Don’t freak out but you might be psychic!

I believe that we all have psychic skills that give us the ability to pick up information from around us in ways that we might not be able to otherwise easily explain.

Most people aren’t aware that they are psychic.  Sometimes it’s because the information that they could actually tune into gets drowned out by the sheer noise and speed of modern life and all of its heady distractions.

At other times people are tuning in on a psychic level but they might call it something different.  If you ask anyone outright if they are psychic, many people will say no.  But ask them if they’ve ever had a hunch, a gut feel or an instinct about anything and you’ll suddenly find that you are deluged with stories from all sorts of people about how they just ‘knew’ something without knowing how they knew it.  In fact, I’ll stick my neck out and say that the more a person’s job relies on them to be able to tune in and pick up on what’s happened or is likely to happen, like a police officer or a publican, the more they may be honing their own psychic abilities without knowing it.

Along with creating space and quiet time that literally allows our psychic antennae to feed what it might be picking up through to our conscious minds, what could we be on the lookout for as a way of understanding just when we are using our psychic abilities?

unicorn1/Significant dreams.  We all have a rich dream life and our dreams are packed full of symbolic messages as well as literal encounters on a spiritual plane.   I sometimes dream about my mother and have very particular dreams in which I know we are actually meeting up.  At other times I might dream of bulls or owls  – two symbols I’ve learned to associate with her.  How do you know when a dream is significant?  It just feels different.  It lingers with you long after you’ve woken up and what you sometimes notice is that something then happens in your waking life that makes you go ‘aha!  That’s what it meant!’  Keep a dream journal to record them.

2/Physical sensations.  If you notice that the hairs on the back of your neck or your arms are standing up, or you get a few butterflies in your tummy for no good reason, that might just be your body’s way of registering that you’ve picked up on something in the psychic ether.  Over time, you’ll get to know your ‘signature’ response.  It might be something bizarre, like an itchy right ear.

psychic book3/Feeling compelled to do something or finding that you’re actually doing it without realising.  It might be that you wake up one morning and just know that you have to go to a certain place that day or find yourself in a bookshop reaching for a particular book without understanding why.  Or you suddenly catch yourself humming or whistling a tune that you might not even like.  Psychologists recognise that much of what goes on in our brain actually happens at a totally subconscious level, without us being consciously aware of it.  So pay attention if you notice this kind of thing is happening to you.

4/Something just ‘popping’ into your mind.  This is a bit like the above, in that most of what goes on in your mind happens below the level of your consciousness or without you really understanding it, but if you suddenly find yourself thinking of a friend you haven’t seen for years without anything happening to remind you of them, pay attention.

5/A synchronicity occurring.  Synchronicities are those seemingly chance events that are linked in ways that we can’t see.  A couple of years back when I was off to visit my son, I facebooked something like ‘having a shower, wrestling a wombat and then off to Birmingham’.  I couldn’t account for why I’d said something so bizarre.  When we got to Birmingham I was overjoyed to spot an exhibition of pre-Raphaelite art in which I was captivated by a picture by William Holman Hunt. Researching the picture later on google, the first thing that showed up aas an entry about Rosetti that mentioned he owned a wombat and it was the secret password to the pre-Raphaelites brotherhood!

6/Changes around you – drops in temperatures, sudden shifts in levels of light along with all of the obvious things like hearing sounds you can’t account for or electrical devices mysteriously turning themselves on and off.  The mysterious flute player who quite a few people have heard in one of our bedrooms seems to be resting at the moment but it’s a nice and not at all threatening sound.

psychic witchWhen you start to tune in and pay attention, not only will you realise that you’re a lot more psychic than you thought you were, but you’ll also probably notice that there is a lot more going on than you might have been aware of.  I believe that we are well on the way to science being able to recognise that we all have a sixth sense, intuition or psychic ability.  Call it what you will.  And when it does, perhaps we won’t be so quick to dismiss this amazing source of information.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t freak out but you might be psychic!

  1. Random songs, smelling aftershave (no men in the house), people walking much further around me than necessary, all lead me to believe that someone walks with me on a regular basis. I try to identify them by the song they plant in my head, so far I’ve worked out my brother, my nan and my great-grandfather’s signature tunes but there are many more and some are such earworms that I end up screaming in annoyance!

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