Meet your Spirit Guides

This is a very simple meditation.   Find a place where you can connect with nature or a somewhere  at home where you won’t be disturbed .  Breathe in peace and tranquillity and breathe out any stress or tension.  Ask for the highest good and the highest knowledge to come to you.  Visualise your heart like a flower bud, opening petal by petal to the truth and eternal knowledge in your soul.  Visualise a doorway where your heart is and when you enter through it, find yourself in a sacred space.  It might be in a garden or by the sea.   Look around and you’ll see a bench that you should go and sit on.  Allow yourself to ask the universe to bring your guide to you to give you a message today.  Have no expectations and don’t think about the kind of guide that will show up.  Focus on the sounds of nature around you, the sound of the waves or birds.  Wait in tranquillity until your guide approaches.

The first time you do this, you may just get a symbol or a short message.  Or you could get a full on conversation.  Be open to what comes.  When you’ve finished, send love to your guide and thanks.  Know that they are a symbol of your soul.  They have come to you from your unconscious, the universe, from all that is to bring to you a positive message to enhance your life.  That knowledge is a part of your being.  When you’ve finished, thank your guide, keep breathing in the peace and tranquillity and then allow your heart to reform itself into a bud of truth and purity, exiting the door of your heart and find yourself back in your original space.

This is a technique you can do on a regular basis. I find it very helpful in my life.  It’s incredible what symbols and messages come up.  Keep a journal and know that your guide and higher wisdom are always with you.

Loads of love

Michele x

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