Your Weekly Tarot Reading – Which Tarot Card Will You Choose?

free tarot reading 5 tarot cards

Hey Beloved,

Focus your attention on the 5 Tarot cards. Trust your intuition as you explore their energy and symbolism. Take a moment to reflect on how each card makes you feel. Are there specific colors or emotions that jump out at you? Your intuitive senses are your guide on this journey.

Once you’ve chosen a Tarot card that resonates with you, scroll down and delve into your weekly Tarot reading. 

 You hold the key to unlocking the secrets it holds. The Tarot has a powerful story to tell, and you are about to become its co-author. Open your heart, trust the process, and let the magic unfold!

1 Strength: Embrace Your Unconquerable Spirit


Amidst the trials and tribulations, the Strength card emerges, reminding you of your resilience. It acknowledges that you may have encountered or are currently facing challenges. In such moments, this card urges you to recognize that you are safe and protected. When confronted with situations where others seek to control or dominate you, unleash your inner warrior of love. Instead of reacting with anger or stress, choose the path of gentle power. Observe, learn, and pause before responding. Embrace empathy and vulnerability, for they are the very wellsprings of your strength. Know that whatever has made you feel weak or burdened can now be transformed. Think outside the box and explore new ways to overcome the challenges that surround you. Your strength is growing!

2 The Moon: Intuition and Inner Knowing

The Moon

The enigmatic Moon card says swim in the depths of your intuition and believe it just as you would believe a wise friend. Within the stillness of your being, you hold all the answers you seek. Have you noticed a persistent hunch or a subtle nagging feeling? This is your sacred knowledge guiding you. 

Pay attention to synchronicities, vivid dreams, or signs that carry profound messages. If you sense unease or doubt towards a person or situation, do something about it!. Allow yourself to steer this week with self-compassion and care, treating yourself as the precious being that you are.

3 The Chariot: Harness Inner Strength and Navigate Change


Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for an exhilarating ride as the Chariot charges into your life. This card heralds a change of pace, a dynamic shift of energy, and a remarkable surge forward. Why now? Because you have earned it. The Chariot is fueled by your thoughts, beliefs, determination, and inner strength. 

As you shed old routines, patterns, and limiting thoughts, you liberate yourself layer by layer. You have worked hard to arrive at this moment. Embrace the transformative power within you, and let it guide you toward fulfilling your desires.

4 Judgment – A Fresh Path



The Judgment card reveals itself and whispers you are at a crossroads. Judgment is guiding you towards an awakening. You have reached profound clarity no matter the illusions or distractions others may present. The truth has spoken to you; once you hear it, there is no turning back. 

Now is the time to rise fearlessly, embracing your magnificence, wisdom, and chosen path. Revel in the revelations that unfold before you, empowering you to move forward with grit and determination. Trust in your ability to navigate the path that leads to your fabulous future. Let the adventure begin!

5 Three of Pentacles – Build on your brilliance

3 of pentacles

Just like a visionary artist shaping a masterpiece, the 3 of Pentacles assures you that you’re in the zone, building something truly extraordinary. Your dedication and hard work are paying off, and what you bring to life is genuine and worth it.

Stay open to potential collaborators who can take your game to the next level . Whether you’re seeking the perfect partner in love, an inspiring circle of friends, a dream team at work, or fellow creatives for your passion project, the universe aligns you with kindred spirits who share your vision.

Remember, it’s all about trusting yourself and embracing the significance of your efforts. You have worked so hard to lay these foundations.Treat your journey with commitment and conviction because progress flourishes through that dedication. Embrace the process, and relish knowing that each step forward brings you closer to a triumph.

knight waite tarot

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