Inspire Your Soul Tarot Reading – Pick A Card

Three card tarot reading

Inspire your Soul Tarot Reading – Pick A Tarot Card

Hello Gorgeous Soul,

Focus on the three Tarot cards to see if there is a message for you. Use your intuition to feel if one of the three cards is meant for you. Take a couple of moments to sense which one and then scroll down for you answer.

Much love

Tarot Card One – The 2 of Wands – The Wild Unknown

Your determination is about to pay off. Initially, it may feel as you are being offered a smaller opportunity than you deserve. It’s important to take all offers seriously and examine them closely for the hidden potential. Amplify your intentions, do the work, and feel the cosmic energy carrying you forward. Your inner strength is triumphant.

Keep going, keep moving and don’t give up. The Two of Wands is a clear sign that you are on your way and you should expect a juicy treat from the Universe.

Tarot Card Two – The Son of Cups – Wild Unknown

The Son of Cups is happy in their personal growth and content with expressing their emotions. Have you been working on accepting and being honest with your own feelings? The Son of Cups reveals that you are going through a beautiful emotional shift. Your spirit has transformed. There is a rich tapestry of potential revealing itself to you. Blessed new relationships are entering your life.

You have blossomed after crisis and now have reached a new creative flow. Your soul feels renewed and a fresh chapter awaits. Empower your intentions, set your desires and trust your heart.

Tarot Card Three – The Hermit -Wild Unknown

I love the Wild Unknowns depiction of the Hermit. Look at the turtle snug and smiling KNOWING the light of wisdom is always with them. The Hermit reminds you that you have all the enlightenment you need BUT you have to take the time out to listen and tune into your own divine truth.

If you are feeling vulnerable or in need of some self-love take time out to visualise yourself covered in a pink light of unconditional love. Have a bath with sea salt and if you have any rose quartz place in your bath to infuse the water with love.

Boot out self-doubt, surrender your fear and start to trust YOU, trust your inner truth and tune in your very own psychic antenna.



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