Guardian Angel Interactive Tarot Reading – What’s Your Message Today?

Guardian Angel Interactive Tarot Reading – What’s Your Message Today?

Whether we are aware of it or not – there’s always an angel on our shoulder. Sometimes it makes its presence felt. That soft breath on the back of your neck as if someone is standing behind you. That feeling of being touched by an invisible hand. The awareness of someone in the room when you are alone. You’re being visited by an angelic presence! There’s a simple way to tune in to the message your angel may be trying to tell you. Focus on the image of the four cards below and choose the one that calls to you. Your angel whispers to your intuition – and the Tarot speaks for it.

Tarot Card 1 – Judgement

Beautiful Soul,

You’ve been forged in the fires of your past, strong one. The good, the bad and yes, sometimes the ugly. Your journey has made you the person you are today. You’ve grown, learned and experienced so much. But you have so much more to give and experience. Today your angel wants you to understand that your battles, your victories and your growth has been recognised. Own and be proud of who you have become! 

But you need to now take the lessons of your past, but leave the past itself behind you. Your angel is here to release you from regrets that keep you from experiencing the new and nostalgia over ‘the way things were’ – especially around old loves. No, you are not expected to forget the people and events which have brought you to where you are today. But you can use these memories to create your future. Your angel tells you if something is stagnant or lived out, time to change it. Revive your soul in doing so and step into the flow of life – and love, again.

Tarot Card 2 – Four of Swords

Hey Super Giver, Are you running on empty? Your angel wants you to look at whether you are so busy being all things to all people that you’re neglecting your own needs. Is it time for some serious ‘me’ time?  This can be anything from spending an evening unplugged, a pamper spa day, a mini break, carving out down- time doing something you love as opposed to those things you have to do or just tuning in to that inner voice that is saying: slow down, smell the roses or the fresh brewed coffee. Relish the moment and nurture yourself. Have you taken on too much? If so, you need to delegate, learn to say ‘no’ or ensure others do their fair share.

You’ve being invited to restore and revive and explore the mind/body/spirit connection as you do. Take all the time you need now.

Tarot Card 3 – Page of Cups

Sweet Soul,

Find that centre, find that calm. Are anxieties, pressures and needless worries getting in the way of you seeing all the potential that’s surrounding you right now? Your angel is alerting you to the fact that something you have experienced or are going through is preventing you from seeing that yes, love is all around you. As are the answers you’re seeking. The good wants to find you now.

So, ensure that you are not so focused on challenges that you can’t see it when it turns up! If you are seeking an answer to a specific question or issue, your angel is telling you it is going to turn up now. It may come from someone who embodies that centered, calm place you are being asked to reach for. If you are waiting on love – the answer, email, text or call is also on its way.

Tarot Card 4 – Seven of Cups

Hey Daydream Believer,

Own your vision and keep the faith! Do you know what you truly want? Your angel is telling you that you have your dreams for a reason. Your heart’s desire is part of who you are. But have you become disconnected or distracted from this? The 7 of Cups represents too many choices or scattering your energy when focussing it on what you really want will get you the outcome you seek. Have other people made you feel that what you want is either unattainable, impossible or uncool? Your angel is telling you it’s time to restore your focus.

Alternatively, this card can represent someone in our lives who simply does not live up to their promises or expects to have everything their own way all the time without considering our feelings. If this is resonating all too close to home for you, your angel is telling you that you need to re-evaluate the connection. And put your needs and feelings first.


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