New Love Tarot Reading – The Energy Of This Week

Tarot Love Reading – The energy of this week

Hello Gorgeous soul,

Here’s your love Tarot reading for the week ahead. Guess what? We have control over our energy, thoughts and experiences although sometimes it doesn’t feel like it! This love Tarot reading focuses on what is going on now and how you can transform or make the most of it.

Focus on the four Tarot cards. Is there an accurate Tarot message for you? Do one of the four Tarot cards have a message for you? If you feel drawn to one, scroll down for your answer.

Tarot Card one – The 2 of Swords

You seem to be feeling a little indecisive. What is going on? What action should you take? Are your perceptions correct? Are you intellectualising your feelings for fear of getting hurt? Are you avoiding seeing the truth in case it’s not what you want?

Allow yourself time to tune into what your heart is communicating with you. Take time to connect with your emotions and cast out fear. Even if you feel like you can’t make a decision now, allow the full picture to filter down. Pay attention to the soul messages coming to you. The answer is closer than you think.

Tarot Card Two – The Ace of Wands

Yasssss! Your passion is getting a reboot! You are a warrior of love and desire. The Ace always symbolises the juice of the suit it represents, and in this case, FIRE! Wands are all about action, achievement, excitement. Your love life and your passion for life are about to explode.

There’s an emerging feeling of power and accomplishment. If you want to go for it you’ll find yourself clear and focused. Your sensuality is intense and you have faith in yourself as a lover. If you aren’t into relationships (or even if you are) You are channelling creativity and have an abundance of energy.

Tarot Card Three – The 9 of Cups

Holy Goddesses! You chose the wish card! A desire is about to be fulfilled. It might be big, it might be small but it will leave you with a huge grin on your face.

You know the old saying though ‘be careful what you wish for’. Your words are spells this week. You draw to you what you desire BUT don’t forget you also attract what you believe! Do you believe in love? Do you believe you are lovable? Double check what you are putting out there and make a wish.

Tarot Card Four – The Star

A love healing arrives. You might have come through pain, or been wounded but you have kept your tender heart open. The Universe is inspiring you to see things in a new way. There is a sense of peace within and a deeper faith in your soul journey. You have let go of the past which means you can create and experience a deeper love, releasing baggage, and in turn opening and blossoming.

Whatever nightmares you have been through, the Star says that you have now entered a different chapter. Like the naked image in the picture Love your body, bond with yourself, flow and embrace possibilities. You are being blessed and protected and you feel it this week.

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