Become a smart psychic fund manager

Psychic energy is something that we all use to create in our daily lives.  We can think of psychic energy as being something esoteric and beyond our control, something that floats in or out without us being able to influence it.

Looking at it in really simple terms that we can all relate to, however, it all becomes a lot easier to understand and actually manage.

Imagine that you actually have a psychic energy bank and every day you are either making deposits or withdrawals.

Here are just a few things you can do to add to your psychic energy banks:.

1/ Connect with something that brings you joy or happiness – whether it’s taking a walk in nature or doing something that is a particular passion for you, be it knitting or sky diving.

2/ Express your uniqueness.  This might seem a bit like the above in that it’s about you acting in a way that is authentic to your soul, but there are a few important subtle differences. When we bring our full expression of who we are to anything that we do, whether it’s working in a call centre or making coffee, we are making huge deposits in our psychic coffers.

3/ Appreciate all the good things in your world.  No matter what is going on in our lives, there is usually a whole stack of things to appreciate hiding behind anything negative that is claiming our attention, collapsing our view of whatever is going on and giving us tunnel vision.

4/ Do your spiritual practice – whatever it is that you absolutely know feeds your soul.  It could be the obvious, like a daily half an hour spent in meditation or reading spiritual literature.  Or it can seem quite unrelated but have the same effect of stilling the mind and refreshing your soul – anything from brushing your cat to polishing your floor!  In the BBC series Extreme Pilgrims,  English Vicar Pete Owen –Jones was baffled when he visited a Chinese monastery and was handed a broom to sweep up.  But he discovered that mindfulness in everything that we do is a tried and trusted spiritual path.  Hop over to Inspire your Soul to see his journey!

And what about withdrawals?

1/ We withdraw from our psychic energy banks every time we do something that goes against our gut feeling or intuition.

2/ Worry about what we can’t control.  As there is an awful lot of that in the world, there is no end to the amount of psychic energy that we can pour on to what we can’t actually influence.  That ranges from whether or not it’s raining to what someone else might or might not do.  Again, there is a moment in our thoughts when we trip over from thinking and dealing to just going round in circles.

3/ Take ourselves out of the present.  Every time you go back to the past, you pay a fare in psychic energy.  It’s also the same when you go ahead into the future.  Not all of our travels are bad investments, but you know the psychic difference between worrying about what might not actually happen next week and getting excited as you anticipate something that is coming up.

4/ Give it away.  We literally give our psychic energy away when we live through others and what they think about us and what they might do.  This is something we particularly do in relationships that drain us, whether we are talking about hanging out with full on psychic vampires or withering our psychic energy in unrequited love.

5/ Act in a way that isn’t authentic to us.  Our journey here on earth is all about discovering who we are and expressing our uniqueness.  It means a lifetime of discovery and fine tuning, but it really is possible to maintain your authenticity in any situation that you find yourself in.

These are just a few starting points for handling our psychic energy.  Most of us don’t really think of it in those terms and that means that we can make more withdrawals than deposits, or we can squander our precious psychic energy on poor investments.  But as we become more conscious of what it feels like when we are making deposits and when we are making withdrawals, we can become brilliant psychic fund managers.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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