Releasing What You Don’t Want in Order to Get What You DO

Releasing What You Don’t Want in Order to Get What You DO

Many people want an accurate psychic reading to help get rid of blocks. There are times in life when we feel like we are walking through treacle. Here are a few tips to help shift things!

What we resist, persists. Despite us all knowing the truth of that statement and despite knowing that our thoughts create our reality, why is it that so much of the time we get caught up focusing on what we don’t want to be happening in our lives?

Resistance is Futile

If all our thoughts are energy then resistance is pretty negatively charged emotionally. To get to what we do want to be happening and doing in our lives we have to find a way to neutralise the negativity of resistance. Let’s say you don’t like your job. In fact, you hate every minute you spend there. Chances are that instead of focusing on a future where you are in a fabulous job that really utilises your talents, rewards you on every level and provides you with a fabulous working environment and supportive colleagues you are sitting there all day thinking: ‘I hate this. I really do not want to be here right now’ – and so on.

When we do this we increase the negative emotional charge the situation has thus creating more resistance and fueling the entire cycle making it all the more difficult to bring about the changes that would release us from the cycle. So, what’s the solution to erasing the resistance/persistence cycle?

Removing negativity

First – remove the negative charge from it. It’s that emotional negativity that keeps you trapped where you don’t want to be. Step aside and observe your situation as if it were happening to someone else or as if you were an actor in a movie playing a character in this situation. Once you start to do this you begin to dis-entangle yourself and your energy from it. While you can’t change the situation, you can always change your reaction to it and this is what you are doing.

Don’t think ‘I hate this and don’t want to be doing this’. And I’m not saying you have to take refuge in denial either. All you are doing is removing the negative charge by taking the position of the observer. Think instead ‘I am having this particular experience right now and an experience is all that it is. Soon I will move on to another, better experience.’ Don’t label the situation ‘bad’ as this just adds to the charge. An experience is all that it is.

Become the observer

By becoming the observer of your experience rather than judging it, you will feel an energy change around the situation happen quite quickly. Whenever you feel yourself getting emotional about it again, quietly remind yourself it’s just an experience. Once you can do this you will then start resonating with the energy of alternatives for yourself instead of being locked in the resistance cycle – with no negative attachments keeping you stuck in place!

Resistance is a trap and a barrier to our goals because it splits our focus between what we don’t want and what we do. When we shift our focus away from what we don’t want simply by refusing to resist it, we then regain all that energy to move forward bringing us new choices and a universe full of probabilities. So, resistance really is futile so stop resisting and just let things BE.


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