7 Steps from Psychic Mess to Success!

No matter what challenges you are facing did you know that you only need take 7 simple psychic and practical steps to help you transform any given situation? It doesn’t matter if you have suffered a relationship breakdown, have work or money problems, are lonely or just don’t know which direction you should head in. These 7 key spiritual steps engage your intuition and get you back on the right track in no time!

1: Believe that things will get better. Look back at the past when you have faced other difficulties or challenges. Knowing you have the skills to deal with whatever life sends your way is the first step to taking back control and re-kindling your confidence to find a solution. What did you do back then that worked? Chances are when you look back at past events you can now see that while they presented you with difficulties at the time, you got through them. Today is no different. Once you know that you have what you need to start to make things better for yourself, your belief that you can get through this is restored and your problems start to come back into perspective. Use your psychic intuition to sense a good time in the future. What do you pick up?

2: Confront your fears. Very often when we are facing a crisis this goes hand in hand with facing a change we have not wanted or looked for. This can be very confronting and push all our buttons when it comes to our fears. We may need to react quickly when faced with an unexpected situation and we may doubt our ability to cope. Don’t forget – a problem shared in a problem halved. What is the worst that could happen? Face this. Write it down. If need be talk it through with someone you trust. If it does turn out to be as bad as you think, what can you do? We always have options whether we are aware of them or not. Once we know what they are and what we need to do if they happen suddenly the situation starts to lose its power over us. We have confronted the fear. Chances are, it may not be as bad as you think but at least now you know what you can do about it!

3: Put in some structure. No matter what mess you are in, know that structure is the enemy of mess. Structure supports you when things fall apart. If you are dealing with lots of debt for example, then work out a structure for repaying your creditors and for future spending. If you are heartbroken due to a relationship breakdown, ensure that you create a support network for when you need it – and ensure you nurture this when things are going right for you – not when they go wrong. If you need professional advice, ensure you have the names of reliable and knowledgeable people whose advice you can trust – doctors, therapists, lawyers, accountants. If you are out of work create a day that is structured to support you which doesn’t just include applying for jobs but includes meditation, exercise and upskilling if you can. Don’t just fall into the trap of doing nothing or feeling everything is futile. Knowing the structure is there for you prevents mess from getting out of control.

4: Set some goals. Nothing supports your structure like setting some goals. Of course these goals will depend on your circumstances and what needs to change. Don’t think they have to be huge but they should take you out of your comfort zone a little way. Make them aspirational and understand it is not a race but try to do one small thing each day to move towards them. You will be amazed at the effect this has on de-tangling you from any mess!

5: Have a safe moment each day: When we are in a mess we feel unsafe. What makes you feel safe will be different for each person. Very often this is something we enjoy doing and we lose ourselves in when we do it. It could be gardening, walking your dog, going for a run, reading, watching your favourite TV show or movie, cooking, painting – the list is endless. Ensure you take time to do whatever it is for just a few moments every day. The more you can do this, the more you feel safe and the safer you feel the less power your situation has over you. Protect your aura with a golden light of unconditional love. See yourself covered in protection and the love of the Universe.

6: Reconnect to fun: The same goes for having fun. When you have fun life just doesn’t seem so serious and you realise that no matter what you are dealing with, it’s not the end of the world and good times are out there waiting for you. If you have given up something you used to enjoy doing, this could be the perfect time to take it up again.

7: Acknowledge each day how far you’ve come: When we are in a mess it can seem as if nothing is ever going to change. It may be but because we are so fixated on the problem we cannot see the wood for the trees. At the end of every day, run through everything you managed to achieve despite what is going on around you. Make lists and then tick off things you do. Suddenly it becomes apparent you are doing more than you think and the situation is not stagnant after all!


When we work on both an energetic/psychic and practical level there is almost nothing that we cannot handle. Remember – it’s just 7 small steps from mess to success so keep on moving!



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