Psychic Development: Your 3rd Eye – 3 Easy Steps

We’ve all heard of our Third Eye or brow chakra and we all understand that it can be a gateway to increased psychic and intuitive perception. For those of us on the soul quest to increase our psychic abilities, opening up the Third Eye can enhance our existing skills – even with reading the Tarot cards and practicing astrology, while giving us increased clairvoyant perception! Very often however, the process for doing this is shrouded in mystery. Most of us experience brief ‘blinks’ of the Third Eye opening – we may suddenly see an aura or else look at someone and know beyond a doubt what the future holds for them – but then this is cut off as quickly as it occurred. However, opening our Third eye for sustained periods is easier than many of us have been led to believe but like all psychic skills, takes practice. However, the process is a simple one and I’ve broken this down into three easy steps.

Step 1: Pick a quiet time when you will not be disturbed. Turn off your phone. Sit upright – this does not have to be on the floor but can be in a chair. Ensure you are comfortable as you don’t want any distractions – and that includes not sitting comfortably! You may also close your curtains or blinds, light a candle or take any steps necessary to create the feeling you are separating yourself off from the day-to-day world. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your breathing – count two for each in-breath and two for each exhalation. Focus your attention purely on this and if other thoughts intrude, thank them but tell them they have no place here at the moment and bring your attention back to your breathing.

Step 2: As you continue to breathe, notice what images begin to appear behind your closed eyes. This is your ‘Minds eye’ or Third Eye now beginning to work. Very often this begins to manifest as a glow – often silver or blue. Or you may feel you can ‘see’ the room, a person or an object which also may be glowing. Occasionally or after you have been practicing for a while, the light may appear as a circle or ‘tunnel’ of light. People always report that this circle or tunnel isn’t dazzling or frightening in any way but gentle and inviting. You may enter it if it appears or move towards it. Very often images or people will appear from it and these contain valuable psychic information for you.

Step 3: When you are ready, open your eyes. You may now look at your surroundings with a different quality of perception than before. Colours may seem more vibrant or you just may pick up vibrations from people and objects that you were not aware of before. As with any psychic exercise, when you open your eyes, ensure you have your journal to hand to record any details or perceptions while they are still fresh in your mind.

That’s it! Continue to practice this but as you progress you will soon discover that you do not need to enter the meditative state to ‘open’ your Third Eye in everyday situations or when doing psychic or Tarot readings either for yourself or for others. You will be able to open it and call open your insight in day-to-day situations too. Plus, once open it’s like any conduit – it will rely information to you whether you are consciously asking for it or not!

Opening your Third Eye is easy – and can be the most powerful psychic tool you possess.

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