Pet Spirit Oracle

Which pet has a spirit message for you today?

Look at the pictures below and FEEL which animal stands out.

Scroll below and read your pet spirit oracle message!

pet spirit oracle


cat spirit animal


Cat purrs her way into your life to remind you of your independence. Cat’s are outwardly tame, but actually do their own thing. ‘Tiddles’ is just as likely to be being fed sardines up the road as solely being fed or owned by us. Flexible, playful but damn smart, cats make life on their own terms. Cat wants you to remember your own free spirit and your ability to make your own choices. You belong to no one and have a choice of who you hang out with. They are also a message of mystery and magic. Are you listening to your intuition? Cats have been worshiped all over the world. Bastest is an ancient Egyptian Cat Goddess who was worshiped a great protector Goddess. She was also a Goddess of sensuality and motherhood. Are you balancing these things?

dog spirit animalDog

Dog is bounding over to tell you that you are wonderful. Dog is full of unconditional love and shows us that we all deserve love. Do you think Dog deserves love? If so, it’s important to know that you do too; it is your divine right to experience love. Loyalty is a key characteristic of Dog and it may be that you have this quality and expect it of others. You have a highly protective spirit and tend to put other people first. If you have been a lone wolf recently, it may be time to rejoin a group or align your love to someone and certainly to yourself. Dogs are natural heroes and will fight to the death to defend those they love. Meditate on loyalty which is your superpower. Are you being too loyal? Are you being loyal to you? Be aware of your own strength and power but also know that the best dogs are gentle and would never attack for the sake of it. Countless stories abound of dogs managing to find their way home even if they are lost many miles away. Trust your homing instinct, you know the direction you need to go in. Follow your nose!

rabbit spirit animalRabbit

Rabbit leaps into your life to ask you if you are feeling afraid? Is there a situation in your life that you are too fearful to deal with? Are your staring at the headlights unable to move? Use your other rabbit skills to bound away. You have the ability to wait to the last minute before you change direction but it is in your power to leap into something new. Rabbit is also a symbol of luck, perhaps a change of fortune is coming your way?  Look around you; is there an exit or opportunity you are not seeing? Rabbit is also famous for procreating and wants to bring fertility to your ideas. What are you going to give birth to? Once you pop out one creative thought, many more will follow!

mouse spirit animalMouse

The  magic of mouse is her ability to see the tiniest detail. Is there any details in your life that you need to pay attention to? Sometimes when we deal with the small stuff, the big dreams happen. Having said that, the opposite is also true; if we focus on the minuscule daily issues, we can forget to see the bigger picture. Which of these are you doing? Mouse’s other superpower is to stock up and always be prepared, yet, they can also chew through wires and be quite destructive in their quest to be safe! Check out what you are eating and drinking. Are you stocking up on the right things? Are you replenishing your emotional stocks? Small steps to take care of yourself can bring big rewards.

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