Be Your Own Psychic – Discover Your Psychic Style

All of us have had a reading at some point that not only empowers us and tells us what we need to know but leaves us in a state of high-vibe positivity. Often this feeling stays with us for days after the reading and usually we can’t stop raving about the particular reader who left us feeling this way. If this has happened to you the chances are the reader was one who had developed her own signature psychic style. It’s not just about what they have to tell you but the way they deliver the information that makes it just resonate and empower you. This is what separates a good reader from a great one. So, if you’re in the process of developing your own psychic skills how do you set about developing your own signature psychic style?

First, don’t copy any one else! By all means use readers who have inspired you as just that – inspiration, but don’t try to copy their style of delivery. The reason they were able to help you is because of their individuality – their own unique way of interpreting the information they were given. So, it’s not a question of being someone else but being yourself! You unique way of delivering the information is what connects you to the person you are reading for. In your authenticity lies your psychic power!

Next, take out your Tarot or psychic journal and take a look at what you’ve written about previous readings you have either undertaken for yourself or for others. How are you describing the information you feel? What do you start off with? Do you describe emotions, physical sensations, sounds, images or colours? Usually when you check back through your entries or as an experiment, do a reading in answer to this question, one thing dominates. This gives you the ability to build your psychic style around it – think of it as the foundation. Say the first thing you always hone in on with your Tarot cards is the colours and the visuals – the scenery, clothing and visual feel as opposed to the traditional meaning of the cards. If so, you are a visual-oriented person and chances are visuals play a big part in your life – your home may have a lot of pictures and interesting things to look at. So, it is around visuals that you build the picture of what is going on with a clients life and these pictures you convey would be your signature style! You would use phrases such as ‘I see’ and ‘the colours that are coming through show me . . . ‘ If what comes through are feelings then you are connecting to the client on an emotional level so use feeling words in your readings to create your style as in ‘I get a very deep sense of . . . ‘ and so on.

As you connect to your style you will find that by describing the information you are given by using words that relate to it, you will not only start to access a new depth of information but will make a real connection to the person you are reading for. Of course, if you are reading for yourself this still applies but you will become more and more surprised at how much you had to tell yourself that really resonates within you. This is because it is your truth!

When we are developing our psychic abilities it is natural to be in awe of readers who really do have so much to tell us and do it so effortlessly. However, bear in mind that they too had to spend time connecting with and developing their own style to be able to do that! When you discover yours, a whole new dimension to your readings and psychic abilities will open up – just by you accessing the gifts that make you the unique individual you are.

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