket ! Plz believe me in my darkest hours ive often thought , and wanted to contact to you ! I’m know for a fact loved will visit you when you need them ! Xx

  2. #1, 7 wands. Yes, I am at that precipice. It was suggested I be coached to fit the mould. Umm….no, it does not fit my soul…looking for my next journey.

    1. Wow !! , me too , immediately card 4 called me . My birthday is on 20th Feb ( Pisces) and just before this post I was attempting to answer a question regarding fear showing up in the body .. in my mind ‘s resultant responses. Truly a soul message
      Thank you Michele

  3. A pretty good tarot reading for a Leo born on 28th July and at a very difficult crossroads.
    Many thanks

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